Wife’s desire to be pregnant got her laid by hubby’s friends

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My wife Tabi and I decided before we were married than we didn’t want to have children. We used birth control for a couple years. The pill caused a few problems. She would sometimes get sickness and through up the pill, so she thought it would be better if we did something a little more reliable. After sufficient discussion, we decided that I would have a vasectomy.
About four years after my vasectomy had been well tested, Tabi”s little sister became pregnant and had a baby boy. Then her best friend had a baby. Soon Tabi’s mind began to change about babies, and she became more and more obsessed with having a baby herself.
She would tell me, “Honey, I would like to have a baby.” Soon she was saying, “Honey, I have got to have a baby.” The other day she came out and said, “Honey, we have to find a way to get me pregnant.”
We checked in to reversing the vasectomy, but that wasn’t as simple as having it done in the first place. We considered insemination from a sperm bank, but it was expensive and with no guarantee. With frustration, she eventually asked, “Honey, do you think we could do an insemination ourselves?”
I didn’t understand. I asked, “What do you mean Baby? Are you suggestion a surrogate father to our child?”
“No! Not at all. I wonder if one of your friends could provide sperm and you put it inside me so I could get pregnant.”.
“Who?” I asked.
“I don’t know, but it should be a good friend.”
“How would we do it?” I asked.
“Well you know. Ask him to provide some sperm in a cup. Then you inject it in me. Isn’t that all the fertility center is going to do anyway?”
She had a point. We researched it, and it seems possible but the sperm has to be instantly fresh. And, the chances still seemed too low. However, I thought it might be worth a try. Maybe her desire would eventually pass if it didn’t work.
The next question was whom would we ask? We wanted good gens for our baby. After much discussion and consideration, we settled between two of my friends. It was to be either Gordon or Greg. If we were going to breed her, we thought we should try to somewhat choose how the baby would likely be. Tabi is pretty small. Actually she is relative tiny. We thought the baby should have a chance of growing at least to an average size since she was hoping for a boy. Both Gordon and Greg are pretty good size men standing at around six feet. They are both intelligent and successful men, so we settled on asking them both. That way if they both agreed. We wouldn’t have to even know who’s baby it was. If both would not agree, we would go with the other if he would do it.
I spoke to both of them, and they both responding with similar concerns. Neither of them thought it would work. I realized that, so a asked, “Let’s please just try. If it doesn’t work, maybe the idea will soon pass for her.”
They spoke between themselves about all sorts of logistics and conditions before they both agreed to give it a try. I thought they could simply cum in a cup in the next room where my wife waited, and I could take it in and shoot the sperm inside her. Neither of them were willing to simply jack off in a cup. They said it would be much more likely to work if they provided the sperm the natural way. I knew they were probably correct, but there was no way I was going to let them sleep with my wife. Even if it was just to make her pregnant.
They finally agreed not to screw her if they could have her for arousal to help them cum. “You want to fantasize about my wife as you masturbate?” I asked.
“Not only that,” Gordon replied. “We want to see some pictures of her nude.”
Greg added, “No! We want to see her nude. Let us at least see her dressed very sexy and with very little clothes on like a short see through gown or something. Make her show us her little titties and pull her panties down at least.”
This gave me butterflies in my stomach. Then I noticed my own cock began to stir a little. They were adamant that they wanted to see her or they wouldn’t do it.
“Look guys,” I said. “I will have to ask my wife. I don’t know if she will do that, but I will ask. Can’t I just show you some pictures?”
” We want to see some pictures too,” they stated. “But, she still has to be there when we cum. Besides, It will help you get it inside her quicker.”
Tabi and I talked about it. She was determined to become pregnant and maybe her judgment was a little clouded by this determination. She agreed to consider it and suggested that we have them over to come up with some rules. We settled on Friday night for the four of us to go to dinner first to break the ice. Then we would come back to our house and discuss the idea.
Friday afternoon Tabi was stepping out of the shower when I came home. My wife wrapped herself in a towel and sat to paint her toenails. I could see under the towel and noticed that she was freshly shaved between her legs. She left a little up above, but her pussy lips were shaved baby smooth. The thought of her showing this to my friends gave me another pain in my stomach, but the site made me horny out of my mind. I began to touch her hoping we could make love before the evening began. She didn’t want to have full sex, because she wanted me to have her after I injected the sperm inside her to help push it further in with hopes of better success. She did want me to lick her though. Tabi lifted the towel and pulled my head to her sweet little smooth pussy. She seemed wetter than usual and the taste was so sweet. She stopped me before she came. She said she didn’t want to cum, because she would have to be in a really horny mood or she wouldn’t be able to go through with the plan to let them see her with her clothes off.
