Wife’s Cheating Dilemma – Buster gets her again

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It had been several days after our “morning after” incident and things were getting at least somewhat back to normal. But all that had happened had sure as hell now changed my young wife’s total attitude and sexual desires. I tried to bring up the subject of it and she’d cut me off in a heartbeat and say “I just don’t want to talk about it!”

And in a way that meant she was pissed for my even saying a thing!

Anyway about a week or so later Snake Lady calls up and asks if we want to come over and drink a bit and party.

Well I had answered the phone and my wife was nowhere around at that moment so at last Snake Lady and I had our moment in the “sun” to talk.

And to make that conversation a long story short we discussed getting “Little Woman” back over there and see if she’d like to have some more of ol’ Buster!

What made it all even more disgustingly perverse as hell, was the very fact that Snake Lady had said “If you want I’ll even let you clean her out again” once he’s done.

Here I was again setting up for my “young wife” to be fucked by a “Rocky(D)!”

My emotions were running wild about it all, For on one hand I was so “disgusted” with myself for such thoughts; But on the other hand I wanted to see it again.

And having just heard Snake Lady ask if I wanted to creampie my wife again.

I felt like a true bewildered man, but beyond that I wanted it that way.

Soon after that conversation was over my wife was back and I ask her if she wanted to go and party at Snake Ladies and she’d called and ask us over.

I don’t know if it was her thoughts about the prior party, or her thinking about what “could” happen again if we did!

But the look in her eyes as we talked said her mind was thinking and no doubt I saw a gleam of “desire” in them. Oh she acted all concerned about it all, oh yeah she played the part well. The little miss oh I’m so innocent shit, But in those eyes that “glow” of desire told of it all.

So after her saying she’d like to “but” she’d get into that she didn’t trust Snake Lady anymore, and damn I wonder why.

And the sad part of that conversation was the fact the whole damn time we were talking about that, My mind was in total “desire” of it’s own. I was envisioning my wife on all fours her cute little butt in the air and being fucked the daylights out of by “Buster!”

A normal man should not have such thoughts how could he? That’s just wrong and just to be with your wife and having thoughts in your mind about her best friends “Rocky(D)” giving her pleasure no man can match.

I guess what really made all of this fall into place was the fact that at long last and set out with my “devious” ass plan to get even with my wife for fucking around behind my back.

Of course the whole of it was that I had not in any way shape or form even set up with Snake Lady for her own pet “Rocky(D)” to be involved in our devious plan.

That was all Snake Lady’s doings right there, and not one thing of mine!

But I had loved the hell out of it.

And even worse was the sick fact that I had sucked the entire load left in my wife the very next morning.

Anyway my wife agreed to go over there and party though having qualms about it and said “We can have a few drinks and then come home” which I guess meant more that she was going to be social and show no hard feelings for the shit we’d done to her the last time.

Though she really recalled most none of it except that she had remembered little bits and pieces of it all. And no doubt that the one she damn well remembered most of all was Buster fucking her.

If I even mentioned his name she’d instantly give a shudder all over as if the mere mention of his name brought back every bit of her pleasure from him.

So we end up at Snake Ladies and the instant that Buster pranced into the damn living room to get his usual I’ve gotta’ have a petting from all guest thing.

My wife’s eyes opened like there was fear of hell and back in them! She was absolutely “looking at him” and shaking all over.

One thing for certain was Snake Lady caught onto it fast and said “don’t worry little woman he knows when to be good!”

So at last the air settled so to say and we were all just drinking and talking and deciding whether to play some music and bullshit or crank up a game of cards or yahtzee.

One thing for certain is that I got this feeling inside that somehow I wasn’t what was even on their minds in the least.

It was as if that they wanted to talk alone and with the fact added I guess that Snake Lady was looking at me and pointing her eyes to the kitchen that I got the hint and announced I was empty and going for another beer and of course was told get me one while your in there.

So I went into the kitchen non hurriedly to get things but so wanting to know what they were talking about in private.

The fact that the kitchen was partitioned off from the living room was partly the reason why I couldn’t see them or hear them and added as well was the fact that the kitchen itself was a good bit away from the living room since it was an older home and had huge rooms.

Well I sat at the breakfast bar and had another beer all to myself to give them the space and time to talk alone, as women need to do sometimes.

So I had downed that one and got another and made mixed drinks for the ladies (crown and coke) and went back into the living room to find Snake Lady sitting next to my wife on the sofa and talking softly to her and holding her hand.

It was more in the fashion I guess of her consoling my wife than anything it seemed.

Now what she was discussing I had absolutely no idea but even my coming back into the room made not one bit of difference to them in the least.

And even as I sat their drinks down for them they were still talking to each other now in fact whispering more or less in each others ear whatever it was they were discussing.

One things for certain is that my wife, was shivering all over, and acting as if she was scared in some way as Snake Lady and she continued their little whisper in my ear and I’ll in yours discussion a few more moments then and only then did either even acknowledge my being even in the room!

I wasn’t jealous or upset about it at all just had this feeling that somehow I was being left out more than anything I guess.

