Wife takes husband’s fantasy to the next level – Sharing My Wife Roni

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Josh opened the door and took two steps into the room. He looked at me and Mike sitting on the sofa, completely nude. It took a few seconds for him to comprehend what he was seeing. He froze in his tracks with a bewildered look, “What the hell!” His eyes grew even wider when Roni walked in from the kitchen with her shoulders pulled back, proudly displaying her firm small breasts. She sauntered up to him and handed him a beer as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, “It’s good to see you Josh…Come in and have a seat.”
Josh stood frozen for a second as his eyes wondered up and down her unclothed body. A smile beamed on his face, “Looks Like I missed a party!”
Roni replied smiling slyly, “You don’t know the half of it.”
Josh was left speechless. He looked over at me and Mike as he pondered what her last statement implied. She took his hand and pulled him into the room, closing the door behind them, “Come in.” She led him to the side chair, “sit down and join us.” He took her up on the offer. Once seated his eyes immediately returned to Roni, standing directly in front of him proudly displaying her nude body. The way he was looking at her made me so proud of my wife’s body and I wanted to share all of her beauty with him, “Turn around, so Josh can see your pretty, little butt!”
With a broad smile, she did as I requested, giving her butt a little wiggle when it was facing him. She let out a small laugh as she turned back to face him. Josh started laughing, “Seriously…what the hell’s the deal here?”
I explained, “We tried talking Roni into taking her clothes off and she said she would, but only if we got naked too. It sounded like a fair deal…and here we are.” Roni spread her arms above her head, “Ta Dah!” Me and Mike chuckled at her antics, God she was so cute.
I continued, “So if you want to hang out with us then you’ll need to get naked.”
Looking a little skeptical he asked, “You’re serious… right?”
Roni answered for me, “Absolutely…it’s only fair.”
He looked at Roni and shrugged his shoulders, “Sounds like a good deal to me.” He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. He stood up and started unfastening his shorts. Roni sat down on the coffee table and leaned forward, resting her chin on her hands, watching. Josh had her undivided attention as he disrobed. He seemed unfazed and simply let his shorts and underwear drop to the floor. His growing erection popped into view. Roni clapped her hands, “Now I know what you look like naked!”
Josh held his arms out, “Yep, this is all of me”.
Roni giggled, “And it looks like you are excited to be here.”
He sat back down looking a little embarrassed.
Mike started laughing, “Dude the look on your face when you walked in was priceless”.
Josh chuckled, “Well I can honestly say…. this is a first.”
I told him, “Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.”
“So you guys have just been sitting around naked all-day watching football and drinking beer?”
Roni answered, “Well, that and…” with an embarrassed smile added “other things!”
I knew with that admission that she was hinting to Josh that there was more to come.
I added, “Yeah it’s been quite a day so far.”
Josh opened his beer and asked, “So…what other things?”
Roni looked at me waiting for me to explain further. I felt my heart race thinking of how to explain the earlier events. I finally blurted out, “Me and Mike played around a little with Roni.”
Josh was in the middle of taking a drink of beer when he heard what I said and almost choked. He pulled the beer down, looked at Roni and asked: “Played around?”
Roni started speaking excitedly, “Yep…we did, but it was mostly just me and Mike.”
Josh looked at Mike and then over at me. I could feel my cheeks flush, “it’s true, we did…you should have been here, it was really entertaining!”
He looked at Mike and Roni again. I think he was trying to figure out if we were pulling his leg, “No way.”
Roni smiled at him, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay…believe what you want.”
He looked back at Mike and said, “Really dude…You’re kidding…right?”
The grin remained on Mike’s face as he replied, “No …it really happened”, his gaze turned to Roni “and it was pretty amazing!” Roni’s smile lit-up hearing his complement.
“Well… son of a bitch…”
Roni stood up and walked over to the sofa. She sat down between Mike and me placing a hand on each of our thighs. She smiled at Josh, “The day is not over yet…there is no telling what might happen.”
I loved where this was heading.
I wanted Josh to be closer to Roni, so I stood and asked if he wanted to swap places with me. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, he quickly moved toward the sofa. The thought of possibly playing with Roni had obviously excited Josh, his cock was now fully erect. As he passed in front of Roni she reached up and slapped his erection with her hand, “Aww is this for me…I’m flattered!”
Josh winced in pain and said, “Ouch!” as he sat down.
Realizing that she had slapped him a little harder than she had intended she reached over and started rubbing the side of his shaft, “Sorry Josh, I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”
Josh sat wide-eyed as Roni gently rubbed his cock with her slender fingers. After a few seconds she asked, “There is it feeling better?”
“Well, it’s starting to ….in another thirty minutes I think I’ll be fine.”
Roni laughed, she took her hand off his penis and gave his leg a playful shove, “you guys are incorrigible.”
We all sat watching the game for a while. I don’t think anyone was actually paying attention; we were all waiting for something to happen. Josh kept trying to sneak looks at Roni. Sitting beside her made it difficult so he kept trying to make small talk with her so he could look at her tits without being too obvious. He should have known that she didn’t mind him looking… that was the reason why she was naked! I was hoping that he would realize this and take advantage of the situation, but he seemed afraid to push his luck.
It was pretty crazy; my wife was completely nude and sitting between two men and yet neither one was acting on their desire to touch her. I was beginning to get impatient, I wanted something to happen. With two cocks just a short reach away I kept waiting for Roni to make a move. I knew that she had to have noticed that Josh was watching her and I saw her glance at his cock a few times. I wanted her to take his hard member in her hand again.
I started fantasizing about watching her stroke his cock, teasing him and making him crazy with desire, until he finally couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her head toward his cock and forced himself into her mouth. After willingly sucking his cock, she would turn around and offer her pussy to him. I would watch as he roughly fucked her from behind.
My aspirations made me determined to get things rolling. I started thinking of ways to make Josh more comfortable and hopefully more aggressive toward Roni. Since everyone in the room except Josh had a buzz I thought maybe a shot of tequila would help.
“Josh , are you up for a shot?”
“Roni would you mind helping him?”
Roni stood and positioned herself directly in front of him, giving him an unobstructed view of her full body. Her pussy was now at eye level and only inches from his face. She reached both hands down toward him, “Come on, let’s get you a shot.” Josh hesitated for a few seconds as he took advantage of this up-close and personal view of the smooth crevice between her legs. He took her hands and allowed her to help him stand.
Watching the way she was torturing Josh was amusing as well as exciting…she was trying her best to get him to look at her naked body. Now I was giving him a chance to do it without me watching over them, I was certain that he would take advantage of the opportunity. I stayed in the living room with Mike as Josh followed a few feet behind Roni. As she led him into the kitchen I watched her pretty little ass jiggle as he trailed behind her.
Alcohol can be a great tool for building confidence and losing inhibitions, it had done both of these for Roni. Hopefully it would do the same for Josh. If I was going to get the two of them together then Josh would need to get up the nerve to finally touch her. I was more than willing to let him enjoy her body and was certain Roni wouldn’t stop him. All I needed was for Josh to either get bolder or drunk enough to not care. I was hoping I had enough alcohol for one or the other.
I could vaguely hear the two of them talking in the kitchen. Then suddenly they were silent, not a single sound was coming from either of them. I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening between the two of them while they were alone. After a couple of minutes of silence I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stood and quietly stepped into the kitchen. A surge of excitement ran through me as I entered.
Roni was standing a few feet in front of Josh holding the bottle of Tequila in her right hand; her left arm was hanging limply at her side. He was staring at her breasts. Roni’s breathing was very shallow as she allowed him to gaze at her nude body. The flush of her cheeks and erect nipples told me that she was enjoying his attention.
She was surprised to see me and quickly turned toward the counter and started pouring the shots. I noticed she had a glass set-up for herself as well. She turned to look at me, “Would you like a shot sweetheart?”
“I’m good, but thanks for asking.”
I then asked with a serious face, “So what the hell were you guys doing in here, it sure did get quiet in here all of a sudden?”
Roni instinctively covered her breasts with one arm as her blush deepened, “Josh asked if it would be okay if he looked at my breasts, I really didn’t think you’d mind… so I let him.”
I looked at Josh with a stern look, “Is that true?”
“Well, yeah…but I thought….”
My face broke into a smile, “Damn, it took you long enough!”
Josh let out a relieved laugh, “So you’re not upset?”
“Hell no, you can look all you want, I’m very proud of her body!”
