Wife dominates husband Overnight

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My wife and I have been married for over 12 years and our sex life had become somewhat routine. As we began to explore ways to spice things up it led us to bdsm and specifically dom sub relationships. Neither one of us was truly dom or sub so this allowed us to explore both roles. My wife was a bit on the hesitant side when it came to role playing and pushing the limits of being dom or sub and it took a lot of exploring and trying new things to get beyond the initial “weirdness” of it all. The following story is somewhat of a highlight of our experiences. This did not happen over night and took many months of experimenting and trying new things to get to a point where we were both comfortable.
We agreed to spend the night at our favorite hotel in Miami, only a short distance from our home. The role playing for us is always better in a hotel or club etc. We agreed that my wife would be the dom and would not hold back. After our dinner and a few drinks we went back to the hotel and agreed on a “start” time. Once we agree to officially start we have to assume the roles and not leave them other than for a “safe” word.
My wife (we’ll call her Sandra) began by putting on her hottest dominatrix outfit and ordering me to take off all but my underwear. She gagged me and had me massage her feet and suck her toes. Once she felt I was ready, she handcuffed me to the bed and forced me into a spread position. She pulled my underwear off and commented on my tiny cock. Let me know it was not going to satisfy her and that she was going to have to make me her bitch. She slapped my cock around and then began some serious CBT including rope used to tie up my cock and balls so that my cock was pulsating. She continued to make fun of my cock and then pulled out a giant dildo and told me this was what a real cocklooked like. She took it and slapped it across my face over and over and even used it to slap my cock around. She forced me to get it wet then forced me to lick her pussy until it was wet enough for her to mount that huge dildo. As she moved up and down on it she asked me if I liked watching her ride that big cock which of course I told her I did.
She quickly took the handcuffs off and made me slide the big dildo in and out of her while I licked her until she came.
I was rock hard now and really wanted to come but now was where things got interesting. She told me my penis was not good enough for her pussy or mouth and that if I was good she might use her hands to satisfy me. I was not allowed to come though until she said so. She played with me and slapped my cock around over and over just to the point of me cumming but then backed off just in time. She said she was getting tired of playing with my little penis and needed me to run an errand for her. She was thirsty and wanted a soda. However before I could leave, I had to turn over where she slowly lubed my ass up and stuck an anal plug in me and told me I was not allowed to let the plug fall out and had to go to the store and get her the soda and come back. That was one of the odder experiences I’ve had but it was somehow completely thrilling. It was not easy to keep the plug in but I managed.
Upon my return she made me unclothe and then made me play with myself until I was hard again. At that point she told me that she believed my ass was stretched enough and made me take the plug out. I was told that because I was going to be her bitch that I had to put on her panties. She loved seeing me in them and bent me over and tied my hands to my ankles and began paddling me until my ass was beat red. All the while doing this she’d reach underneath and fondle me to make sure I was staying hard. When I’d just about enough pain from the paddle, she pulled out her strap on and put a smaller dildo in, she made me lube it up then she bent me over a chair, tied me down and mounted me from behind. I was so hard now I almost came without even being touched.
She got to the point where she was going in and out at a good pace and of course continued to reach underneath and tease my cock the whole time. When she was satisfied that I’d been stretched enough she pulled out a bigger dildo and proceeded to pound me with that. It hurt at first but with some extra lube I began to enjoy it more and more. She decided that I was ready at some point and then forced me to the bed, gagged me, took her panties off of me and tied my ankles above my head and spread my legs so I was completely vulnerable. At that point she put her legs in different positions and mounted me hard from so many different angles that I lost count. She made me play with myself while she fucked me but I could never do it for more than a few seconds for fear I’d come and she’d punish me. When I couldn’t take anymore she finally got on top and rode me while beating my little cock just to the point of exploding over and over again until finally she told me I was allowed to come. I shot my wad all the way up my chest and it seemed to last for minutes. When I was done she made me clean myself up then proceeded to make me her sex slave. I had to lick her toes, clean her ass with my tongue and satisfy her every way she demanded. The night seemed to last forever and I made her come at least 3 more times. Lucky for me she was having so much fun and I did such a good job that I was also allowed to come again and this time I was worthy of getting to ride that beautiful pussy of hers.

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