Anyway both looked at me and said thanks so much for mixing us a drink and Snake Lady said; “Damn! I wish I had a man like you got Little Woman.”

That seemed to ease my feeling of being put aside, and of course lessened the atmosphere as we all got a chuckle out of it.

And my wife saying yeah he’s good for a few things.

But her tone of voice about it was in the fact that somehow in my mind the instantaneous thought was yeah I was good for one thing alright and that was to be the man that got to suck cum from her cunt after a male Rocky(D) had plugged her good.

At that point we just sat there having our drinks and of course after several rounds of my tending to their drinking needs, My wife got up and went to the bathroom and the moment she disappeared Snake Lady motioned to me to lean over to her as she said;

“She wants some more of Buster!!”

She then said just relax and kick back and let me get her into the mood and just more or less be off to the side and soon your going to see your woman in true desire and not all fucked up like last time, but in her real true desire of being pleasured! And this time you can stay and watch it all.


My beautiful young Spanish wife had now returned from the bathroom to join Snake Lady and I alike on the couch.

Sitting now right between the two of us and absolutely just all but guzzled her drink down and handed me the empty glass of which I got up and fixed them another round making it a touch stronger as if that was needed for anything except I guess my thinking I had any control over the situation and thinking more along the lines of loosening everyone up even more.

Well I certainly had no justification of anything except being a man servant at this point. Because my entry back into the living room said it all.

Because there before my wife was Buster and he wasn’t there for anything else but to get this show on the damn road.

Because he was sitting obedient as hell right there nearly between my wife’s legs. And Snake Lady right there beside her leaning over and saying “Do You Want Him?”

My wife sitting there shaking in fear and yet as if it was some more than that “showing” of mixed lust, and fear: And even more into the moment was the fact now on the stereo playing throughout the room was “who’s crying now” by Journey. And even now as I hear that damn song my instant flashback is to that moment and that very time of my life.

And Snake Lady was waiting for the answer from my beautiful young Spanish wife… And hell for that damn matter I sure as hell was to.

“Would she really come out of her shell?”

“Would she finally succumb to her pent up desire?”

These were the instantaneous thoughts running like a marathon through my mind! As all that could be heard beside the music in the room was none other than there right before my wife’s trembling body was Buster and his heavy panting acting like he was damn well in heat himself!

And I mean that in the honest thought and action of it all.

He had his big ol’ head cocked right ass up looking right at my wife; his huge ass tongue hanging from his mouth as he panted like this as if he was teasing my wife with the thought of that long ass dangling tongue being up inside her pussy.

Hell it had to be that because I swear my young wife was sitting right there and looking right at him sitting before her awaiting her decision to speak out about her “desire” for him!

The total whole moment of it all was in some strange aurora of it all as if time had stood still and all frozen in that moment. I was glued to the floor frozen in my moment of hearing the news my deepest desire had been awaiting.

Snake Lady was sitting there frozen in the moment trying to get my wife to open her closet door of desires.

And my wife sitting there frozen in her moment looking at Buster and her body trembling in “desire” and “fear” as her eyes showed beyond one damn doubt that no matter if she’d said “hell no get me out of here” there would have been no convincing me of anything but that she wanted him!

She wanted Buster to fuck her… to pleasure her…To fill her up with his hot cum!!

And at last the silence was broken as she shuddered all over and shakily said, “I do, but, I DON’T!”

The very obvious fear and desire speaking in tone and way of saying it.

Snake Lady just looked at my wife and then reached up and used her open hand to pull my wife’s head to her and said, “You don’t have to be scared, or afraid, and this is between us and us alone!”

My wife had this look of wanting to do it so damn bad yet we were going to know her one true personal desire that are the hidden of hidden kind. The ones we all bury and will not talk to anyone about.

As Snake Lady just “looked” up at me still delicately holding my wife’s chin in her hand as if in some seductive way no doubt really true in that manner.

And said, “I know damn well your little woman wants some.

But she’s afraid you’ll freak the fuck out on her!”

My wife just turned her head to me as if in some way of all but pleading with her expression and that desire, oh that deep desire, I’d seen all to well in her eyes.

Trying to gather herself together to even speak, to even breathe, and most of all to fully succumb to her final deepest desire of the most perverse thing known to man about, bestiality.

Now we in our world of it are at ease with our feelings and our desires of it.

But… Out in the real world… it’s hidden as hell, covered up to no end with a pile of dirt over that buried desire.

This was “her” first ever time here, with her innocence “bewildered” “broken” “destroyed” and being laid to rest and the “new” aspect of her desire “opened” and “exposed” in depth that was raking the bottom of the barrel of it.

She just continued looking at me in that manner and at last seemed to have gathered herself together with her “feelings” and her “desire” and had absolute “tears” welling up in her eyes as we seemed in that moment to study each others soul! And from the depths of our eyes, and our love for each other. As she finally said in a tone of speaking in that all but crying manner, “WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME?”

I didn’t waste a damn moment in response and said “Yes!”