Roni removed the arm from her breasts and chastised me, “Steve that wasn’t funny…I thought you were really mad at me!”
I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. As I pulled away I told her, “Baby you are far too sexy to get mad at. I just wanted Josh to relax, I want everyone to have a good time!” That comment finally broke the ice and it helped set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.
Roni stood with a new confidence as she handed Josh a shot and held hers up for a toast, “To being nude with friends.” She smiled at him seductively.
Josh added, “And to having friends with great bodies,” as they touched glasses.
When the shots were finished we stood facing one another. No one spoke for a few seconds. Roni watched as Josh’s eyes returned to her breasts. She didn’t try to conceal herself; instead she let her arms hang loosely by her sides. She inhaled deeply and stood motionless as she allowed him to continue his inspection. Knowing now that he had permission to look at my wife’s body he was taking full advantage.
I finally spoke, “They are pretty lovely aren’t they?”
Josh took a short break to look over at me, “They’re perfect!” He then returned his attention to Roni.
“You can touch them if you’d like.”
Roni looked at me anxiously as she kept her breasts on display, waiting to see if Josh would take me up on my offer. She seemed to be enjoying having me watch as she offered her breasts to Josh. Her nipples were erect and aching for his attention.
Josh reached up and took a breast in each hand. He gently squeezed each as he spoke to her, “You are so beautiful.”
“Why thank you, Josh.”
“I mean literally every inch of you is perfect.”
Roni blushed, “That is so sweet! I am flattered that you think so.”
Josh began lightly rubbing her nipples as his hands roamed her breasts. He slid her nipples between his fingers and gave her breasts a good squeeze. He turned to look at me, “Damn these are firm.”
“So is the rest of her body!”
Roni took the hint; she placed her hands behind her back and slightly spread her legs, proudly displaying her full body to him, “Go ahead and look as much as you like Josh, Steve doesn’t mind.”
Josh’s eyes moved immediately to her slightly parted pussy.
He shook his head, “Holy wow…. you are killing me”.
Roni giggled, “I can put my clothes back on if you’d like.”
“Please don’t…I think I would prefer to die.”
Roni found this amusing and started to laugh pulling away from Josh as she did. She moved her hands from behind her back and placed them on her hips. As her laughter subsided she noticed Josh was still staring at her pussy. She moved her hands to her lower stomach, just a few inches above her lovely slit. Pressing slightly in on her stomach she pulled upward. Her pussy was pulled up and parted a little more.
Josh’s eyes grew wide, “Oh my God!”
Roni was watching his obvious appreciation; she continued to hold herself in this position. She looked at me to see what my reaction was to her blatantly showing herself to him. My hard cock told her all she needed to know.
Her breathing was becoming more labored; she was enjoying the effect she was having on the both of us. I could see moisture on her parted lips as she exposed herself to Josh. I let him enjoy the view for a moment. Overcome with the desire to watch him touch her I made a suggestion, “Wow she is really giving you a show…I think you should give her a hug for the effort.”
Josh moved forward and wrapped his arms around her lower back. He pulled her into him. His erect cock pressed firmly against her stomach as she moved into his embrace. Her firm tits compressed against his chest. I didn’t want to waste this opportunity, “Slide your hands down and feel how firm her ass is.”
His hands moved down her back and grabbed her nicely rounded butt. Roni allowed herself to be pulled into him as he squeezed.
After a long embrace Roni hesitantly withdrew. As they separated I noticed a spot of pre-cum just below her navel. Roni noticed it as well. She smiled when she realized just how excited Josh was. She took his cock in her hand, the same as she had done with Mike the night before. I watched, not saying a word anxious to see where this was going. My cock was aching with the anticipation of what she would do next.
Roni held his cock for a few seconds, slowly moving her hand up and down the length of his shaft. She was looking into his eyes as she told him, “You have a very nice penis, Josh.”
Josh’s breathing was noticeably more rapid, “Thanks.”
She released his swollen manhood and took a step back, she looked questionably me, “So…what now?”
I looked at Josh with his raging erection. Roni followed my gaze and smiled proudly at the effect she was having on him.
I nodded my head toward Josh and smiled, “Would you like to feel it again?”
She reached out and gently touched the head with her fingertips, “I don’t know…do you really think I should?” It humored me to watch her being such a tease.
“I do, unless of course, Josh doesn’t want you to.”
Josh stammered, “I would be okay with …” His words abruptly stopped when he felt Roni’s hand engulf his shaft.
He closed his eyes and sighed, “Oh God yes!” After a few seconds he re-opened his eyes and watched as Roni enjoyed the firmness his cock. She was staring intently at his manhood as she stroked him, “Wow…you are really hard!” She raised her head and looked back into his eyes, smiling broadly. Josh leaned forward and gently kissed her on the lips. She briefly returned the kiss and then pulled away. She looked at me to see if I objected.
I winked and nodded toward Josh, encouraging her to continue.
She moved closer to him, their bodies almost touching. Slowly and gently she kissed him, her eyes now closed. I could see that her arm was still moving and I knew she was continuing to stroke his cock as they kissed. After a short time she pulled her lips from his and looked seductively into his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Does that feel good?”
Josh sighed with pleasure as her slender fingers caressed his thick cock, “Oh God yes!” She pulled slightly away and watched his swollen cock as she stroked him. There was a look of pure satisfaction on her face as she turned her head to look at me, “Is this what you had in mind Steve?”
She looked back at Josh, “My husband wants to watch me play with your cock….is that okay?”
He quickly answered, “Of course it is!”
She moved forward until the head of his cock was touching her stomach. She used her left hand to gently squeeze his scrotum as she continued to slide her right hand up and down the length of his swollen member. She seemed very at ease as she played with him, enjoying the feel of his cock in her hands. But most of all I think she loved having so much control over him.
Her hand stopped moving as she gently squeezed the shaft and started rubbing the head slowly against her lower stomach. Watching her touch herself with another man’s hard cock was incredible, I stood fascinated by the sight of her smearing his pre-come on her stomach, mere inches from her pussy…I held my breath in anticipation of what was coming next.
Josh moaned, “You’re going to make me cum.”
Roni gripped his cock tighter and squeezed, “Don’t come yet!”
She rubbed the head more briskly against her mid-section, moving downward, until it eventually touched the top of her slit. She looked at me for permission to continue.
I nodded my approval.
She pressed herself against him and rubbed the head against her wetness, Josh’s body shivered as he bent his knees so that she could touch herself more easily with the head. She didn’t insert him into her pussy, but instead was using him more as a toy. She found her clit and moved the head slowly against it. She removed her hand from his scrotum and used it to slightly spread herself open as she used the smooth head to stimulate her clit. I thought I would pass out from excitement as I watched her being so intimate with him.
Josh could not believe this was happening. His eyes were wide and his mouth dropped open when he felt the head touch the top of her pussy. He watched intently as she spread herself and worked his hard cock against her wetness. It was too much for Josh to handle and in only a few seconds he groaned, “I’m going to cum!”
Roni quickly pulled his cock away from her pussy. She wrapped her left hand around the head of his cock and gently squeezed as she began rapidly jerking him off with her right hand. He closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly backward. Roni was watching his face excitedly, enjoying the satisfaction she was bringing him. He slowly pumped his hips into Roni’s hands as his body trembled with an orgasm.
When his cock stopped throbbing she released him and looked at the mess he had made in her hand. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then looked at me, “I need to clean up…I’ll be right back.”
As she left the kitchen I grabbed a napkin from the counter and handed it to Josh. He took it and wiped the remaining semen from his cock. He looked at me as he cleaned himself, “Sorry, Dude…I couldn’t help it.”
I nodded my understanding, “She really did a number on you, didn’t she?”
“Yeah, she did. I was already getting close, and when she started rubbing it against her…” he made a motion with his hands indicating he meant her pussy, “I lost it.”
“Its okay, that’s what she wanted ….. I think she really enjoyed playing with you.”
“Dude…I felt bad having you watch us. ”
I laughed,” You shouldn’t feel bad…that’s the only way she’ll ever be allowed touch you!”
“I mean I felt bad for you. Your wife was touching herself with my dick, Dude!… I just kept thinking; I hope Steve is okay with this.”
I patted his back, “Man I was completely okay with it…She has been teasing you since you got here, you deserved some relief.”
“Thanks man…I really appreciated it!”
