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Wife finally playing up to my fetish

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If you have read any of my previous stories, you know I am a cuckold…..or at least want my wife to treat me as such. We tried the swinger lifestyle but it didn’t work out. My wife took a consistent lover ( my best friend )…side note…{I actually wrote a book and had it published about my wife and my buddy!} and then that fizzled out. It has been a long time since she played around but in recent times that is rearing its most beautiful head again.
I had always asked…o.k. begged my wife to purposefully play around without me to no avail. She has carried out fantasies with me present, has been basically sexually assaulted to which she gave in and enjoyed it but has never really gone out on her own and looked for it or tried to make it happen…..until….
Lynda has recently been promoted at work. She will now be travelling across the country doing training for her company. In my mind’s eye I saw all the possibilities to play but didn’t even approach her about it. It was not very long ago a co worker of hers was terminated for basically whoring herself out to the men in the group she was training. Turns out one of the women she was training had the hots for one of the guys in the class and when she found out about the trainer and the guy…..she ratted them out and the trainer ( my wife’s friend ) was fired. So the idea of playing with a coworker was out of the question but I always hoped she would get picked up by a random guy somewhere.
Well, I am off for 21 straight days to go see my older daughter in NC at college and to do some deer hunting, meanwhile my wife had scheduled training to attend in Connecticut and Texas. I came home off the road ( I am a truck driver ) to her having already left for Connecticut, while she was away I left for NC to see my daughter. When I returned home……last night, my wife had already been home and left again for Texas. As I unpacked my bag I saw an assortment of clothes on the bed and a sticky note on the pillow. Now, let me back up a bit…even though my wife plays the shy girl and says she would never initiate things, I ask her to always dress hot….well hot being a relative term. Not slutty, not whorish….but skirts, hose, sexy undies….I tell her that it give the person wearing them a sense of confidence ( we all feel good when we look good right!!! ) and it doesn’t hurt to have the guys like you….even if you have no wicked intentions. Well, when I came home the first time, being the perve that I am, I looked through her dresser to see what clothes she may have taken with her. She had taken 3 dress / skirt outfits- 2 pair of black knee high boots- all of her sexy undies and bras were gone and I found 5 different opened packs of pantyhose. I was happy to see she was taking my advice. Anyhow….
The sticky note simply read….”I got u a present while I was away”? I was confused….cuz she never buys me anything…I didn’t see anything except her dirty clothes from her trip. As I looked around the bedroom I saw nothing but upon returning my gaze to the clothes on the bed I saw it….I was in disbelief….shock even….but it was right there and I almost lost my breath. I had an instant boner.
There on top of all the clothes were a pair of light brown ( coffee colored ) panties and a pair of nude pantyhose turned inside out. The crotch of the panties were a white, hazy stained mess…..I grabbed the pantyhose and held them to my face…..they reeked of sex…her sex….and more. She left for my enjoyment a pair of cum dried panties and a pair of pantyhose that she obviously came in! Holy shit…..I was floored…excited…so happy I couldn’t contain it. I needed to call her but I was unsure if she was free….I texted her….
“R U free to talk?”
Her reply made my pulse race…..”I’m a bit busy with Ed ( her boss ) but ill call u in a few….btw…did u find ur present? with a devil smiley face.
“Yes, I love u…need to know wtf happened” i replied.
“Story time later…ttyl” was her reply.
I was stoked….I think my wife fucked a guy…..no…I KNOW my wife fucked someone and even better she is playing with me about it and even gave me the end results….cum filled panties. I was dying!
The anticipation was killing me. It was an hour and a half later when she called. She played coy….I begged for details…she was like “what r u talking about”…being all cheeky and coy. I think she was playing it out to see if I was mad but after I convinced her I was now the happiest and luckiest guy on the planet and could not love her more…..she spilled the details…..and this is how it went according to her.