At that very moment my answer occurred Snake Lady just said “See I told You!”

It was as if now time had unfrozen itself and we were back into the moment of time and life because Snake Lady let go of my wife’s chin stood up and said, “Help me move this coffee table!”

After sitting their freshly made drinks onto it She and I grabbed the coffee table and moved it totally to the side leaving the whole of the front of the sofa my tender young beautiful wife sat at and awaiting her pleasure like a drugged virgin awaiting her sacrifice to a god or being.

And there before her sitting obediently waiting to have his pleasure with her was her being alright; it was “Buster” Snake Ladies Rocky(D)!

The two of them sitting there before each other knowing each wanted the others pleasure, while, Snake Lady and I had moved the coffee table to clear the “altar” to clear the “way” for the two of them to absolutely “mate!”

As Snake Lady returned back over to the sofa Buster looking up at her as if “awaiting” her to give him a “command” a go ahead!

As his head followed her every movement closer to my wife sitting there and staring off into never never land her eyes fallen onto the carpet on the floor as if fixated on something in it, yet, was nothing more than her mind deep into inner thoughts and the whole of the world shut out.

Snake Lady just stood there beside my wife and looked at me and said “O.k.” paused and then said; “How do we go about this now?” continuing with as she looked down at my wife saying; “Do U want your man and I to undress you or what Little Woman?”

And then said as she looked at me, “Give your woman her drink she needs it bad!”

My wife hung in her head in deepest thoughts, had yet to move or speak as I handed the drink to Snake Lady, who help it now right before my wife who just finally snapped out of it looked at the drink grabbed it and began to guzzle it down like it was mere water from the faucet in a manner like being in the desert and thirsting so and at last water was available and she had it gone in a moments notice.

Snake Lady just said “damn woman” and handed me the glass and gestured I go refill it. So as I turned to do so Snake Lady sat back down beside my wife, and was looking at her as I disappeared to get more ambition sauce, more “altar” drug, and going through the doorway

I could hear their soft conversation hearing Snake Lady saying “how do U want to do this?”

And only heard my wife’s all but mumbling something back in response as I was now gone from the scene and gone from the room and in a hurried manner to get her drink made and back to be every moment a presence of this and for this. And believe me I made this one strong as hell.


As I was returning to the living room with another round of freshly made drinks for the ladies and me another beer, I was starting to hear the discussion between my young beautiful Spanish wife and Snake Lady.

As I made my way back through the dinning room and at last into the living room placing my beer and Snake Ladies mixed drink on the moved coffee table, and gave my wife’s drink to Snake Lady who had already offered a hand out for it and gave it to my trembling with desire and fear young wife.

Who grabbed and absolutely gulped it down again as I got it back and placed it on the coffee table as well.

Snake Lady now was saying “That’s enough drink for you Little Woman!”

“I don’t want you to drunk, to not remember this fully like last time.”

My wife sitting there shuddering all over from both her minds thoughts and the fact that the drink I had made her was stout as hell.

And no doubt that already the others were already hitting her pretty good and this last one was the final over the edge for her.

Snake Lady wasted not one damn moment now as she said, “Ok. little woman time to stand up and get undressed and ready!”

My beautiful young wife just stood up and in her state of mind along with her being so shaky she was wobbling about to get her feet under her so to speak.

As I now sat down in the chair and watched as she stood and “looked” first at me, then, at Snake Lady, and then, at Big ol’ Buster still sitting there obedient as ever.

As she shakily grabbed her blouse and lifted it up and over her head and Snake Lady took it and tossed it to the side, leaving Little Woman now standing in her tiny little bra and shorts, her perky little breast standing out in her white bra clearly.

While she then reached and unsnapped her bra and took it off giving it to Snake Lady as well as it was tossed to join her blouse.

Leaving her standing there now topless, her golden brown skin and breast, so beautifully showing, with her “nipples” full and hard in a no doubt soft of turned on way. Her breast were tiny size 28A but firm and beautiful. Dark brown and full of “wanton” lust!

Snake Lady just looked at them licking her lips in a fashion that said she wanted some more of sucking them! She had gotten my wife’s tiny breast fully up into her mouth!

As she said, “Damn Little Woman you like a barely budding out woman!”

And no doubt it was the damn truth because my wife looked young as hell anyway and with her mere height of 4′ ft. 8″ tall, and her breast size and small body shape just made her look that damn young.

My wife now feeling the affects of the mixed drinks hitting in full strength now just shivered all over and “blushed” as Snake Lady was beyond a doubt wanting to just move her head over and give her “brown colored” breast one hell of a sucking and playing with.

And in fact Snake Lady now said, “I’d love to suck those little titties of yours!”

Which made my wife shiver all over as she stood there before us already half naked with just two more items to go! Her shorts, and her panties!

Of which Snake Lady then said, “Come on Little Woman let’s get the rest off and see you fully naked!”

As my wife just reached and unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them and let them fall from her panty clad hips as they crumpled at her ankles, and she just stepped right out of them and Snake Lady took them and tossed them over on top her blouse, and bra.

