Wife fulfills husband’s need for humiliation

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Eight years ago I got married. My wife Judy is a pretty good-looking 30-year-old woman. She probably couldn’t make a living as a model, but I think she looks great and has a great figure. Her 36B tits really don’t have to have a bra to hold them up. With a 26″ waist and 37″ hips she’s a little heavier than models are supposed to be. That hasn’t stopped a lot of guys from hitting on her. As if they had a chance.
Judy grew up in a straight-laced home. When we got married she was the kind of girl wearing “practical” clothes as she called them. I called them conservative. She never wore anything that hinted at sex. Naturally, She was a virgin when we got married.
I, on the other hand, was no stranger to sex. At 6’3″, I weighed in at 220 pounds. Not an ounce of fat anywhere. I was the type of macho guy that other guys hate. I excelled in sports and academics. It seemed like I got everything that I ever wanted. Jobs, girls, or you name it, I got the best. More than one guy was pissed off because I fucked his girlfriend. A few times I even screwed a married woman.
Then I met Judy. Everything changed. She resisted my charms. I had friends try to fix me up with her, but she said she knew my reputation and didn’t want to have anything to do with me.
One night we were at the same party and she found out that I wasn’t such a bad guy after all. I was (and still am) a cop. A couple of guys got drunk and started trying to force their attentions on Judy. I put a stop to it without hurting anyone or having anyone arrested.
Judy thought that was pretty cool. She wasn’t happy about the two guy’s behavior, but really didn’t want them to get into trouble. She knew they would apologize the next day.
Anyway, after I took care of those two guys Judy and I started talking. Once she got to know me, on a personal level and not by reputation, I was able to talk her into going out on a date. And the rest is history as they say. We dated for a while; got married; and settled down.
After we got married I started buying presents for Judy. I was interested in getting her into some sexier clothes and figured the best way was just to buy them and give them to her.
I started out by giving her a skirt that was about an inch shorter than any other skirt or dress she’d ever had. She never said anything, but she didn’t wear it for about three weeks. The day she wore that skirt I went out and bought another one. The second one was as long as her regular clothes.
I have a pretty good eye for what will look good on her and she really liked both skirts. Next, I bought a blouse with a scoop neckline. It wasn’t low enough to show anything but it was definitely the most daring top that she had. She didn’t wear it for about a month. As soon as she did I went out and bought her something else.
She realized then that the way to keep the new clothes coming was to wear the ones I bought. This continued right up to today.
It took a half dozen years, but now some of the clothes she wears now are blatantly sexy. Others are not. She knows I get turned on when she wears a sexy outfit. And she knows she is going to have fun letting me take it off her.
Anyway, life has been great. Nothing could be better. Except.
There’s just one weird thing. I have a nagging need to be humiliated. I don’t know why or how, I just know I need to feel totally humiliated. Something I’ve never experienced. I’ve even done some pretty stupid things to try and get in trouble, but every time I did something stupid it turned out right. I just can’t seem to have anything negative happen to me.
A time or two when Judy and I have been out and she was wearing something revealing I’ve heard guys make some kind of comment about punching me out so they could fuck my wife. I knew that Judy could hear too, and when I didn’t do anything she would look at me kind of funny.
It felt humiliating to have her looking at me in that way. Like, “Why aren’t you doing something to them? That’s your wife they’re talking about.” When she looked at me like that I got embarrassed. And humiliated. When your wife looks at you like you’ve failed you’d better believe it’s humiliating.
And the craziest thing is that deep down it felt good to have her look at me like that. I knew for those few seconds that she was thinking that I was a worthless shit. But that feeling was intoxicating and arousing. How can something so negative feel good? It doesn’t make sense to me, but then it doesn’t make sense to me why some people like pain.
About six months ago we were at a cop party and one of the guys there, Mark, was being a real jerk. He danced with Judy a couple of times and tried to feel her up. When he wouldn’t stop, she complained to me and expected me to do something.
I went over to Mark and told him to leave Judy alone and he said, “Not till I fuck her, Buddy.” I know I should have said or done something, but I just got Judy and took her home. As we were leaving I could hear him tell everyone that he was going to fuck Judy sooner or later.