She rode up to Ct. in a car with Ed, her boss and Mike who she has had one of her “somewhat forced / raped ” encounters with. They all stayed in the same hotel… they were gone for 3 days. Day one at the office was the usual stuff, but as usual Mike was like a hound Rocky(D) sniffing around…wanting a second go round. Ed, her Boss, was his usual nice polite self but all business. That night at dinner it was the three of them and 2 girls from the Ct. office at the hotel club/ bar. She said Mike changed his focus to Cindy….a girl from Ct. and her and Ed just hung out. As in previous stories I have mentioned that my wife is not a drinker….especially at work functions but she said she had two drinks with dinner as her and the group talked. After dinner Mike and Cindy disappeared and her and Ed joked about “I wonder where they went” and they better be careful to not get caught like the before…..referring back to the incident I mentioned earlier. She said it was then that Ed , who has never been anything but professional and all business relaxed a bit.
He wondered aloud to my wife what it would be like to “play” outside the marriage. He was married and his wife had just had their 2nd baby only a few weeks earlier. He talked about how surprised he was to find out how many of his friends and co workers mess around while away from home. My wife said she chimed in with the story of me cheating on her years ago and how it change the whole dynamic of our relationship once we got past the hurt and pain of the whole thing. Ed was very sympathetic towards Lynda for having been hurt like that. Lynda expressed how after a long time passing she realized it may have been the best thing for her marriage as it opened up lines of communication that were never there before and that now….16 years later…her marriage was stronger than ever. Ed quipped back with “so I guess you would never play around then”…..Lynda told me she was a bit taken a back….but found the confidence and the trust with Ed to respond.
” I would never cheat….but cheating has so many grey areas”. Ed was confused…..he gave her an inquisitive look, asking for an explanation. Lynda opened up and said ” After the marriage counseling and reading a few books I tried to understand my husband and why he thinks and acts the way he does and found that we r all different and that one persons infidelity is another persons normal night out.” She told Ed that she is never surprised when she finds out that someone is unfaithful but was taken aback that in some ways it is totally accepted within the marriage.
She said it was pretty quiet after that and they pretty much just chatted, finished their drinks and went to their rooms. She said there was a palpable tension in the air after the conversation and she was worried she said something she should not have. It was only a few minutes later when there was a knock on her door….it was Ed…..
He stepped in, looked her in the eye and and asked ” I am taking a leap here….but is it accepted in YOUR marriage?”
“Is what accepted?”
“You know….infidelity? Ed replied….
“Well, she replied” and stopped short of a full answer…..”I take that as yes” Ed said and reached out for her hand.
Lynda told me she didn’t hesitate, she never questioned herself….she just went with it. She reached out and met his hand with hers. They embraced and kissed passionately. She pulled back long enough to ask if they should do this….boss, underling wise…Ed simply said that he wouldn’t tell anyone.
Lynda responded with an “O.K. then” and they kissed again. She gave me as much detail as she could remember as she was not taking notes lol…..
They stood there kissing for quite a while before he found the nerve to reach around her and put his hands on her ass. They held tight and made out. She said it took a bit to build her nerve but she slid a hand down and rubbed his crotch. He was already hard. Ed’s other hand had moved to her tits and was rubbing them through her dress. She said she felt great….confident…sexually charged…She broke the embrace and lead him to the bed where she sat down. Ed stood in front of her as she unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. Not huge…not small…she described it as normal…she went down on him. As she did he ran his fingers through her hair and rubbed her back……ding ding ding…winner…a back rub is the all time #1 turn on for my wife….and he didn’t even know it…hahahaha. She undid his belt and pulled his pants and under wear down around his ankles. He stepped out of then and leaned over to kiss her, while he did she stroked his cock. He gently pushed her back onto the bed and unzipped her dress pants and pulled them down. She kicked those and her shoes off and was laying there in a silk shirt and silky brown undies. He pulled her panties to the side and went down on her. She said it was good. He didn’t suck her clit like she really likes but he put his tongue deep into her and lapped at her for quite a while…almost to orgasm. He stopped, crawled on top of her and they made out more. He was rubbing her pussy with one hand and Lynda was stroking him with one of hers. He was so loving, soft and caring she said. She said it wasn’t a fuck, or sex…..it was like real love making.
He looked at her and as if a little boy asking for permission to be bad ….”Can I?” she just picked her head up and made out with him. He had his answer. He reached down and pulled her panties aside and penetrated her. She said it was slow and long and soft and incredibly intimate. He was a really attentive lover. She said he picked up on her cues and when she would like what he was doing and her breathing would pick up…..he would stay the course….but he made it last. Pulling out often to make out…or finger her. She said she was really wet….not squirting wet which my wife is prone to…..just turned on wet. He entered her again and they made love most of the night. She recalls getting back to her room at about 7 and he didn’t leave till almost 10! She would roll over and ride him, he would get her from behind ( which is Lynda’s favorite ). She said it was like they were long lost lovers reuniting. It was really enjoyable….not bang bang fuck like her other encounters.