As now she slid her tiny hands and fingers into her panties and lowered them down working them down to her ankles and off as Snake Lady took them and tossed them over with the other clothing.

Snake Lady smiling evily said; You won’t be needing your clothes for a long time to come!

Busters going to eat and fuck your little hot pussy until you will pass out from the orgasms he will give you!!

My wife shook all over in the complete lust of in her mind seeing and feeling Busters big hot

Rocky(D) cock up in her.

Now leaving my beautiful browned skinned wife totally naked before us now, her beautiful round little butt in its firm rounded state made her look so damn young, as well was the way her narrow hips showed and small waist.

With her black mound of pubic hair giving the only indication she was a full pledged woman besides the very little way her belly showed of her having given birth to three.

I know it seemed as if it was all Snake Lady could do from not wanting to plow right in, and get at that beautiful pussy of hers!

As even ol’ Buster was sitting there looking directly at what was going to his to pleasure soon as his panting and his big tongue hanging from his mouth gave the damn impression he was sure as hell thinking how good that” tight little pussy” would taste having his tongue buried all up in it again!

As Snake Lady just reached and “grabbed” her hand and pulled her right back onto the sofa, landing her trying to catch herself as Snake Lady then looked over at me and said,

“Get over here Wild Man and let’s get your woman’s legs opened and get this going!”

I got up paraded over to the sofa sat on the other side of my wife who now was totally trying to gather herself from Snake Lady just pulling her, onto her naked ass, and right onto the couch. As Snake Lady now grabbed one leg and said, “Grab her other leg and we’ll have to hold them open!”

So I like Snake Lady grabbed her legs just behind her knees and pulled them widely out and pushed them up at the same time holding her wide open now before Buster.

Who was pantingly, and obediently sitting and awaiting for this to happen.

I could feel my young wife shivering and shaking as we had done all this in such a whirl and had made her ass even line up at the edge of the sofa, leaving her hairy cuntal mound wide open for Buster’s soon to be tongue assault.

As my young wife was trying her best to get herself under control and now pleading out “NO! NOT LIKE THIS!”

I think more in the tone of her minds pleading it out yet her desire to be taken was more what her body wanted. Her head twisting and moving side to side as she pleaded out in that manner.

As Snake Lady just looked across at me and said in a more ordering manner, “You better kiss her and take her mind off my getting him to do it.”

I just leaned my head over and at last sought out her turning and pleading face and began to kiss her deeply as I felt her entire body shiver and shudder.

Snake Lady now said, “Here boy!” And in an instant as I finally was able to get her lips and mine together she opened her mouth wide as I plowed my tongue into her mouth as she gave out a loud “Nnnnnggghh!” through our kiss and her whole body jerked wildly and crazily.

And an instant of that happening it was as if she all but bit my damn tongue as her mouth clamped down as she cried out.

And she at that very moment just “flung” her head back breaking our kiss and screamed out, just as I looked down to see Buster was now shoving his huge thick black tongue flatly right over her entire cuntal lips and licking her from asshole to the tip of her clit in swipe of his huge tongue.

As her head was thrashing about and she was crying out, “OHHH FUCK!” as her body twisted and jerked all over her ass even trying to match her bodies wild movement as Busters huge tongue swiped over her cunt lips.

Her legs even shaking and moving as he gave her the first lick.

Snake Lady and I alike held her shaking twisting legs open as her whole body twisted and rocked as Buster was now licking repeatedly across the whole of her cunt and each time my wife would give a loud gruntal moan as he began to hone in on really licking the hell out of her pussy. And lick he did!

Suddenly her head flew back wildly and she about kicked loose of our holding her legs so open as I and Snake Lady alike watched as her huge half rottie and pitbull male Rocky(D) was now forcing his huge thick tongue into my wife’s cunt.

Making it stretch as open as it could to accept the huge muscle of pleasure as my young wife was pleading and crying out “OH FUCK YESSSS! FUCK ME!”

As Buster forced the huge tip of his tongue inside her making her pussy open up for his huge tongue as he slid it back out making my wife give out a loud and relieved moan only to have her cry out again as his huge tongue “plowed” right back up into her driving and pushing itself even deeper! Her dark black cunt hairs now began to matt up with soaking wetness!

As now her whole body was twisting and rocking about even her ass was thrashing about as ol’ Buster was making her small pussy “accept” his huge tongue of pleasure as each driving lap into her now was going deeper and deeper.

Only a mere couple of inches had succeeded in getting in so far but damn her cunt was stretched to the absolute max accepting such a curled up muscle of pleasure as her head was flinging about wildly now and her cries now were loud gruntal ahhhsss and nnnghhh each time he would pull it out and shoot it back.

Driving it like a “expanding” muscle into her as ever more of it sank up into her depths. Snake Lady making it even worse as she watched and I alike at his huge tongue driving into her and said, “Oh I know Little Woman it’s so big isn’t it!”

