Winnie’s Story to Became a Slave

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As she drove home that late August morning,
Winnie Catron was a confused woman. The
emotions in her heart and the thoughts in her
mind were at war, and all she could do was wait and see which side won.
Winnie was just out of college. Never a
strong student, Winnie had decided to take a
year off from education. She was working at the
local supermarket, and it was there that her current confusion had started.
She was serving on the till earlier that day when her favorite teacher, Miss. Franklin, came through her line. Miss. Franklin had been her English teacher in college, and was a very beautiful woman as well.
Her blonde hair normally hung to her shoulders, and was currently swept off her face and shoulders by a ponytail. She was young for a teacher, only 28, and dressed young. Today’s outfit consisted of a short blouse, hanging just above her belly button, and a pair of jeggings . Her belly button had a small diamond, and through
her tight shirt, Winnie thought she could see the outline of nipple rings.
Winnie immediately shook that thought out of her mind as she scanned the items Miss.
Franklin was purchasing. As she worked, she made the usual small talk… How are you, what have you been doing, anything new, etc. Winnie knew, she was unmarried, and
Winnie had spent many of evenings at Miss. Franklin’s home, getting special tutoring to improve her grades. Miss. Franklin had taken a special interest in Winnie as well, though she had not told the Winnie about that interest yet.
Winnie was a beautiful woman herself. Short at
5-5, but busty, with 38c breasts and a large bum
as well. Winnie was Brazilian, British mix, as her grandfather had married a Brazilian in London before moving to Brazil. Winnie’s skin tone came from Nanny Luisa. Winne’s looks, though, came from her mother, Lucinda. Her father, Harold Catron, had died six years before, and Winnie lived at home with her
younger brother Ronan and sister Xanthe.
As Winnie and Miss. Franklin talked, catching up on the past couple of months, Winnie finished
scanning and bagging her shopping. “That’s
£27.39, Miss. Franklin,” Winnie announced when completed.
Miss. Franklin paid Winnie, then said, “Winnie, what time are you off work today?”
“5:30, Miss,” Winnie said.
“Please, dear, would you come over and have
dinner with me tonight?” Miss. Franklin said. “I’ve enjoyed talking with you again, and I’d love to continue this conversation later.”
“I’d love to, Miss. Franklin,” Winnie replied. In truth, she had enjoyed seeing her favorite teacher again, as well.
“You remember where I live?”
“Yes, Miss. Franklin, I remember.”
“OK. See you about 7 tonight, And please, Winnie, call me Anya.”
“I will, Miss. Franklin… Anya. See you tonight.”
All the rest of the day, Winnie’s mind whirled
with excitement. Her favorite teacher had
invited her to dinner. Winnie wondered if
the rumors about Miss. Franklin… Anya… Were
Winnie had reason to wonder. Two years before, she had determined that she, Winnie Catron, was
a lesbian. During her lunch hour, when she could think of things more vividly and in full, Winnie’s mind flowed backwards to her sexual beginnings.
Winnie had tried having boyfriends. She dated a series of different boys. Despite the variety of boys available to her, she was never satisfied with them. Not their kisses, not their pawing attempts to feel her growing breasts, not their grabbing of her
already-large arse, nor their sexual innuendos in their cars during dates.
The closest she ever came to sex with one of
these boys was when she wanked Tristan Bigelow off. But even as his penis grew in her hands, and all too quickly spilled his seed over her fingers. Winnie found no satisfaction, no joy of accomplishment. She
watched Tristan’s cock spurt with curiosity. It seemed her interest was more scientific than sexual.
Still in the experimental stage, Winnie tasted the seed on her hand. “Yuck!” she thought. It was
salty and sour. It was… Well, drippy seemed to
Winnie to be the best descriptive word. His
semen had spurted out of Tritan’s cockhead,
one shot, then another, then another.
Not like when Winnie came during her masturbation periods. When Winnie came, her
inner juices flowed out of her, steady, constant
and ever-increasing. Her own cum juices tasted sweet to her, a forbidden flavor only to be given to special people at special times.
Special people. Tristan Bigelow was not a special person, Winnie had decided even as he came, pawing her bare breasts as he came. Yes, Tristan had been able to feel her naked boobs. But he was not the first person to feel the breasts, the areolas, the nipples, And she smiled as she remembered the first person to feel them.
