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Wife is pressured into pleasing business partner – Sex Slave Wife

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My wife and I have been married 14 years and after 2 kids, she is in fabulous shape. She worries constantly about her figure which is a stunning 36-24-36 with larger than average breasts. She has long blond hair, which compliments her 5’10” frame. She grew up quite conservative and had never had sex before we were married. In fact the most she had ever done was some heavy kissing, never allowing any of her boyfriends to touch her. She enjoys sex but is not very creative. Anything different is initiated by myself, and quite often these new ideas seem unusual and dirty to her. She is very uncomfortable doing anything that seems kinky. This brings me to her sexual awakening.
I had been in business for a few years with a friend of mine who had served for many years in the military. Needless to say he had enjoyed his stays in various ports of call and had often related to me things that he had done that I had never even imagined. I often fantasized about what it would be like to see my innocent wife performing such lewd acts on men and women. My wife had met Jim on various occasions and thought he was quite a nice guy. She had no idea of his past nor could she even imagine the things he had done because of her naive past. She hadn’t even seen another naked man.
Jim and I had both come into our business as equal partners, putting up equal amounts of money to get the business going. Unfortunately, things had not gone as well as we had hoped in the speed of turning a profit. This necessitated both of us investing more money in our upstart venture. I knew there was great potential with what we were doing; it was just going to take time. We soon discovered we needed another $20,000 to fulfill a contract we had coming in. For Jim this was no problem. He had a nice retirement and savings from the military and quickly came up with his share. I on the other hand could not. Nicky and I discussed at quite some length my disappointment in not fulfilling my share. After exhausting all possibilities, Nicky thought I ought to just ask Jim to float me until I could pay him back.
I talked to Jim the next morning and he told me it wouldn’t be a problem. He only asked one thing. With a little smirk on his face he told me he wanted to have sex with Nicky. I laughed and said, “yea, right.”
“No, I’m serious,” he said. I sat there in stunned anger rising in me yet at the same time, with a little bit of jealous excitement in my gut. “You know we agreed to split everything in this business in order for it to grow,” he said, “and we agreed if we couldn’t, then the business would fold.” I still vaguely thought he was kidding but started to realize he was serious. Even if I agreed, I knew Nicky would never go for something like what he proposed. “There is no way,” I told him. “It’s all in the way you present it,” he said. I knew there was nowhere else to get the money so I sat down and listened to what he had to say. I knew that I was fairly safe because I was positive Nicky would never agree to anything like this.
He said that not only did he want to have sex with her, but that she was to do anything he asked for an entire evening. She was to be his sex slave for a night. He knew what he liked from past experience and he also knew how to please a woman. “She might not like it at first,” he said, “but she will be into it by the time the night is over.” He said I could come and watch but was not to interfere once we arrived. “I promise I won’t hurt her, but the minute you step in and stop anything I’m doing, the deal is off and we are out of business.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was surprised that I was more excited then I was angry. My mind was filled with images of Nicky performing things on Jim that she had never agreed to do with me. Yet I knew there was no way she was going to agree to anything like this when she had only given me 1 blow job and found it so disgusting, she never would do it again.
I left our office in a dazed stupor and headed home for the weekend. I had an entire week to try and convince her because I was to deliver her to Jim’s house the next Friday if the deal was to work. I walked in the front door and my wife immediately asked me how it went with Jim. “Well, he did say he would loan us the money,” I said. Nicky hugged me and said, “I knew he would, he is such a nice guy.” I half-heartedly returned her hug and said, “Well there are a couple of stipulations.” Nicky looked up at me and said, “Like what?”
“He wants us, well, mainly you, to come to a party next week at his house.”
“Sounds fun to me,” she said with such an innocent grin on her face. I decided not to string this out and made my attempt to paint the whole picture for her; as best I could.
“Let’s go sit down in the living room and talk,” I said as I took her hand and led her into the room. She could tell something was up by the look on my face. “He wants us to come over next Friday and see how far he can go with you.” I could tell she wasn’t getting it at first. “What do you mean?”
“Nicky, he wants to see if he can kiss you.” I decided to start small and build up. “Why on earth would he want to kiss me?” she asked with an inquisitive look on her face. “He thinks you are good looking and would like to know what it would be like to kiss and fondle you”
“What do you mean fondle me?” she asked with a high pitch to her voice. She was now thinking I was kidding her. “I’m serious honey. He said that was the only way he would loan us the money.” She pushed my arm off her shoulder and asked, “So you expect me to let him touch me in order to loan us $10,000?” She looked at me in stunned belief and then headed upstairs without saying a word. I sat there in the living room for a couple of hours wondering how I had come to such a situation.