“I can’t believe she showed you her pussy…that surprised the hell out of me! She must really like you or maybe she’s just really intoxicated.” I thought for a second and then laughed, “Probably a little of both.”
Josh smiled broadly, “Hey what’s not to like, I’m a great guy! So is that what you meant earlier about you guys playing with her, she did the same for Mike?”
“Not like that she didn’t, I had to urge her to show Mike her pussy. She seemed pretty anxious to show you!”
I gave him a playful shove, “I think she’s getting used to being naked around you guys.”
“I sure hope so…and you’re cool with us touching her?”
“Hell yeah, as long as she doesn’t object, touch her all you like, I love watching you guys play with her!”
“I wished you would have told me sooner. I wanted to touch her so bad, but I didn’t want to piss you off.”
“Hell, I think she was about to fuck you, but instead you decided to cum in her hand!”
We both laughed.
“Goddammit, just my luck.” He gave me a hopeful smile, “Maybe you could suggest it when she gets back…”
Images of watching Josh Fuck my beautiful wife started playing in my mind. I was pretty sure that I could make it happen, “She’s pretty tipsy, let’s see what we can talk her into.”
I needed a shot to steady my nerves. I asked Josh if he was ready for another and he was. I poured three and called Mike in from the living room. We all did a shot as Josh told Mike what had just happened. Roni walked in just as Josh was finishing the story.
She looked seductively at the three of us, “Are you guys talking about me?”
I answered, “Just talking about how beautiful you are!”
I placed an arm around her waist and gave her a hug as I kissed her cheek.
She pushed me playfully away, “You are so full, of shit.”
Noticing the three empty shot glasses, she made a pouty face, “Did you guys do a shot without me?”
“You just did one with Josh…are you sure you want another?”
She smiled coyly, “I thought you guys might want to get me drunk and take advantage of me.”
I quickly poured one for her and she downed it without hesitation. The expectations of what my wife was willing to do were starting to rise. I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. I leaned forward and kissed her neck then whispered in her ear, “Can I show you off some more?”
She nodded her head.
Butterflies swarmed in my stomach as I became excited about the prospect of sharing her with the both of them. With my arms still around her I turned her to face Josh and Mike. I stayed behind her so they would have a clear view of her body. Looking over her shoulder at Josh and Mike I proclaimed, “Gentlemen, I would like to present my wife to you.”
I took her arms and gently pulled them behind her back, which pressed her breasts outward. From my point of view they looked magnificent! I held her in this position for a few seconds. She stood submissively, allowing them the opportunity to view her fully exposed body.
I let go of her arms and moved my hands up to her breasts. I lightly teased her nipples with my fingertips as I kissed her neck …I knew the effect this this would have on her. She reached up and placed a hand on the back of my head and stroked my hair, “If you keep that up you are going to start something…”
I continued for a short time then whispered in her ear, “I’m going to let Josh and Mike play with you … is that okay?”
In a breathy voice she replied, “Yes.”
I pulled my face from her neck and moved my hands to her stomach. I looked at Josh, “Would you like to feel her breasts again?” He eagerly took both of them in his hands. I took hold of Roni’s arms and held them loosely behind her back again, giving Josh full access to her ripe young body. He gently squeezed and rubbed her firm breasts as Mike and I watched.
Roni didn’t resist, she patiently allowed Josh to squeeze and fondle her perky breasts. Her nipples grew stiff with excitement as Josh lightly rubbed his fingertips over them. I pressed him to be more aggressive, “Pinch those hard nipples Josh, she really enjoys that.”
Josh did as I suggested. Roni closed her eyes as a soft sigh escaped her lips. She weakly tried to pull her arms free of my grasp, but I held firmly. I urged him on, “Ooh She likes it… keep going.” Josh rolled them rigidly between his thumb and forefinger. I enjoyed watching the effect he was having on her.
He then surprised the both of us when he leaned forward and took her right nipple in his mouth. Roni leaned her head back against me and began squirming as she tried once again to pull her arms free. I put my lips next to her ear and whispered, “Just relax and enjoy it.”
She stopped struggling and allowed Josh to continue working her nipple with his lips and tongue. I watched as he moved his mouth from one breast to the other. He sucked on her nipple briefly and then took it between his teeth and gently bit down. Roni let out a small squeal as she enjoyed the mixture of pleasure and pain. I could feel Roni beginning to melt in my arms as she finally allowed herself to enjoy the sensations of Josh’s aggressive treatment of her tender nipples. Her breathing was getting heavier and I knew that she wouldn’t refuse my next request. I whispered into her ear, “I’m going to let him touch your pussy now…is that okay?” She slowly nodded her head.
Overcome with excitement, I nervously asked him, “Josh…Would you like to feel her smooth pussy?”
He looked at me dumbstruck.
I encouraged him, “Go ahead it’s okay.”
He turned his gaze toward Roni, who was already looking at him with anxious apprehension.
I whispered in her ear, “Tell him that it’s okay.”
She stood silently for a moment before nodding her head, “Go ahead…I’m ready.”
Josh slowly and cautiously moved a hand down her stomach. Roni shivered with excited anticipation as his hand made its slow descent toward her vulnerable pussy. She gasped when his hand made contact. I leaned over her shoulder and watched as his fingers delicately explored the outer folds of her velvety slit. Roni squealed as he touched her, “Oh God…I can’t believe I’m doing this!”
Josh gently caressed her pussy with his fingers.
“What do you think Josh?”
“Oh man…this feels so nice!”
“Go on and rub it harder, she doesn’t mind …do you Sweetheart?”
Roni gasped and tried pulling her arms free again. This time I let her go. I was afraid that I had misjudged her actions and that she was upset with us, but instead of pulling away she placed her hand on top of his and gently pressed her hips forward, “Does this answer your question?” Then she pulled his hand more firmly against her pussy, letting us know just how aroused she was. I watched as she rode his hand, moving her hips as she urged him to explore her inner folds. Roni leaned her body back against me as Josh explored her pussy. I kissed her neck and held her firmly as Josh used his fingers on her. Roni moaned lowly as I gently sucked on her neck, working my way up to her lower ear. I felt her body begin to tremble. I pulled my lips from her neck and looked to see what Josh was doing that had her on the brink of orgasm. I was surprised when I saw that he had two fingers completely inside of my wife’s quivering pussy. He was squeezing the outer lips with the other two fingers as he briskly massaged her pussy. I watched excitedly as she calmly stroked the back of his hand as his fingers penetrated her.
I felt a little tinge of jealousy when Roni raised her head from my shoulder, leaned forward and put her hand behind Josh’s head, pulling him to her mouth. She placed her lips on his and began moving her hips more aggressively into his hand. Feeling a little left out I moved from behind her and to the side of them so I could watch the two of them together. Their mouths were moving furiously against each other as he slowly finger-fucked her. She gripped his hair tightly as they kissed. It seemed surreal as I watched my wife slowly grinding her pussy against his hand. She was getting lost in arousal…and I couldn’t wait until all of us had a turn with her. I was extremely excited about the prospect of my young wife being our entertainment for the evening.
After a few minutes of passionate kissing Roni finally released his hair and moved a hand to his engorged cock. She started pulling roughly up and down on his shaft as she continued to ride his hand. I was deeply aroused by her obvious desire for him to continue his assault on her pussy. She was slowly rotating her hips into his hand and I could see that his fingers were buried deep inside her excited pussy. She was stroking his cock relentlessly. I knew that she wanted to feel that cock inside of her, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity. She was pretty intoxicated and had lost all inhibitions. And judging by her actions with Josh…she was ready for anything.
I was excited by the thought of her being consumed by the three of us. I wanted to watch as my friends violated her in every way possible. I was more than willing to allow them full access to her. I knew that in her current state of mind she wouldn’t refuse. After fantasizing about this for months the opportunity was actually within reach. I took control of the situation, “suck his cock.”
They were so engaged with each other that I wasn’t sure if they’d heard me; so I said again, this time in a much louder voice, “I want to watch you suck his cock.” This time Josh heard my request. He quickly pulled free of her grip and placed a hand on the side of her face, looking at her excitedly, “Did you hear what Steve said?”
Roni nodded, “Yeah…I heard him.”
He slowly removed his hand from her pussy and began gently stroking her arm as he looked into her eyes, anxiously awaiting the feel of her lips on his cock. She seemed a little hesitant, not sure if it was a good idea. I placed a hand on her shoulder to get her attention. When she looked at me I said, “Come on Sweetheart You did it for Mike…I wouldn’t want Josh to feel left out.”