My beautiful young wife’s only response was an even louder grunting as now her breathing was becoming ever increasingly heaved with the pleasure and feel of it making her open and expand inside as he drove it in and out, the sounds now starting to getting wetter and wetter as it was damn obvious his huge driving tongue was driving her crazy.

And on it went until at last he had driven all he could into her depths and when he got as far as he could go!!

She really went bezerk and cried out, “OH FUCK YESSS!” and the moment he pulled it out curled up and now full of her juices her head flung back and her entire body shuddered and shook from head to foot as no doubt he was giving her the starting of a one powerful and mind altering orgasm.

Snake Lady knew all to damn well he had sank his damn huge tongue up inside my wife so far that he had touched the very “bottom” of her cunt as I could see as he drove as far into her as he could that what tongue was left out was being bunched up at the spread tight and clutching and now swelling with such lust and pleasure lips of her cunt.

As she all but lost her entire thought and being as he was now rapidly driving his huge tongue like runaway piston in and out of her pussies depths dragging her ever more increasing juices out as he was now stopping a moment to swallow it down and drive right back up inside her as far as he could plunge to get more.


As her legs and her body alike slumped into a all but lifeless form her legs feeling like dead weight in our holding hands and arms as her head had fallen back and lay limply hung behind her shoulders her long beautiful black hair strung all about as all we heard now were muffled and loud gruntal moans and groans as ol’ Buster was eating her pussy for all he was worth and the “sloppy” sound of it all getting ever louder.

Snake Lady just looked down at the action and back at me and said, “Now that’s how you eat fine pussy! And no man can do what he can!”

Why hell no there’s not a man that do what he was doing, shit that tongue was so fucking long and huge, that no man could even think of having such as that himself.

Buster just kept right on eating her out until at last the river of her juices had stopped as he was slowing his pussy licking pleasure as my young wife was breathing with such heavy breath, her head thrown wildly back, her beautiful body went limp with such a powerful pleasuring orgasm.

As Snake Lady now said, “Let’s put her legs down and let her come back to life and start again when she’s back into the world.”

So we dropped her limp legs onto the floor as Buster back away from her now gaped opened cunt that was covered in juice from her orgasm and his trying his best to lap it every single bit up.

Snake Lady just looked down at him and said, “Damn boy, you got that shit all over your mouth and nose!”

He had damn sure did that, and all the juices of my wife’s pussy all over it.

She just reached and gave him a pat on the head and said, “Good boy.

I bet you enjoyed the hell out of little woman’s tasty juices.”

And he just looked up at her and shook his hind end in his own saying, “Damn, thanks for letting me have some of that!”

And sat back down obediently licking the remnants of my wife’s juices off his snout and lips as my wife was slumped into the sofa, limpness, and all but lifeless, and her heavy breathing was all that gave us any indication she was even among the living.

Snake Lady just looked over at me and then said, “Wait till she gets his red hot cock up in her pussy. She’s going to really go crazy from that.”

No doubt about that as the last time I’d seen it all but in such different circumstances and surroundings altogether and the fact my wife, was so fucked up that time and hadn’t even in any way shape form or fashion shown the real reactions to it as she had this time and that was just from his eating her pussy with his huge tongue.

As the thoughts ran through my mind what she’d do “when” he was using his long red hot cock to pleasure her.

It seemed sometime before my wife began to gather herself back into the world lost in the space of orgasm so powerful she was all but knocked totally out!

She slowly began to come to life and finally at last back with us as all she did was give out “mmnnnnhhhh” sounds as she came back to life and now trying to sit up a bit and her eyes looked like they were in some other world of total pleasure and lust.

While Snake Lady and I caught up on our drinks and she handed me her empty glass and I left the room to get me another beer and her another drink.

I was hurrying as fast as I could to get our drinks and get right back to the show to see what and how long this was going to go on before my young beautiful Spanish wife was “mounted” and “fucked” by her best friends huge “Rocky(D)”!

As I hurriedly returned from my chore to see them both sitting there, my wife ever more back into the world and just looking right down at ol’ Buster shivering all over as her mind was recalling the “intense” licking he’d “just” given her pussy!

As I handed Snake Lady her drink and she said; “You better get Little Woman some water or something because I can tell u this she needs it from experience!”

My wife was just sitting there naked as hell still her legs now together as she was in some deep thoughts looking down at Buster sitting so obediently and parked just before her.

I got up and hurriedly returned with a big glass of water and handed it to her as she grabbed it her small hands and arms still shaking and trying to gain her strength and composure back and swigged it all down.

I returned to my seat and drank my beer in my own guzzle it down fashion getting myself back in order from my experience of watching the huge Rocky(D) go at her pussy like crazy.

We sat there for sometime without really saying anything to each other just each in our own fashion gathering ourselves back together.

When Snake Lady finally said; “so are u ready for the rest of it to begin?”

As she was looking at my young wife sitting there motionless and just staring down at Buster as her little shudders rushed through her and finally turned her head up her hair so long and beautifully black was thrown about like she’d been rolling in the grass with it and finally gasp out, “I-I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN TAKE ANYMOORE!”