I showered and was getting dressed when Gordon and Greg arrived. Tabi was still in her towel and with no panties. All she was wearing was her high heels with tiny black straps. She reached for a robe so she could answer the door. I was already a little jealous. My sweet cute little wife went to the door nude underneath her robe and invited in the men who were soon going to look at her naked. Not only that, but we were also going to try to insinuate her with their cum.
Tabi served them drinks then came back upstairs to get dressed. I went down to wait with Gordon and Greg. They said, “What a nice surprise for Tabi to let us in wearing only a robe and sexy heels. Let us see some pictures of her before dinner. I knew we had to meet their demands for the deal, so I opened the laptop where I had a few pics prepared to show. They were mostly of Tabi in her underwear. A few were of her completely topless. I was holding back the others with her completely nude, but they demanded to see more as agreed. I opened another file. There she was standing in bare feet with nothing but white panties. Next one she was pulling her panties down from behind to show her bare naked bottom. Her tan lines were very clear as they outlined the area of her round butt that she kept hidden from all except her doctor and me. Next photo she was holding the front of her panties out and down showing her sweet little mound. Next picture she was pushing her panties down around her knees.
I was horny from looking at the pictures and showing them. Gordon and Greg began to look through the photos on their own as they commented respectfully on what they saw. At first, they were saying how cute and sweet my wife is. Then they mentioned things like how they looked forward to making her pregnant. They politely said that they wanted to put their dicks in her to do it. They promised not to really do it to her but that they would only push their dicks just barely in her right when they were ready to cum. They reasoned that they would simply push their dicks in my wife’s pussy far enough to shoot cum inside her and make her pregnant.
The talk had me so hard that it hurt, but I could not let them do that to my wife. Even though they would only be doing it to her to inseminate her, it would still be them fucking my sweet innocent little wife.
“Please no,” I said. “Please don’t insist that you do that to my wife. “PLEASE! Let’s just do it like we agreed.”
Gordon spoke first, “Okay. But she will have to take her clothes off in front of us so we get horny enough to cum for her.”
Greg added, “Make her dance for us like a stripper. I might want to touch her a little too, but we wont actually fuck your wife if you will hold her pussy open for me to place the head of my cock at her opening when I cum. I want to shoot it in her myself. I promise not to push it all the way in her. But, I want to cum inside her myself.”
“Please!” I said again. “I will let you touch her, but please just cum in a cup like we talked about and let me put it inside her.”
“I don’t want to cum in a cup in front of her. That’s embarrassing. I’ll only do that if you let me put it in her mouth until I’m ready to cum. Then I’ll pull out and cum in the cup.”
“So you want to make her give you head first?” I asked.
“Well, we both want to fuck your petite cute little wife and make her very pregnant for you, but you don’t want her fucked. Would she let us fuck her? She really wants a baby. I think she might want to be fucked and impregnated. If she wants to get it, you should let her.”
“Please promise me you wont try to fuck my wife. I will let you do anything you want to make you cum. I will even let you shoot it in her yourself with your dick touching her pussy, but just please don’t fuck my wife. Please do not push your dick all the way in her. We can hold her feet open wide. I’ll open her pussy lips. You can place the head of your dick on my wife’s pussy and shoot your cum inside her like that. But promise me that you wont fuck her. And this is all only if Tabi agrees.”
That’s when Tabi came down ready for dinner. She heard at least the last part of the conversation and looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Nothing more was said about it then, and we left for dinner. Gordon and Greg insisted that I drive and Tabi ride in the back between them.
My wife was stunning. She wore a short pearl colored cocktail dress with thin spaghetti straps on her shoulders. She couldn’t wear a bra with that dress. She only had on panties under her little white dress, and her thin strapped black high heels. Her brunette shoulder length hair was up in a bun. I was already worried that she was dressed too hot and that it would drive my friends crazy for her. Hell, she was certainly driving me crazy.
Gordon got in on one side, and Greg held Tabi’s hand as she got in the back seat between them. It was a tight fit, because they are good size men. I looked back as much as I could to keep in eye on anything that might go on back there. Tabi had her legs crossed. The hem of her dress was lying across her thigh midway between her knee and her hip. I could see just a little panty from where I was, but I don’t think they could see it since they were beside her. Greg soon placed his hand on her bare thigh and told her they would do the best they could to make her pregnant and told her to just relax.
We arrived at the restaurant. They treated her like she was with them and I was only along to drive. Tabi pulled me to the side and asked what we were talking about when she came downstairs. I told her that Gordon and Greg wanted to make her pregnant the normal way.