She smiled, “You are going to owe me big time!”
“So is that a yes?”
She stepped forward and kissed Josh’s cheek, “Of course it is… I wouldn’t want Josh to think that I didn’t like him.”
She held her hands out for Josh and he helped her to her knees. He used a hand to anxiously hold his cock out for her. She obediently positioned herself in front of him and ran her slender fingers down his firm shaft. She was looking up at him as she parted her lips for his entry. He guided his firm cock toward her mouth. When the head touched her lips she kissed it before eagerly taking him inside. Josh leaned his hips forward as she slid his manhood inside her mouth and wrapped her lips around the shaft. She began bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock. She serviced him for a short time then pulled his cock from her mouth and started rubbing it against the side of her face. She looked over at me as she rubbed the head seductively against her cheek, “It is going to happen tonight…isn’t it?”
I knew what she was hinting at, “As long as you are willing.”
She looked at me nervously for a few seconds, contemplating the outcome. I breathed a sigh of relief when she replied, “I am.”
She took his cock back into her mouth and resumed servicing him. Josh placed a hand on the back of her head and enjoyed the sensations that her lips and tongue were bringing him. Watching his fat cock sliding in and out of her mouth was thrilling. Josh had lost his shyness and was using his hand to guide her up and down his shaft. She obediently complied. I was so turned on that I couldn’t control myself. As I watched my wife with another man’s cock in her mouth I thought about what we were about to do. Watching her in action had sealed the deal. I was certain now that I was willing to go through with it… time to get the party rolling!
I walked up and stood next to Josh. I reached out and took her hand from his cock and led it to my own. Without hesitation she took me in her hand and began stroking me. I looked over at Mike and motioned for him to stand on the other side of Josh. He stepped forward and Roni took his large member in her other hand. This was starting to get even more interesting; Josh was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth as she aggressively stroked Mike and me. It was quite obvious that Roni was more than willing to be used by the three of us. The alcohol and arousal was starting to take its toll on her, I was certain that this would be a night to remember.
I let Josh enjoy her mouth for another minute and then laughed, “Okay Buddy…you’re going to have to share her.” I placed a hand on her forehead and gently nudged her away from Josh. I used my hand to guide her towards my waiting member.
She immediately took the full length into her mouth. Placing both hands on the back of her head I pulled her face into my groin and she took me hungrily. She serviced me with such unbridled passion that I feared for my ability to control myself. I didn’t want to come this soon so I enjoyed the sensation of her agile mouth for only a short time then pulled away. When she looked up at me I could see she was anxious to continue. Not wanting to deter her I said, “Its Mikes turn.”
She turned her attention to him and took his swollen member in her hand. She rubbed the head against her slightly parted lips and slowly slid her mouth around his impressive girth. She was able to take about a third in her mouth before pulling back and working her lips up and down his shaft. She started stroking his cock with one hand as she worked him with her mouth. She found Josh’s cock with her other hand and began jerking him off.
After a few moments she swapped and was back on Josh’s cock again. She kept Mike’s cock in her hand and stroked him as she moved down the line. After a short time she returned to me. By this time I was in an extreme state of arousal. I placed both of my hands on the sides of her head to gently guide her up and down the length of my shaft. As I did this I told her, “Baby you are so sexy!”
Hearing the compliment she became more excited and was working me faster with her mouth. She was now a woman possessed by arousal. The three of us took turns enjoying her mouth as she kept moving from one of us to another. She was all hands and mouth as she moved back and forth between our three willing cocks, her small tits gently shaking as she worked us with her mouth. As she was taking Josh in her mouth I reached out and took a breast in my hand. Mike followed my lead and did the same. Roni was in such a state of ardor that I’m not sure she even noticed. So on it went for another five minutes, her swapping from cock to cock as we happily took turns abusing her mouth. There were hands all over her upper body as she performed her oral skills for us. Her chest, neck and shoulders were becoming red as we groped for every part of her we could touch. After the fourth or fifth round I noticed Josh using both hands to pull her forcefully against his cock as he moved his hips to work himself in and out of her mouth, the look on his face told me he was enjoying this immensely. I said, “If you think her mouth feels good, just wait until you’re inside her pussy.”
Josh continued slowly fucking her face as he looked at me, “I’m sure it is wonderful….I hope she lets me.” Roni moaned loudly when she heard his reply.
I nodded my head toward Roni, who was working feverishly on his cock,”Ask her if she’s going to.”
Feeling more confidant by the minute he asked, “Are you going to let me put it in your pussy?”
I heard her muffled reply,”Uh Huh.” She started sucking his cock more aggressively.
Josh looked wide eyed at me, “Wow…that was easy!”
I loved hearing her submit to him so easily. I asked her, “So you’re going to let Josh fuck you?”
She took his cock from her mouth and looking up at me she said, ” Yes… all of you are going to, that’s what you want isn’t it!”
She took him back in her mouth, sliding her lips quickly up and down his shaft.
I was pretty sure at this point that she would follow through on all the late-night discussions we had had about me sharing her with the both of them. My biggest fantasy was within reach. I wanted to make sure that she wanted this as well so I asked, ” Baby you know that’s what I want, but how about you, are you ready to share yourself with them?”
A low moan escaped her lips as she took his entire length in her mouth and held him there. She slowly pulled her lips away and let Josh’s cock fall from her mouth. Her eyes were wild and her speech was slightly slurred when she answered, “Sure, why not…but I need a break first.”
I reached a hand down, she took it and I helped her stand, “Baby that was incredible!”
I hugged her and asked if she needed a drink of water. She nodded her head.
I went to the cupboard and removed a glass. I kept an eye on her as I fixed the water.
She was leaning her naked butt against the counter top; Mike and Josh were talking to her. It was pretty weird to have my nude wife chatting away with two guys who had just had their cocks in her mouth, not to mention the fact that she had just told them that she was going to fuck both of them. But the three of them were acting as if this whole event was an every day occurrence. The conversation was light and humorous. I handed Roni the water and she sipped it as they continued their talk.
Josh joked, “You sure do have a pretty mouth” a quote from a movie, he said it in an exaggerated southern accent and the three of them found it hilarious. I could tell Roni was amused by their antics and was thrilled with the positive feedback she was receiving from them. I was surprised by the way she was acting so non-chalet about what had just took place between them. As they talked I became excited by the thought of watching them fuck her shortly. She was being so casual about what had just happened; would she find it this amusing when they had their cocks inside of her…I couldn’t wait to find out!
After a few minutes of watching the three of them cut-up together I asked if she was ready to continue.
“Not with my mouth!” The three of them found this humorous as well.
She smiled, “Maybe we could do something different.”
With great anticipation I asked, “Like what?”
She gave me a seductive smile, “Surprise me!”
I looked into her eyes; I could tell she was ready for anything I might suggest.
I had a hard time just coming out and saying ‘okay let’s all fuck.’ I wanted to do something that would allow us to enjoy her a little more before the big finish. I thought for a few seconds before coming up with an idea. I smiled at her, “Okay, close your eyes.” She looked skeptically at me for a moment and then closed them.
I took a large dish towel from a drawer, stepped behind her and formed a blindfold. I placed it over her eyes and tied it behind her head.
“What are you doing?”
“I thought it would be fun if you didn’t know who was doing what to you. Just try it I think you’ll find it very …stimulating.”
She laughed, “Okay, if you say so.”
I reached around and grabbed her breasts, she jumped in surprise. “See…. you never saw that coming. This will be fun, just relax and enjoy it.”
I stepped from behind her and stood next to Josh and Mike, “Okay guys, you have permission to take liberties with my wife, she is yours to enjoy.”
Roni’s body tensed with anticipation when she heard what I was offering the two of them. Josh wasted no time and immediately started fondling her breasts; her nipples instantly reacted to his touch. Mike moved in behind her and placed his hands on her waist pulling her firm rounded bottom against his hard cock. Roni gasped, “Well it’s not hard to tell that Mike is standing behind me!” Undeterred Mike and Josh continued their assault. Roni’s body began to shake with nervous anticipation.
The humor had ended and we were now back to serious business. I stood silently as I watched the two of them molest my wife’s slender body. Being blindfolded made it impossible for her to fend them off, It was like watching two cats playing with an injured mouse. She stood stoically as they made their advances. They both knew that they would be inside of her soon and was enjoying playing with her firm young body as an appetizer. I could see goose bumps cover her body as they stimulated her sense of touch.