The creaking of the stairs awakened me from my meditation as my wife rounded the corner and sat next to me on the couch. “Do you really want me to do this?” she asked. “Honey, I don’t see any other way.” I said as she took my hand in hers. She looked at me and said, “Honey, lets go to the party and I think I’ll be able to talk to Jim and talk him out of it.” I shook my head and finished the rest of the story, “Nicky, you don’t understand completely. He wants us to show up and for you to do everything he wants you to do without question. If I step in or if you don’t do what he wants, the deal is off, we leave, and are out of business. So if you were going to go, you need to do what ever he asks.” She sat there thinking for a minute and said, “Let’s go and see what happens.” Once again that strange gnawing returned to my stomach and I found myself with an immediate hard-on. At last her innocence was coming in handy. She agreed to go because she had no idea of what the possibilities were with someone who had had as much fun as Jim.
The week passed slowly and I avoided intimate contact with her in order to build up her sexual appetite. Friday soon arrived and she prepared herself by wearing the sexiest thing I could find to buy her. She was quite hesitant as she put on her garters and push up bra, neither of which she had ever worn before. We pulled up in front of Jim’s house and I told her again what the rules were and what the consequences would be if she didn’t go through with it. I had told her numerous times that week how much the business meant to me and what it would mean for our financial well-being. I gave her a final chance to back out and with no word of not going forward, we headed up to the door. I think in the back of her mind she still thought that Jim would never do what he was asking. She felt that no one would ask such things of a married woman. Here she sat worried about kissing and fondling when little did she know of what Jim was capable of. And for that matter, neither did I.
We knocked on the door and Jim quickly answered. “I’m glad to see you both here. I trust your husband told you what the rules were?” My wife shook her head yes in disbelief of the new Jim she was seeing. He put his arm around Nicky and ignored me as he led her into the den. He offered her a drink, which she took. I was surprised because she hadn’t had a drink in years. We all sat down and finished our drinks in silence. Jim stood and said, “Enough of the pleasantries, lets have some fun.” He walked over to the stereo and turned on a slow song. He then went over to Nicky and offered her his hand. They slowly went to the center of the room and started in a slow circle. At first he was quite the gentleman, but soon started to lower his hands onto her ass. I could see her stiffen up as his hands kneaded her tight little ass. Instantly I felt like I would explode as my cock swelled against my pants. The song ended and Nicky made an attempt to sit back down. Jim held he tight, “Where you going? There are plenty more songs and a hole evening to enjoy.” The next song started and he became more bold. They continued to dance in a circle as he slowly undid the buttons on the back of her dress. Once again she tensed up but made no effort to stop his advances. Once the buttons were all undone he stopped the circling and let me see that the back of her dress was completely open. He then rubbed his hand over her panty-clad bottom, squeezing and pinching, occasionally hard enough to cause a cry to come from my wife. He then reached up and undid her bra, causing her arms to close tighter to her chest to protect what no other man had ever seen before.
When the song ended he led Nicky over to the couch and sat down while leaving her standing. “Take off your dress for me,” he said with a visible bulge in the crotch of his pants. She just stood there. “You know the rules Nicky, no hesitation or your husband loses his business.” She reached up and pulled the dress off her shoulders. She had both arms out of the sleeves but held it firmly to her chest. My heart was pounding as the excitement I felt surprised me. Here was my prudent wife standing in front of a man she only slightly knew, ready to show him her breasts. Slowly the dress and bra fell to the floor revealing her d cup breasts with her nipples fully erect. “You are more beautiful than I had imagined Nicky,” said Jim as he slowly stroked the bulged in his pants. “You can’t imagine how many times I have masturbated dreaming of a moment like this with you. I have had girl friends, strangers, prostitutes, yet never such an innocent woman as yourself who was willing to do what ever I asked.” He just sat there and let her squirm. She half-heartedly tried to cover her breasts but he reached forward and held her arms at her side. He pulled down on her arms and said, “Kneel down.” She quickly knelt and looked at him massaging his cock through his pants. Nicky had caught me masturbating once and had seemed shocked and disgusted that I would do such a thing. Now she knelt inches from a friend while she watched bear-breasted, dressed only in garters, white hose, crotch less panties and high heels.