I guess I should explain that there is somewhat of a rivalry between Mark and me. We went through the police academy at the same time and I was always in first place and he always came in second. He continued the whole time to try and beat me, not just to come in first but to beat ME. He really wanted to whip my ass at something and it just wasn’t going to happen.
I forgot about it as soon as we were out of the academy and working but he never gave up trying to beat me at something.
Well that night at the party he did. Judy was totally pissed that I hadn’t punched him out and let everyone know that she belonged to me and not that asshole Mark.
When we got home she wanted to talk about it. She said it wasn’t the first time I had let someone talk about her like that without doing anything. She asked me if I was afraid of him or what.
I tried to brush it off, but she wouldn’t let up. Finally I broke down and told her of my need to be humiliated and how when guys talked about fucking her, and I didn’t do anything, it was humiliating. Judy agreed that I should feel humiliated at letting other guys talk about her that way.
She calmed down a little and asked me to talk to her about it. I did my best to explain something that I can’t even explain to myself. She listened to it all and asked some questions. I think by the time we were done I understood my need a little better than before.
Judy still couldn’t understand why anyone would have such a need. She said if I really wanted to be humiliated that she would try to help. I told her I didn’t WANT it but that I felt like I NEEDED it. “Well, what do you WANT me to do?”
“I don’t know. Just forget about it. I’m sure there’ll be more occasions when guys talk about you and I will stand there like a dummy. That’s probably all I need.”
“Well, it wasn’t just talk tonight. Mark was feeling me up.” She looked at me for a minute. “You knew. You knew he was feeling me and you didn’t do anything?” The tone of her voice was so humiliating, and arousing, I thought I was going to cum in my pants.
Judy could tell what was happening to me. She shook her head then said, “I don’t understand you at all. But I can tell you I’ve been flattered when other guys show their desire for me. I always put those thoughts out of my mind. But, I’m your wife. If being humiliated is something you need I’ll try to be more open to other men.
We dropped it then and went to bed. I made soft tender love to Judy that night to try and make up for letting Mark talk about her the way he did at the party.
Probably, if I went to a shrink, he’d say I feel guilty because everything has come so easy for me. Maybe it’s as simple as that. I don’t know. But even knowing the reason doesn’t change anything. I still need to be humiliated.
Judy didn’t talk about it any after that night and neither did I. Everything got back to normal. Someone would throw a party every week or so and we would get together with our friends and have a good time. I think everyone else forgot about that night, just like Judy and I did.
It was about two months before we attended a party where Mark was also invited.
Judy and I were standing over by the door to the patio and everyone else was on the other side of the room, admiring the new sound system that our host, Jack, had just had installed. When Mark walked in I almost choked on my drink. I know my face turned red, and I was suddenly feeling very warm.
Mark looked around the room and then headed straight for us. It was embarrassing to see him but I was glad that he wanted to apologize for the way he acted at that last party. He came up to us at put his right arm around my shoulder and his left around Judy’s.
Mark looked at me and said, “Hey buddy, about the last time I saw you guys. I know I shocked you, but I meant every word I said. One of these days I’m going to fuck your wife.” He laughed and then added, “And this just may be the day.”
I figured he had to be drunk to say that, but it was still very humiliating to have him talking that way. I wanted to just grab Judy and head for home. Mark dropped his arm from around my shoulder and reached up and put his fingertips against Judy’s lips.
I was about to tell him to stop, but the words just wouldn’t come out. He slowly lowered his hand, sliding it over her chin and then down her neck. I was having a hard time breathing. His hand slid down Judy’s neck and onto the top of her dress. It was like a physical blow when his hand slid over her breasts.
The bastard stopped at her breast and rubbed back and forth across her tits. Her nipples were obviously growing hard. Mark pinched one of my wife’s nipples between his finger and thumb as he pulled and twisted it. Then he did the same with the other nipple.
I could hear a soft moan escape from Judy and I wondered why she wasn’t stopping him. My cheeks were burning and sweat was starting to pour off me, but I just couldn’t seem to do anything.
My heart was pounding like a jackhammer as his hand again started sliding inexorably down my wife’s body. I couldn’t believe he was doing this. The other people could turn around at any time and see what he was doing.