Josh moved his mouth to her chest and was taking full advantage of her vulnerability. He was squeezing her breasts as he sucked her nipples. Mike was still pulling Roni’s hips back against himself moving his stiff cock up and down the length of her butt crack. I was afraid that he was about to try and fuck her in the ass, so I diverted his attention. I took his arm and guided his hand around her body to her bare pussy. Being robbed of vision had put Roni’s sense of touch in a heightened state of sensitivity and when she felt his fingers make contact with her vagina she instinctively spread her legs. Mike wasted no time in inserting a finger into her wetness. Roni moaned with pleasure.
Josh moved his mouth from her breasts to her mouth. He was met by an excited hunger from Roni as she forced her tongue into his mouth. Mike leaned forward and began kissing her neck; the two of them were driving her crazy as they violated every part of her body. I was an emotional wreck watching them. I was overcome with lust as their hands roamed all over her slender body. Josh was kissing her tenderly as his hands molested her upper body. Mike continued to slowly massage her pussy as he gently used his lips on her neck. Roni was in erotic heaven.
I watched them play with her for a few minutes. I knew it wouldn’t be long before one of them tried to put a dick in her so I walked over and pulled them apart, “Wait just a second.”
Roni groaned her dissatisfaction at the interruption. I took her by the shoulders and turned her to face Mike, “Okay…now you can continue.” Mike gently took her chin in his hand and guided her lips to his. He kissed her lightly then pulled away. He placed his lips next to her ear and whispered, “I can’t wait to be inside you again.”, sending a shiver through Roni’s body. She moaned her reply, “I’m ready!”
Josh moved in behind her and eagerly took Mikes place at her pussy, sliding his firm cock lengthwise along the cleft of her ass he pulled her firmly against himself. I watched as he played with her smooth slit. Unlike Mike, he was using both hands on her eager pussy. He was using one hand to spread her lips open and the other to stimulate her clit. Roni squirmed from the sensation. He massaged her shortly before inserting a finger into her slippery opening. After a few slow thrusts Roni moaned her excitement and he inserted a second finger into her excited pussy.
Mike moved his lips to her chest, squeezing her roughly as he sucked her nipples.
Roni was getting worked into a frenzy; I could see her body shaking with arousal, she was beginning to lose control.
I stood silently watching as my wife willingly allowed her friends to explore every part of her body, never once voicing an objection. I was thrilled to see them bringing her so much pleasure, her slim figure moving seductively between the two of them as their hands and lips violated her entire body. I let the three of them enjoy each other for a short time, until I was sure that Roni was too aroused to back down from fulfilling her promise. I stepped in and once again separated them.
I was met with frustration from Roni, “What the hell…Why do you keep doing that!”
“Just be patient sweetheart.”
I took her hand, “Follow me.”
I led her very cautiously to the living room carpet, “Now, lay down.”
I stood behind her and helped as she slowly lay on her back, “Are you comfortable?”
“Well… the carpet is a little rough, but other than that I’m fine.”
“Wait here.”
I ran to the bedroom and grabbed a blanket and pillow from the closet, then removed a box of condoms from the nightstand. I returned to the Livingroom and spread the blanket out. I helped her slide over on top of it and placed the pillow under her head, “Is that better?”
“Good, now just relax and get comfortable.”
She lay on her back with her legs crossed and her hands resting on her stomach. I stepped back and looked at her as she lay on the blanket. Mike and Josh were standing directly behind me. The sight of her nude body was breath-taking to me. I could see the red marks on her neck, chest and upper thighs, the results of Mike and Josh having played so roughly with her…I thought she looked amazing.
I wanted to share every part of my wife’s lovely body with my friends so I urged them to step closer for a better view. Roni lay completely still as we marveled at her. It turned me on to have them watch as I exposed her hidden treasures. Her breasts and slender body looked so inviting. We could see just a hint of her smooth pussy peeking out from between her crossed legs. I wanted to share her completely with them so I made a request, “Spread your legs.”
She kept her legs crossed and started moving her feet slowly from side to side, “I don’t know if I can.”
“Sure you can.”
There was nervous excitement in her voice, “Oh my God…this is crazy.”
“Just pretend that it’s just you and me here Baby…nobody else.”
She uncrossed her legs and took a deep breath, “okay……”
Her legs parted, giving us a glimpse of her pussy, gleaming with excitement.
“Come on, you can do better than that …a little wider please.” She complied, completely spreading them apart, letting out a little squeal and with an uneasy laugh she asked, “There is that better?”
“Much better, now bend your knees and pull your legs up.”
She did as requested, bending her legs into a triangle. But in the process her legs had come closer together again.
“Spread your legs Baby.”
“Oh God this is embarrassing.” She took a deep breath and then let it out as she spread her knees wide. We could now see every fold of her young delicate pussy.
Mike and Josh moved forward for a better look. The three of us stood admiring my wife’s spread and very exposed body. Her labia was slightly spread reveling a hint of the pink opening to my most prized possession. Exposing my wife to our friends was thrilling, I was way past excited and was now in a whole new dimension. And yet I still wanted more,”Now take your hand and spread your pussy for me.”
Her mouth dropped open, “Really Steve?”
I thought for sure that she would refuse, but I persisted, “Come on Baby…remember, it’s just you and me here, you can do this.”
She reluctantly moved a hand to her pussy. Putting a finger on each side she spread herself open. Her clit, swelled with excitement and aching to be touched, was now fully visible. Josh gasped with disbelief, “OH….MY….God”, as she displayed her pussy to us. I was amazed that she had actually done it.
I stood taking it all in for a minute; my young, beautiful wife was now lying on her back completely nude, spreading her pussy as me and two of our friends stood watching her degrade herself for our entertainment…I felt a little ashamed that I was allowing this to happen, Yet I still let my buddies enjoy this view of my lovely Bride for a few more moments. I was so excited; my heart was beating so fast that I thought it might explode. I knew that what I was doing was wrong on so many levels. I was taking advantage of the situation; she never would have done this if it weren’t for all those shots of tequila…but hey, she was the one that had suggested that we get her drunk and take advantage of her. So I guess it was actually her fault.
My voice was shaking with excitement as I spoke, “What do you guys think of Roni’s beautiful pussy.”
Josh answered first, “It’s Perfect!” Mike simply stated, “Gorgeous.”
I noticed Roni’s face was red from embarrassment when she replied, “Thank You.” She quickly released her spread lips and placed her hand over her vagina, blocking our view.
“Baby, we weren’t finished admiring you yet.”
She let out a long sigh.
“Come on sweetie…just for a few more minutes…..please.”
She reluctantly spread her pussy again, “Ten more seconds…that’s it”
I noticed Josh squeezing his cock as he looked at her spread pussy. I knew that he was dying to put it inside of her. But he would have to wait. I wanted to play with her a little more.
“I bet you guys would love to taste her, wouldn’t you?” They both replied to the affirmative.
Roni gasped when she heard this…she knew that one of them would have their face between her thighs very shortly. She pulled her hand from her pussy and rested both on her stomach as she nervously waited their arrival. I sat on the floor next to her and removed the blindfold. She blinked her eyes a few times as they adjusted to the light. I stroked her cheek, “Thank you sweetheart that was incredible.” She looked up at me with a half-smile “…and embarrassing.”
“Baby there is nothing to be embarrassed about, you look amazing.” Finally I got the full smile, “Thank you.”
“Are you ready to continue?”
She took a deep breath, “Sure why not, we’ve already come this far.”
I continued to stroke her cheek as I told her what I wanted her to do, “I’m going to let them taste you…is that okay.”
She closed her eyes and let out a breath, “are you sure about this?”
“You’ve had both of them in your mouth, I think they should return the favor.”
She kept her eyes closed as she replied,
My heart raced as I looked at Josh, “Would you like to lick her pussy?”
His smile told me everything I needed to know. He didn’t need to answer, but he did, “I would love to!”
He was quickly on his knees, kissing his way toward her pussy, as he got closer she spread her legs further. When his lips touched her pussy she raised her hips to meet him, “Oh…God!” I watched her body tremble with excitement. He spent a short time kissing her outer lips before using his tongue to stimulate her clit. Roni gripped his hair as he worked his tongue deeper into her slit, “OH….ohhhhh.”