Jim reached up and undid his pants and in one quick motion, pushed them past his knees. “Nicky, I want you to give me a blow job.” Her eyes became wide as she stared at him in disbelief. “You know what a blow job is don’t you?” Nicky shook her head yes and without touching him, started to kiss his legs. After a few minutes Jim took her head in his hands, looked her in the eye, and asked, “What are you doing? Take my cock in your mouth and suck on it.” When she had given me my only blowjob, she had licked around the base a little, took it into her mouth for a second and then quit. She had no idea of what to do. She looked up at him and said, “I’m trying to please you.” She said. He took his cock in his hand and told her, “Well obviously your husband has never taught you how to please a man. You will learn tonight.” With one hand on his cock and the other on the back of her head he continued with his instruction. “Now open your mouth. No wider. That’s it, now try and relax as I introduce you to real sex.” He then used his hand on the back of her head to push her mouth onto his cock. She began to gag and he told he to relax. “Now suck on it like a lollipop.” She closed her lips around his shaft and began to suck, occasionally gagging. He let her go at her own rhythm for a few minutes and then once again used his hand and started to fuck her face. She continued to gag as he held her head firmly and pushed deeper into her throat. Finally the gagging became constant and he asked her what was wrong.
“I just can’t do it she cried. It is not natural. I am trying but I am not used to doing this.” He pulled her to her feet and left the room. She just stood there naked and I sat on my chair the most excited I had ever been in my life. Jim returned to the room with a small table with straps on each leg. “Okay, I’m going to make it easy on you. Lie on this table on you back.” She got up on it and laid back. He pushed her back until her head was hanging over the edge. He then took each wrist and ankle and fastened them into the Velcro straps. “Please don’t hurt me,” she said as he secured her firmly to the table, which caused her breasts to jut provocatively upward. He circled the table like a lion over its prey and started to squeeze each nipple, roughly pulling on her breasts. She began to cry out and I stood up to voice my concern. “Sit down Mike or you might blow the deal. I told you I wouldn’t hurt her.” With that I sat back down red faced and excited. Here was Jim doing things to my wife that I had only dreamed about. After pinching her nipples until they were rock hard, he opened a drawer and pulled out some small clamps, which were attached to wires coming from the drawer. Nicky’s eyes went wide as he attached the clamps and walked to the head of the table with a small remote in his hand. “Nicky, I promise this won’t hurt a bit. Tilt your head back and in this position your body is positioned to allow my cock to go down your throat. Just relax and it will feel much better. To help you take you mind off what you are doing with your mouth, I have small batteries hooked up to your nipples and as you begin to gag, I will give you a shock. I have found that this increases your pleasure and mine.”
With that he had her open her mouth and pushed in his 8-inch cock. He started slow but soon picked up the rhythm. She gagged a lot less but as he pushed the full length into her mouth she did tense up. Immediately he pushed a small button and she jumped on the table. He nipples were hard before but now they stood up more then I had ever seen. He turned the power off and on for a while and each time she would arc her back allowing him further access to her mouth. As he grew close to coming he left the switch on and set the remote to the side. He then reached down and roughly grabbed her breasts and used the leverage to push all the way in. Her eyes were wide as she bucked against the restraints. “Nicky, I’m going to come in your mouth so just let the cum slide down your throat.” He was breathing heavy now and was really getting into fucking my wife’s mouth. Her breasts were really flying from side to side as he continued to pound her face. His balls slapped her forehead. Soon he flexed and spewed his seed into her mouth and down her throat. He came for a good 30 seconds. He held her firmly to enjoy the full extent of the pleasure she was giving him. His cock was buried to the hilt in her mouth as she fought for air. Slowly he pulled out of her mouth and turned off the switch.
Nicky just lay there breathing heavy with red breasts and cum dripping from her mouth. I looked down and had come in my pants just watching the scene unfold before me. Jim walked to the side of the table and unhooked the clamps and put each nipple into his mouth. He sucked on each one, pulled up, extending her breast and then let them pop out of his mouth. Each time she winced and flinched. I could tell though that she was spent and noticed for the first time that between her legs a small wet spot could be seen on the table. He walked to the foot of the table and commented on how it looked like she had been enjoying this as much as him. He then looked over at me and said it looked like I had enjoyed it to judging from the wet spot in the front of my pants. Jim patted my wife on her belly and said he needed to get a drink because the fun was just beginning.
Nicky lay spent on the table, her hands and feet still pulled downward by the straps. I thought, after what had just happened, she would have been more vocal or demanded that I release her. But I think she was too shocked at what had taken place. For the first time in her life she had been used by a man for his own pleasure. And what made it even more remarkable was that it was someone she knew and trusted. As I sat contemplating whether or not I should help her out or her restraints, Jim walked back into the room totally naked, holding a video camera.
