Wife humiliates husband in front of his workmate

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We had been out for a meal and drinks with a business colleague – John. John was a guy who I had never liked. But he was fairly high up in the company and I didn’t want to upset him, so even when my wife Jean had got quite drunk and invited him home with us for a nightcap I didn’t object.
When we got home Jean made us some more drinks and put on some music. I was fairly miffed when she asked John to dance and leaving me sat in my chair they started to dance together to a slow number. Half way through the number I saw John suddenly pull Jean close in to him and wrap both arms around her slim body. “Oh John really” she said “not in front of my husband.” John just grinned across to me “Oh I’m sure Steve doesn’t mind, after all we do work closely together in the office.” His grin faded as he said this and I could tell that there was a veiled threat to damage my career if I objected. I said nothing.
They continued to dance and I saw that he was taking every opportunity to peer down my wife’s blouse into her cleavage. Jean noticed too and I thought I saw her deliberately rub her breasts across his chest. I caught him whispering something into her ear and as he did so she looked guiltily across to where I was sat morosely watching them. They continued to dance and I watched as one of his hands slipped down her back – he turned her body away from me as they danced, but I was sure that his hand was now resting on her ass. As they danced in this position I couldn’t see what was happening behind her, but the look on her face told me that he was caressing her ass and that she was deliberately teasing me by allowing him to do it.
“Now John, you are taking liberties and I don’t think my husband approves.” She said this with a smile on her face and looking me directly in the eyes. “Do as you like” I said and went to the bar to get a fresh drink.
When I returned to my seat I saw that they had turned around again so that they were facing me and that John’s hand had risen and was now resting in the middle of her back again. The tempo of the music changed and this compelled them to move their bodies apart somewhat. Now I saw John start to slide his hand round towards the side of my wife body until it was close to the side of her full right breast. He smiled At me again, but there was no warmth in it as he said to Jean “You heard the man, we can do as we like.” As he spoke he moved his hand further until I saw that it was full on Jeans tit and that he was gently stroking the side of her tit.
A look of surprise, almost shock, came to Jean’s face as she felt his hand on her and she pulled away. She stared across at me as though she expected me to object and stop his lascivious use of her body. When I made no move she obviously became annoyed that I had not instantly leapt forward to her defence. “Well if it’s alright with you if this bastard gropes me it’s alright with me.”
She turned back to him and he grinned at me as he replaced his hand on her tit. Now there was no subterfuge or attempt to hide what he was doing. Whilst keeping one hand around her waist he moved her body slightly more away from his and fully cupped her tit in his hand. He turned her body at such an angle that I cold fully see what he was doing as he gently squeezed and fondled her breast. As he did so I saw that his eyes were on me all the time as his fondling and squeezing of her breast became more pronounced.
Jean saw him looking at me and she too looked across at me and turned her body even more so that I could see every caress he was giving her. She smiled and said, “I’m really enjoying this dance -John’s such a good dancer.” This was a complete parody as they were making no attempt at dancing but rather were just swaying in time to the music as he caressed her body.
The music finished and as Jean turned away from him I saw that the nipple of her right breast had become swollen from his attentions and was clearly pressing out the thin material of her bra and blouse. She went to the Hifi and put on another CD. As she walked back to the center of the room she smiled teasingly at me and said “its getting warm in here” and then deliberately undid the two top buttons on her blouse. This was not lost on John as we both saw the blouse gape to expose the top of her breasts and the line of the top the lacy black bra she was wearing.
“There that’s better,” she said, but I don’t know if she was saying it to John or me. “God” I exclaimed, “You’re behaving like a tart.” She too was angry and responded “Well if you don’t like it, you can throw John out and we’ll call it a night.” I didn’t know what to say. On one hand I couldn’t stand the sight of that bastard mauling my wife, but I was conscious of the problems I might have at work if I made a scene. There was another reason preventing me from making an immediate response, and that was that although I hated the sight of John taking liberties with my wife I also was becoming turned on by the situation and I was wondering how far Jean was prepared to go. My lack of an immediate response obviously irritated Jean further and she turned back to John and held out her arms for him to continue the dance. As she did so the action made the half undone blouse gape further and when she came to him he stared unashamedly at the exposed flesh of the top of her breast. As she came into her arms his one arm returned around her waist and the other went immediately to her breast.
