White guy encounters older Ebony lady

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My name is Jerry I have a deep down affection for two things ebony women and mature women at least 10 to 15 years my senior. I don’t know what it is I ask myself, is it exotic loving black females or is my need to be near a mother image. I think about this everyday, I have been with many women who have been mature and many women who have been black. Today is different I am on my way to meet a women who is both ebony and mature. That is what this story is about and what happens during this encounter and dream of a lifetime of mine.
I first met this woman Maria online she describes herself as being a professional black female age 62. I am 43years old a white male and in need of some black female companionship and a mothering nurturing person. My dream is being realized and it will soon become a reality. As I am driving my car down the highway with a little less then an hour to go before I will meet my ebony mother who will bring me to new heights of excitement.
I meet Maria at a strip mall she is on time and she looks just fine. After a short conversation she asks me to follow her to her house. Her house is a bilevel located in a middle class suburban neighborhood. I park my car we exchange some small talk how are you? Did you have trouble following my directions? I am fine and I had no trouble with your directions. Maria let me explain is an attractive mature light skinned black women with very large pronounced breasts that were incredible to look at. She is a large frame women solid not fat. I was amazed and I thought this women looked 45 at most no way was she was 62 years old and old enough to be my mother.
We sat in her living room and chatted for a good 45minutes she told me I was a very handsome man and I complimented her back saying how youthful and attractive she was. Maria had 5 children with the same man she had a son the same age as myself 43 years old and was also a grandmother. Again I sat in amazement looking at how youthful she looked. Maria kept smiling at me and eventually made her way over to the couch I was sitting on. A few minutes passed and by this time the room temperature was rising and I was getting an extreme hard on looking at Maria’s beautiful tits standing proud with no sag.
Then it happened it was like slow motion we embraced and kissed first slowly with my lips touching hers and then our tongues intertwined for what seemed like forever. I could not believe I was actually making out with a woman old enough to be my mom. To put it mildly it was a rush thinking she was old enough to be my mom and the thought of her pushing me out of her vagina. I also thought of her son who was in the military, who was my age that I soon would be fucking his mom this made me even more excited. As our excitement grew so did my 7 inch cock, before long my 62 year old ebony mature women was moaning like a 21 year old chick who longed to have a cock shoved up her slit.
As we continued our foreplay it was not long before my hand made my way to her beautiful tits. First slowly brushing over the top and across them and then searching and find her nipples through her bra. More moans from Maria my mature ebony and mature women of 62 years old. It would be only a short time before; I find up close and personal what those wonderful breasts looked like without the bra. I slowly stuck my hand under the bra and felt those solid massive breasts. I reached for the nipple almost a half-inch high and just as thick.
Maria by this time is going crazy like a woman half her age and I am loving every minute of it. Finally she takes matters in her own hands and starts to rub my cock through my pants. My cock can’t be any harder finally she says let’s go inside my bedroom. I follow my ebony mother in her bedroom where she borne her children and now I am about to fuck her where she was impregnated and has children my age and little younger.
She takes her clothes off and is wearing a black bra and black panties. Her tits are hard and I put my mouth on her nipple, like a little boy sucking on mama’s breasts trying to get milk out of them. Maria moans with delight as I suck one then the other. Finally my mature ebony lover undresses me and she starts to lick the tip of my cock. She is no stranger to sucking cock and does it with a gentle but almost erotic touch. She finishes sucking my cock and I proceed to her lovely tits drawn to them like a baby wanting more milk.
Finally I take her 42DD tit out of my mouth and lower my mouth to her 62 year old clit and start tasting that sweet old pussy that tastes just great I cannot get enough. After she cums in my mouth I swap my spit with hers so she can taste herself and immediately suck her juices from my mouth. Maria is moaning for more and realizes what I realized earlier that she is old enough to be my mother. With that thought Maria asks me if I would like to fuck mommy now.
I immediately rub my cock on her slit and she is still wet with a nice white cummy look to her vagina. I insert my cock and start fucking her like a Rocky smelling a bitch and she responds like a fucking bitch in heat with every stroke. I cum like never before and she cums we both lay there wondering when we can reenact our mature love encounter.

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