Wife shares more than stories of babysitter

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“Mommy, are you saying that you and Daddy had sex with my babysitter, together?”

My wife Zola had just walked into the room where I had finished fucking her nineteen year old daughter, Ellie. Ellie’s best friend, Tina, who was the same age, was naked beside us. It was really her fault that I was caught in this compromising position. I had found a drunken Tina naked in my den, and she had seduced me with the details of a story of Ellie and her fucking the plumber, who though younger than me, had been much older than the girls. Tina had insisted that Ellie had “Daddy issues”, since her own father was a stranger to her, and that Ellie fantasized about fucking me.

Ellie had eventually fucked me — or I had fucked her, no point being too delicate about who did whom – but only after I had told tales of sexploits while dating Zola, and then of sex with Alice, who had been Ellie’s barely legal babysitter. I had been too busy to notice just when my wife had entered, and how much she had seen or heard.

All eyes were on Zola, whose enormous boobs were heaving, her breathing giving way to panting. Even through her sheer blouse and lacy uplift bra (necessary to support those mounds at her age), I could discern, or maybe just imagine, rock hard nipples aching to be nibbled, twisted, tortured. Zola loved her sex rough.

The pause after Ellie spoke had to be only about ten seconds, but to the three of us who were naked, it seemed eternal.

“From the looks of you and Tina, I think you understand what sharing means,” Zola told her daughter, voice even, tone flat, giving no hint of how she really felt about this situation, or even whether she had fully processed her emotions.

“And of Daddy too…” Tina giggled.

“Oh, now you’re calling him Daddy too?” Zola replied. Finally, I thought I saw a twinkle in her eye, and the corners of her mouth seemed to be struggling to turn up into a grin, but otherwise, she showed no emotion as she took another step into the room. “If you want father fucking, why don’t you pick on your own mother’s husband?”

“Because Tina’s father is fat and has hair sprouting out his ears, Mommy,” Ellie explained. “He’s not sexy like Daddy here.”

Ellie punctuated her statement by gently running her hand across my shoulder and down my arm. My cock, wilted but still trapped inside my stepdaughter’s cunt, twitched in response. She in turn sighed as the motion apparently sent an aftershock through her body. Zola had entered just as Ellie and I had climaxed together. One of Tina’s fingers had been deep between my ass cheeks, where she had stimulated my orgasm by massaging my prostate.

“My own Dad is like ‘ewww…'” Tina confirmed, speaking over Ellie’s moan, but not quickly enough to distract Zola.

“I can tell that you like your stepfather’s fat cock inside of you,” Zola said, her voice steely, but suddenly, her lips spread into a grin and her tone softened. “The way that you react to that well stuffed feeling reminds me a lot of Alice. She was about the age that you are now when your Daddy fucked her.”

“Don’t you mean when Daddy and you fucked her?” Ellie replied. She always was an assertive child, growing up to believe that if you wanted something, you should grab for the gusto.

Zola’s face reddened, a rapid-fire series of movements reflecting her confused emotions.

“So Alice liked feeling his cock throb inside of her cunt, like Ellie does?” Tina filled the silence.

I grinned. Ellie’s chum had started all this fun because she loved a good smutty story. I surmised that she was out to start another round. Would my poor cock be able to handle it? If not, it would be a shame; because I was not about to stop the train as it left the station. It would all depend upon how my wife reacted. Would she play along, since she had sort of been the one to bring the subject up, or would she demand an end to my tryst with her daughter and that girl’s best friend?

At least I could be reasonably confident that Zola was not going to blow up at me, since she had not exploded upon entering the room. If Ellie’s information was accurate, Zola had her own extra martial secrets.

All eyes were on Zola.

After a few heartbeats, she leaned against the doorframe, her eyes hooding over as her mind cast back many years to our courtship, when Ellie had been an infant, and Alice had spiced up our lives.

“Alice was a cock hungry little mink, but she liked having her pussy licked even more,” Zola recalled, and then her grin lit up the room. “I loved eating Daddy’s cream out of her, burying my tongue deep as I could, exploring all of the crevices of her pussy. I used fingers to press her folds wider to make sure I didn’t miss any. I would develop this huge appetite, which could only be satisfied by swallowing ever single drop of his seed. I would bobble her clit between my teeth as I cleaned underneath.”

A pause. Another crimson blush. Zola’s hand wandered across her own belly, and she cupped her left boob as she spoke again. “After a while, though, I began enjoying the feel of that rubbery nubbin rubbing against the inside of my cheeks so much that I would spend just as much time teasing it with my teeth and tongue as I had cleaning Alice’s offering.”

“I bet that would really make her climax,” Tina moaned. Her hand had duplicated Zola’s movement, cupping her tit. Since Tina was naked, her fingertip automatically brushed a nipple, and she teased it with her nail.

“Then I would slurp up her nectar, enjoying at first the mixed flavours of Daddy and the babysitter – though, of course, at that stage, he was just my new boyfriend, not Daddy – and I would keep swallowing until I got a good fill of pure teenage excitement.”

Now Zola’s fingers moved, as if accepting a challenge to outdo Tina. With well practiced ease, she deftly undid two buttons. Her abundant cleavage surged higher to fill the gap, the fabric falling aside to reveal her black lace bra. We all held our breath as she slowly massaged the valley of flesh, and slowly eased her finger tips under the bra, her movements telling us that she too was tweaking her nub. As she moaned, her other arm moved, hand travelling slowly down her tummy, easing below the waistband of her slacks. For a few minutes, no one spoke as Tina and Zola joined Ellie in a chorus of moans.