Josh used both hands to spread her apart as he worked his lips and tongue on her, “Oh God Josh..I can’t believe he’s letting you do this!” She arched her back and pulled him harder against herself, “Oh yeah…that’s it…don’t stop!”
Josh continued working his magic for a short time. I knew how much she enjoyed oral and that she would come shortly if I allowed it. But I wanted this to last, so I put a hand on Josh’s shoulder and pulled him back, “Let Mike have his turn.”
Roni was breathing excitedly as Josh pulled away. Her firm breasts were fully visible and I noticed that her nipples were as hard as diamonds. I knew that she was enjoying the thrill of having her friends taste her pussy. She moved a hand to her pussy and slowly rubbed herself as she waited for Mike. I watched her young body quiver as she played with herself. I was excited by the sight of her touching herself as we watched. Her finger gently massaged her clit as she waited. I told Mike to give her a minute to recover. But the truth was I was enjoying watching her play with herself too much to stop her.
When her breathing had returned to normal I gave him the go ahead. He leaned forward placing his head between her thighs. Roni squealed as she felt his tongue touch her pussy. She placed both hands on his head. “Oh God Mike that feels good!” She used his hair to guide him, “It feels soooooo Good!” Mike’s tongue found her sensitive clit and Roni moaned loudly with pleasure. She arched her back as she allowed Mike to enjoy her tender pussy. After just a couple of minutes my cock was aching with excitement and I couldn’t hold out anymore…it was time to watch them fuck my petite wife.
As Roni enjoyed the feel of Mike’s tongue, I pointed at the box of condoms. Josh followed to where my finger was pointing. “Put one of those on.” His eyes beamed as he realized what I was implying. I watched as he nervously opened the package and prepared his member for action. I reached down and tapped Mike on the back. He was too involved to pay me any attention. I took hold of his shoulder and pulled backward. Finally he pulled away and looked at me. “It’s time to move on.” He reluctantly stood up and moved out of the way. Roni pulled her knees together as Mike removed himself. Josh stepped up beside me and Roni noticed that he had the condom on and was waiting to enter her.
She looked at me helplessly, “Are they going to fuck me now?”
“If you want.”
She lay silently staring at the ceiling. I placed a hand on her cheek, “Baby remember…you did promise them earlier….”
“I know.”
I sat looking into her eyes, gently stroking her cheek concerned that she had changed her mind. I couldn’t believe that we had come so close and now she was going to back out.
Then I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach when she rose up onto her elbows and looked at Josh’s waiting erection. She smiled, “Steve would never forgive me if I stopped now.” She lay her head back on the pillow and spread her legs, “Okay I’m ready.”
Her willingness brought a sense of conquest, finally it was going to happen. My stomach did flip flops as I gazed at her drenched pussy inviting Josh to enter her. I was extremely aroused and yet at the same time I felt an ache in my heart as I faced Josh, “She’s all yours…” I didn’t know what else to say.
Josh knelt down, leaned forward and placed an arm on each side of her body. I held my breath as his cock started making it’s decent between her spread legs. I stepped away and watched. As he was lowering himself into position I said under my breath, “I hope I don’t regret this.” Roni heard my slight apprehension, but it didn’t deter her, “Oh God Steve, I can’t believe I’m about to do this for you and….” her words trailed off as she felt the head of Josh’s cock rub against her outer pussy.
I quickly asked, “Are you sure you want to do this…it’s your last chance to back out.”
Her breathing was excited, “Don’t even think about stopping it now…this is all that you’ve talked about for the last three months, just relax and enjoy it. I want you to watch me with them.” She gave me a knowing smile, “Congratulations, I’m giving you exactly what you want.”
She reached out and found his cock as he moved forward. She guided him to her waiting pussy. She used the other hand to spread her pussy as the head of his plump cock began to make its entrance. I watched anxiously as Josh entered my wife for the first time, but it certainly would not be the last.
He let his weight fall against her pressing his entire cock inside her in one quick motion.
Roni let out a loud moan, “OHHH…. MAN!”
She pulled her legs up into a butterfly position and spread her knees as far as she could for him. He held himself inside her for a moment as she raised her hips to meet him. He pulled slightly out and immediately reinserted himself all the way.
Roni moaned, “Oh Steve…. this feels sooooo good.”
I was surprised by her vocal approval of his assault, “Oh God yes…this feels even better than I thought it would!” I realized then that she had wanted this to happen as much as I did…. The little Miss sweet and innocent act was exposed. I wondered just how long she had been planning to help me in my quest to make this a reality. The thought of her wanting the experience of another cock inside of her turned me on, but also made me aware that I had awoken a sleeping desire inside of her.
Josh had started slowly, but with Roni moaning with every thrust, that didn’t last long. He increased the pace and began using his cock more as a jackhammer. Roni was beginning to lose control, “Oh, yes Josh……. don’t stop…don’t stop.” She wrapped her ankles around his back as she tried to push him deeper inside. “OOOOOH… harder Josh…Oh God yes…”He pressed himself as far into her as possible and started kissing her neck as he grinded his hips against hers. This drove Roni into a frenzy. She moved her hips wildly against him, moaning constantly. I watched them together with a mixture of emotions. It was thrilling to watch another man fuck my wife. I thought of how intimate their relationship was now. He knew exactly how her pussy felt wrapped around his cock. And at the same time I found it a little disturbing that she had surrendered her pussy so easily to him. She was allowing him to dominate her. Seeing how much she was involved with him surprised me. Maybe I had expected her to just lie on her back as we each took turns fucking her; I realized that wouldn’t be the case. She was going to make sure that they enjoyed the encounter with her. My sexy little wife didn’t want to disappoint them. I knew that she would give them a night to remember. It was obvious that she had been looking forward to this finally happening…maybe even more than I had. I didn’t know if I should be excited or concerned.
There was no going back now. Even if I had never agreed to let him fuck her again, I know that he still would have. They would always have this intimate memory and I was certain that they would find a way to make it happen again. I had opened a door that couldn’t be closed.
I had a sinking feeling in my gut as I watched his cock violate her over and over again. She worked her hips against him aggressively as he fucked her, letting me know that she had given herself completely to him. His cock was buried deep inside and yet she was still trying to get more. Josh was pleasuring my wife to the best of his ability and she was letting him know that she was enjoying the encounter. Her pussy belonged to him at that moment. I started to feel a little resentful that I had allowed them this opportunity. He was bringing her so much pleasure and I couldn’t help but think that this may have been a mistake. Watching her interaction with Josh was not quite what I had expected. Of course I wanted her to enjoy it, but I had never really thought about the consequences of letting my wife fuck other men.
I realized that this was the same attention that she had given me every time we had talked about this fantasy. And now she was living out that fantasy. Josh was the lucky recipient of all those ideas that I had put in her head. I was the one that had teased her about letting the two of them fuck her and now she was acting them out. I felt some regret, but at the same time… I enjoyed watching her fuck him! I blocked out all of the negative feelings and just enjoyed the show. Josh was getting what he wanted and Roni was giving him the ride of a lifetime, she was completely absorbed in the feel of his cock working her pussy. I really couldn’t be upset about the way she was acting since I was the one that had set it all in motion.
After a few minutes she moaned franticly, “You’re going to make me cum.”
Hearing this Josh rose up onto his arms and watched her face as he fucked her roughly. She was bucking her hips wildly as he hammered his cock into her. He grabbed her legs and forced her knees up beside her chest, raising her hips higher allowing him to ram his cock a little deeper into her trembling pussy. He was giving her every bit of cock he possibly could. I watched in awe as his cock slammed into her over and over again. He was now officially fucking the hell out of her. I was excited to watch him use my wife as his fuck-toy… and was even more turned-on knowing that she was enjoying being the toy.
With her legs pinned beside her chest, Roni couldn’t move her lower body, so she grabbed his shoulders with her hands, “OH God yes…yes…that feels soooo good…”
Josh continued the assault, “I can’t hold out much longer…”
Roni came first. She arched her back and when Josh released her legs she wrapped them firmly around his back as she had her orgasm. I watched as her body trembled in ecstasy.
Josh watched her young firm body shiver with the orgasm that he had just brought her. He slowly pumped his cock into her a few more times before forcing his cock completely inside of her. He rocked his hips against her as he enjoyed the feel of her pulsating pussy on his cock, “OOOOH Man…that feels so good….” then with his cock buried deep inside of her, he came. He continued slowly moving his cock in and out of her until his throbbing subsided, then collapsed on top of her.