“I don’t think this is a good idea, Jim,” I said, as he looked down at Nicky with a sinister smile on his face. “This is a great idea,” he said. “Lets just call it a little insurance. If you don’t keep up the good work Nicky, I will show this to all of our friends.” And with that he walked over to me and handed me the camera. “Mike, be sure and catch all the good parts, especially the look on Nicky’s face as we enjoy each new experience together.”
Jim walked back over to Nicky and ran his fingers through her hair with his growing erection just inches from her face. She turned her head quickly away. “Well I see we still have some hard feelings, give me a few more hours and you’ll be all mine.” Jim once again picked up the remote device that he had used to shock her nipples earlier. He gave it a push and she jumped as the electric sensation caused her nipples to stand at attention. Once they both stood upright he clicked off the switch and removed the clamps. He took one nipple in his mouth and the other between his finger and thumb. As he sucked on one he turned his head and winked at me and then started to pull on the other. Again Nicky started to squirm. Jim let the nipple slide from his mouth and took it in his free hand and pulled both breasts upward. Nicky tried to lift her chest to relieve the pressure but the straps on her wrists held her firmly to the table.
Jim put his mouth close to my wife’s turned head and whispered in her ear, “Tell me how good that feels and I won’t be so rough.” She continued to stare to the side and didn’t say a thing. “Do you want the clamps back on, Nicky?” Nicky turned her head slowly to look at him and quietly said, “Noooooo. Please be gentle” “Then tell me how good this feels.” Jim continued to twist and pull on her boobs using just her nipples. “It feels good.” Nicky was now starting to realize that she could go along with his game and make it a lot easier on herself. Jim smiled and continued to talk to her, his face inches away from hers. “Okay, I think you are understanding how fun this can be. The more you moan, hum, and act like a slut, the gentler I will be with you. So don’t be shy, when something feels good, you tell me or else I’ll do things that don’t feel good. Understand?” Nicky shook her head yes as he bent forward and took each nipple into his mouth and gently licked them.
“That feels good,” Nicky moaned. Jim looked over at me once again and winked. By now I was starting to feel my erection once again and was actually looking forward to the rest of the show.
Jim reached down and undid my wife’s wrists from the Velcro and told her to slide down the table so her head was supported on the end. He then placed her hands behind her head and started to lick each breast, starting at the base and ending at her nipple. When he got to her nipple he would circle his tongue around her areola and then lightly nibble on the end with just his lips. As he continued to do this, soft moans started to escape her lips. She closed her eyes and her body relaxed with each lick.
At last she was starting to enjoy what was going on and was becoming oblivious to the reality of who was pleasuring her. As this process continued, he began to start his licks lower and lower on her torso, leaving a glistening trail of moisture up her rib cage and onto her breasts. Finally he was closing in on her belly button. I then remembered how in our past conversations about our sex lives I had mentioned to him how sensitive my wife’s belly button was. I had always found this somewhat humorous but it drove her wild whenever I would put my tongue in it. He moved his body further down the table and placed his hands lightly on each side of her stomach, and for the first time inserted his tongue into he little hole. Her hands immediately shot down and grabbed his wrists. At first I thought she was trying to stop him but when I saw the look on her face I knew she was in complete ecstasy.
He held her tight and darted his tongue in and out of her hole. Her moans now grew loader and she bit down on her bottom lip, while at the same time holding firmly to his wrists. I stood up and moved within a few feet of what was taking place and focused the camera on her face. I tried to be as quiet as possible so I wouldn’t wake her from this state of arousal. It looked as if her eyes were rolled back in her head from the narrow slits barely visible. She now let out a continual hum as Jim held her tight and continued his onslaught on this woman who was now reaching a state of arousal I had seldom seen. Pure lust was on her face as she succumbed to the feelings running rampant through her body.
Suddenly she took in a quick breath of air and her mouth opened wide. Every muscle flexed in her torso. I kept the camera focused on her face and looked out the corner of my eye to see the cause of her excitement. Jim had moved lower and was now lightly flicking his tongue around her pubic area. Ever so lightly his tongue would touch her lips and her body would go into a spasm. I will have to admit I hadn’t enjoyed this sort of thing in the past and so we hadn’t done it much. I was amazed at the gentleness with which he went about this seduction. Soon the light touching became licking as he made little circular motions around the opening to my wife’s most intimate area. Her legs were still spread from being tied down which allowed easy access for Jim. He used his entire tongue to lick the outside of her pussy.