My cock, in spite of the many adventures already that day, was once again rigid, still inside my stepdaughter. Her hips gently rolled as she enjoyed her mother’s story, exciting me further. As I glanced from Zola to her daughter, I noticed that Ellie’s nipples were sticking straight out from her areolae. My instinct was to reach over and pull the point further from the breast, squeezing with increasing pressure until Ellie bit down on her lip, her eyes closed, and her cunt walls spasmed around the base of my shaft as her body quivered through a tiny orgasm.

“Did she eat you too?” Tina asked almost casually, as if her best friend was not just inches from her, naked, having an orgasm while fucking a much older man who, by the way, was married to the mother of the girl impaled on his cock.

“Not at first. She didn’t have a lot of experience with women, so was a little shy,” Zola replied. Her lower lip was hanging slack, and the tip of her tongue slid along that fleshy ledge, a sure telltale that she was excited by watching Ellie’s orgasm.

I felt Tina press her body close to mine, her nipples hard against my skin. Her tongue bathed the little depression where my brain met my spine. If nobody has ever done that to you, let me tell you — the current races up, flooding your head, and down at the same time, racing out through your tip, making your balls pull tight and your entire prick throb.

“Maybe you should have been the one to drive her home then…” Tina looked up again at Zola, who was quietly unbuttoning the rest of her shirt. Her other hand was more than wrist deep inside her pants, and the frantic pace of movement suggested that she had a finger knuckle deep in her own pussy.

“Kind of hard to do when we were only dating then,” I muttered, as I rolled my bearded cheek along the valley between Ellie’s mounds, preparing to nibble the other nipple a while. “That would have meant I would have been left watching Ellie, and then still having to drive home afterwards.”

My stepdaughter moaned, and fell backwards, ending up lying on the floor. She was looking right up at her mother, who was now off in an interior universe, her brain occupied with guiding her fingers as they caressed her own body, steering her towards climax. Zola’s shirt was hanging open, both tits fully exposed. One hand frantically clawed at those mounds, kneading the flesh, stroking and pulling on her own nipples. The other strained to reach deeper, with the presence of her pants still a constraint.

“I knew right away that he would not be able to resist her though – I could see how his eyes roamed over the nubile barely legal girls we passed while on our dates,” Zola whispered, as if talking to herself. “It was strange for a new boyfriend to be that blatantly looking at others. I was used to guys being in a trance, drooling over MY cleavage.”

Zola chuckled. “I figured if that got him excited so I got well fucked, I could live with it. Guess what — I was right. Now, it seems to be working again.”

She grinned, stopped talking, waiting for whatever came next.

“How did you seduce her, Mommie?” Ellie asked.

Before Zola replied, my threesome rearranged itself. Without words to communicate, we instinctively all moved in unison. Tina eased backwards, I pulled my cock out of Ellie’s pussy, and Ellie flipped over, her legs twisting until they came to rest on either side of me, her elbows on the carpet, her chin balanced in her hands. This left Zola with a perfect view of her daughter’s dangling boobs, so like her own, but with the ripe firmness of youth.

Tina placed a hand on my back, guiding me forward just slightly, my semi erect cock nestling in the cleavage of my stepdaughter’s ass, my spunky helmet grazing the depression at the base of her spine. Tina’s fingers danced along my spine, while her other hand caressed my lower belly and she licked my ear. I saw Zola’s tongue dart across her lips again as that happened.

“We had been dating a while then,” Zola began. At the same time, she slipped her hand out of her cunt long enough to undo her pants and allow them to puddle around her ankles.

As she stepped out of them, pushing off the wall to remove her loose hanging shirt, she continued.

“We had made out in the car after a movie. Well, actually,” she still was able to blush slightly, standing above her husband, daughter and another naked teen, wearing only her lingerie. “We started making out IN the movie theatre — we found seats way high in the back. It turned out to be some dumb action adventure.”

“Our action was much more of an adventure,” I suddenly heard myself blurt out.

Zola rewarded me with a girlish giggle. That line had originally been hers — directed at the dirty old perv a few seats away when we realized that he was watching more of us than the movie. He got so enthused watching us that he took his erect cock out and stroked it while Zola’s mouth bobbed up and down on my shaft. She had swallowed my load and turned in his direction, smiling as she wiped the back of her hand across her shiny lips. He was so embarrassed that his hardness had wilted and he had tucked his wrinkled member back into his pants. The timing was good, because just then, his prim looking wife glanced sideways, noticed that Zola’s T shirt was tucked above one tit, and grabbed hubby, huffing off no doubt to complain to management. We took that as our cue to rush out of the movie, giggling like teenagers, headed out to the car to carry on further.

“I was so horny that I came on Daddy’s fingers rather quickly, and since I had made him come with my mouth in the movie, he would have lasted forever fucking,” Zola told the girls. “We didn’t want to be too late getting back to you, Ellie — Alice still lived with her parents, so as Daddy and I agreed when we discussed it later, it was a neat trick to get her home after they went upstairs – so if her clothes weren’t straight, she could sneak in — but early enough that they weren’t worried if they heard her.”

“Because eighteen year old girls don’t want to shock their parents by being caught fucking…” Ellie giggled, waving an arm in the air to emphasize the irony of her remark.

