Watching wife being fucked

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This incident is what made me love My wife more than my like it is a Fuck story of my wife being fucked In a public place which she doesn’t know I have seen it happen and we had a decision between us not to hear to rumours about each other no Matter from whom it comes but she Told her secret which she knows It is unlikely for me to know it. She told me about it the first thing when she saw me after that Sorry I forgot to introduce my self I am your jjalleejammeel.
Lets get the story going one day I Was returning from early I went to A readymade shop having a sale I Bought myself a pant and shirt made of jeans material and a frock of the same material for her and a Sunglass form me. all this items I Never used before and I changed my Dress at the shop and boarding the Bus to my place. at the next stop My wife boarded the bus too but she didn’t notice me she squeezed herself to a certain place I looked I can see a Pakistani Pathan standing a very tall man nice athletic body but old man around 60years of age she stood in front of him I thought to myself what is Up to I keep watching her. she moves backwards oh ya as it’s a rainy day, All the curtains of the bus is pulled down. now he also inches himself towards her now his front And her back is touching she was Wearing a Salwar Kameez tight pant And tight top with V cut neck and he was wearing traditional Pakistani pyjama pant and shirt Both their tops was side cut model. Now she dropped the 20rs note and while bending down to retrieve it she took her back part off her top And the man had pulled up his pyjama top. now I can see his cock The front of his pyjama pant has a big hole and his cock is out he arched forward resulting his cock entering her pussy she gasped at its thickness nearly 10 inches long And 4 inches thick. when she stood back with the note half of his cock in her pussy and the rest at her ass crack.

Now cock in pussy my wife’s left hand holding the railing over head and right hand holding the seat in front of her. Legs seems to be weak she is having climax now he arched towards her and pulls her towards him yes he spurts into her spurt after spurt. Now finished unloading his milk into her container, he pulls out of her pussy with a plck sound he gets down at the next stop, my wife will have to get down after that stop, when she moved to the door I can now see her legs wet with his spunk. Now I got down a next stop and walked home, when I arrived my wife already bathed and changed seeing she was happy and smiled wide I asked her why are you so happy. She said if you know what I did today you will laugh non stop. I asked what is she shows me her panty and leggings which has stains of his. I told I know its cum but how and whose she told me. Then I told I know I have seen it then I asked did you enjoy it she had a small orgasm but not able to enjoy fully. As only quarter of dick was in and also the position was awkward. Do you want it full, she says yes when. I will arrange it, she kissed me and sucked my cock. I told her he is running a laundry shop in town. I will tell him to come on Sunday to collect our blankets for dry-cleaning. I will hide in bedroom let us see if he can know you. As told he came Sunday exactly at the told time I was in the bedroom he rung the bell she open the door he asked for me she said I am at town for some work. He behaves not to know her and asks for the blankets, she tells him to sit come to bed room and called him help her. When he came she gave the blankets to him he took all out, she said to him to come back when he came she shows him her stained panty and leggings. Asked him can you clean it too. Now he smiled she said show me your cock and pulls his pyjamas thread. Now he pressed her boobs on the dress she pulls his pyjamas and shorts wow what a cock man it sprang out she and me can’t believe a cock could be this big. He pushed her down holding her head she looked at the cock and kisses it now trying to take it in her mouth but only the mushroom was in. Now he takes her like a baby and puts her on the bed gets her naked. Now he too is naked lies on bed with her starts to lick suck smooch her. Now I came out with a ruler he was upset seeing me. I said not to worry and measured his cock it was twelve inches long and 4 inches thick and the mushroom was four and half. Now I opened her legs wide and took his tool to her pussy opening and lubricated his cock and her pussy with hair oil, told him to fuck her he eased it into her I was watching closely her face and pussy his cock is stretching her pussy wide entering very slowly and her mouth is wide open. She is trying to push him off her I told her don’t worry the head is in now I can see it going into her so tightly now half of his huge cock is in her. Now he pulls out fully and there was a sound plap. Now there was some sticky liquid from her pussy yes she had mild orgasm. Now he pushes in three parts in now she tells me she can’t take anymore in this position she wants to lie on her side and entered from back. I told him so now its done as she wants it she came again now he pulled out made her missionary position and entered her slowly. When half was in suddenly he pushed hard her now fully in she shouts aaaagggg mummy and faints one second and comes back kissing him hugging him. He cums in her shouting so tight a pussy and kisses her hard. Later she told me it was such a fucking experience which she won’t forget.

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