Slowly he reached up under each leg and found my wife’s wrists. He took hold of each one firmly and then inserted his tongue in as far as it would go. With a load moan my wife sat quickly up and placed both her hands behind Jim’s head and pushed it into her pussy as hard as she could. My wife was in a complete state of arousal. We had had some wild episodes before, but nothing like this. Her forehead glistened with perspiration as she tried to raise her hips to meet each insertion of his tongue. Her moans became more desperate and soon she started to tremble as the first waves of her orgasm spasmed through her body. Jim continued his onslaught as I watched my wife experience numerous orgasms, each one causing her whole body to quiver. Goose bumps covered her body and her nipples extended like a stone statue.
As the last shudder filtered through her body, she released her grip on Jim’s head. He licked her a couple of more times for good measure and then proceeded to climb onto the table, pushing Nicky back. He lay prone on top of her and took her head in his hands, placing his palms on each cheek and kissed her full on the mouth. His tongue swirled in her mouth and quite surprisingly she returned the kiss. I stepped back to take the whole scene into the viewfinder. There was my wife, naked from the waste up, tied to a table with my business partner on top of her, passionately kissing him. My wife intertwined with a man in wanton lust.
“How did that feel Nicky?” Jim whispered into her ear.
“I half to have you now,” was her reply. Jim slipped off the table and my wife leaned forward onto her elbows and watched as Jim undid the straps on her ankles. Her hair was in complete disarray and she made no effort to make eye contact with me. When the last strap was loose, Jim walked to her side and picked her up in his arms and I followed them into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her. Once again the kissing resumed as the first waves of jealousy really hit me as I watched my wife locked in a passionate kiss with this man. Still locked in a lustful kiss, Jim reached up and opened his nightstand drawer. He silently removed a vibrator, something Nicky had never experienced before. He took the vibrator and softly ran it over Nicky’s cheek. With the new sensation, she opened her eyes and asked him what he was doing.
“Have you ever played with one of these Nicky?”
Nicky shook her head no. We had never experimented with any toys.
“Open your mouth,” and Nicky did as she was told. Jim inserted the vibrator into her mouth and told her to suck on it. “Be sure and get it good and wet,” he said as he twirled it in her mouth. He then sat up and knelt between her legs. Curious excitement could be seen on her face as he slowly slid it up and down her vagina. At the first touch she closed her eyes and the look of lust returned to her face. He slowly inserted it as she grabbed the sheets into her fist. Once again soft moans were audible but this time they were more animal-like. After a few strokes he reached down with his free hand and turned the back of it. A light hum could be heard and Nicky let out a long, purring moan.
“Push it in further,” she cried as he put the first few inches in, again and again.
“Not so quick my lover,” he said motioning me to come closer.
Jim pulled out the vibrator and had Nicky roll over onto her stomach. “I am now going to be the only other man to have this pretty wife of yours, so be sure and catch it all on film.” He placed his hands under her hips and lifted her bottom into the air. Her vagina glistened with moisture and each of his touches caused her to shake uncontrollably.
Nicky grabbed at the sheets and balled them up in her fists. Jim sat up and continued to stroke her mound. “Mike, in a few seconds we will have something else in common,” he smiled at me as he gently parted her lips. “Come closer and get a good shot of this.” Slowly he inserted the head of his penis into my wife. The slow and deliberate insertion drove my wife crazy. She started to push back but her held her firm in order to take as much pleasure in this moment as possible. Ever so methodically, he inserted his penis into her vagina. Finally he had it buried to the hilt. He firmly held her hips as she came from just the sensation of finally being filled. After she had stopped shaking, he proceeded to pull out, but this time pushed back in more quickly. Each time he pushed forward, she would make a little grunting sound. To increase the tempo, he started to push her hips away and then pull them back to meet each thrust. I circled around to the side with the video camera and filmed her breasts, which were swaying in opposite motion to each thrust. Her hands continued to grasp the sheets as she moaned louder and louder for him not to stop.
“Mike, while you’re up there, grab the little silver vibrator and KY jelly would you,” he breathlessly demanded. I looked in the open drawer and saw what he was looking for. I picked them both up and placed them in his outstretched hand. He stopped thrusting into my wife and pulled out. My wife turned her head and asked why he had stopped.
“I need to increase the sensation,” he said.
Nicky looked back with a look of confusion mixed with ecstasy. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“Just relax, you’re going to enjoy this.” Jim mostly ignored her as he undid the top to the KY tube and pinched out a glob and smeared it onto the thin vibrator. He then took another glob, spread Nicky’s butt checks and started to lube the outside of her anus. When Nicky felt what he was doing she asked him to please stop. “What are you going to do?” she begged. He didn’t respond but continued to lube her bottom. He now took his thumb on index finger with one hand and spread her cheeks apart. In the other hand he took the small vibrator and slowly inserted the vibrator. She instinctively clinched her cheeks so he gave her a quick slap and reminded her of what he had said about objecting. After a few seconds she relaxed and he once again spread her cheeks and fully inserted the little silver object. As with the other one, he turned the end and it buzzed to life.
