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Shilpa came back from the bathroom and started narrating what happened next.
“The next day, I decided to dress frumpy. I wore a long sleeved t-shirt, with a bra underneath. And wore trackpants with the grandma panties. Shortly after noon, he was at the door. I had expected Shambhu to be with him, but thankfully he was alone. He didn’t say a word, not as much as a smile. Just walked straight to the studio and took his pose. I also went behind him wordlessly and started painting. And then, the powercut happened.”
“So the powercut story was true?” I asked.
“Well, mostly. Except he didn’t ask for permission to take his shirt off. He commanded me to work on his face and took the shirt off. Then…. he took his pants off too, and sat there in his underwear. And that is when I noticed the big bulge in his underwear.”
“He was hard?” I asked.
“No, he was not. But the bulge, even without an erection is very…..substantial. I kept painting, but I couldn’t resist peeking at his bulge. Which he noticed. He asked me if I wanted to see more, and I said no.”
“Did you?” I asked.
“Well.” Shilpa said, “I said no the couple of times at least. Anyway, after that he started pestering me to take my t-shirt off too. I kept saying no, but he kept insisting. And then he made the wisecrack about seeing my private parts. And he added, he could understand if I wasn’t confident of my ability to resist him, which is why I was wearing a shirt in such oppressive heat. Again, he challenged my self-esteem and I got manipulated. I took off the shirt. Then a while later, he kept goading me to take the bra off, again making similar comments about my insecurity about being able to resist him. So I took the bra off too and started painting topless.”
“In a couple of minutes, I noticed the bulge in his underwear kept getting bigger and bigger. I tried to look away but it was just…. too big. He caught me looking and said – well, it is growing because of you fabulous boobs, and because you are the cause, I think you really should see it. I shook my head. He asked again. I shook my head again, but this time slower. The next time he asked, I didn’t say anything. So he got up, and took his underwear off.”
“And is it….big?” I asked.
“Oh yes. It is.”
“Bigger than mine? Tell me honestly.” I asked, and regretted the question as soon as I asked it.
“Yes. It is way bigger. You know that porn star Ron Jeremy…. he looked like him….old, hairy, balding, big paunch, but a bigger dick. And I realized where he got his cocky confidence from, no pun intended. Anyway, I watched spellbound as he came close to me. I could not take my eyes off his dick. Pretty soon he was next to me, and playing with my boobs like I told you last time. Or I should say attacking them. He played with them for a few minutes, bringing me into a heightened state of arousal.”
“Were you playing with his dick?” I asked.
“Yes, I was. Running my hands up and down it, feeling its girth and length. He kept playing with my tits and I kept playing with his dick. After a few minutes, he asked me to get completely naked. I obeyed, like a slave. Instantly, I pushed my pants and panties down and stepped out of them. He then started fingering my clit and my pussy, standing right there. He did that for a few more minutes and by now, if he had wanted, he could have fucked me and I would not have protested.”
“But he didn’t?” I asked and Shilpa shook her head.
“His cellphone which was in his pants started ringing. He left me standing there, my pussy sopping wet and my nipples hardened and went to answer the phone. He took the phone out of the pants, listened for a few seconds, and just said – ok just a minute. He then disconnected the phone, and beckoned me over with his finger. I walked towards him, as if in a trance. He asked me to sit down on the chair and I did. He asked me to open my legs wide apart and I did, hoping he would fuck me. But instead he took my right hand, put my fingers in my pussy and said – do this.”
“Weird. And then?” I asked.
“And then,” Shilpa said, “he walked out of the studio, just like that. Naked, his huge cock still fully erect. I sat there, fingering myself like he had ordered. And waited for him to come back. I thought he had gone to the bathroom or something. So I waited. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Nothing. Finally, I got tired of fingering myself, and decided to go and see where he was.”
“And where was he?”
“He was in the living room.” Shilpa said. “On the couch. Or rather, Savitri was on the couch and he was on top of Savitri, fucking her gradually. I walked towards them and stood behind the couch. My eyes first went to their crotches. Balram’s dick was pistoning in and out of Savitri’s cunt, and yet it did not completely enter her pussy. Savitri was lying on her back, fully naked, her tiny boobs gyrating. Her eyes were half closed, as if in a trance. But when she heard me approach, she looked into my eyes, and I looked into hers. She registered my nakedness and smiled ruefully.”