They made no attempt to face each other in the dance, but rather stood both facing me directly and I had to watch as John slowly snaked his hand down to the bottom of the gaping blouse, underneath the tin material and I saw as his hand rise again until he had firmly grasped her breast. This time instead of squeezing and caressing the whole of her tit I saw his fingers seek out and stroke the erect nipple pushing out the lacy material of the bra. “Oh that is nice,” he said as the nipple continued to harden and grow under his fingers. “Are you enjoying it too?.” Jean smiled up into his eyes. “Let me show you” she said and raised her hand to her blouse and began slowly to undo the remaining buttons on her blouse from the top. She turned to watch me as I saw the blouse gape further and further until it was fully open to the waist. It fell away from her breasts and now I could clearly see John’s fingers as they squeezed and pinched at her nipple.
I realised that, against my will I was becoming turned on by the sight of my half naked wife being mauled by this guy who I so strongly disliked but didn’t feel able to stop. “So, now you’ve seen your wife with her tits half hanging out being aroused by another man – how do you like it.” John caught her eye and she followed his eyes down to the growing bulge at my crotch. “Oh it looks to me that he likes it very much.” When she saw my evident erection her smile turned to a sneer. “Well it seems that you are more interested in watching rather than doing.” She turned back to John. “My husband hasn’t been getting it up too well recently, but this seems to appeal to him. Shall we show him some more?”
John chuckled “Oh I think we should.” He was almost laughing at me as he said “What would you like to see next – how about I get your wife’s tits out for you. Jean come and stand here in front of your husband.” Jean came and stood right in front of me and John went round behind her. As Jean undid the buttons on the cuffs of her blouse John grasped the neck of the blouse and lowered it from her shoulders. Jean was smiling directly into my eyes as the thin lacy bra was revealed partially coving her full breasts. By this time both her nipples were becoming aroused and were poking out the thin material of the flimsy garment. After dropping the blouse to the floor John reached round from behind Jean and cupped both her breasts. Jeans eyes closed as John squeezed and caressed her tits. He squeezed more firmly and suddenly both her nipples popped out over the top of the bra cups. Her eyes opened and she wriggled her body as the cooling air caressed her bare flesh. “Get my tits right out John – let’s show him what he’s missing.” “Well I don’t know Jean. I can see that he’s enjoying it from that meagre bulge in his groin, but I do think he should give us some indication if he wants to see more.”
“That’s a good idea,” said Jean. “Steve if you want this show to go on I want to see you rub your cock as you watch.” I looked down at my bulging cock tenting out my trousers and then looked at ashamedly at both of them as they watched me. I was humiliated but I could not resist the need to watch my wife further exposed by this stranger. I reached down and rubbed my hand along the bulge in my trousers. They looked at me and then at each other. John said “Christ what a wimp. He can’t get it up unless someone else is groping his wife. OK lets give him a little more.” Still stood behind her he raised both hands to her left breast, pulling at her nipple and holding down the bra he lifted first one tit and then the other from the black lacy bra cups. She stood there, her tits fully exposed. “That’s great, ” said John “now shake them about .” Unselfconsciously she shook her torso from side to side. Her large tits shook vigorously supported only underneath by the bra cups. She leant forward and shook her tits directly in my face. John walked to the bar where he retrieved his drink and watched Jean as she shook her tits in my face and taunted me. “What next Steve – would you like to him pull on my nipples?.” “Come on rub that tiny cock some more and perhaps he’ll do it.” I felt powerless to stop it. I rubbed again up and down my thickening cock. John came up behind her and reached around her. I watched as he took both her nipples between thumb and forefinger. He rolled her nipples between them and then began to pull them out in front of her. Her tits were lifted up and out from the support of the bra and her face took on a rapturous look as she looked down at herself. Suddenly John released her nipples and her tits flopped back to her chest. Her nipples were now fully engorged and stood out from her tits like little fingers.