They both lay silent, breathing heavily for a short while before Josh rose up on his arms. He kissed her lips as he pulled out of her. He rolled onto his back beside her, still breathing heavily. He reached a hand over and started rubbing her leg, “That was amazing!”
Roni lay motionless on the floor with her legs still spread, giving Mike a wonderful view of the freshly fucked pussy…the one that he would be inside of shortly. She had an arm across her eyes as she recovered and it was obvious that she had lost all sense of modesty.
I sat on the floor next to her and stroked her hair, “Are you okay?”
She let out a breath, “That was good …really good!”
She looked dazed when I pulled her arm from her face, “Baby, that was incredible.”
She smiled, “Oh man…I can’t believe that just happened.” She lay silently looking up at the ceiling. Neither of us spoke for a few moments. When her breathing had calmed I asked, “Would you like some water?”
“That would be great.”
I went to the kitchen and refilled her glass and returned. I noticed Josh was missing and I could hear water running in the bathroom. I reached a hand down and helped her sit up. She took the glass from my hand, “Thanks Babe.”
She propped herself up with one arm and was looking at me as she sipped the water, “So…what did you think?”
I looked into her sultry eyes searching for the right words. I now knew that she had wanted this as much as I did, but I didn’t push the issue. Instead I simply replied, “Baby… you were a wild woman!”
She smiled seductively, “Is that good or bad?”
“Definitely good…You were amazing.”
“Did you enjoy it?”
I chuckled, “Baby I have to admit…I have never seen you act that way before! But yeah I did, you were incredible.”
She smiled broadly, “Good, I wanted to give you something to remember.” It surprised me when she added, “so…who’s next, you or Mike?”
I raised my eyebrows, “Really…you’re ready for more so soon?”
“Well…yeah, I thought that was what you wanted. Right now I’m ready and willing, so if you want this to happen you’d better take advantage of me”, she laughed, “Before I sober up.” The want and desire in her eyes was obvious. She was looking forward to having another cock inside of her. She had been so willing to do everything I asked of her. I guess I should have recognized earlier that she was just as excited about being shared as I was to share her. I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised, it had always turned her on when we fantasied about this actually happening. I just never realized how willing she was to be shared with others. I had greatly underestimated her.
Since she was so anxious to have Mike’s cock back inside of her again then I would certainly give her the opportunity. I couldn’t wait to watch that big cock abuse her young pussy again. I knew that she would expect me to be concerned for her well-being, so I faked my concern, “I’m not sure you can handle Mike right now sweetheart.”
“No really, I’m fine.”
“I don’t know Baby…maybe we should wait a while and give you a chance to rest.”
“Steve, I have to work tomorrow. I can’t be up all night. Let’s just do it now…before I lose my nerve. I want to do this for you…so please let me.” She knew exactly how to play me.
I found this amusing and had to contain a laugh, “Okay…if you’re sure you’re ready.”
Mike was waiting at her feet holding his large cock, anxious to have another go with her. I knew that he had been listening to our conversation and couldn’t wait to put his cock back in her. He winked at Roni when she looked up at him.
“Well Mike, she says she’s ready for you, but you’ll need to use a condom.”
He took one from the package on the floor and ripped it open. He struggled as he rolled it down the length of his fat member.
Roni watched him seductively as he struggled, “Oh Boy…I get to have sex that again!”, and then started laughing.
Mike took a step toward her gripping his cock in his hand ready for the repeat, “I guess this is my lucky day!”
Roni looked at him sheepishly, “Or mine.”
Mike grinned at the compliment, “You are too sweet.”
He walked up until his cock was directly in front of her face and held it out for her. She rose up on her knees and took him in her hand. She began stroking him, “It felt much better before you put a jacket on it.”
“Actually it’s pretty uncomfortable.” Then with a smile he added, “I don’t think me and Steve wear the same size.”
She turned her head to look me, “Really Steve, does he have to wear a condom…I’m on the pill.”
“I would feel better if he did.”
“You didn’t make him last time.” The first time had happened so quickly that I didn’t think about it at the time…but she did have a point.
She turned back to Mike and gently ran her fingers down the shaft, “poor thing…it can hardly breathe. I know you have to be uncomfortable”
“It is…I could run back to the apartment and grab one of mine….”
I finally relented, “Okay, but don’t come inside of her…alright?”
Mike’s smile widened, “Not a problem buddy.”
Roni was excited when she got her way. She wrapped her hand around the top of the condom and started rolling it off of his cock. It didn’t come off easily. “Damn, I don’t see how you got it on.”
She struggled and started using both hands. When she finally had it off she tossed it to the side. She took him back in her hand, “Oh yeah…that feels much better!” She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Mike smiled approvingly. She stroked his cock as she held the first few inches in her mouth. Mike looked at me and winked, “I think she likes it.”
She removed him and started rubbing it against her cheek, “I can’t help it…it just feels so smooth.”
Her eyes were locked on his member, she stroked him steadily as she admired it, “It’s so big!”
Mike put his hand on her head and guided her mouth back to his cock, “feel it some more.”
She hungrily took him, sliding her lips half way down the shaft. Mike looked back at me, “Damn that feels good.”
Roni continued to service him. Mike took her head in both hands and helped guide her up and down the shaft. His cock was completely engorged now and looked huge in her small mouth. Roni was completely enamored with it. She took it back out of her mouth and was staring intently at it as she used both hands to stroke him. I was also at full attention as I watched my wife worshiping his large cock. Mike was ready to move on, “Turn around and put your head on the pillow.” Roni obediently did as requested. She knew exactly what he wanted and raised her ass up for him, spreading her knees apart in the process.
Mike looked at me and nodded his head toward Roni’s offering, “You don’t mind do you?”
I was excited about her desire to take him again, “Not at all…She’s pretty much begging for it.”
He laughed, “Yeah…pretty much.”
Roni lay contently on the pillow as Mike got on his knees behind her. I moved closer so I could watch him enter her. He reached a hand down and rubbed her pussy a few times with his hand. He looked at me, “Wow does she always get this wet.”
“Always” I lied.
He took the swollen head and rubbed it against her slickness. Roni moaned with desire. I watched excitedly as he pressed the head inside. It was amazing to see her little pussy swallow his girth. I watched speechless as he slid half of his cock inside her and then slowly withdrew. “Damn she is tight.” He pushed a little deeper the next time and Roni moaned. He pulled out and went even deeper the third time. By the fifth time he was completely inside of her. She moaned with every thrust. Once he was able to get the full length inside he picked up his pace and began to fuck her. It was incredible what he was doing to her pussy. I loved watching her lips being pulled out as he withdrew, just to be forced back inside as he slid the full length back inside her. Roni rose up on her arms and began forcing herself back against his hardness. Mike grabbed her hips and helped her. It only took about thirty seconds until they were fucking with full force.
I watched him fuck her for a short while. The sight of such a large cock entering my wife excited me tremendously. My own cock was so hard now that it ached. I wanted some of the attention that she was giving Mike, so I walked around to her face and got on my knees in front of her. Not missing a beat she took me in her mouth. She was now rocking back and forth between the two of us. Every time he slammed his cock into her he would pull her hips against himself which would pull my cock away from her mouth and as he withdrew he would push her forward, forcing my cock completely inside her mouth. She was constantly moaning on my cock , the sensation was incredible. I watched as her body swung back and forth between the two of us like an erotic pendulum. I reached a hand down and grabbed a breast…Roni moaned even louder. I caught movement from the corner of my eye and looked over to see Josh stroking his cock as he watched the three of us together. I wasn’t sure when he had returned, but having him watch us only added to the excitement.
After only a few minutes Roni pushed me away, “I’m going to cum!”
She pressed her ass into Mike and moaned loudly. Mike reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling backward roughly. He shoved his cock completely inside and held it there, grinding his hips against her. He was pulling her hair so hard that her head was tilted backward; the look on her face was one of total ecstasy. He owned her at that moment. I watched as her whole body began to shake uncontrollably. She screamed, “OH GOD…..” and then collapsed onto the pillow as her body began to convulse in another orgasm. Mike released her hair and moved his hand back to her hips, using both hands to keep his cock firmly inside of her. I could see his hips twitching as he kept his cock imbedded in her quivering pussy. Roni let out another wail that I’m sure all of the neighbors heard and then fell silent. Her body shook uncontrollably. I watched as Mike’s lower stomach began to spasm and realized that he was dumping his load deep inside of her… what the fuck! Angrily I walked toward him.