“Yeah, bad things might happen, almost as bad if they catch their stepfather looking at porn…” Tina teased. She reached around. One hand caressed up my shaft exactly once, lingering with the head gently in her palm. Her other fingers massaged Ellie’s breast, thumb rolling a nipple.

“Sort of like a babysitter being discovered playing with a mother’s vibrator…” I suggested.

“Really?” Ellie exclaimed, looking from me to her mother.

“Like I said, we got home early. Being single while you were a baby, of course I had a toy, and even back then, some good porn was available on VHS. Alice insisted that I had left one of my videos in the player, and that I should have been glad she discovered what it was before she let you see it. She thought I should reward her, not punish her.” Zola chuckled. “Of course, I did both.”

“Well, I’m sure you didn’t just leave your vibe stuffed between the couch cushions — she must have been snooping,” Tina suggested. “That might have deserved a spanking.”

Both young women blushed as my cock throbbed in Tina’s fist, and Zola again licked her lips, fingers tickling her own clit.

“That’s exactly what I told Alice,” Zola admitted after a pause. “The poor girl turned red in the face, and Daddy said he wanted to see her butt just as crimson.”

“She just kept looking from Zola to me, and then back again, just like Ellie used to when she was a little girl caught sneaking an extra cookie.”

“But you never spanked me, you just sent me to my room.”

“That’s because you have great parents,” Tina replied. “They understood that spanking is for fun, not for children.”

“Exactly,” Zola agreed. “I would never have spanked Alice if she had protested. No means no…unless consenting adults agree to another safe word.”

Her lips spread into a broad grin. She was sliding down the wall as one hand now held her labia open and her fingers worked thrusting inside her wetness, while still thumbing her clit. Her breathing was ragged. Her scent mingled with the lingering flavours of my earlier fucking with Tina and Ellie. Both girls were locked into staring at Zola’s sensual display, their arousal confirming that each was a committed voyeur. My cock bobbed along in appreciation, though it felt a little lonely, grateful for Tina’s hold, but otherwise ignored.

“So you did spank her?” Tina asked. I noticed her breathing was a little ragged. “I mean, after all, she only sucked and fucked your boyfriend. I fucked your husband. I even had him up my ass. What I did was much worse…”

Ellie’s eyes popped wide with shock. Clearly, she had never thought of her best friend enjoying punishment. Zola just grinned.

“That’s right,” my wife agreed. “It’s so long since I spanked anyone, I guess I forgot the importance of discipline. Stand up.”

Tina’s hand released my hardness as she lifted herself off the floor with balletic grace. Her tits were so small and firm that they barely jiggled as she rose. Three sets of eyes all focussed on her. She seemed nervous for the first time today, shyly draping an arm across her chest, her other hand dangling in front of her swollen gash.

“Alice started out wearing clothing, of course, even if it was a mess from her self loving. I had such fun deciding how to deal with that.” As Zola spoke, she stepped around Ellie and me, taking Tina by the hand, guiding her the few steps to my chair.

“She started crying, silently, just a couple of tears rolling out of the corners of her eyes.” Zola continued. “Making whimpering sounds, like a pet caught chewing your favourite slipper.”

For a moment I closed my eyes, recalling that scene clearly, after all these years. When I reopened them, Zola was in my chair, and was tugging Tina onto her lap. Without clothes to get in the way, she could move more quickly with Tina, who was in any event, a more eager victim.

Still, there was a girlishness which I had not seen as Tina had seduced me, and traded tales of debauchery, and then joined in with my stepdaughter, her friend. She pulled her knees primly together, shoulders forward, hands palm down on her thighs, sitting sideways, like she was about to ask Santa for an especially good Christmas gift. In that position, she did not make eye contact with Zola, and was looking away from both Ellie and me.

I crawled around to a spot with a better view. I saw that her tongue was resting between her slack lips, her eyes staring ahead, but a revealing glint shone through. Her shallow excited breathing made her erect nipples bobble.

Zola reached an arm across Tina’s back, stroking that flesh softly, hand coming to rest on the girl’s shoulder, which she kneaded reassuringly. Tina’s feet began stirring the air, slowly, just like a kid on a swing waiting for a boost.

“Did you get hard watching Mommie undress Alice?” Ellie asked in a baby girl voice, barely audible even though she was just inches from my ear. As she spoke, she shifted around to watch with me, her hand snaking into my lap, circling around my shaft, baby finger grazing my scrotum.

“She was very gentle — rubbing her back, kissing away the tear in each corner of her eyes — just like she’s doing right now for Tina.”

“Did Alice say anything?”

“Not right away. She just looked sheepish while Zola undid her buttons slowly – though only a few of them were done up to start with, and most of those were in the wrong holes.”

“What about her bra?”

“It was still on, but was pulled and pushed so that as soon as the shirt was open, we could see her nipples. The right one was peeking out below the cup, the teeny tit flesh smushed against her ribs. The left boob was mostly out the top of the bra. That one looked as excited and bold as Tina’s does now, totally confirming that the nervousness was just part of the thrill for them.”

“I bet that you got just as hard then as you are now.” Ellie’s hand pumped my length, once up, then down.

“Even harder. Don’t forget that I was a lot younger then. Even fooling around with your Mom at the movies and in the car, I had lots in reserve for Alice.”

“Well, you pleased Tina, then me, and are still going strong today. I’d say you’re still pretty capable, for an old guy,”

Ellie giggled to make sure I knew that she was just teasing. It dawned on me that this might not be just a one time thing, that my sexy stepdaughter might have desires for my cock, and my tongue, on a regular basis.

