Woman seeks her perfect partner a dirty old man

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As a young girl, still innocent, however of legal age of 18, I met a man that changed me forever. He was a much older man, seventy eight actually, and we had a sexual relationship for quite some time. Now a grown woman, with much more experience and knowledge I still feel a quiver when the possibility of reliving that part of my life presents itself.

There are several senior communities in my area and from time to time many of the locals will hear about an elderly person who may need assistance with the daily chores of living or just some company now and then. I offered my time and I was asked to contact Mr. Charles Graves, an 81 year old man who no longer drove and was becoming somewhat of a recluse. I was asked if I would give him a call and set up a visit.

I called Mr. Graves and told him who I was and that I thought I might come to his home and spend some time with him. I had met Charles before and he was not what you would call a pleasant sort of fellow. He was a pudgy little man, bald except for a few grey hairs. He wore glasses, and had few teeth if any. He had large hands and thick long fingers that always made me shudder when I saw them. Charles was known as a grump. During my call he told me there was nothing he needed and I said I would come and just keep him company for awhile. He reluctantly agreed and we decided that I would stop by the next day at 10:00AM.

The next morning I got up early and showered. I choose a very pretty blouse with a nice neckline and very soft fabric. I thought a skirt would be nice and I picked a black slim fitting little thing. I have always been complimented on how lovely my legs looked in a tight short skirt. My goal in visiting Mr. Graves was to bring him back to enjoying life. Perhaps an attractive woman, dressed to emphasize her best qualities might do just the trick.

I am a very well endowed woman. My 44DDD’s needed good support but I liked pretty things so I picked up a nice lacy number that lifted my lovely melons and gave some beautiful cleavage in a sexy red, and of course I had matching panties.

I dressed and took a look at myself in the mirror to make sure I was all together and I was pleased with my choices. I did notice that because the fabric of my blouse was thin you couldn’t help but see my very large nipples. The cold morning air had perked them up and they were at full attention. Of course it was also something else. The idea of visiting Mr. Graves was exciting me. I guess I just couldn’t hide my secret. Oh well it was a secret so I really had nothing to worry about.

I combed my hair and checked my face and although I didn’t wear makeup I never left the house without lip gloss. A dab of lightly tinted gloss adds a slight fullness and glisten to my lips. What man wouldn’t want to kiss a mouth that asks to be kissed? I glanced at the clock on my nightstand and I knew it was time to leave.

The ride to Mr. Graves took nearly twenty five minutes, a little longer than I thought so I was about ten minutes late. I pulled into the driveway and as I looked towards the house I thought I saw someone at the window. I opened the car door and didn’t realize my skirt had ridden up my legs and exposed most if not all of my thighs. As I put my leg out of the car my skirt went up even more and with my legs spread, one out and one in, my crotch was in clear view. The person at the window couldn’t help but get a good look. I stepped out of the car and pulled my skirt down.

I walked up to the entry and was ready to ring the bell when the door opened. Mr. Graves was standing there and I must admit I was surprised to see that he wasn’t fully dressed. He had on a white tee shirt, boxers, black socks and slippers.

“Good morning Mr. Graves, how are you?” He looked somewhat annoyed so I walked into the house and waited for him to close the door behind me.

“You’re late, you said 10:00AM, and I thought you weren’t coming so I took off my good clothes, no sense in getting wrinkled just sitting around.” He closed the screen door and I heard a click and figured he locked it, then he closed the front door and he locked it and put the chain on.”Can’t be too careful these days with break-ins and all.”

“Oh, I completely understand your right to make sure you take every safety precaution.”

“Well, now that you’re here we might as well sit down.”

Mr. Graves walked passed me and motioned to me to follow him. We walked thru his sitting room and I was surprised to see a magazine lying on the floor next to the chair that was entitled “Big Jugs “and a picture of large naked breasts. I immediately felt a twinge of excitement.

We walked into the kitchen, it was clean and tidy except for sink full of dishes. Mr. Graves picked up a cup from the table and walked over to the counter and poured some coffee.

“I made this fresh this morning, you want a cup?”

“No thank you, I’m not a coffee drinker.”

He walked over to the table and sat down in the chair.

“Well, how are you doing Mr. Graves? We don’t see you very much out and about?”

“I keep to myself and mind my own business.”

“You must be lonely here all by yourself with no company. I see you have some dishes in the sink that need washing. Why don’t we talk while I do them for you?”

“Suit yourself.”