No sooner had I got to where Mike was standing that I noticed that Josh had walked over and was standing over Roni now, still stroking himself aggressively. I looked up just in time to see him shoot a small deposit in her hair. And as if she hadn’t been degraded enough, he milked his cock until he was dry, dribbling the last few drops on her face as she lay motionless. I just shook my head in annoyance and turned my attention to Mike.
He didn’t acknowledge me. He was still focused on Roni’s pussy. After a few more long strokes he pulled out. I was watching as his cock slowly slid from her pussy and was horrified by the amount of semen that oozed out behind it.
“What the hell Mike!”
“Sorry dude, I couldn’t help it.”
“Not a problem, isn’t that what you said…Not a Problem Buddy!”
“Sorry man…I got a little carried away….but she is on birth control …right?”
“That’s not the point, I didn’t want either one of you to leave your cum inside of her!”
Mike released her hips and she folded onto the blanket with her legs spread and her drenched pussy fully visible. His cum continued to ooze out, “Look at the mess you made.”
“I’m really sorry dude….I’ll clean her up.”
He abruptly left and headed toward the kitchen. He returned shortly with some paper towels. He got on his knees and started gently cleaning her wrecked pussy. Roni lay motionless as he removed his deposit.
When he was finished she rolled onto her back smiling reluctantly at me, “He came inside me didn’t he?”
I was furious, “Yes…he did.”
“It felt amazing!”
I looked at her with Josh’s cum still on her cheek, trying hard to keep my composure, “So you’re okay with that?”
“It was bound to happen sooner or later.”
She was smiling seductively at me and I didn’t know exactly what that was supposed to mean. I completely forgot my follow-up question when she bent her knees and spread her legs, “Your turn.”
My God, the girl was still ready for more. The most we had ever made love in one day was four times, that was on our honeymoon and that was in a fourteen hour span. This would be the third time in thirty minutes, the forth in three hours…I had to admire her stamina.
I tried to regain my composure. As I was trying to calm myself I took notice of her body. Other than the slight redness around her mouth, chest and thighs she seemed to have come through this pretty unscathed, “Wipe the cum off your face please.” She was unaware that it was even there, “Where?”
I pointed to the right side of her face and she used the blanket to clean it, “Better?”
“Yes, and can you do something about the load Mike left in you.”
She pulled the blanket between her legs and wiped her vagina, “There all clean now.”
I knew good and well that there was still more waiting inside and was pissed that Mike’s cum was still in my wife. But when she placed a hand on her pussy and spread it open I forgot all about it. She teased me, “Come on sweetheart…I’ll make it worth your while.” Roni motioned toward my noticeable erection, “Do you want to use that on me now”. She giggled, “I did promise that all three of you could fuck me tonight…I’m just saying.” It was the seductive smile that finally got me. She looked way too sexy to turn down so I laughed with her, “Well it would be nice if I actually got to have sex with my wife.”
She spread her legs wider and rubbed her pussy, “Then fuck me so I can go to bed.” Not exactly the most exciting thing to hear, but at least she was willing to let me have my turn.
I knew her pussy was so well used that it would be much looser than what I was used to, but I had an incredible desire to be inside of her. I know it’s an old cliché, but… I needed to reclaim her. I needed to make her pussy mine again.
She held her legs open waiting for me to enter her. Her pussy looked like a burst water balloon, She was red and swollen and her inner lips were partially exposed from the trauma recently inflicted upon it. I climbed on top of her and slid my aching cock into her sloppy pussy without mercy. I was determined to fuck her brains out like Mike had just done. I would show Josh and Mike the proper way to fuck my wife!
My cock slid in with no effort, I bottomed out on the first stroke. Roni lay on her back looking at the ceiling as I began the gallant act of re-claiming her. She was so wet and stretched that I’m sure she couldn’t even tell that I was inside of her. The look of disinterest on her face was obvious; I kept waiting for her to ask Josh to grab a nail file for her so she could do her nails while she waited for me to finish.
I moved my legs to the outside of hers and forced her legs together. This had the effect I was looking for. It pinched her pussy closed and I could now feel her lips rubbing tightly against my cock.
I started fucking her briskly.
Having her legs pressed together forced my cock directly against her clit. My rapid movement began to stimulate her again. She finally took notice that I was inside her, “Oh Baby that feels good.”
I continued my work.
She began playing with my hair, “Did you enjoy watching them fuck me?”
I stayed focused on my task, “It was incredible!”
“I can’t believe we actually did it!”
“I loved watching you.”
“I’m so happy that I made Josh cum….he has such a nice cock….It reminds me a lot of yours…except his is a little fatter than yours.” She knew the effect this talk would have on me. She was taunting me, which turned me on even more.
“And Mike….my God…he is huge!”
“You took all of him…”
“It felt really good once I had it inside me, he gave me the biggest orgasm of my life!”
“And he came in you.”
“That was nice….feeling his cock throb inside me was amazing.”
“You’re going to make me cum.”
“I think we should do this again sometime…”
Hearing her make that suggestion pushed me over the edge and made me forget about all the mixed emotions I’d had earlier, “Oh Yes, we will do it again… ”
“But next time I will be in charge, you have opened my eyes to a whole new world.”
I came so hard that my whole body shook; it felt like my nuts were going to shoot up into my stomach.
I fell limply on top of her as she gently rubbed my hair until I recovered.
When I had come back to reality I rolled off of her and stared blankly at the ceiling, thinking of everything that had just happened. Had I really just let two guys fuck my wife…Yep I had, both of them put their dicks inside of her, that is the definition of fucking…oh man….and I had thoroughly enjoyed watching them do it…what in the fuck is wrong with me. Who lets somebody else have sex with their wife, what does Roni think of her husband now? But then I thought about how excited she had been all night, never turning down any request that we made. Maybe she was the one who had actually made this happen, did we just make her fantasy come true? She did just admit that she wants to do it again….It was pretty clear that she had been waiting for this opportunity to arise… what a revelation. I realized then that her grabbing Mike’s cock the night before maybe wasn’t so innocent after all. But I’m sure it happened much sooner than she had expected. No wonder she was so willing to get naked when I asked, she knew where it would lead…because she was taking us there. I shouldn’t be upset…we both got what we wanted. But for some reason it bothered me.
When I sat up, Josh was looking at me, “Are you okay dude?”
“Yeah I was just thinking about… everything.”
“Yeah…and we get to do it again!”
Oh crap he had heard what Roni had said. “Well we’ll see how she feels tomorrow.” In a whisper I added, “She’s a little drunk right now.”
He reached a hand down and helped me to my feet. Roni was already standing. I didn’t know how long I had been zoned-out but it must have been for a while. Roni was talking to Mike. She gave him a hug and then turned to Josh, “Thanks Josh, this has been awesome…I’m going to get in the shower, I have to work in the morning…see you soon.”
She hugged him and left the room. I noticed the cum in her hair as she walked away. Mental note…make sure she washes her hair before bed.
I stood looking at the two of them, feeling embarrassed and guilty. I had just encouraged my wife to fuck both of them. And I had allowed them to enjoy her body for their own enjoyment… My God, I had let them play with her tits, taste her pussy and each of them had just fucked her, not to mention the fact that they both had put their cocks in her mouth…quite a few times. And now, thanks to Roni, they think that this is going to happen again. I felt ashamed and didn’t know what to say to them.
Josh spoke up, “Dude we’re going home, I know you and Roni probably want to be alone.”
He reached out to shake my hand. When I took it he pulled me closer and hugged me with the other arm. He said in a low voice, “Thanks man…this has been awesome!”
Mike stepped over and put a hand on my back. I turned to look at him.
“Man I don’t know what to say….I’m sorry that I couldn’t control myself earlier, but don’t worry I’m clean, I’ve never had an STD. Next time I’ll bring my own condoms.” I just nodded my head dumbly.
Mike continued,” But most of all I want you to know that this has been one of the best days of my life…thanks for everything.”
I still didn’t quite know how to respond, I simply replied, “You’re welcome.”
I stared blankly at them for a second then added, “I’m getting in the shower with Roni. Could you guys lock up when you leave?”
Mike smiled, “Not a problem, we’ll see you guys later.”
I avoided eye contact as I headed toward the bathroom and my freshly fucked wife.

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