In fact, her mind wandered over to her best friend, Nel Stanton. Nel had been over to Winnie’s for a study night the previous Tuesday. The girls talk, as it always had recently, turned
to boys. Nel wanted to date boys, but was shy.
She always found herself hanging out with Winnie and whatever boyfriend Winnie had that
“Win, how do you get so many boys interested in
you,” Nel asked.
“I don’t know,” was Winnie’s reply. “They love kissing me, and I think they expect more than kisses back, but I don’t really want to… You know… Yet.” Winnie’s face was turning red, a common occurrence when Nel and she spoke of boys.
“Oh, come on, Win. Boys like kissing you?”
Nel was skeptical.
“They must, Nel,” Winnie replied. “They kiss me a lot.”
“What’s that like? Kissing a boy?”
“Every one of them are different, Nel. Some of
them kiss so hard, it feels like they’re pushing my lips through my teeth. Some of them open their mouths so wide, I think they’re trying to swallow my nose. And some of the kisses I can barely feel, they’re so gentle.”
“How do you like to be kissed?” Nel asked.
“Oh god, Nel. I can’t really describe it. I like a little pressure, not too much. I like lips slightly apart, but I like it when I get to increase the kiss, not when they think they should. I like to be held just right, and touched just… Damn, I can’t explain it all.”
Nel just smiled at her best friend. “Winnie.”
she said. “If you can’t describe it, maybe there’s another was to let me see how you like to be kissed.”
“Nel!!!” Winnie said, shocked at the sudden
thought. “Do you mean what I THINK you mean?”
Nel scooted closer to Winnie on the couch. Her eyes locked on Winnie’s, and she smiled at her best friend. Nel unconsciously licked her lips, and took Winnie’s hands in her own.
“Yes, Win,” she said, using her friend’s nickname. “Show me how you like to be kissed.”
Winnie pulled her hands out of Nel’s. “Are you sure?”
Nel only nodded.
Winnie put her hands on Nel’s shoulders, and
pulled her best friend closer. She got on her
knees on the couch they were sharing, tipped
Nel’s head slightly, lowered her mouth, and
started kissing her best friend. The kiss started
softly, the two best friends getting used to each other’s lips. Slowly, Winnie increased the pressure, and slid her lips slightly apart. Nel
followed Winnie’s lead, and opened her mouth as well.
Winnie’s tongue slid past their locked lips, licking the inside of Nel’s mouth softly. Winnie probed her friend’s teeth, and then danced her tongue around Nel’s. Their arms drew their bodies closer together, and Winnie’s breasts mashed into Nel’s, as the kiss continued.
Nel moaned, and Winnie found she was
moaning as well.
Although she didn’t really want to, Winnie broke the kiss off. She held her best friend in her arms, but scooted back a couple inches to break the body contact. She looked at Nel, then said, “You try it now.”
Nel took the upper position now, getting on
her knees while Winnie sat on her bum. Nel
reached behind Winnie’s head to tip it
upwards,and Winnie felt a marvelous, almost electric, tingle shoot through her body. Then Nel kissed her, and, oh, my, God, Winnie couldn’t control herself any longer. She was a pawn to her best friend’s wishes.
Without realizing it fully, both women started undoing their own shirts. Nel wasn’t wearing a bra, so Winnie got to see her bare breasts before Nel could see Winnie’s. Winnie reach behind herself and expertly undid her bra.
Both women reached out to the other’s breasts. Winnie touched Nel in ways she wanted Nel to touch her, ways Winnie touched herself when
she was horny. Winnie’s hands cupped Nel’s
smallish breasts (an A-cup, Winnie correctly
guessed) and Nel cupped Winnie’s already-fully-developed 38c mountains. Winnie’s hands moved to Nel’s nipples, and Nel’s hands followed on Winnie’s body. Winnie captured a nipple and pulled, as Nel did the same.
The sudden shock of slight pain from the nipple pulls broke the trance. Their mouths
separated,their hands lowered to their own
bodies, subconsciously covering their bare
breasts, and they looked at each other. Finally, Winnie said “That’s how I want to be kissed.”
“Oh, god, me too!” Nel exclaimed, causing both girls to break into laughter, snapping the spell they had been weaving together.