“I stood there for a few minutes, but Balram did not as much as look at me. He was ignoring me. And I just stood there, watching him fuck her. Like watching my own personal porno. After about ten minutes, as Balram fucked her harder, he finally looked at me and said – why are you standing there like a zombie? Sit on the couch and finger yourself. I walked around the couch and sat next to Savitri’s bouncing head. Still looking at them, I started fingering myself. Savitri looked up at me, reached up with her hands and started fondling my left breast. This went on for a while, after which Balram withdrew his dick and told Savitri to get on her knees. She did and Balram started fucking her Rocky(D)gy style.”
“Savitri’s face was now right next to my hips, and whenever a hard thrust pushed her forward, she’d lick me. After a couple of minutes, Balram asked me to turn sideways facing him. I did, and almost immediately, Savitri put her tongue on my clit. I was already pretty worked up. Add to it the sight in front of my eyes – my maid, fully naked, on her knees, being fucked by a dirty old man. It did not take me too long to have an orgasm. As I got done with the orgasm and relaxed my muscles, Balram spat at me.”
“He spat at you?” I asked absentmindedly. By now my erection was raging hard.
“Yes, he spat at me and said – typical middle class housewife, cums so easily. Look at Savitri. I’ve been fucking her for twenty minutes and yet no orgasm. You know why, he asked. And then answered – because I haven’t let her have one yet. You want to see me make her cum in 30 seconds? I just stared at him, with glazed eyes. He said, observe. He pulled Savitri’s hips closer to him and started fucking her at an increased tempo. And the expression on Savitri’s face, which was still at my crotch, changed dramatically. Her eyes rolled upwards, her mouth was wide open and she started whining. The whine grew louder until it became a shriek. And then, as Balram continued to pound her, she grabbed me around the waist, hugged me tight for support, and started shaking. I started shaking with her, and her orgasm hit her in full force. And I tell you, Arun, it was….. like something I have never seen before. The way she shook, the way she wailed…. the intensity of her goosebumps… and she even started to cry. She shook like that for a good minute or so, and then finally fell silent and motionless.”
“Balram however, kept fucking her. He then said to me – come here, and get down next to me on your knees. I did as I was told. And he took out his dick and shoved it in my mouth. I tasted the different flavors on it – Balram’s juices mixed with Savitri’s. Bitter and salty. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. With barely half his dick in my mouth, it was hitting the back of my throat. He fucked my face like that for about half a minute, then took his dick out and started fucking Savitri again, making her moan once more.”
“Damn.” I said, getting my dick out and stroking it. I noticed that Shilpa was now breathing hard too, clearly turned on by the memory of what had happened.
“He fucked Savitri for a minute, then fucked my face, then Savitri, then my face. He kept doing that for at least ten more minutes, and I wondered, is this man ever going to cum? My jaw muscles started hurting and Savitri’s moans made it seem like she was almost unconscious. Finally he took his dick out of my mouth and then started doing eenie meenie miney moe.”
“He started doing what?” I asked, wondering if I had heard right.
“Eenie meenie miney moe. With my head and Savitri’s cunt. And it ended at her cunt. So he said – you win, Savitri. Then he inserted his dick into her very hard and started fucking her at a really high speed. I felt he’d tear her cunt apart with the force. But instead, Savitri started the whining noise I had heard a while back. I stared dumbfounded as Savitri’s body was wracked by another orgasm, and Balram also started making guttural noises. He was finally orgasming. Both their bodies shook and shivered, until they both finally finished their orgasms.”
“Balram kept his dick buried in her cunt for a few seconds, and stood still, then he took it out and shoved it in my mouth. I slurped at it hungrily, licking off the semen and pussy juice on it. After I licked his dick clean, Balram pulled me up by the hair and brought my face in front of Savitri’s oozing cunt. He said to me – eat it clean. I looked at him, confused. He said – slurp and swallow everything you see, then put your fingers in her cunt and take out as much of my jizz as you can, and eat it to. Now. In front of me.”
“Ohhhhh” I said…this sounded so depraved and kinky that I could not hold my own orgasm any longer. I pulled Shilpa’s head, put my dick in her mouth and started shooting. She obediently took it all in her mouth. And then, swallowed it all. I vaguely made a note to myself that she had never swallowed my cum except for when we had first started dating. Clearly, Balram had awakened the swallower in her once more.