She said, “You mean they want to do it to me? No! They can’t do it that way. What did you tell them?”
“I told them they could see you undress.”
“Is that all? Tabi asked shyly.
“Well, I told them they could touch you a little bit while you didn’t have on your clothes to help themselves cum, but that they couldn’t actually do that to you. I told them that they couldn’t, you know, actually do it to you. I kind of agreed that they could cum inside you as long as they don’t actually do it to you. I don’t want them sleeping with you, and I don’t want you to get… you know… fucked… to get you pregnant.”
Tabi turned a few shades of red. We didn’t have the privacy to talk anymore right then, so she whispered to me: “They can’t sleep with me, but I do want to get pregnant.”
Gordon and Greg were very sweet to my wife during dinner and gave her lots of attention. They made sure she had a few glasses of wine before we left and returned home. She rode in the back again with them. Gordon got out and came around by the time Greg was out of the car. Greg reached for her hand to help her out. As Tabi stepped out and placed her right foot on the driveway, her dress really rode high. We could all see her little white panties hiding her pussy.
“That’s okay doll,” Greg said. We are going to see much more in just a minute.”
Tabi blushed again as he walked her to the door like she was his date. At the door, he picked her up and carried her inside.
Gordon and Greg sat on the sofa with Tabi standing in front of them. Tabi sort of froze not knowing what to do next. She knew that she would be expected to take her clothes off in front of these men. I asked if they wanted anything to drink.
“Sure,” Gordon replied. Lets have a beer while your pretty little wife entertains us.”
Tabi followed me to the kitchen. “Do I have to do this?” she asked. “I’m too nervous,” she added. “Can I just lay on my back, close my eyes, and let you place their cum in me. Get them to look the other way while my legs are spread.”
“Maybe I can cover you with a towel while it’s injected it in you,” I suggested. “But I don’t think they will go for it. They want to see you naked. They want you to at least strip for them and make them horny.”
“I think they are already horny,” Tabi pointed out.
“I’ll try to keep them from actually touching you as much as I can, but you do want them to make you pregnant right?” I asked. “Because I can call it off.”
“I do want to get pregnant,” she said sheepishly. “I’ll undress a little for them and let them touch me some if I have to. I want to do only what I have to do to make them cum in me and make me pregnant. But, They CAN”T Screw me.”
Tabbi poured her a glass of wine and came back out as I handed the guys beer.
“Strip for us baby!” Gordon blurted out.
Tabi was shaking just a little.
Greg suggested that I help her and told me to lift her dress above her panties. I could feel my wife tremble as I held her dress up and exposed her panties.
Their cocks became visible from inside their pants.
“Pull down her top,” they said before commanding her to undo their pants.
Tabi very nervously undid their pants. They both stepped out of their pants and tossed them aside.
“Hold your panties down for us sweetie,” one of them said.
Greg insisted that he check to see if she was wet. “Hold still,” he told her as he pushed his finger in the opening of her pussy.
I was stumped and didn’t know what to do. I just watched as Greg fingered my wife. Tabi’s eyes rolled back in her head and I though she was going to pass out. I reached for her so she wouldn’t fall. Gordon got up and helped hold her too.
“I’m freezing,” she said. “It’s cold in here.”
Actually, she was glistening with sweat.
Gordon took her hand and placed it in his underwear. “Take it out,” he said.
Tabi submitted and pushed his underwear to the floor before cupping her tiny hands around his shaft. I don’t know if Tabi had ever held another mans cock like that.
“If you want to get pregnant, I want you to at least suck it.”
Greg laid Tabi down on her back on the coffee table. He said she needed to be positioned for me to put the cum in her soon as they came. Gordon went to his knees and placed his cock in her mouth. Tabi doesn’t usually give head and didn’t know exactly what to do. He started pushing himself in and began to face fuck my wife. Greg told me to pull her panties the rest of the way off. Tabi was now lying on her back with her dress bunched up around her waist. Greg lifted her foot and told me to hold her feet open as he licked her.
Tabi was loosing control of her body. Gordon pulled out of her mouth and wanted to place the head of his cock at Tabi’s entrance as he stroked himself. Greg backed up and began to stroke himself as well. Greg took Tabi’s other foot and held her open for Gordon.
I couldn’t believe it. I was helping hold my wife’s feet open for two friends to jerk off in her pussy. With his cock right at Tabi’s entrance, he continued to stroke. I could see he was pushing it between her lips causing them to part. “Oh No,” I thought to myself,” I hope he doesn’t push it any farther in her.”