Later on, Winnie found that she had soaked her
panties through with that kiss-and-feel time.
Though she never kissed Nel again, that
had been the start. Winnie, after her experience with Tristan, searched out the one girl all the college’s rumors said was a lesbian.
This girl, Blanca Grant, was a year older than
Winnie. She took Winnie’s friendship when it was offered. Blanca enjoyed her friendship with
Winnie, and eventually enjoyed the sex she had
with Winnie.
Blanca and Winnie had an 18-month relationship, but Blanca had left college a year ago now. After Blanca left, Winnie had tried to bed her best
friend Nel. That didn’t work, because Nel was getting a regular sexual workout from Tristan Bigelow. Nel was straight, and trying to
forget her one impassioned kiss with Winnie.
So during her last year at college, Winnie practiced enforced
celibacy. It was not so much a life choice as a
decision not to get in trouble seducing girls.
Winnie’s only release came when she went to an adult video shop.
There she bought herself a six-inch vibrator for personal pleasure. The batteries had long ago worn out, but the dildo was still hard, unlike Tristan’s Bigelow’s cock after it shot its load, and
had given Winnie her only sexual release all that year.
Winnie remembered the game she and Blanca had played together, trying to pair off teachers sexually in their minds. Miss. Franklin had always
been one Winnie could not pair off. She had been very professional with Winnie during their tutoring sessions, but Winnie could sense
something different. Nothing had come of those senses, however, so Winnie had forgotten about them… Until now.
Precisely at 7 pm, Winnie parked her car, strode to Anya’s door and knocked. After work, Winnie had run home, showered, and slipped on a black
dress, mid-thigh, with matching bra and panties, and black pumps. She was startled when Anya opened the door wearing a red blouse and matching red leather skirt. Her legs were encased in red fishnet stockings, and she wore black shoes with two-inch stiletto heels.
“Come in, Winne,” Anya said. “Dinner is almost
ready. We have just enough time to open a bottle of wine and have a glass before dinner.”
Anya led Winnie into the kitchen, and pulled a white wine from the refrigerator. Anya opened the wine and poured two glasses. She handed one to Winnie.
“To the start of a better friendship, not just as
teacher/student, but as friends,” Anya toasted.
Winnie reached her glass over, clinked hers on Anya’s, and drank.
After their glasses were emptied, Anya led
Winnie into the dining room. She instructed her guest to refill the wine glasses while she got dinner. Candles were already placed on the table, glowing softly.
As the women ate their meal of pork sirloin chops, potatoes, and asparagus, they caught up with their lives. Anya knew about the close friendship Winnie had had with Blanca, and asked about her. When Winnie explained that Blanca had moved away a year ago, Anya just smiled.
“Blanca was always very smart,” Anya said. “But what about you? Why are you still living at home with your parents?”
Winnie explained that she was working for a
year, then would be starting uni, and Anya
nodded. She refilled Winnie’s wine glass
whenever it got near empty, and they sat talking long into the night.
Finally, Winnie realized that it was late, and she
had to get home. She started to stand, and
staggered a couple of steps before sitting back into her chair.
“I don’t think I should drive,” Winnie said. “How will I get home?”
“Why not spend the night here?” Anya offered. “You can call your mother, so she won’t worry.”
Winnie did just that. One phone call later, Winnie was Anya’s house guest.
Anya came around the table and helped Winnie stand. They moved down the hall, and turned into Anya’s bedroom. A king-sized bed dominated the center of the room, and Winnie started protesting.
“I can’t displace you from your bed,” she said. “This is your house.”
“Nonsense,” Anya replied. “Besides, it’s a big bed, with plenty of room for both of us.”
Anya’s hands moved to Winnie’s waist, and
Winnie slowly turned to her former teacher. Their eyes locked, and Anya softly said “Share my bed with me, Winnie.”
Anya’s mouth moved to Winnie’s and Winnie
opened her mouth willingly to accept the kiss Anya offered. They started slowly, softly, and slowly built up. The kiss grew in intensity, and Winnie felt herself getting very wet. This was the best kiss she had ever gotten, and she felt herself getting weak in the knees, and not from the alcohol, either. Anya was giving her THE KISS, the one Winnie had always dreamed about.