From the looks of Zola’s attention to Tina, I doubted that she would object, as long as Ellie’s friend joined in. My brain was split between enjoying the activities, and thinking about sharing my bed with mother and daughter — maybe not every man’s fantasy, but certainly one that I enjoyed.

Zola was not gentle with Tina long, as, just like she had done years ago with Alice, she focussed on the punishment game.

“She tweaked, twisted, and then pulled Alice’s nipples just like she’s doing to Tina,” I said quietly, my lips almost brushing Ellie’s ear. I could feel the heat of her dangling breast next to my ribs, her erect nipple almost touching me as she leaned closer.

“Go ahead and suck Daddy’s cock while I spank this little witch,” Zola told Ellie, as she looked across, eyes drawn to her daughter’s fist slowly massaging my cock. “I’d love to see him come in your mouth, and then have you show it to me.”

“But then I’d miss seeing Tina get what she deserves for fucking Daddy before I got a turn. She even got assfucked first.”

“Then she really needs to get punished, but not a lot, since she did share, and I doubt you would ever have seduced Daddy all on your own.”

Zola stopped talking then, leaning forward to kiss Tina fully on the lips, one hand steadying the girl’s jaw. I could tell that my wife’s tongue had to force the mouth open just enough to slide past those perfect orthodonically corrected teeth, and then twist with Tina’s tongue, no doubt still sharing flavours of our earlier fucking.

“She never did that to Alice, at least not before she spanked her, but with Alice, it was much more real. This time, I think it’s largely theatre for our benefit,” I whispered to Ellie.

Ellie’s spare hand drifted down her body along her waist, as she began stroking her pussy. I could smell her excitement as Zola finally stopped kissing her best friend, and took her face down across her lap.

Tina arched her back, presenting her ass to Zola. Having just shared anal sex with the young woman, I knew she was experienced and fearless about her back door, but her threshold for pain was an unknown.

“Zola only hit Alice about three or four times on each cheek, but they were very hard blows,” I recalled out loud.

Ellie and I were both staring at Zola and Tina. The youngster was smiling, her eyes dancing with joy, as the first smack struck her flesh. The grimace flashed only momentarily to register her pain, and then she begged, “More, mistress. Please.”

“That’s certainly not the same reaction as Alice, the poor girl whimpered like a child.” I observed.

Zola heard that remark and replied, as her hand paused in midair. “Nothing poor about Alice. She turned out to be a natural. That spanking opened up a whole world for her.”

The last word was muffled by the loud smack of flesh on flesh, and Tina’s grunt in response. Before continuing, Zola took a moment to rub Tina’s buttock, cooing to her like a momma bird clucking over a chick.

“Well, there’s another difference. With Alice, Zola was all business, calling her ‘bitch’, ‘cunt’, whore’. She made Alice agree that she was all those things.”

“Because Alice fucked you when you were dating Mommy?” Ellie asked.

She released my cock, shifted her body, sliding along the floor, until her head was resting on my thigh, hair rubbing against my shaft, stray strands dangling down to tickle my balls. Her eyes were still glued to the sight of her mother punishing her friend.

“No, because she wasn’t eating my cunt, too,” Zola explained, and then quickly slapped Tina’s other butt cheek twice, to equal the slower treatment of the first cheek. “I always did like to share, just like I taught you from when you were a little girl.”

Zola paused and giggled. “I guess that you took that lesson to heart.”

“Tina and I have shared our toys since we were little, Mommy. Once we discovered sex toys, it would have been weird not to share those too.”

“So, you should share this spanking?” As Zola spoke, she raised her arm and struck Tina’s ass again.

The youngster cried out, but then mewed like a kitten as she wriggled across Zola’s lap. Ellie had risen up on all fours, her face leaning close to Tina’s butt, no doubt all the better to see the redness. Zola and I made eye contact, and a slight nod of her head encouraged me. Without warning, I reached across and swiftly struck Ellie’s ample ass, once on each cheek.

“Yow!” she barked, startled, her hair whipping around as she turned to look at me. I just leaned back and grinned. My erection was now as upright as at the very beginning of this eventful day, and the slit in the top of my helmet was gaping open, grinning in agreement.

Zola was now massaging Tina’s back, her hands rubbing upwards, starting with the almost non existent curves of her athletic rump, firmly smoothing the tanned young flesh all along the spine, and thoroughly kneading the muscles around the shoulders. All the while, she was staring at her daughter, whose attention remained fixated on the activity.

“You like this,” Zola grinned, speaking to Ellie. “Your nipples are really hard. I love how they are dangling down from your big boobs. Do you love titfucking? I know I do.”

Ellie blushed. I thought that a bit startling in the circumstances, but reminded myself that she was still a young woman, and no matter how slutty she claimed to be, discussing her preferences with her mother, a few inches away from her naked stepfather, had to be a little odd.

“Let’s keep the talk about Alice, okay?” Ellie replied, finishing with a giggle of her own, to confirm that she was still interested in playing along.

Her chuckle sounded just like Zola’s. It occurred to me that in the dark, I might not be able to tell them apart. Would it matter, I wondered? A lot of my future would depend upon how the rest of this afternoon played out. If Zola ended up happy, and Ellie was not freaked, I had the potential for a bookended sex life, with occasional treats of Tina. Even if Zola was sleeping around, as the girls claimed, I could live with that.