Snake Lady just looked at her and said, “He damn sure

tongued you out really good little woman!” as that made

my wife shudder all over even more, As she was quiet as a mouse yet needed to say not a damn thing as it was damn obvious that was sure as hell right.

My wife at last finally said, “How do we do the rest?”

And Snake Lady just grabbed her shaky small hand in hers and was using it as a comfort tool I guess more than anything and said, “You’ll get down off the sofa and I’ll get a breeding pillow and put it on the floor and you put your knees on it so they don’t get carpet burns.”

“Then lay your upper body over on the sofa so your comfortable. Then spread your legs open and push that nice little brown ass of yours up in the air. And after I’ve socked his feet, he will mount you and fuck you!”

My wife just shuddered all over and I could see the instant fear run through her and it was the fear of doubt and the fear of lust all in one.

Snake Lady just got up off the sofa and said, “Come keep your little woman occupied while I get everything!”

So I got up and sat down beside my trembling young wife and she leaned over onto me as I held and comforted her in her “aftermath” of pleasure from the huge Rocky(D)s tongue as Snake Lady disappeared and getting the items needed for the next adventure of this all.

I just held my wife close and reached over and gave her a deep kiss as her passion was once again building and broke our kiss and looked into her lust filled eyes and said, “Was it good?”

And she just folded into my arms ever more and said, “Oh, it was out of this world,” His tongue was so big and long honey!” As her entire body shuddered and shivered from the thoughts of it and my discussing it with her. Finishing with; “His tongue was making me stretch out so much and it was so rough and doing it all so fast!”

I then said, “Did he get his tongue all the way in you?”

She just looked me right into the eyes and said, “Oh his tongue was touching and raking the very back of my pussy! So hell yeah he had got it to bottom no damn doubt about that!”

As we just sat there; Her totally in my arms and my comforting her with my strength and love as we awaited the arrival of Snake Lady with the things she needed for the next part!

We could hear her in the bedroom going through a couple drawers and rummaging around in the room as we awaited her return with the items she sought to get the very last of it started.

And that was that my young beautiful Spanish wife was going to get fucked by Snake Ladies huge ass rottie and half pitt male Rocky(D)!

Oh she’d already been fucked by him oh hell yeah but that time she was so damn far out of it that night it was nowhere near the event this was! Because she was fully “coherent” and truly as hell every bit mindful and fully aware of what was about to happen now.

As soon Snake Lady appeared back in the living room with a large cushion like thing under one arm and four socks in her hand and a bit of tape in her other.

She went right to Buster who sat there in his obedient as hell fashion as she tossed the large cushion at the foot of the sofa right at my wife’s legs on the floor before them and said;

“Get your Woman on her knees on that and lean her over the sofa so she’s comfortable, and I’ll get Busters paws covered and the mating can begin!”

My wife just slumped right into the floor, on her knees, and put them on the cushion, and turned around, and leaned over onto the sofa, and opened her legs wide open, and now had herself in perfect position, all on her own.

As I watched Snake Lady putting the booty like style socks on each of his huge paws and used a bit of the duct tape to secure around the tops of each one finishing it all up in hurried fashion as she then sat back down in her spot.

I on one side and she on the other, with my wife now on her knees, her upper body on the sofa, her knees on the huge cushion, and her ass in air, and her legs opened widely!!

As she had her head buried in the sofa and her body was “shivering” all over from knowing she was about to get the fuck of her life from Snake Ladies huge Rocky(D)!

Snake Lady just looked at me and then down at my wife in position waiting the mating to begin and said, “Are you ready little woman?”

My wife just nodding her head in yes as she turned it to the side and was shivering her entire body and her beautiful brown small but nicely rounded ass shaking in her anticipation of it.

As Snake Lady just looked down at Buster who was sitting there his paws all wrapped in socks and looking almost deliciously at my wife’s ass and pussy positioned to be bred from hell and back by him as she said, “Mount!”

Immediately Buster arose now towering above my wife in his huge size just behind her in her readied position and pranced right up to her beautiful little shivering brown skinned butt and in one huge lunge landed atop her and grasp her tiny waist with his huge front paws and legs.

My wife’s head shot up off the sofa and flew back as he scrambled his hind legs forward closing the gap between them as I saw his long red cock was out of his sheath already several inches and looking so envious and destructive as my wife’s breathing became ever more faster in her heated state of lust-filled mind.

It wasn’t a thing of him being an easy lover, or taking his time at nothing. There was nothing between them but outright pure animalistic breeding!

He wasting no time mounting atop her towering over her entire small framed body with his huge animal one, her head flung back in knowing she was about to take his cock inside her and awaiting that to happen as her whole body shuddered and shivered under him as he moved closer and closer his cock now closing on what both of them wanted!

As his huge head was now right before me and he was looking at me eye to eye, the outright lust in them showed like hell as he now seated up closer to my wife’s beautiful little ass, as now he was starting to hump his hind legs shoving that red hot looking pointy cock ever closer to my wife’s wanton awaiting woman pussy as she was herself shivering with such desire for it to happen and then I saw the tip hit first one side of her lips and then the other and his adjusting his body a bit and then at that moment it hit the mark and went right in!