She said she had 2 orgasms that she can remember but never squirted. Just deep muscle tightening orgasms and as she sensed Ed getting close he asked her where she wanted it……all my wife did was wrap her legs around him and grind against him. Seconds later he came….alot….like alot she said. Come to find out he hadn’t had sex since his wife was 6 months pregnant so doing the math it was about 4 1/2 months worth built up in him. She loves the feeling of the male orgasm. She loves the heat…the squirt….. She had always told me she can feel every twitch of a mans dick and her cervix feels every spurt if the guy is deep enough. She almost always orgasms from this…..and yes she said she did…..as he came she rubbed her clit hard and they embraced and made out as her pussy tightened around his softening dick.
They stayed that way until he softened up and fell out. he looked down and pulled her panties back over her pussy. He smiled at her, kissed her and told her how long he had dreamed of being with her. He said he loves his wife but there was something about my wife that just made him want her. Lynda was very content hearing all of this. She smiled and said ” I can’t believe we just did that…..”
Ed asked “now what?’ to which Lynda’s reply was a shrug of the shoulders. They just smiled. They had no regret, no remorse just a sense of happiness and exhaustion. Ed got dressed, kissed her deeply and left. Lynda said she just laid there, still aroused, out of breath a little and with a sense of accomplishment…..she had finally just let herself go. She said as she lay there I called her and as we talked she did her best to not sound like she just ran a race or that anything was out of the ordinary. While we were on the phone she realized she was still full of cum from Ed and as we spoke she slid her fingers into her panties and felt the sticky flow seeping out of her and into her panties…..that is when it hit her to give them to me. She said she didn’t clean up as she always does after sex…..she just pulled up the covers and went to bed with a pussy full of another mans cum. In the morning she took off the still wet and sticky panties and wrapped them in a hand towel to bring home.
That next day at work her and Ed were able to make like nothing had happened….at least in a public setting. When they were alone a few times he would grin, smile, softly tough her arm or back….he whispered once….”I had a great time” to which Lynda just smiled. He asked if she was ok and she said.”Never been better”. This made Ed relax and know they were OK with it and there was no…..this got weird feeling.
That afternoon at lunch everyone left for a diner down the street except Lynda and Ed who had to set up for the next session of training. While they were alone Ed asked ” This is none of my business…..but are you trying to turn me on?” Lynda grinned and asked “why?”
“That Outfit….it’s killing me…..I’ve been trying to hide my crotch all morning” to which Lynda looked down to realize Ed had a hard on….she giggled a bit embarrassing Ed but told him not to worry.
“Don’t worry” He blurted but quickly quieted to a whisper….I can’t even concentrate!
Lynda smiled in an apologetic way and said “I wish I could help you” to which Ed said “there is”….”tonight?….again?” he asked.
Lynda was very happy to know she had pleased him to where he wanted more…..she had always doubted herself. She didn’t give him an answer but did ask ” what about my outfit….what is bothering you about it?”
“It isn’t bothering me…..it is hot. You have a silky knee length skirt, your pantyhose…oh your hose…I love pantyhose he said. Those boots are the killer too….”
Now my wife has a pair of black open toe and open heel boots with a low heel that allow a guy to see her hose covered heel and toes. they go just short of her skirt allowing a sight of nylon covered knee. For pantyhose lovers like me…it is heaven….and as my wife found out, as I have told her many times before….most guys love hose!
She didn’t confirm or deny her interest in another sexcapade but simply whispered to Ed we have to see how the rest of the day goes. The other office staff started filing back in and the day resumed.
Dinner was at the same place but after dinner Ed asked Lynda to go to a bar across town that he went to the last time he was in town. She asked who else was going and Ed said “I was hoping just me and you”
“Is that smart, what is someone sees us out together?” I doubt they will….but we r just getting a drink…Lynda said ok.