“Mommy massaged Alice, just like she’s doing to Tina,” I said. “I was a few feet away, but I could smell our babysitter getting excited. It was a different scent than Mommy — a hint of talcum powder, and a note of one of those girly thin floral perfume sprays that teenagers seem to like.”

“Of course, he also recognized it from fucking her on the drives home.” Zola observed. It was her turn to laugh a little as she recalled that incident from years ago. “Mind you, I was getting wet myself, so the odour must have been a nice mix of the two scents. I was too busy to notice.”

“Too busy…like now?” Tina’s voice was just a whisper as she rolled over and sat up on Zola’s lap, lifting her pert breasts in her hands, offering them like ripe fruit to my wife.

Zola wasted no time in shifting the girl to a position where she could taste those temptations, her tongue bathing the upper roundness thoroughly while Tina continued kneading from below. Finally, as her mouth passed along an inner curve, she buried her face deep into the modest cleavage, lapping away. Tina’s hands flowed down her own body, settling on her thighs for a moment until one disappeared between her legs. Zola then licked across Tina’s left breast, just flicking the nipple with one stroke before suckling the right teat while her hands replaced Tina’s.

Ellie’s head was just inches from her mother’s knees, and only a bit further than that from her best friend’s wet pussy, which we already knew she loved to devour. I was busy alternating looking at the two women on the chair and admiring my stepdaughter’s elevated rump, so ample, yet still youthfully firm. My cock throbbed harder with each glance.

“Yes, Zola and Alice did almost exactly that,” I responded, since Zola had a mouthful. “Though I recall Alice being a bit more shy about touching herself.”

“Tina isn’t shy about much, as you know, Daddy,” Ellie confirmed.

She pulled herself closer to the chair, crouching beside her friend, and began to gently rub her lower legs. Tina responded by turning slightly, opening her knees wider. We had a close up view of her finger fucking that tight young twat, two then three fingers thrusting up deep into the soggy wetness.

Then my view was obstructed, because Ellie leaned forward and kissed inside her chum’s left knee, and ran her flattened tongue all the way down her leg to the ankle. Tina instinctively raised her foot as shivers visibly ran through her body. Ellie took Tina’s heel in her palm, and bent forward, lowering her mouth to suckle the toes.

I shifted to my left, trying to get a better view. Tina spread her right knee out a bit more as if to help, though actually she probably just needed better balance.

Zola lifted her mouth off Tina’s nipple, I assumed just to switch sides. Instead, she reached down and pulled Tina’s hand from the girl’s snatch, and then lifted it to her lips. Zola sucked first one, then two, and finally all three wet digits into her mouth, ending up bobbing up and down on them like deep throating a stiff cock.

“Mmmm, she doesn’t taste as baby powder fresh as Alice,” Zola said, grinning at me as she came up for air, her lips glistening with juices. “More like Alice did later, after you fucked her.”

Ellie watched, speechless. Though she had claimed that my wife was secretly an unfaithful slut, to justify her seduction of me, seeing her Mom sexing up her chum was clearly more reality than she could handle. I silently wondered whether I should slide over and caress her, to discourage her from bolting, but if she was skittish, perhaps that would in itself trigger a flight urge.

“I want a taste,” She finally said, in a tiny whisper.

Tina spread her legs wider and leaned back, offering herself to Ellie. Since the two girls had exchanged oral favours after I had fucked Tina, I wondered why she was so keen, and so shy, about tasting the mix again. Perhaps it was the presence of her mother. Then I found out why.

Instead of diving nose first towards Tina’s gash, Ellie gently took Zola’s wrist. She paused, examining her mother’s hand, and then bobbed down, lowering her open mouth over Zola’s thumb, which I barely had time to note was the only digit still shiny with fluid. Ellie closed her lips around it and sucked it deep into her mouth.

I could see her tongue working it in her cheek. She had been finished breast feeding by the time I had started dating Zola, but none the less, I immediately thought ‘Just like when she was a baby.’

That thought quickly led me to reflect upon how hot it would be to watch Ellie suckling on her Mom’s big boobs. As that image played out in my brain, I caught Tina shifting in my peripheral vision, so instinctively looked towards her. No eye contact was made – she was staring longingly at those tits I loved so much, almost as if ignoring the way her best friend was licking her essence, mixed with mine, off Zola’s thumb.

“Suck them,” I urged, only meaning to think it, until I heard the words out loud.

Tina’s head swivelled quickly to look at me. Her lips spread into a wide grin, her eyes were dancing with excitement. As she turned towards Zola, I saw that my wife was slumped back in my chair, her head almost parallel with the floor, eyes hooded, breathing shallow, chest heaving, nipples erect, almost pointed up to the ceiling. I knew these signs as the brink of one of Zola’s gigantic chain climaxes — not just the mind blowing everyday ‘good morning’ or ‘sleep tight’ sex induced orgasms, but the more rare ‘let’s fuck until it really feels like death’ earth shattering variety.

Tina bent forward and lowered her head to my wife’s left tit, swallowing the puffy nipple and areola, closing her lips around a mouthful of flesh, sucking like a vacuum.

“It took weeks for Alice to learn to do that so well,” Zola said between gasps, her fingers gently stroking Tina’s hair.

“So, her practice sucking Daddy’s cock wasn’t instantly transferable?” Ellie giggled. “How was she at licking pussy?”