I know I groaned when I realized that someone else might see him feeling up my wife right in front of me.
He rubbed his hand up and down over her pussy for a minute then I felt total relief when he took his hand off of her. He raised his hand up and pushed his middle finger against her lips. Judy’s lips parted and his finger slid into her mouth. Her lips formed a perfect circle around his finger. Mark said, “Suck.” and Judy followed his order. Her head began moving back and forth on his finger, just like she would do if she were sucking a cock.
After a minute Mark pulled his finger from my wife’s mouth with a popping sound. He laughed again and said, “Yes, I believe today is the day. Is your pussy ready for my cock Judy?”
My loving wife was looking me right in the eye as she said, “Mark, you’re the biggest asshole I know. But if my husband doesn’t want to stop you then yes, my pussy is ready for your cock. Where do you want me?”
Mark smirked at me. With his hand on her ass he led her across the room to the host. “I’m going to fuck Judy now. Which bedroom should I use?” There were several gasps and no one said anything for a minute. It took about a minute for them all to take in the picture. Mark’s hand resting possessively on my wife’s ass while I meekly stood looking on from across the room.
Jack’s eyes moved hungrily over my wife’s body. “You mind if I have sloppy seconds?” Everyone was shocked to hear him talk like that.
Mark laughed and said, “I don’t care. But, maybe you should tell Bob he’s going to have to wait till both of us are done with his wife before he’s going to get her back.” Jack told Mark he could use bedroom that opened right off of the family room.
Mark said thanks and he and Judy walked back towards me. Judy’s eyes were imploring me to help her, but I was unable to move or say anything.
They passed me and went into the bedroom right behind me. I was burning up with shame and humiliation as everyone was looking at me. I could almost read their minds. “What a worthless bastard, letting Mark fuck his wife.” “Isn’t he a pathetic example, another man is going to fuck his wife practically in his face.” “What kind of man lets another man walk all over him. Not just one, but two guys are going to fuck his wife. And he’s just standing there letting them.”
Yeah, I knew what they were thinking. I knew they had no sympathy for me. None of them understood, or even knew about my need to be humiliated. Even as I was suffering my cock was throbbing; pulsing with a life of it’s own. I’d never felt a greater need to cum. It was a heavenly torture.
Mark carefully closed the door, almost all the way. He purposely left it open a few inches. It was hardly a minute after they went into the bedroom that everyone could hear him, “That’s it. Suck it Judy.” I could only groan as I envisioned my wife on her knees in front of Mark, her head bobbing back and forth on his cock.
Mark was loudly encouraging Judy to suck him. The others were drifting closer. They wanted to hear the action. They were staring at me. Their eyes were burning with glee and malice as they watched me cringe.
I wanted to run and hide. I wanted to burst into the bedroom and take Judy out of there. I wanted to stand right where I was and suffer this humiliating experience.
“Oh, god, Judy you’re one great cock-sucker. That’s it bitch, take it all.” I thought I could even hear the slurping sounds my wife makes when she blows me. Maybe it was just my imagination. I don’t know.
“That’s it slut. Here it comes. Suck it all out of me.” Mark was yelling so loud that anyone in any room in the house could have heard him. “Ahhh, Jesus yeah. Swallow it all.”
My sweet loving wife was giving me the humiliation I craved. God, I hated it. I couldn’t look at any of the other people. I knew they were laughing at me. If not out loud at least inside. Who could blame them? I was doing nothing as another man gave my wife a drink of cum.
“Can you fuck me now?”
“Damn straight. I’m not done with you yet. Get on your hand and knees. I’m going to fuck you like the bitch you are.” A couple of people snickered. I was rooted to the spot, unable to move or speak. All I could do was stand there and listen as my rival fucked my wife.
Now the others were openly talking about how pathetic I was and what a wimp I was. They were saying how I was finally getting what I deserved. I silently agreed with them.
Judy screamed as she came. “Oh, Jesus Christ I’m cumming. Oh, yeah. Fuck me Mark, fuck me hard. Give it to me.”
Over the next twenty minutes Judy came three times. I thought it was never going to end but Mark finally yelled that he was cumming. “Fill me up Mark baby. Fill my cunt with that wonderful cum.”