My wife now gave out a loud crying out, “OH IT’S SO HOT!” as Buster humped back and then she went absolutely bezerk and really flung her head back and now screamed out, “OH IT’S GOING SOOO DEEEP!”

As Buster shoved all he could in her and all at once in one huge lunge!

As now my wife was wildly flinging her head back and forth trying to grasp the enormity of his cock and it’s hotness as her whole body jerked and shuddered and her ass tried it’s best to raise into the air.

Buster would have absolutely none of that and grasp her waist ever tighter with his front legs as he wasted not one moment to even let her adjust, to even let her get used to it, to even let her do one thing, but scream out as he began to pound at her ass with his belly as my wife screaming and crying out, “OH IT’S TOO HOT, OH GOD IT’S TOO DEEEP!”

Her head flung like mad woman and her body rocked and churned from the absolute animalistic pounding he was now giving her.

There was nothing happening now but absolute “breeding” going on between them.

I could see his huge cock was buried deep in her but he still had plenty to damn well go and it was bending and moving about what he hadn’t gotten in as my wife was, screaming and crying out as he was pounding the absolute bottom out of her pussy!

Her head now flung up right between his huge powerful shoulder blades as his head was turned right at me looking me eye to eye as if saying yeah do you hear your woman under me getting her pussy fucked by a absolutely hot and powerful cock!

His mouth open and his tongue hanging out his heavy panting and my wife’s crying out and screaming under him filled the room with that animalistic aurora of pleasure as I could hear his huge cock now making wet sounds and hearing his belly slapping against her ass!!

Making her bounce back and forth from the power of his thrust and her ass cheeks jiggling from the hardness of it as he held that ass still and pulled to him making her take his cock as he wanted to give it!

And at that very moment I heard my wife scream out, “FUCK YESS! DEPPER! PLEASE DEEPER!!”

Her entire body shuddered like hell and her head fell to the sofa and turned to my side her eyes half opened and half closed, her mouth opened and now in that frozen state as her loud sounds of “Uummmghhh, “ummmghhhh,” came from her as Buster was ever more getting into another gear fucking her ever harder, and faster, now…

That’s when Snake Lady broke the room filled with the sounds of fucking between my wife and Buster and said, “Oh yeah, that’s it boy get it in her little womb!”

She looked at me and said “forget about your woman now!” he just got the tip through her “cervix” and she’ll get the rest of him all into her uterus and womb now!

And it was as if a “dam” of wetness between them had busted as I could hear the absolute wet fucking sounds between their bodies now as Snake Lady said “oh yeah she’s coming for damn sure now!”

As the increased speed and absolute pounding between them was making my wife’s body bounce about under his huge body as she fell into an automatic limp and slumped state of gone out of it orgasm her face contorted in the absolute showing and power of her orgasm as the wetness was even more now as Buster was really fucking the hell out of her!

As my eyes looked down between where his hot and huge cock was once still out of her pussy when he had first started and now that part was fucking “buried” inside her.

A huge ball at the back of his cock now working towards her stretched and clutching and quivering pussy lips, sinking ever closer, and closer, to her soaked with juice lips!

Her juices pouring from between their joining, as now the ball was slapping the hell out of her lips, making ever louder slapping sounds, of absolute animalist lust!

As Buster raised his own head up; and now was thrusting ever harder and harder, as Iwatched her pussy “open out” and saw him making her “stretch” open to take the ball inside.

As my wife was going absolutely crazy in her loud gruntal moans that sounded every bit more “painful” and every bit more damn pleasurable and suddenly it sank inside her making her cunt push backwards, with the showing that she was being all but torn apart, just inside her, and then, in it sank further as that disappeared into her as she was really gushing juices all over his cock now.

When suddenly her little abdomen “swelled out” at that moment and her whole body was trembling from hell and back even her legs were trembling as Buster was now just absolutely short jabbing and panting himself from hell and back as if he himself was nearing the end of his pleasure with her!

As the heavy and heated breathing of my wife was labored and a continuous sound of, “Nnnnn…” was all that was coming from her!

That’s when Snake Lady said, “Oh hell yeah, he buried that damn knot good as hell in her!”

As I looked to see that she had done as I had and was watching where cock meets pussy and then looking as well at the damn predominant bulging out of my wife’s little abdomen and said further “Damn you can even see his knot in her little belly!”

And her belly was writhing and cringing and moving like it was in a world of its own.

Snake Lady just said, “Oh your little woman’s got it good this time!”

“Damn he’s going to be in her a while now!”

Just as all that came out Buster flung his huge wide mouth opened tongue hanging out from hell slobbering all over my wife’s hair and onto her shoulders and neck as it flung about wildly from his mouth and he gave a wild animalistic gruntal as hell howl out.

And that very moment my wife’s little belly began to go even crazier and suddenly it began to swell out to join her rounded out abdomen as she was now absolutely letting out cries of “ummmhnnnnghghggh, ummmnnghggghhh,” every few moments her whole body shuddering and shaking like crazy, her eyes all but rolled into the back of her head.