Before anybody could answer, my stepdaughter slid forward, between Tina’s legs, and licked her chum’s pussy, just once, tongue flat, like a Rocky at its water bowl. When she then looked up, she was seeking approval just the same way as a pet might, but Tina and Zola were off in another world.

“She was really reluctant to do it at first,” I supplied, not wanting Ellie to feel ignored, though it turned out I did not have to worry. At the moment I spoke, Tina lifted her head for air, grinning. As she switched to Zola’s other tit, she stroked Ellie’s hair, nudging Ellie’s face back towards Tina’s treasures.

“Only after Zola licked her clit to the brink of climax, and then refused to finish her until she agreed to 69 did Alice agree.” I finished, though at that point, I doubt anybody was listening.

Ellie’s ears were probably blocked, my voice at least muffled by Tina’s thighs tight to the sides of my stepdaughter’s head, holding her close. I could only imagine how Ellie’s tongue was exploring Tina’s depths. I knew, even from this one afternoon with the girls, that the combined effect of Zola and Ellie would drive their lover over the top again quickly, and that I would soon witness another explosion rocketing through Tina’s body.

Then Zola let her right arm drop down, and for the first time, she touched her naked daughter’s flesh, even if it was only Ellie’s back. Both of them acted as if this was perfectly natural, although they were perhaps distracted by their conquest of Tina.

Zola caressed Ellie, moving her hand in long firm arcs along her back, pausing to rub harder in the dimple where Ellie’s butt curved into the base of her spine. I leaned closer for a better look, and saw a small accumulation of perspiration in the hollow. As Zola’s hand moved upwards again, I shifted over, bent forward, and carefully licked Ellie, cleaning the sweat filled depression with my tongue, first stabbing down with a flattened surface, lapping along, upwards if she had been standing, and then twirling a curled tongue all around, even darting teasingly into the top of her ass cleavage. I noted how her butt instinctively twitched, allowing access, and perhaps encouraging further exploration.

My eyes followed Zola’s movement, and as she went up to caress her daughter’s hair, we locked eyes. She theatrically winked at me, and her mouth spread into a grin, much like she had displayed when she discovered Alice.

‘Thank you’, she mouthed to me, and then she raised her hands up to Tina’s body, briefly pausing to cup the youngster’s tits, each just fitting nicely in a palm.

Tina instinctively took this as a cue to lift her head, releasing Zola’s nipple from her teeth. My wife grasped Tina’s shoulders and then moved one hand up to her chin, lifting Tina’s face to hers for a passionate kiss. They writhed together, like two halves of a whole, silently, fiercely negotiating the perfect fit. This caused Tina’s legs to spread. Initially, Ellie kept munching her friend’s sacred offering.

Ellie drew Tina’s engorged clit into her mouth just as I moved forward and leaned across Ellie’s back for a better view. She tickled it with her teeth, and then began bobbing up and down, drawing it deep into her mouth like she was sucking a cock. Without realizing it, my movements had pulled my cock up close to Ellie. I felt my hardness brush along her back, and then nestle briefly along the cleft of her buttocks. Wondering how both Ellie and Zola might react, I pulled back.

Ellie seemed not to mind, or at least her ass didn’t. It began undulating as if it had a brain of its own.

‘Come hither,’ it seemed to be calling out to my cockhead.

My little brain throbbed in agreement, but I hesitated a bit, my senses overwhelmed by all the girlie action taking place in front of me, and by the pace at which taboos were falling away. My daughter was eating her best friend, something they had described to me as a regular event, but still, seeing it brought home a whole new air of reality. The primitive part of my bigger brain loved how Ellie closed her teeth around Tina’s clit, and slurped it like a lollipop, releasing all sorts of chemicals from my pleasure centers, but my conscience nattered determinedly from its corner, wondering how we would all feel the next day.

Tina interrupted my moment of introspection, yelling as her body shook with a massive climax. Ellie kept her face planted on Tina’s twat all through the writhing, continuing to munch away. Only once the tsunami slowed did Ellie release Tina’s clit, but even then, she continued to lick all around her friend’s inner folds, slurping up the flood.

Zola slumped back in the chair, watching Tina’s explosion, breathing slowly, her fingers gently caressing her own ripe body. Her face displayed a goofy grin, but her eyes were hooded. I suspected from long years together that Zola was enjoying a tiny orgasm of her own — a rush of endorphins through her bloodstream, culminating in her clit pulsating. I was proven correct a moment later, as Zola’s shoulders and hips rolled, her big tits shook, and she sighed. If this was night rather than mid afternoon, and we were in bed rather than my home office, she would want to snuggle and go to sleep.

Having been distracted by Zola for a moment, I was pleased to see that Tina had not fallen to the floor, with no one holding her balanced on my wife’s knee. I smiled, appreciating again how her years of athleticism made her an exceptional lover, no matter how different her slim body was from that of my beloved wife, or my stepdaughter for that matter. At that moment, I think I realized more than ever the glories of variety.

Ellie gave Tina’s pussy a few more licks, and then lifted her head up, resting it on her chum’s thigh, looking up. I noticed that now all four of us were grinning.

My stepdaughter’s gaze travelled across from looking at her friend to make eye contact with her mother. Zola smiled even wider, and nodded her chin just slightly, as if to reassure Ellie that everything was fine.

As we rested, I wondered whether or not the youngsters would demand more about Alice, as the story of Zola seducing the babysitter that I liked to fuck was far from finished.