I stood up and his eyes followed me resting on my breasts and he licked his lips. I was immediately aroused and I could feel my nipples harden and strain against my blouse. Mr. Graves couldn’t help but see the same thing. If he knew that his reaction was exciting me, my secret sexual fascination with men like him wouldn’t be a secret at all. I went immediately to the sink. I was relieved to be out of his line of sight.

I felt my skin flush as I reached for the sponge. I turned on the faucet and the water was nice and warm. The dish soap was making bubbles on my hands as I washed the dishes. It took my mind away from Mr. Graves leering and allowed me to calm myself.

“So,tell me Mr.Graves,do you do much cooking for yourself?”

“I cook some, ain’t any reason to fix a lot when there’s just me eating the food.”

“Well I guess that’s true. While I’m here if I can help with anything just let me know.”

There was no answer so I just continued doing the dishes. I didn’t hear Mr. Graves get up but suddenly he was behind me. I could hear him breathing and as he moved closer I could swear I felt something poke me.

“I’m done with this cup so you can wash it up.”

Mr. Graves had to reach around me to put his cup in the sink and when he did he moved closer, now actually leaning against me. This old man had a very full erection and he was making it clear he wanted me to feel it.

I saw his hands grip the counter on both sides of me encircling me in his grasp. He was making no mistake about his intentions as he began grinding against me from behind. I could feel the excitement in my body start to build.

The last thing I wanted was to show Mr. Graves how very thrilling his unacceptable behavior was for me.

The correct thing for me to do was to show anger or fear and stop this assault immediately. Mr. Graves leaned closer and began speaking to me in a low growl.

“I got something you can help me with; feel that big hard cock I’m humping against those cheeks? You feel it and you love it don’t ya? I know what you wanna help me with and I’m ready to oblige.”

As he was speaking I could feel my nipples harden and I know my pussy was wet. Mr. Graves moved his hands from the counter and grabbed my tits and began to squeeze and grope them. He must have felt my knees began to buckle when his big thick fingers found my nipples and began to pinch them.

I couldn’t help but let out a moan and I heard him groan as he pulled my nipples and felt them grow under his hands.

He continued to assault me and he was licking and biting my neck. The three day old stubble on his face and it was scratching me. I tried to back away from the sink but he had me pinned there and I couldn’t move. As fast as it started he stopped and stepped back.

“Turn off that water, dry up your hands and come over to the table.”

I did as he instructed and I turned around to see Mr. Graves sitting in his chair at the table. As I walked towards him I was so aroused I could hardly breathe.

He was rubbing his crotch and I knew it was that hard cock he had hiding in his shorts. I watched him as I got closer and his tongue was slithering in and out of his mouth just waiting to strike.

“I guess you figured out I love me some big tits when you saw that old magazine on the floor. You’re right I can suck big titties all day and all night long. Why, I can suck on a set of nipples and make em grow real nice and real hard. You wanna keep me company well that’s just fine with me. We’re gonna have us a good time keepin company today. You’re gonna get a tit sucking like you ain’t never had before. I’m a cunt licker too. I’m a man who sucks on pussy till you can’t take anymore and I just keep on sucking. And I know you felt this big monster meat well I’m gonna sink in your cunt and fuck you till you scream. Now, when you can’t help but scream out you can call me Old Charlie, because I know you got to get it from old fuckers just like me. Now we gonna start and we ain’t gonna stop till I say so.”

What had I gotten myself in to? I was about to get ravaged by this dirty old man and I couldn’t wait.

“Now, get over here, I want me some tit and I’ve waited long enough.”

I walked to Charlie and he pulled me between his legs. He was licking his lips and sucking them making me cream in my panties. He put his grubby hands on my blouse and ripped it open. He smiled when he saw the red lace bra and my nipples that were now huge.

He pushed the blouse off my arms and shoulders and it dropped on the floor. His tongue wet with spit slithered out of his mouth and he was licking the tops of my breasts. From his groping and prodding hands my breasts had shifted and were now overflowing the fabric that was covering them. Finding my left nipple with his teeth he bit it and made me wince with pain, I loved the ache and wanted more. Using his fingers he grabbed both melon shaped globes and kneaded the flesh as if they were sponges he was squeezing the water from.

My legs were barely keeping me upright. My body was anticipating the next step. Soon this dirty, dirty old codger would be sucking my hard blood gorged nipples yearning for attention. I know I should have grabbed my things and left when I had the chance but I knew that I would love every minute this dirty old man used me. He knew me better than I knew myself and he was ready to give me what I wanted.

Charlie had waited for this for a long time and he was ready to get what he wanted. He reached a fat callused hand into the cup of my lacy covering and scooped out what he was searching for.