He took her hips once the vibrator was imbedded into her bottom and pushed the head of his penis deep into her. “Mike, if you have never done this, you are missing out,” he said as he pushed in and held himself firmly in place. “The sensation is incredible, Nicky’s soft pussy accompanied by vibrations from above. This is heaven.” As he pulled out, I noticed that the vibrator had completely disappeared into her rectum. Jim dropped his head back and really started to go to my wife in a rhythmic assault, pushing and pulling at her hips as he humped her for all he was worth. Time and time again he pushed into my wife, each thrust becoming more forceful. Nicky put her head down between her outstretched arms and really concentrated on the task at hand. She had come numerous times and was now trying to get Jim to do the same.
Jim took his hands off the sides of her hips and placing them in the small of her back, pushed her flat to the bed. He used his legs to push hers out as far as they would go and lay fully prostrate on top of her. His full weight pushed her into the mattress as he continued his pounding. He reached up with his hands and slid them underneath her chest and grabbed the top of each of her breasts, which he used as leverage to pull himself inside of her as far as he could go. I could see his hands roughly squeeze her breasts as her drew nearer to coming. Finally he let out a final gasp and pushed into her vagina and held himself there as he filled her with his sperm. He lay on top of her as he let the last of his seed empty into her womb and all you could hear was the muffled hum of the vibrator.
He rolled off the top of her and Nicky started to take out the vibrator, but he told her to leave it in and roll onto her back. He walked over to me and took the video camera out of my hand and walked over to the bed.
“Play with you tits for me.” My wife sheepishly took her breasts in her hands and squeezed them. She was quite awkward and you could tell she had never done this sort of thing before. “Now squeeze your nipples.” Jim stood and filmed as Nicky obeyed all of his commands. She continued to rub her breasts as he filmed from various angles.
“What did you just do?” he asked Nicky.
“What do you mean?
“Tell me what just happened to you,” Jim prompted.
“We just made love,” she responded.
“No, tell me that I was fucked by Jim.”
She paused for a second and softly said, “I was fucked by Jim.”
“Tell me again,” he asked.
“I was fucked by Jim.”
“Nicky, you have the softest pussy I have ever felt. I am glad to be the only other man to have been inside you.”
He handed me back the camera and laid on top her again and kissed her on the mouth. They kissed for a few minutes and then he stood and pulled her onto wobbly legs.
“Why don’t you go in and take a bath and freshen up,” he said and led her to the bathroom and lightly spanked her ass as she went in and closed the door. He told me to go ahead and wait in the living room and make myself at home. I sat in the living room and longingly wished I had been able to participate. I had made love to my wife numerous times, but never had I had her in such a way as Jim. He had taken something I never had. Jim walked into the room in a long white rob. He walked to the bar, mixed himself a drink and came and sat down in front of me without saying a word.
“Well I guess you got what you wanted,” I said after a long, uncomfortable silence.
Jim smiled back at me. “That was the best sex I have had in a long time,” he said. “What made me cum the most was picturing you two doing nothing but proper missionary position sex, and here I was banging your wife like a made man while you watched.” I sat dumbfounded in the truth of his words. “The best part,’ he suddenly interjected, ‘is that the fun isn’t over. We have a whole night to go.”
“What more can you do?” I asked is disbelief.
Suddenly the doorbell rang and Jim looked at me and winked.
I sat there dumbfounded on the couch. Jim got up to answer the door as I sat paralyzed. I had just made a deal with him that he could use my wife for the evening but I had never thought that he would bring someone else into the scene. I wanted to object, but a side of me became extremely excited thinking of what the possibilities might be. Nicky, my wife was still showering in the restroom, trying to recover from the ravishing she had been given by Jim. I had been the only man she had ever been with, and in three short hours, Jim had done more to her than I had done in all of our years of marriage.
I came back to my senses as Jim opened the door and to my shock, in walked two of our best clients and Nicky’s old boyfriend. Mr. Jones and Mr. Sanshaw were two older gentlemen who we had done business with for years. They were both easily in their 50’s and not the most pleasant men to look at. Both were balding and were over weight. David was Nicky’s old boyfriend. I had met him a couple of times and he had seemed like a nice enough guy. He was the only other person had dated besides me. They had gone steady in college for a couple of years before she dumped him. All three walked into the room followed by Jim. He told them to make themselves comfortable and showed them where the bar was. Jim then went into the bedroom where we had left Nicky.