Everything was quiet for a couple of minutes. The door opened all the way and Mark and Judy walked out hand in hand. Mark walked her right up to me.
I looked at the floor. I couldn’t look at Judy. I knew she didn’t like Mark and the only reason she went with him was to give me the humiliation I needed. I was sorry I had made her do it, but I was glad it was over.
My humiliation wasn’t over yet. Judy took my head in her hands and raised it up so I had to look at her. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t have a disgusted look on her face. Instead, she was smiling.
Before I could say anything she raised up and kissed me. Her mouth opened she pushed her tongue into my mouth. She probed my mouth with her hot tongue. I shuddered as I realized that I could taste Mark’s cum on her lips and mouth.
“Goddamn Mark. You must have cum a gallon.” I didn’t know who was talking or what he was talking about.
Judy was pulled away from me and Jack led her towards the bedroom. That’s when I understood. There was a wet trail on cum running down her legs.
Jack didn’t close the door as much as Mark had. I couldn’t see Judy, but I could see Jack from the side. Then I saw Judy’s hands unfastening Jack’s pants. I could tell she was on her knees in front of him.
Once she had pulled his pants down Jack reached out and I knew without seeing that he had my wife by the head. He started thrusting his hips back and forth. “Ahhhh, Judy, you’re a great cock-sucking bitch. Oh man, I love fucking your face.”
I knew that a lot of his talk was just aimed at humiliating me. I was all hot and sweaty and red. I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my dick. Jack didn’t last long. He let out a yell that he was cumming and Judy grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him tight to her face.
I couldn’t help myself. My cock filled my pants with cum.
I wanted my wife to come out of that bedroom so I could take her out of there and put an end to her degradation. Not to mention my humiliation. But somehow I knew they weren’t done yet. I knew Jack was going to fuck my wife before he gave her back to me.
Jack “accidentally” bumped the door and opened it more. Everyone could see my lovely wife kneeling before Jack, willingly sucking his cock back to life.
After a minute or two he pulled her face off of his cock and told her to get ready for him to fuck. She turned around and put her head on the floor, elevating her ass. She reached back and pulled her skirt up and spread her legs.
Jack knelt between her legs and guided his hard cock to my wife’s wet cunt. He pushed the head inside her and held it there. Then he held her waist and drove all the way in her as hard as he could. We could hear the breath explode from her lungs as Jack slammed into her.
“Unnnhhh. Yes. Yes. Fuck me hard Jack. Fuck me hard, please.”
Jack laughed and then started ramming his pole in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. Soon, Judy had another screaming orgasm. Jack didn’t slow down at all. He continued driving in her causing her to have two more orgasms before he finally filled her pussy with his jism.
I was glad when he came. That meant this terrible humiliation was over at last. Jack pulled his cock from her dripping hole and leaned back. Then he smacked her on the ass as hard as he could. Leaving a bright red handprint where he spanked her.
Judy moaned, then slowly straightened up. She turned around to Jack. He stood up, looking down at her on her knees as she looked up at him and said, “Thank you, Jack. That was really a great fuck. I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked better.”
My wife got off her knees and let her skirt fall, covering her pussy. She came out of the bedroom and headed for me. I knew she was going to kiss me again. But then I would be able to get out of this hell.
She walked up to me and rubbed her hand up and down the bulge in my pants. Everyone could see the growing wet spot soaking the from of my pants. “Did you see how well Jack fucked me?” My face told the story of my shame.
“Have you been humiliated enough for one night?” Before I could answer, someone yelled, “HELL NO! You need to rub his face in it.” That made everyone laugh. At first I didn’t understand. I’d already had my face rubbed in it. Two guys had fucked my wife in her mouth and her pussy. Right in front of me. How much more could you rub my face in it.
“Lay down, Honey.” I still didn’t understand. I looked around to find everyone looking at me like I was some kind of freak. I lay down on the floor. Judy stepped over me and straddled my head. I could see up her skirt to her dripping cunt.
Jack grabbed her and pulled her off me saying, “Not that way.”
He unfastened her skirt and it dropped around her ankles. “Now give it to him.” Then I understood. There was nothing I could do. They wanted me to be totally degraded, and my wife was willing to give them what they wanted. And what I needed.

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