They took an Uber to the bar which was packed for a midweek night. They got a booth in the corner only after waiting for a while. They small talked and actually had people from work show up….great….she thought. but It was Mike and Cindy….the other two that became a couple on the sly….so there was no worry about them talking. There seemed to be a tacit understanding of the situation as they sat together and had drinks. No fuss no muss was what Mike said as he and Cindy left….his way of coyly saying….it’s all good….assuming that my wife and Ed were in the same boat as he and Cindy…..an assumption….but a correct one.
On the Uber ride back Ed put his hand on Lynda’s thigh and smiled. She put her hand on his. He began to rub up and down as they chatted up the driver. Little by littl Lynda’s skirt moved up and up until he was rubbing her hose covered thigh. It felt good to her and she slyly moved her hand to his crotch and once again he was at attention.
They arrived at the hotel and he said “I’ll be at your room in a minute…if that is ok?”
She smiled and said don’t be long.
A few minutes later Ed was at her door and as he entered Lynda mouthed a “SHHHHH!” to him…..she was on the phone….WITH ME.
Ed smiled wryly and came up behind her and rubbed her ass. She said she gave him a smiling WTF look but he persisted. He rubbed at her ass, pulled up her skirt and rubbed her ample hose covered butt. The whole time Lynda was talking to me about her day. She said at one point he started to pull her pantyhose down from behind and as he did she instinctively bent forward, still on the phone with ME. Just as she told me I love u and goodnight, he penetrated her and fucked her hard, not like the night before…..she said he banged the shit out of her. As I said Rocky(D)gy is her favorite, so this position, as erotic as the situation was with me on the phone and as hard as he was thrusting….she came almost immediately. She screamed….which she never does and fell forward on the bed. He rolled her over to her back, pulled her to the edge of the bed and grabbed her by the heels of her boots and slammed into her. That was it…..she came, squirted that is an over his dick, the edge of the bed….everything. He stopped his attack on her pussy to look down, look at her, smile and get back at it. This she said was the exact opposite of the night before….until….she stopped him. She worked her way to a sitting position pulled her pantyhose up and stood.
“My turn” she hesitantly said. She undressed him naked, made him lay back on the bad and she climbed on top of him. They made out as the night before. Him naked, her fully dressed. She rubbed her pantyhose crotch against his erection, rubbed her pantyhose covered thighs against his and rubbed her toes over his shins. She has learned this from me, this is my big turn on being a hose man. She said she worked him into a tizzy when he begged to let him fuck her….she sat up…reached down…and pushed 2 fingers through the gusset of her hose. She reached for his dick and rubbed it back and forth then held herself up enough to stand his dick up, line it up and slowly swallow it with her pussy. She was already soaked from her earlier squirt so it slid in and out like silk. She said she rode him this way for at least a 1/2 hour. Really slow. She got herself to orgasm once and as she would feel him build….she would stop moving and make out with him. She finally gave in to him rolled off of him onto her back. He rolled over and in one fluid motion was in her with her feet up on his shoulders. He pounded her hard. Making her grunt uncontrolably with each thrust…….she squirted again…..she said she lost count at 4 but knows she squirted at least that many times on 4 successive thrusts. He quickened the pace then slammed in and held tight. Lynda said it was like the night before…except this time he didn’t ask to cum in her…..he thrust, held then pushed harder and harder even though there was nowhere depper to go. His balls were against her lips, his pelvic bone against her clit and the head of his dick against her cervix……unloaded pump after pump into her. She screamed in orgasm.
A short while later he left for his room and the same scenario unfolded, she slept in her mess and let his sperm swim as deep and as far as they could go. I was so turned on to know that my wife was inseminated by another man twice within 24 hours and never emptied out, no cleanup, no squat and pushout over the toilet…..she just let his sperm infiltrate her. That to me is the ultimate for a cuckold….breeding with another man, whether there is the threat of pregnancy or not…..that is the ultimate.
Lynda is now in Texas as I write this and she would not confirm or deny if Ed was there also. I told her how much I loved her, how lucky I am that she is my wife and the mother of my children. I gave her my approval of what happened and gave her the go ahead to do more, as circumstances permitted……as long as she told me the story and gave me “presents” afterwards. She had always been shy and somewhat embarrassed after her other times but there was something different this time…..I may have a different woman fly home from Texas…..we shall have to see.

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