One by one the men came into the room and sat down in their respective seats and looked at me with smirks on their faces. After 15 minutes Jim came walking out of the room followed by Nicky. She had on a long white silk nightgown, was blindfolded, and had what looked to be a Rocky(D) collar around her neck. Jim led her into the room on a leash. I was sure that as soon as she saw that there was more then me and Jim in the room, she would bolt. Jim circled around the room, parading her in front of his guests. Her breasts swayed seductively under the silk and you could tell her nipples were hard.
Jim stopped in the middle of the room and attached the leash to a hook that was in the rafter overhead. Nicky just stood there with her head slightly cocked to one side and her arms at her side. All eyes were fixed on Nicky as, I’m sure, unnatural thoughts went through everyone’s mind at the sight of a beautiful, helpless woman in front of them for the taking. Jim broke the spell by announcing that he was glad that everyone could make it for this special evening. He told them they were free to do with her as they pleased and not to worry about me being in the room. He also said not to worry about any resistance from Nicky because she had been given a special drink.
“Let me be the first to show you what is in store.” Jim walked around behind Nicky and started to lift and massage her breasts through the silk. Nicky moaned slightly but made no effort to stop the onslaught. He pinched and squeezed as all three men sat with their mouths open, waiting for their turn.
“What do you think?” Jim asked David, Nicky’s old boyfriend.
“When we dated, she would only let me kiss her and stopped me from ever going any further. I’m really going to enjoy this.”
“Well, why don’t you take a turn?” Jim gave each of her breasts one last squeeze and motioned for David to take his place.
David stood and walked up and faced Nicky. He slowly lifted his hand to one of her breasts and gave it a squeeze. He then reached up with both his hands and pulled her face to his and roughly kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He continued to kiss her for a few minutes and then went around behind her and grabbed her breasts. He massaged them from behind and kissed her neck. Ken and Steve, not being able to take the excitement from the sidelines, looked at each other and then both quickly arouse and made their way to my wife. They lifted her nightgown and revealed a freshly shaved pussy. This was a shock because she had never before done this. They pulled the gown up over her head and let it hang from the leash in behind. Hands roamed all over her body. Each one kissed and sucked with enthusiasm. Ken knelt on the floor right in front of her pussy and inserted a finger. Nicky jumped but made no effort to stop any of them.
Steve took her left nipple and gave it a tug. He pulled hard and extended her breast as he did so. He then switched hands and pulled the breast out again using her nipple and then with his left hand, slapped her breast hard. This caused Nicky to jump as well as myself. I started to rise from my chair but Jim stopped me and promised me no permanent damage would be done. “Don’t worry, she is feeling no pain with what I gave her,” he said as I sat back down in my chair.
My attention again turned to Ken as he continued to grab and paw at my wife’s breast. “She is such a proper woman. Acts like she is so pure. I’m really going to enjoy this,” Ken said. He then used both his hands and clinched tight at the base of her left breast. It turned bright red and the nipple protruded almost unnaturally. He then sucked on the nipple as hard as he could. Nicky just made soft whimpering noises.
Steve was now between her legs tonguing her pussy for all he was worth. He had his arms wrapped around to the back of her ass and spread her ass cheeks with both his hands. David looked over Nicky’s shoulder, fascinated with the display being put on by Ken’s cruel treatment of my wife’s breast. As David watched, he grew bolder and began to pull on her other nipple. He took it between his thumb and knuckle and gave it a good hard squeeze.
“Okay gentlemen, lets get down to business. Why don’t you all take off your clothes and have a seat.” They all reluctantly left the object of their desires and proceeded to remove their clothing. Both Ken and Steve had hairy chests and beer bellies. They looked almost the same except Ken had a rather large penis. They all sat down as Jim undid the leash from Nicky’s neck but left on the Rocky(D) collar. He left on the blindfold and led her to the sofa and had her kneel down in front of David.
“David, you have waited the longest, why don’t you go first.” He pushed Nicky to the floor. Her breasts were bright red from the manhandling they had received. David reached forward with both hands and placed them behind Nicky’s head. He slowly pulled her toward his crotch.
“Nicky, open your mouth,” David commanded and slapped her hard on the ass. She blindly opened her mouth as David inserted his cock into her mouth. He held her head tight as she extended her tongue and licked his shaft. His held fell back as he enjoyed the sweet sensation. “She would never agree to this when I dated her,” he moaned. He started to move her head back and forth on his shaft using his hands on the back of her head. As he started to push farther into her mouth, Nicky put her hands on his hips to limit his access. She continued to push against him as he became more and more excited.