“Oh look John he really enjoyed that” pointing down at my cock. I was humiliated to see that a widening patch of dampness betrayed the precum that was seeping from my cock. “Do it again.” Again I saw his fingers pull at her chest. He now had a better grip on her nipples and this time he pulled harder, further and longer. I saw the smile on Jean’s face turn to a grimace as the pleasure turned to pain as he tugged on her tits. She looked down at her tits that were now pulled out from her chest, their shape distorted as he applied more and more pressure. When he released them this time she raised her own hands to her tits and rubbed them to ease the soreness. I saw that her nipples were reddened and there were bruises forming where his fingers had tugged on her aureoles.
“I loved that John, but my tits are sore now. Why don’t you show Steve my cunt”? I was shocked at the language used by my wife standing in front of me naked to the waist, apart from the bra bunched under her tits. Johns hands went to the hem of the miniskirt Jean was wearing and slowly began to lift it up to reveal her stocking clad legs. He was watching me all the time as the skirt lifted up to show her black suspender belt and eventually it reached her waist revealing her panty clad cunt. By this time I was rubbing my cock frantically. “Hey that’s enough of that,” said Jean “I don’t want you spunking in your pants.” She quickly walked up to me, grasped both my hands and twisted them behind my back. I was so surprised by this that I was unable to move, and before I new what was happening John had pulled off his tie and I felt him securing my hands together and although I then began to struggle I was help less and I felt him tying my hands to the chair. Jean stood back, still with her skirt rucked around her waist. She looked on as John continued to secure me further using some rope from his coat pocket. I could do nothing as he tied my legs to the chair spreading my knees wide as he did so. He stood back and I struggled to try and loosen the bonds, but I was helpless tied to the chair, vulnerable with my legs spread.
I had by this time lost my erection. “There that’s better,” said John “Let’s show him your cunt – strip off your skirt.” I watched as Jean unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. John leered at me as I looked at Jean stood in only her lacy pants, suspender belt and stockings. He again stood behind her and with one hand cupping her naked breast I watched as his other hand descended to her pants and disappeared into them. Jean grinned at me and said “Oh Steve that’s nice, he’s rubbing my cunt- do you want to see?” and with that she bent down and pulled down her pants to reveal her shaven cunt with John’s hand rubbing her vigorously. My erection began to return as I watched my wife exposing her whole body and being caressed crudely by the stranger. “Oh look he likes to watch that – Would you like to see me finger myself?” ” Yes I croaked.”
She laughed and pulling away from john she pulled a chair up directly in front of me and spread her legs wide. She looked directly into my eyes as she slowly inserted a finger into her cunt. “Come on John” she said, “you come and watch as well.” John fetched another drink from the bar and stood by her side looking down as her fingers plunged in and out of her gaping cunt. Get his cock out John – let me look at it as I finger-fuck myself.” John laughed “good idea, let’s see what he has to show.” He undid my flies and reaching in pulled out my 5″ cock which was throbbing hard. “Christ” he said ” no wonder she wants more – That things useless.” He flipped it with his finger. I flinched.
This seemed to excite Jean and she plunged another finger into her sopping cunt. “Oh yes do it again, to teach him to treat his wife with a little more respect.” He slapped at my cock again and again I flinched. In spite of this I was still fully erect and I thrust my cock back and forward trying to reach satisfaction as I watched my wife finger fucking herself in front of this stranger.
“He’s trying to bring himself off, we can’t have that.” She looked around and getting up from her chair and went over to the sideboard, opened a drawer and brought out a ruler and hesitating as she returned she went back to the sideboard and took a long fat candle from the candleholder resting on the table. She gave the ruler to John, and said, “I’m going to put on a show – you make sure he doesn’t cum.” She stood close in front of me and spread her legs. “Now watch this, ” she said, and with one hand she pulled the lips of her cunt open. With the other she slowly inserted the tip of the candle into her open cunt. I watched mesmerised as she slowly pushed the fat candle up into herself. She bent her knees slightly, squatting to open her cunt further and the candle went further up into her body. As I thrust my cock back and forwards in a simulation of the sex act, trying to bring myself off, she looked at John and said “He’s trying to cum – stop him.” With that John flicked the ruler he held at my thrusting cock. It caught me full on the tip of my cock and the pain made me cry out. Jean laughed as she saw me cringe “Yes, hit it again.”
I now saw that things were out of control and I was at the mercy of the two of them.

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