As Snake Lady said “Oh yeah that’s it boy fill that little belly up with that red hot cum!”

As my mind took in her saying all this and looking down to see that indeed he was filling her up alright like airing up a damn tire to much making it swell out from the to much amount of it inside.

Buster now was now just laying over her as best he could totally wore out from fucking my beautiful wife’s pussy like jack hammer, while she in her showing of being fucked out of her minds wits by his huge cock buried where no one would ever believe a cock could go and had I not seen it happen with my own eyes I would have called it absolute bullshit.

But bullshit it ain’t; Fact and truth it damn sure is.

As her little belly swollen out more and more and I could see my wife begin to sweat like hell it rolling off her body and her face like she was in a heated from hell fever as Snake Lady said, “Oh hell yeah the heat of his cum is getting her now!”

How long all this lasted I could not begin to even tell you but damn he came, and came, and came some damn more, and just when it seemed as if it was over he came some damn more.

Her little belly was poked out like she was in the first showing stages of pregnancy, her belly writhing and cringing and going wild and I swear that I could absolutely see her damn abdomen throbbing.

Poor Buster himself was in such bliss he all but fell off her and Snake Lady and I alike had to hold him atop her.

And the very moment that damn “knot” sank into my wife all the juices she was pouring out stopped.

But her cunt lips were quivering and shaking and clutching from hell and back the entire time he was finishing up inside her.

Once Buster had finally gotten his strength back to hold himself up on her Snake Lady said, “Damn! I need a drink now!”

So we just left the two lovers there together and went and made drinks and came back to watch the peaceful and calmness of their mating now yet their being together from hell and back took a good 30 to 45 minutes I swear.

It took a good 25 or so minutes for my beautiful wife to even come back to any form of life at all and if she hadn’t been laid over the damn sofa with her upper body she’d fell flat to the damn floor.

But when she did come to “WOW” she went fucking bezerk and was screaming out, “OH GOD YESSS! IT’S SO HOT!”

This went on for a good 10 or 15 minutes more and when she’d come to enough she’d say, “Get him out of me, it’s too big!”

But damn the pleasure of his cock throbbing inside her pussy along with the red hot cum that had her little belly swollen with the pressure of it and that damn knot throbbing from hell and back in where her abdomen was swollen and throbbing was just to much for her!.

Snake Lady even leaned over to her and said, “He can’t get out yet!”

“He’s stuck way to damn good in your little pussy woman!”

Which only made my wife go even crazier with her crying out of what was going on inside her belly and pussy her body covered in the heated sweat his hot cum was making her body do.

And finally at last I saw her abdomen start to loose it’s swollen and throbbing state and then she was saying, “Oh it’s stopping. Oh it’s not throbbing as much and it’s getting smaller.”

Then Buster arose off her back and head and pulled his huge now long as hell cock from inside her as she gave a wild as hell cry of

“Oh, it’s pulling out of something way up in meeee!”

And suddenly his cock shot from her like a bullet from a gun with loud as hell cork popping from a champagne bottle sounding way and his cum then and there gushed like hell and back and spewed like mad from her pussy!

My beautiful little wife just slumped limply as hell onto the sofa totally out of it and wore out as never before and it took Snake Lady and I alike to get her onto the sofa and lying down!

But Snake Lady was not done yet by no means!!

She and I grabbed my wife up limply in our arms and carried her to the bedroom and laid upon the bed on her back.

Then reached and grabbed her legs and spread them wide open pulling my wife’s little body with ease and got her ass right on the edge of it and got down between her legs and inspected the damage, calling me over as I did the same and right before our eyes!!

My wife’s pussy was a total wreck!! Her deep dark brown cunt lips widely flowered out her clit hard as a nail!! Her dark black cunt hairs all soaking ass wet!!

Her cunt opening gaped out like in an near orange fruit shape and as far deep up in her as we could see!! Cum and juices dripping from her cunt walls everywhere in her!!

That’s when Snake Lady looked at me and said; “This is when I love to do something!!”

With that said; Immediately moved her head and mouth right up to my trembling wife’s pussy

and then and there began eating her pussy!!

My wife came back to somewhat life and as we heard garbled grunts and moans she pulled her legs wider apart and up onto the edge of the mattress went her feet!!

Snake Lady was licking and sucking and driving that forked tongue of hers deep into my wife’s gaped open pussy getting all their combined juices out of my wife’s pussy!

The harder and more she licked and sucked the harder and more louder my tiny little wife’s body shook about and the louder her gruntal moans got.

Snake Lady sucked her whole splayed open cunt lips into her mouth and began sucking as hard as she could as if trying to get my wife’s pussy to siphon all their juices and cum into Snake Ladies mouth as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed gulping down mouths and mouths full of it continuously as my wife’s swollen out belly began to shrink down!!

After finishing that we just left my wife there grunting and groaning and would shiver all over as if her mind was still feeling and seeing every thing she’d gotten from Buster!!

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