Jim stepped forward and said, “That won’t due, wait a second Dave.” Jim walked over to the table on which Nicky had first been taken and pulled out a set of handcuffs from the drawer. He took both her arms and handcuffed her wrists behind her back. “Now you can really fuck her mouth,” Jim said as he shot him a quick wink. Once again David took her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. Ken and Steve just stood there with their rock hard cocks pointed at the scene. “Let me help you,” Ken finally said as he approached Nicky from behind and place his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He licked his fingers and put the spit on his shaft. He placed both his hands on Nicky’s hips and in one quick motion, buried his cock to the hilt. Nicky tried to scream but her mouth was filled with David’s cock. Ken held the position for a moment and then pushed in again. These sharp movements somewhat made it hard for David to continue his blowjob and expressed this to Ken.
Ken then told David to slide to the end of the couch and sit on the very end. Ken reached up and took a fist full of Nicky’s hair and pulled her head back. “There, now when I shove into her pussy, it will also push you dick into her mouth.” Ken had obviously had a little experience with group sex. “Don’t move back on the couch. Just let me shove her as far as she will go onto your cock.” Ken had David place his hands on each side of her face so that he could once again hold her hips. He then began to pull out of her pussy and when he came forward, he did it with such force that is shoved David’s cock all the way into Nicky’s mouth. She gagged hard but Ken pushed her forward so she couldn’t move. You could see the bulge in her throat with David’s cock completely buried in her mouth. She struggled to breath for a few seconds and then Ken withdrew and pulled her body off David’s cock.
Ken told David to let him know when he was going to cum and he would hold her in place while he came down her throat. Ken continued to push and pull on Nicky, each time forcing David’s cock completely down her throat. After a few minutes David announced that he would come on the next push. Ken took a good grip on her hips, kind of went into a crouching position and push Nicky forward as her as he could. David pulled hard on the back of Nicky’s head and held her firmly in place as wave after wave of orgasm shuddered through his body. He kept his cock buried in her mouth as he shot his load into her mouth. Meanwhile, Ken pushed Nicky onto David’s cock with his hands but now pulled out and shoved back into her pussy with quick bursts. It was obvious that he was going to cum at the same moment. This process took several minutes and Nicky wiggle wildly trying to breathe around David’s cock. Finally both men were spent and Nicky was allowed to crumble t the floor. She lay on her side with cum in her mouth and her hands still handcuffed behind her.
Jim came forward and checked on her and removed her restraints. She rolled onto her back, not trying at all to cover herself. Not wanting to be left out, Steve no approached and knelt between her legs. He lifted each leg over his shoulders and slowly inserted his cock into her red pussy. He got into a comfortable position and started to pump in and out of her. Both Ken and David watched with a look of exhaustion on their faces. Steve continued to fuck her as Ken stood and walked over to her head. He knelt with his knees on each side of her head and squeezed her head between his legs. He balls hung near her mouth and his limp dick rested on her chin. He leaned forward and reinitiated his onslaught of her breasts. He started pulling and slapping at them. He would take a nipple, pull her breast up and slap the side of it. Then he would do this to the other one. This seemed to excite Steve as he pounded into her with more force. He pushed her knees all the way over her head with his big belly, which allowed him to take one of her nipples into his mouth and suck hard. Finally he couldn’t take it any more and came as he placed his full weight on my wife.
“I’d like to try that position David announced as went the back of Nicky. Steve clumsily stood, revealing my wife’s well-used pussy. Ken reached forward and grabbed each one of my wife’s ankles and pull he legs up. “Come and get it,” he announce as this really opened up my wife. David stroked himself a few times and inserted his cock into my wife. Ken pushed my wife’s legs together and had David hold onto them. He wrapped his arms around them and hugged them tight as he pushed in and out of my wife. Ken now lazily pulled on her breasts. They were red and swollen and I’m sure that if not for all the drinks and what not that Nicky had been given, she would have been in excruciating pain.
David lasted for a few minutes until once again he came and filled the other end of my wife. Each of them took turns for the next few hours filling her mouth and pussy and abusing her breasts. At one point they had them tied together with rope, which caused them to turn almost purple. They even took turns doing her Rocky(D)gie style while the others tied one breast in a not and pulled from the opposite side. Jim spent the rest of the evening filming. I even took the opportunity to do her Rocky(D)gie style. I was so excited as I pumped into her and watched as her breasts were pulled to the sides by David and Ken. We left about 4 am and Nicky was exhausted. She slept for two days afterward and we have yet to talk about what went on. She hasn’t talked about it but now in bed she begs me to slap her breasts. I can say that the sex we now have is great!

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