Shilpa gulped down my juice very nonchalantly and continued,
“And I did it. I licked the hairy pussy of my own maid. Dipped my fingers inside her cunt, dug out gobs of cum and ate it. In five minutes, I had cleaned up Savitri’s cunt completely.”
“Then?” I asked
“Then, I stood there, unsure of what to do. I was expecting it to be my turn next. I was expecting that Balram would fuck me now. But instead he said – Savitri, get dressed and do your work. Shilpa, let’s go back to the painting. I felt like asking him to fuck me too. But I guess my pride got in the way. He should be asking to fuck me, not the other way round, I stupidly thought even in that situation. So I walked back with him to the studio. And continued painting, naked. A while later, the power was back on, but I still remained naked, maybe hoping that this would entice Balram. But it did not. His cock got hard again after a while, but he sat there, as if waiting for me to make the first movie. And I waited for him to approach me.”
“But neither of us blinked. So he yelled and called out Savitri’s name. She came running, now fully dressed. He gestured her to get naked and sit on his cock. Savitri looked at me unsurely. She knew what I was thinking. Then she said to him – why don’t you do Memsaab first? He said to her sternly – she doesn’t deserve it yet. Do you want to do it or not? And Savitri meekly took off her clothes. Again, in front of my eyes, they fucked. This time I stood some distance away and watched. Finally Balram came inside her, this time a bit sooner than before, and again told me – eat her clean again. He then got dressed and walked out.”
“I stood there for a while. Savitri was still lying on the floor, her eyes glazed, her pussy dripping with cum. I finally went to her, got on my knees and started lapping at it. After a few minutes, when she regained her breath she said to me – Memsaab. I told you to be careful. Now….now he will make you beg for it. He made me beg for it, and he’ll make you beg for it too. Like a street bitch.” ===========
Shilpa fell silent. I cleared my throat suggestively, asking her to go on.
“Arun, tell me something.” she said.
“How did you know I was lying before?” she asked.
“I’ll tell you after you’ve finished narrating.” I replied.
“Come on! Tell me. Did Savitri tell you? It has to be her!” Shilpa pressed me for an answer.
“It was not Savitri.” I said.
“Then who?” she asked. “Please, I have been telling you so much. Can’t you just answer one question?”
For a moment, I considered telling her about the video clip. The clip that showed her naked, going down on Mangal. But then I remembered she hadn’t mentioned him when I asked her to name everyone that she had been with. Which made me wonder….as elaborate as her narration had been, was she still hiding something from me?
“Why do you want to know that so badly?” I asked.
“Why wouldn’t I?” she countered.
“You know…. I am beginning to wonder if you still intend to hide some things. Maybe that is why you are giving such an erotic description of everything. To turn me on and distract me from some real questions.”
“WHAT??” she yelled angrily, “I am giving erotic descriptions to turn you on? You are the one asking me detailed questions, Arun. What was I doing, what was I wearing, where was he standing…..how was his dick? Why don’t you admit that you are the one who wants to get turned on? You are the one who loves the idea of my being used and abused by a dirty old man? Admit it, Arun, just admit it. I have lied to you, but you are lying to yourself.”
Her outburst surprised me. And angered me.
“How dare you turn this around on me?” I said.
“I am turning it around on anything, Arun. I am just saying, every time you ask me about it, you want answers in details, like from some erotic story. And every time, you get turned on and we have sex. And you are not willing to admit that it turns you on? That you are ……” she trailed off.
“That I am what?” I asked.
“That you are…happy to be a cuckold? Turned on by being a cuckold?” she said glaring at me.
“Bullshit!” I shouted a little too emphatically, possibly to cover hide my self-doubt with anger. “Stop manipulating me, Shilpa. Every time you start this type of a mind game, I get convinced you are hiding more than you are revealing.”
She just sat there, still glaring.
“OK, let me ask you some straight questions. You said you had sex with Shambhu too.”
She nodded.
“How many times?”
“How many days or how many times?” she countered, with an evil grin.
“Tell me both.” I said.
“Actual sex or other stuff too….. like oral?” she asked again.
“Tell me all.” I said.
“See, you are the one who wants details. Isn’t it enough to know that Shambhu had his way with me? How does it help you to know how many times? Unless you want to get titillated again.”
She had a point there. So I asked another question,
“Did you have sex on our bed?”