I went down to kiss my wife. We had a passionate, wet, tongue kiss. I reached down to feel Tabi’s pussy. I could feel and see that Gordon pushed his head just inside my wife. “Please don’t do that to her,” I begged. “Please don’t do it. That’s far enough in her.”
Gordon pulled out, and I was so thankful. Then Greg took his place between her legs. “I’m ready to cum,” he said. “Hold her feet open!” he commanded as he rubbed his dick between Tabi’s pussy lips and stroked himself. “I’m just going to shoot it in her,” he said.
Gordon and I were holding Tabi’s feet. She still had on her sexy black strappy little high heels.
He was starting to push it in her farther until the head of his dick disappeared inside her. He wasn’t going in and out, but he was in her farther than I wanted him to be.
Tabi’s mouth was wide open and her eyes were closed. “Please don’t do that to me,” she screamed. “OH NO! PLEASE DON’T! I’M MARRIED!” is what I think she said. She was breathing heavier. “You are almost screwing me,” she said.
I looked at Tabi. She was very nervous and shaking a little.
“Go ahead and Cum,” I said.
“YEA, Please just cum in me,” Tabi added. “Please don’t do it to me anymore!”
“Okay,” Greg said. He looked at me and pushed his wide dick all the way in my wife. Tabi jumped a little like she was trying to get him back out of her. Greg held her at her waist. He then leaned down on top of her and began to kiss my struggling little wife. Then Greg started pumping in and out of her. He was making long slow strokes at first. Then he banged into her tight pussy harder. I was sort of stunned and trying to say don’t do this.
Then I noticed that Tabi wasn’t struggling to get him off her. She was kissing him as he fucked her. Gordon removed her right shoe as Greg continued to pump into my wife pretty hard. I removed her left shoe and placed a few toes in my mouth.
“That’s it,” Gordon said. “Fuck that little wife. Fuck her hard. Shoot your cum deep inside her womb. Make her pregnant. Man do it to her.”
Tabi looked like she was going to come when she mumbled, “Yeeeeea. Doooo it tooooo meeee. Pleeeeze. Cum in me.”
Greg said, “I’m fucking you baby, and I’m going to fuck you again if you don’t get pregnant from this. No, Actually, I’m going to fuck you again, because you are a great tight little fuck doll.” Then he tensed up and began shooting his load of cum inside my baby doll wife. He pulled out when he was done in her. Then he kissed her again and told her how sweet her body was.
I was trying to see if I could see his cum.
“Please do it to me more,” Tabi said. “He made me a slut wife now, so just do it to me.”
Gordon told me to eat her or he was going to fuck her. It was so hot to see my wife get ravaged by Greg, but I wasn’t sure I wanted someone else fuck her too. I placed my tongue on her clit hoping she would cum. Then I licked between her pussy lips. That’s when I got the salty taste. I came up and kissed my wife. Gordon held her feet open wide and said to me, “Hold her while I fuck your wife. I held her hand as he did what he wanted to my sweet baby. Tabi pulled me to her. “Kiss me,” she said as Gordon had his way and fucked her hard. I thought it was a little too hard, but Tabi wanted to cum and she told us so. She was now begging to be fucked. Gordon began to take advantage of the moment.
He told her, “I’ll fuck you and cum in you only if you let us fuck you again when we want. Is that okay Baby? Do you want us to fuck you more? Say it!” he demanded. ” Say it! Say you want to be a hot little slut wife and let us fuck you. Say you want to get pregnant!”
“I DO!” Tabi said. “OH I DO!”
Gordon looked at me as if to say you heard her. He filled her little pussy until cum was coming out around his dick.
I wanted to have my wife after all of this. I was barely in her when I started to cum. She was loose and messy and felt so good. I kissed her when I pulled out.
“I’m sorry,” she said softly.
“It’s okay” I told her. “You liked getting it though didn’t you?” I asked.
“Well, I kind of did,” she answered. “I liked being fucked like that.”
We put her panties back on her. We could see the crotch of her panties soak as the cum dripped from inside her.
After a brief rest they took turns fucking my wife several more times that night. I had fallen asleep when I woke up to a noise. They had her hands on the wall tearing her up from behind with her panties pulled to the side. It looked like they were hurting her, but she let them do what ever they wanted to her. She must have been okay, because she was begging for it.
She lay down beside me when they were done with her. Those were the messiest panties I have ever seen.
Gordon and Gregg continued to visit Tabi at our house for weeks. Soon her flat tummy began to swell. They continued to get her now and then until it was almost time for our baby. Gordon and Gregg continue to sleep with my Tabi and give her the screwing she likes to get.
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