What comes out of me, is the Rocky(D)s favorite Meal!

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Im Kayla, a young, attractive, and joyful mother of 2; My 5 year old son, and 7 year old daughter. Hubby works alot, so its just me, the kids, and our Rocky(D) Duke. One day, i woke up early in the morning, even when the sun was down. I had to pee. Hubby was asleep, and i was had no clothes on, because im someone who sleeps in the nude. Anyways, i got to the bathroom, and checked myself put in the mirror. 32 D Breasts, curvy petite shape, and my ass was still the big bubble but my hubby likes. Then Duke comes in the bathroom, and i pet him. He started sniffing my Ass, and i got curious. I spread one cheek with my hand, and he started licking my asshole like crazy! I actually started laughing, because it tickled. I sat down to pee, and he starts licking my pussy lips. He licks my clit, then moves lower. When his snout was buried in my pussy i started pissing, to scare him off. He actually kept licking! I was suprised to see that he was drinking all the piss from my bladder. I spread my legs, and surrender to the amazement. When hes finally got a stomach full of piss, he stops, but ive already stopped peeing. I was shocked to see the toilet bowl was untouched by even a small drop! I looked at him funny through out the day, and he layed down, probably trying to get my pee through his system. The next morning, i got up around the same time, and duke comes back. So i repeat what we had done yestarday, and piss while he eats me. I petted him, gave him a treat, and went back to sleep. Later on in the day, i was on the couch and had to piss, so i had an idea. I walked to his waterbowl, and actually pissed in it, to see if he would drink it. The Bowl already had a little water in it. As im watching the show, i start hearing a lapping sound, coming from Dukes waterbowl. I couldnt see him, but i knew he was enjoying his suprise drink. When he was done lapping, i assumed he drank it all. Then he comes trotting up to me, and digs his head under the l large tshirt that im wearing(that was all i was wearing). He starts licking my cumt, and it didnt take long before i came into his mouth! Then my daughter comes downstairs and sees duke eating my pussy. The shirt saved me, and i told her,” Sweetie duke is sniffing mommy down there. Thats how Rocky(D)s say hi”. Then she asks,”Rocky say hi by sniffing our bums too, mommy?” I told her yes. Then she calls duke over, and pets him. As i watch, she lowers her pajama bottoms and turns around, ass facing duke. Then she slightly bends over and spreads her cheeks. Somebody must be curious! I was amazed at how literall she took what i told her. Duke sniffs and then starts licking away. He licked for 10 minutes, and she even sat in a chair and put her legs up so he could continue. I didnt understand why duke was still at it, until i found out she had pooped earlier and didnt wipe at all, or very well. I stopped it, and she asked me if duke greeted me like that as well. I lied and said yes, still shocked at what had just happened. I got curious and started thinking about it. The next morning, i got up a little earlier, examined myself in the mirror, and ofcourse duke comes in no sooner than half a minute later. He sniffs my ass, and i remembered yesterday. I spread both cheeks and said,”Good boy duke, say hi to mommy”. Then he starts licking. An electic pulse shoots through my body, in pleasure.I had too poop, but didnt want this too stop. I thought for a sec. I knew Rocky(D)s didnt mind eating poop, so i got the grossest, idea. As duke was licking, i let a brown log release. Duke immediately started chewing, and chomping. As i looked down at duke behind me, his snout looks like its covered in chocolate. What a messy eater! When he finished that one, i squatted and let loose on the tile, due to how fast they were starting to come out. There was a huge pile and didnt think duke would be able to eat it. I wiped and stood near the door, watching duke. He was feasting on it like it was the last supper! I watched as he got down to the last bite, and even cleaned the rest from the tile! I of course had to clean his snout so nobody would notice. Later, i see my daughter on the floor on all fours while the Rocky(D) is licking her ass. She saw me, and i just carried on. I was the last person to tell her it was wrong, lmao. Me and duke keep this ritual up basically every night now.

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