“Did Alice come like that?” Tina finally asked in a little girl voice.

“Well, because we were licking each other, it was very different. We were on the couch, and she was on the bottom. Her hips jumped up so wildly that I almost fell on the floor.”

“Poor Daddy, were you left out?” Ellie mock pouted, shifting to look at me. As she did so, her hip bumped my stiff cock.

“No, I was watching closely, just like today.”

“I think Daddy quite likes to watch,” Tina giggled. This girl had figured me out about as quickly as Zola had so many years ago, which could be terrific, or trouble. Or both.

“So were you as hard then as you are now?” Ellie asked.

“Yeah, he seems fully recovered now,” Tina observed.

“Not only was he rock hard, but his cockhead kept bumping against me, like he was just rubbing you, Ellie,” Zola answered Tina for me.

Then her eyes locked on mine. “Go ahead and fuck her, just like you did with Alice, with me watching. You know that’s what you want to do”

Of course, Zola had already spied on me fucking her daughter, but my doing it while knowing that she was watching would be a challenge. More of a risk perhaps. In spite on having come a couple of times, my rigidity was testimony that I was up to the task. My brain instantly calculated that the odds of failure to maintain performance were small as long as Ellie had fun, and Tina and Zola were encouraging. The real problem would be whether Zola might have a sudden change of heart once she was a participant in breaking this taboo. That seemed unlikely as well.

“Is that what you want too, Mommy? Does watching me fuck your husband turn you on? I hope so, because cheating on you with him was pretty nasty. I felt so naughty – excited and turned on, but at the same time, knowing it was wrong.”

“But it felt so right,” Tina sang an old song lyric.

As she did so, her fingers toyed with Zola’s nipples, evoking a sighed echo of “just right” from my wife, who still seemed lost in a dream state.

The excitement caused my cock to lurch again along Ellie’s hip. This time, Ellie pivoted her ass slightly, rolling her flesh so that my head slid along her skin until it slipped naturally in the cleft of her ass. Without pause, her body began moving, as if daring me to fuck her Rockygy style.

“Since he’s already fucked my cunt, can he assfuck me this time, Mommy?” Ellie asked. “Is that okay with you?”

As she spoke, Ellie reached behind herself and grasped my balls, kneading them, and using them as a handle to press my hardness right tight to her puckered anus. She had teased me about fucking her ass earlier, but had wanted me up her cunt first. She had said that her ass was even tighter than her young twat. She seemed desperate for me to fill her right up.

“Go for it,” Zola ordered. “Not only is it okay with me, but now that you have talked about it, I definitely want to see if that thick meat can get stuffed into your tight asshole…”

She paused for a moment, and tickled Tina’s ribcage, causing that youngster to giggle and squirm on Zola’s lap. Zola planted a kiss on Tina’s cheek before finishing her thought.

“…though it might be even more fun to watch Daddy assfuck Tina. Since she’s so skinny, I can’t help but wonder whether that makes her even tighter. Probably not, but your fat ass makes you look like a real woman, Ellie, while Tina still seems girlish.”

“I do NOT have a fat ass!” Ellie exclaimed.

As she spoke, that end of her was shoving insistently against my erection. I placed both hands on her curves and caressed them, steadying the target.

“I agree with Ellie, dear, this doesn’t feel fat. Ample yes, but nice and firm.”

“Well, once you’re done fucking that ass, I think it might be Ellie’s turn for a spanking anyway, so I’ll get a chance to check for myself. Right now though, I don’t think I can wait much longer before I see you inside of her.”

I could not help but wonder whether my wife intended to spank her daughter for seducing me, or for letting me in on the secret of Zola’s cheating ways. All these thoughts tumbled quickly through my overheated brain, rushing down and bursting out the end of my cock, which now leaked precum.

“You better lube me up, Daddy. Just because I love assfucking doesn’t mean I want the friction to tear me so much that I bleed.”

As Ellie spoke, my fingers were busy scooping some of the abundant juices from her pussy, sliding up and coating the insides of her ass cleft. My hand became quite wet, and I also rubbed my cock until it was slick. After a few passes, I began toying with Ellie’s asshole itself, at first just brushing my knuckles of a fingertip along the wrinkled edge, but then gradually easing it open.

This made Ellie’s hips shake harder against my thighs and lower belly. My cock was now sliding along between her thighs, bumping across her gaping pussy, adding my lubrication, but threatening to fuck her that way instead of how the women wanted. Since I had already filled her cunt, intellectually, I was also eager to tick off another box on my rapidly expanding mental checklist of depravity. I had to act quickly to keep control of my cock, which by this stage might have a mind of its own.

Ellie’s purring became groaning as she demanded. “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard, fill my ass.”

Her ass began throbbing as I stroked it. Before long, her tender flesh relaxed and was moist enough that, when I ran my wet thumb down her valley, and along the crinkly anus, it slipped into her ass.

“Oh, Fuck,” she screamed.

“That’s not even his cock, darling, wait until that fills your ass,” Zola laughed. “I’ve had a lot of cocks in my life, but Daddy’s is the best — it’s a combination of size, both length and girth, and his fabulous muscle control.”

“I bet you love how it throbs inside you,” Tina said.

“You’ll have to try it up your ass sometime too, dear,” Zola told her. “Because it’s so sensitive, that motion feels even more intense.”

Ellie was busy arching her back, her muscles pulling my fingers deeper inside, two long digits joining my thumb, stretching her.