“Yes.” was her curt reply.
“Where else in the house, apart from the couch?” I asked.
“The kitchen table, the living room desk, the living room floor, the studio floor, the studio chair, the guest room, the corridor and……the roof.” she answered.
“The roof? In broad daylight?” I asked surprised. Our house is single-storeyed, and the roof is visible from the a lot of houses and buildings nearby.
“Yes, in broad daylight.” she said.
“With whom?” I asked.
“On the roof? With Gurmeet.” she answered.
“Who is Gurmeet?”
“Our postman.”
“What??? You have been fucking our postman?”
“How did it start?”
“There you go again. Details, details.” she smiled, clearly enjoying this.
“Don’t tell me the whole story. Just tell me in short how it first happened.” I said.
“I was in the living room, getting finger-fucked by Balram while I sucked Shambhu, and that’s when the doorbell rang. Balram had still not fucked me till then. He said that if I wanted to get fucked by him, I should open the door naked. I did. It was Gurmeet the postman with a registered letter. While I was signing, Balram told him to come inside and wait. And then…. he asked me to give Gurmeet a blowjob. And eventually it led to sex. That’s the whole thing in short.” she said.
“But doesn’t he come around every day even now?” I asked.
“Yes. But before you ask, I don’t sleep with him any more.” she answered.
I paused for a second. There were so many questions jostling in my mind, but then my mind went back to the video clip and I asked,
“Were your sex games limited to just our house?” I asked.
“No.” she said.
“Where else?” I asked.
“Balram’s house, Shambhu’s house too.” she said.
“Anywhere else?” I asked. She paused for a few seconds and shook her head.
“Wasn’t Balram’s servant at home?” I asked.
“Yes, he was.” she said.
“Did he also fuck you?”
“Did his servant not fuck you?” I asked.
“No.” she said emphatically.
“Did he see you naked?”
“Yes.” she said, almost sounding disappointed that I finally asked the right question.
“Did you suck his dick?” I asked
“So how did not fuck you?” I asked.
“Well, he was going to. Balram wanted it to happen. But then, there was a small incident and we had a fight.”
“What was the fight about?” I asked.
She stayed silent. As if picking her words carefully.
“They wanted me to do something.” she finally spoke, “And I didn’t want to do it. That disagreement happened right when I was sucking his servant’s dick. So we fought, and I came home.”
“What did they want you to do?” I asked, knowing fully well she was referring to the video clip.
“I’d rather not say.”
“What if I said I know what it is?” I said. She stared at me, confused. I continued, “I saw the video clip of you sucking Mangal’s dick.”
“What???” she asked, her face ashen.
“Yes, I did.”
“How…who…where…..how did you see it?” she asked.
“Some guys at work were watching it and I happened to walk in.” I said. At this point her face turned completely white and she started trembling.
“Oh shit! Oh no! Oh God, I’m dead.” she said, and started crying. For a moment I felt like taking her in my arms and consoling her, but I resisted the urge.
Then she turned her face upwards, looked at me and yelled,
“You idiot! You know there’s a clip of your wife being forwarded around and you were sitting here making me tell you my sexual escapades in detail? What’s wrong with you, Arun? Where’s your sense of priorities?”
I didn’t say anything. She continued,
“Now everyone knows. Everyone at work, I am sure.”
“No one knows. Your face isn’t visible in it.” I said.
That seemed to make her take a pause from crying,
“It isn’t?” she said.
“No, it isn’t. The guys who were watching it were also ruing about how the woman on screen never shows her face. And I saw how it ended too, with you knocking the camera away.”
“But then….how did you know it was me?” she asked.
“Firstly, I recognized the big map on Balram’s wall. Secondly, I recognized his servant. And thirdly, I know your body very well, and if there was any doubt, one of the zoom shots clearly showed that mole on your left butt cheek.”
She continued crying, but not as hysterically. I sat there two feet away from her. After about ten minutes of crying, she got up and went to the bathroom. She washed her face and said,
“I have a headache. I have had enough of all this. I am going to sleep.” she said. I looked at the clock. It was close to midnight. I nodded and follower her upstairs. We both lay down on the bed, with some distance between us. She seemed to have fallen asleep at once. I tossed and turned for a few hours thinking about what had happened and what I should do next, and it was close to dawn when I finally fell asleep.

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