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Wife with an older white co-worker

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I met Anupama four years ago when she was seventeen and had just arrived in California to study. I had just finished studying IT and her brother, who was my close friend in India asked me to look after her. Anu is a very beautiful girl, fair skinned, about 5’3″, long black hair, perfect figure 34C-24-35, thick lips and a sexy smile. I quickly fell in love and all my friends were jealous when we got married last year after her graduation. I recently started working for a major Texan manufacturing company. Being a new employee and set to impress my bosses, I am usually among the last to leave the factory. My workplace being some distance away from home, and having just one car between us, Anu drives me to and from work, while she uses the car during the day.

About three weeks ago, I was walking back to the car park after work, a bit earlier than usual, past the dispatch office when I heard some unfamiliar noises. Curious, I peeked into the manager’s office through a gap in the blinds. After a boring day at the office, I was delighted to see some live fucking action going on in there. I could see the side view some chick bent over the desk and Mal, the sales dispatch manager was fucking her hard from behind. She wore heels, her jeans were bunched up at the ankles and the top removed, her head down and ass high up while he grabbed her hair with his left hand and played around the asshole with his right hand. I could see that they were well into the session and he was pumping her hard and fast while she bit the back of her hand to keep quiet. I was really aroused and looked around, seeing that there was no one around, decided to look some more.

Mal suddenly grabbed her long hair with both hands and lifted her head up. My heart sank to the floor; the old bastard was fucking my beautiful young wife. And she was enjoying it too. She was biting her lips and moaning loud and squeezing her left tit hard. I think she was coming. How dare he, the arrogant bastard, who wouldn’t even acknowledge me at work. And my wife, I thought she was so pure. I wanted to barge in and stop the session, but was too ashamed. What would I tell them? How would I get back at work? What if the others found out? And worse, how would I face my wife? Would I have to leave her?

I just froze and kept watching. Mal kept pumping hard and slapped Anu’s ass very hard, one hand at a time. He then proceeded spit onto her asshole and inserted the middle finger of his right hand into it. Anu clenched her bum in pain. Nothing had entered there before. Yet he kept inserting his finger faster and faster while fucking her hard and fast, making waves on her beautiful bottom.

Suddenly, Mal pulled her down on her knees and rubbed his cock all over her face. The short, forty-something Mal had a long thick cock. It was about 8 and half inches long and pretty thick. He must have stretched her tight pussy pretty good. He then inserted his cock between her thick painted lips and grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth. He was going faster and faster and deeper with every thrust. How helpless my Anu looked with her lips stretched and fucked like a pussy and her big brown eyes staring up at the savage bastard. He just kept thrusting away without care and suddenly shivered hard but kept pumping her mouth while he came. He must have cum a lot as a lot of semen overflowed from her mouth though he had more than half of his cock inside. After a few more dick slaps to her face and lips, he pulled her up. she looked an absolute slut with sticky stuff all over her face. He whispered something into her ear, and she smiled back, little bitch! Then as he did his zipper and grinned with absolute satisfaction, she sexily walked towards the en-suite to clean herself.

I hurriedly ran to the car and pretended to wait. She came after five minutes and when I asked her where she’d been, she said she’d just been to the ladies room. I decided to act normal and let the incident pass, hoping that this was a one off thing. But worse was yet to come…

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