“I really want it bad,” she groaned, shifting all her weight onto one hand so that she could stroke her clit with the other.

I planted a series of kisses up her spine, ending up nibbling her ear and then she turned her head and our lips locked in a tongue swirling kiss. This provided the necessary distraction for me to ease my fingers back, not quite all the way out of her hole, and then spread them apart, opening her wide.

Alice had been a virgin, and when I finally filled her ass, that hole was deflowered by me as well. After all these years, I still got hard just thinking of the tightness of that young blonde babysitter’s ass. Ellie had earlier hinted at anal experience, so I knew she would not be as tight as Alice, but I was anxious to compare. Now, I was about to have my chance.

“I’m going to fill your ass with my seed and then watch Zola lick it up as it seeps out, just like she did with Alice,” I stage whispered into my stepdaughter’s ear.

Zola rewarded me with a smile, a wink, and a nod. She was busy caressing Tina, exploring the young woman’s body with the same fascination that she had once shown for Alice. My excitement about assfucking her daughter did not prevent me from wondering how all these female relationships would be altered by the day’s events. With Zola still threatening – or was that promising? – to spank her daughter, would they travel down the road of mother daughter lesbian sex? Would Ellie be jealous of her mother and Tina? Would all three share an open sexuality? Perhaps most importantly, would they all still fuck and suck me, and get me ready for more by letting me watch their sex play?

My cock throbbed at these thoughts, or maybe it just wanted to remind me to let it penetrate Ellie’s ass before my balls exploded.

“I hope she does,” Ellie moaned as the very tip of my helmet nestled in the opening between my fingers. “But I want Tina to eat some too.”

I thrust forward as Ellie spoke. Having done anal enough to know that often, entry is easier if your partner is not aware of exactly when you plan to begin. Too much anticipation makes the sphincter want to tense up at the wrong moment.

With one hand raised to her clit, Ellie was off balance. Though I tried to thrust slowly so she would remain upright, my force was enough to tip her forward. Both Zola and Tina instinctively leapt off their chair towards Ellie. The combination of a gymnast’s grace, and being on top of Zola’s thigh allowed Tina to drop to her knees quickly, and steady her friend’s shoulders as I began rhythmically thrusting my length deeper into Ellie’s asshole with each stroke.

Ellie’s imbalance had caused her to drop her fingers from her clit. Zola slipped along her daughter’s side, reaching underneath, quickly tweaking Ellie’s nipple, and then replacing Ellie’s fingers with a mother’s touch. As soon as Zola established a steady rhythm finger fucking Ellie, matching my own tempo, she massaged her daughter’s back with her free hand, and then used those fingers to play with Ellie’s tits.

“Going to…come…soon,” my stepdaughter panted.

“Fill her ass with your seed, Daddy,” Tina suggested as Zola leaned forward, locking her lips to mine in a deep kiss.

Her tongue probed past my teeth, swirling in my cheek. I kept pounding my meat into Ellie’s colon, marvelling at how tight she was. Her muscles spasmed around my thrusting prick, trying to milk me. As I looked up at Tina, I knew that I had to fuck that athletic ass next, because her muscle tone must be a special treat.

Zola pulled me back into the moment, saying “I want to eat your spunk as it falls out of my daughter’s asshole, and then swap chunks of it into her best friend’s mouth.”

I saw that she was locking eyes with Tina as she spoke. As they grinned together, the younger woman slid off her chair and crouched on Ellie’s side, opposite Zola. Her motions mirrored my wife’s; beginning on my stepdaughter’s spine, but quickly massaging her other tit, so that one woman was tweaking each nipple. Ellie meanwhile pistoned her ass back, slamming against my groin more fiercely with each stroke.

She was no longer fingering her own clit, having dropped that hand back to the floor for support. Tina and Zola never said a sound, and I didn’t even notice a glance shared between them. I just felt two hands caress Ellie’s cunt, stretching the lips open from either side, thumbing her clit like two knights jousting with swords. Their baby fingers both curled around and teased the base of my cock and my ball sac.

Ellie’s breathing pattern had altered, and she was gasping out single words as she tossed her head from side to side — the sort of words most girls would never say in front of their mothers — but then, how many moms fingerfucked their barely legal child?

“Jesus …fuck… yeah…like….that…fuck…. harder… deeper… bastard…come…with…me…ready…fuck…so…fuckin’…ready…help…Daddy… please…”

The last few words sounded almost like crying.

“I think she means she wants us to help Daddy,” Zola guessed, looking across at Tina.

“Yeah – a little stimulation, maybe?” Tina replied.

Before the words were out of her lips, both women, my wife and her daughter’s best friend, shifted over just slightly, the hands which had been torturing Ellie’s tits taking over on my stepdaughter’s throbbing pussy, while fingers slick with Ellie’s juices curled around my butt, entering my anus just as forcefully as I was fucking Ellie’s butt. They found my prostate at the same instance, one pushing from either side. No matter how much I had come already, this did the trick, just as they planned.

“COMING …NOW…” my stepdaughter and I each screamed, our voices blending together.

My climax was so intense that my eyes shut themselves, and I think I blanked out for a moment. My last recollection was of my wife swiftly kissing me, and then turning my face into a three-way tongue twister with Tina. My next recollection was laying on the floor, my spent cock still lying between Ellie’s buttocks, but now, the three women were all lying together, kissing.

I watched for a moment, wondering what would happen next.

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