Anya’s hands moved behind Winnie. The older woman lowered the zipper on Winnie’s dress, undid the black bra, then slowly slid them off her. Winnie, while moving her arms and legs to accommodate Anya’s undressing her, remained glued to Anya’s lips, their tongues playing happily with each other, darting mouth to mouth. Anya’s hands moved up to cup Winnie’s breasts, softly pulling at the nipples as they hardened under her touch.
Winnie reached down to start undressing Anya, but the woman stopped her. “Let me take charge,” she told Winne. Winnie was beyond caring. She was hot, and wet, and ready for anything Anya may suggest. The kiss had
worked, and Winnie didn’t care about anything or anyone right then but Anya.
Anya slid the wet thong off Winnie’s hips, then
finally broke the kiss and dropped to her knees. With her teeth, Anya lowered the thong to the floor, then she looked up to see the nude girl swaying above her. Anya rose slightly, and slid her tongue along Winne’s inner thighs. Anya tasted the wetness already flowing out of
her guest, and smiled as more dribbled out of
Winnie’s labia.
Winnie fell backwards, her legs no longer able to support her. She fell onto the bed, and found it to be very soft. She spread her legs wide, and Anya took the message and dove between them, her tongue touching closer and closer to Winnie’s wet lower lips.
Winnie was close to an orgasm already, and Anya had barely even started on her. She used all her remaining willpower to hold off her orgasm a little longer, as the older woman used her fingers to spread open Winnie’s pussy lips. Anya gently blew into Winnie’s spread-open labia, causing her to shudder in joy. Anya traced
her tongue around Winnie’s inner lips, causing her to shudder harder.
Finally Anya drove her tongue deep into Winnie’s pussy, and released the lips. They closed on Anya’s face, burying her tongue deep in Winnie. She could hold out no longer. She lifted her hips off the bed, screamed in joy, and
came. Her orgasmic release flooded over Anya’s face, and as it started, Anya moved her fingers to play with her clit, pulling and pinching to give her more pleasure.
As Winnie slowly regained her composure after the orgasm, she realized that Anya had not stopped. Her face was buried, deeply between
Winnie’s legs, as her tongue was still darting in and out of the wet pussy, her fingers were
pinching and pulling at her clit, and her moans
were buried by Winnie’s thighs.
When Winnie and Blanca had made love, they had brought their partner to orgasm, then switched places. Never had Blanca worked on Winnie’s pussy after orgasm, as Anya was now. Winnie felt the familiar urges of orgasm building again,
and she came, harder than the first time. Still
Anya did not stop, and soon a third and fourth
orgasm flooded Winnie’s mind and body.
After the fourth orgasm, Anya moved off the bed. Through tired eyes, Winnie looked at the woman in surprise. Anya was still fully dressed, though her clothes were rumpled from lying on the bed. Winnie watched in fascination as Anya
removed her blouse, revealing 34b breasts with large erect nipples, adorned with a small ring through each nipple. Anya unzipped her leather skirt and lowered it, and Winnie gasped. Instead of panties, as she had thought she was wearing, Anya had a red garter belt holding up her red fishnet stockings, and no panties on at all.
Anya kicked off her stiletto-heeled shoes, and climbed back on the bed. She stood straddling Winnie, then slowly lowered her pussy until it rested just above Winnie’s mouth. Winnie’s tongue moved quickly, licking the pussy and finding it very wet. She probed deeper with her tongue, then added a finger into her former teacher. Winnie reached up and pulled on the nipple rings, and Anya gasped. A second pull, and Anya was on the verge of cumming herself.
To take her mind temporarily off her impending orgasm, Anya lowered herself down Winnie’s body. Her mouth returned to Winnie’s pussy, and
the women engaged in a 69, with Winnie plunging two, then three fingers into Anya’s pussy while Anya focused on sucking the life out of Winnie’s clit.
Anya finally gave in and came, and in a surprise for Winnie, she squirted juices from her pussy onto Winnie’s face. As she came, she bit down on
Winnie’s clit, causing Winnie to orgasm again. Then Anya climbed off Winnie, reached under her pillow, and handed Winnie a double-headed dildo.
Winnie took the toy and shoved it into Anya’s
pussy. The older woman shuddered and came
again. Winnie maneuvered the dildo in and out, pushing it deeper with each thrust. When she could insert no more of the dildo into Anya, she
climbed on the remaining head, and filled herself until the women’s pussy lips touched around the toy. They each fucked the toy, trying to keep contact with the other at the same time.
