Wife Try sex play with a black guy

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My wife Beth confided in me one of her favourite
fantasies. To be held down and ravished, preferably by
a big black man. She emphasised that it was only a
fantasy as she wouldn’t want to have intercourse with
anyone other than myself under any circumstances.

‘Maybe you would like to act out something along those

‘If it was acting it wouldn’t work,’ she replied.

I went on to suggest. ‘Why not have a real scenario
where you would be really forced but it would be
prearranged that the limits were feeling and sucking
your breasts and maybe finger fucking you.’

She brightened up at that suggestion; I could see that
I made a good suggestion.

‘But how could we guarantee that the man would stop at
that?’ she asked.

‘You did say you wanted it to be a black man.’

‘Well it doesn’t have to be but it would be more
exciting if it was.’

‘I have this friend at work, Dave, he’s well over 6ft
tall and really looks threatening but actually he is a
very nice guy. Maybe I could ask him if he would like
to help out.’

‘Do you think he would? But how about afterwards,
wouldn’t it be embarrassing for you to go on working
with him?’

‘No! We often have discussions about sex and I know he
is open minded.’

‘Oh you do, do you!’ She said with a mischievous grin.

‘Well shall I ask him?’

‘The idea of being forced by a stranger does really
excite me. It would have to be as a ‘stranger’ that it
happens. I wouldn’t want to meet him before or after.
That would spoil it.’

‘So you want me to arrange it?’

‘Yes please! But don’t tell me anything about it, I
want it to seem really real, so I don’t want to know
any details!’


I asked Dave what he thought about the idea and he was
all for it. He hadn’t been getting much at home lately
so was all for a bit of an adventure. We thought the
best idea would be in a porn movie theatre. So it was
all arranged for the Friday night at 8pm.

I suggested to Beth that we go to see a blue movie; it
may give her some more ideas for fantasies. She looked
askance at me, I suppose she was guessing this might be
the set up for her ‘forced sexing’ but she didn’t make
any comment, she just agreed to go.

We got to the theatre just before 8pm, inside our eyes
took a while to adjust to the darkness but as we
entered the back row, Beth turned to me.

‘This is it, isn’t it? There’s a black man sitting

I could just make out that there was someone there but
as there was a dark scene on at that moment it was a
bit difficult to see. Then she startled me by her next

‘Would you mind Darling if I sit here alone, it will
make me feel more vulnerable if I know you are not next
to me to protect me. And as it is all arranged, I will
be safe.’

‘OK! If that’s what you want. I could do with going to
the toilet anyway.’

With that I turned round and went toward the exit. I
took a quick look back and saw that she had sat down
with one empty seat between her and Dave.

I took my time at the toilet, and then I wandered
around the foyer looking at adverts for future movies.
After about 15 minutes I decided to sneak in and watch
the action, if in deed there was any. I got an instant
hard on at what I saw. Beth had her eyes closed and her
blouse fully opened. Dave had….. What! It wasn’t
Dave. It was some strange black guy I had never seen

This guy had his right arm around Beth’s shoulders
holding her right wrist in a steel grip. His left hand
was pulling hard on her right nipple as he sucked the
other one.

I sat down next to her and tried to get her attention,
‘Beth! Beth!’ I called to her as I kept tapping her
arm. The black guy looked up at me.

‘Fuck off Honky!’ Was all he said then went back to
sucking her tit. Beth was lost in a world of her own.
She was obviously deep into her fantasy. She was
moaning quietly under the strangers manipulations.

Just then another black guy sitting next to him, whom I
hadn’t noticed till he reached around the first guy and
slid his hand up Beth’s thigh. ‘Hey I can’t reach!’
With that the first guy lifted Beth as though she was a
rag doll, and threw her across his knees.

He pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties down and
started to finger fuck her. Beth’s moans got really
loud; she obviously loved this rough treatment. Just
then I heard her gagging and choking. I stood up to try
to see what was going on but couldn’t quite see, so I
went to the row in front and sat turned around. The
second guy had her by the hair and was pulling her head
up and down on his black cock. Now and then she would
gasp for breath as her head came up but on the downward
thrust the cock was obviously going deep into her

Just then the first guy stood up and turned sideways on
to me as he lined himself up behind Beth, he lifted her
up by the hips so her feet were well off the floor and
just rammed his cock up her cunt before I could say
anything. She was that juiced up that his cock,
although quite large, had no trouble entering her cunt.

Just then I felt a tap on the shoulder, it was Dave.

‘Sorry I’m late, had car trouble!’ he said as he sat
down. ‘I see you started without me! I thought there
was to be no fucking?’

‘I didn’t get much to say about it. I went to the loo
thinking it was you in the back row and when I got back
this guy was already sucking her tits.’

‘Oh! Sorry, couldn’t be helped.’ He was speaking to me
but watching my wife in action in the row behind. Just
then the first guy started to moan as he was shooting
his cum up my darling Beth’s cunt. A few thrust and he
pulled out letting her drop to the floor, wiped his
cock with a hanky and turned and left. Dave jumped up
and over the seats; he knelt behind Beth and shoved his
dick up her cum filled cunt.

‘No point in letting a hot cunt go to waste!’ He said
to me as he started to thrust into her in earnest. Just
then the second guy started to cum in her mouth. Beth
was coughing and spluttering as the guy kept forcing
his cock into her throat with each spurt of cum.

When he finished he likewise just stood up and let her
drop to the floor. This didn’t put Dave off his stroke
as he too added a load of cum up my Beth’s cunt.

I could see other guys taking an interest and gathering
around. ‘Dave we better get her out of here before any
more men start on her.’

‘OK!’ He replied as he was wiping his cock on Beth’s
skirt. We stood her up as best we could. It was as
though she were drunk, and half carried her out to the
foyer then into the gent’s toilet so that I could make
an attempt at cleaning her up a bit.

Dave stood behind her taking her weight and holding up
her skirt in front as I knelt in front of her with
toilet paper in hand ready to clean her. But I just
stared at her red raw cunt with loads of cum oozing out
between her luscious pussy lips.

‘Go on!’ said Dave. ‘You know you want to lick it!’

‘Wha…’ I was saying as he eased her forward and her
wonderful pussy was right in my face, without even
thinking I started licking and slurping away. This
action wasn’t wasted on Beth, she stared to moan and
her hands reached behind my head and pulled me into her
sloppy cunt. I licked and licked and oh the joy I felt
hearing her climax in my mouth.

Needless to say, this was the start of many a gangbang.
Beth can’t get enough of being ‘Used’ and I love
cleaning her up.

We were made for each other.

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