All too soon, the women came again, together
this time. Winnie collapsed, thoroughly exhausted by the lovemaking. Anya pulled the toy out of Winnie, then out of herself. She crawled around and took Winnie in her arms. As Winnie fell asleep, her last conscious thought were how wonderful
Anya’s lips were on her own. Damn, Winnie
thought sleepily, Anya can KISS!
In the morning, the women woke together, arm in arm. After kissing passionately for several minutes, Anya reluctantly broke free and cooked breakfast. The two women chatted over fried eggs, bacon, cereal, coffee and orange juice, all eaten in the nude.
After breakfast they returned to the bedroom and made love again, this time taking their time. Anya was a very co-operative lover, allowing Winnie to fully explore the older woman’s body with her fingers, her tongue, and with her beautiful breasts.
For Winnie, this was her first-ever long-term
sexual experience. Rendezvous with Blanca had always been urgent affairs. Sex in a car. Sex at Blanca’s home, or at Winnie’s home. Always there was the thrill of potential discovery, and the need to be done in time to get home, or get done before someone came home.
The night before was great, Winnie thought, but this morning is even better. The daylight streamed through the curtained windows. Anya’s naked body lay soaked in the light, illuminated perfectly. Winnie could fully see the folds of Anya’s pussy, the outer
and inner labia as she pulled them apart and licked them. Winnie watched in awe as the pussy lips grabbed the eight-inch dildo Anya owned. It seemed like Anya was trying to keep the shaft in her body as Winnie stroked it out. Then, when she pulled the dildo out, Winnie saw and was amazed as the pussy canal remained open momentarily before trying to close again. But Winnie’s tongue and fingers were already inside Anya’s body, working to make the teacher cum as Anya had made Winnie cum the night before.
Yes, even now, Winnie thought, I’m trying to
follow my teacher’s instructions.
Anya, for her part, was trying to hold back. She
could cum again and again, but she wanted one HUGE orgasm instead. She also wanted Winnie to see what one giant orgasm looked like. This girl
is good, Anya thought. She’s hitting all the right spots, “Right there, babe,” she said
aloud. “Right there, but harder!!!”
Winnie wasn’t sure which “Right there” Anya was talking about. Winnie had two fingers buried inside Anya’s pussy. Her mouth was sucking on Anya’s clit, the tongue flicking it like a light bag used by boxers. And Winnie’s other hand was pulling on Anya’s ringed nipples, stretching them a bit before releasing. So Winnie kept up all three places.
Anya fought to hang on a little longer, then felt
the time was right. It had to be right. Anya
couldn’t hold on. With a mighty scream of “I’m
cumming, Winnie!!” Anya Franklin came. Her body exploded in sexual release. Her orgasm stretched each nerve ending in her body, allowing Anya to feel the sensitive and sexual tingle of the silk sheets against her back; the slight variations in pressure Winnie used on her clit and nipples; the metal of her nipple rings pulling against the inside of her skin; the flood of cum juice flowing over her inner pussy walls, and splashing against Winnie’s fingers; the
excitement of her brain exploding in joyous
relief, excitement and lust. Damn, this girl is
Anya collapsed a minute later, as Winnie stopped what she was doing on the teacher. The girl climbed on top of Anya and deeply kissed the older woman. Anya returned the kiss with all the
passion she could muster.
“Thank you, Miss. Franklin,”Winnie said. “I can’t tell you how much I needed this.”
“I could tell, and call me Anya,” Anya said.
“Anya, that last orgasm you had was so intense, I came as well. I’ve never had that happen before.”
“It can happen again,” Anya replied.
Anya then asked if she could come back sometime, indicating Winnie would always be
welcome. Winnie dressed, then drove home, her emotions flooding her mind.
By the time she got home, she had made her decision. She picked up the phone and dialed.
“Anya?” she said. “This is Winnie. I’d love to
come over again tonight for dinner. I don’t think
we quite finished what we were talking about,
and I’d like the opportunity to continue our… Conversation.”
As she hung up, a big smile was on Winnie’s face. A bigger smile, though was on Anya’s. The teacher’s plan was working.

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