Wrapping both hands around the flesh he brought all that he was hungering for to his lips. I saw his lips part and the tip of my breast, hard and swollen disappear into his mouth. He pursed his lips tightly around the tender morsel and began sucking hard. I felt my nipple growing in his mouth and as he squeezed even tighter around the fleshy mound. I felt the final assault, his teeth clamped down and began to grind around the base of my tender nubbin of desire.

I heard the moans and whimpers and realized it was me. Charlie sucked the nipple hard and drew it out like a pliers pulling out a nail. How long could he keep this attack going? I felt the pulsing of my pussy every time he bit his prize. Taking a final hard suck he released what he had assaulted and reached for the other to attack. Now both breasts were in his grasp.

As he sucked first one swollen nub and then the other his spit was drooling out of his mouth onto my breasts. I was beside myself with the ache and want. Charlie reached around and unclasped the lacy red bra and it fell off my shoulders onto the floor next to my blouse.

Now he had the freedom he wanted.

“Old Charlie is gonna suck these beauties real nice now cause your gonna push em tight together till these big sweet nips are close enough to get my lips around at the same time. Anybody ever tit suck you both at the same time? Well girl you ain’t been sucked till Old Charlie sucks you right. You love every minute and you want more and more I know it, I can smell it. That’s right Old Charlie can smell that pussy making juice from all this tittie sucking. Now push them tits together and hold em up for Old Charlie to suck on.”

I lifted each of my breasts and pushed them towards each other. My breasts were throbbing and my nipples pulsing. I got the two bits where Charlie wanted them and he devoured my nipples into the abyss of his sucking mouth. Oh he was right; the pleasure was twice as good, the pain twice as exhilarating. The sucking sounds were incredibly erotic.

There was no biting just sucking and I loved it.

Charlie had his hands free and he was about to busy them. He pulled my skirt down to the floor around my feet, I stepped out of it. I felt his fingers pushing into my legs to separate them. My feet moved and his fat hand was now between my legs cupping my mound. I felt a long fat thick finger slide between my lace panties and my pussy lips up the slit that was swollen and wet with juices. The finger searched and found the object of his next assault. He pushed into me and began finger fucking me. I couldn’t resist the pleasure and I tightened around his fat digit and fucked it. He was still on my tits and he was sucking harder now.

Without warning he let his mouth fall away from the swollen nipples and he looked up into my eyes.

“Oh yeah, you like fucking don’t you? You showed me your pussy right when you got here. I saw them red panties covering up cunt. Well now you get it good. That’s right you’re gonna be Old Man Charlie’s slut. Whenever I tell you to be here you’ll come runnin. Feel me finger fucking your cunt? I’m gonna do more than fuck this pussy with my old fingers. Oh you’re real wet and your pussy juice is running all over my hand. Ride my finger, fuck it nice, that’s all you get for now.” He pulled his hand out of my panties and pulled them down, I stepped out of them and he threw them with my other clothes. He licked his finger and smiled as he let it slide back into my pussy.

Charlie grabbed onto my nipple and sucked. He slid his finger out of my pussy and found the thing he wanted most.

The ball of his finger circled around my blood gorged clitoris and he teased it bringing me waves of pleasure.

“Ohhh, Ohhh, yes ohhh that feels so good so good.”

“You love it don’t you, you like Old Charlie rubbing on your love button? Well I’m going to do lots more too that cherry. You want Old Charlie to suck that pussy don’t you? You want Old Charlie to tongue that clit nice and make you cum over and over? Oh yeah, baby, you picked the right old man to suck that cunt.

By the time Old Charlie is done with you there isn’t much we ain’t gonna do. You walked thru my door and we both knew what you came for. Now Old Charlie is about to give you all you want and a whole lot more.

Charlie stood up and pushed me aside. “Put them panties back on.” He walked past me and into the living room. Did he say I was to be his personal sex slave? My god how did this happen? I knew as I walked towards the living room, to Charlie, that I was going to do anything he wanted. I had found that excitement again. The years were good to me and I had many enjoyable moments. This feeling, the spark, had been missing.

I saw the magazine on the floor. Big Jugs, that’s what started this whole thing. I wasn’t sure what to do so I stood in the doorway and waited for Charlie to instruct me. Funny I never needed instruction before, not for many years at any rate. I covered my breasts with my arms not from fear or shame but rather protection from what I couldn’t see before me.

The house was dark and as I stood anticipating what was to come next I heard Charlie yelling from the middle of the room.

“Put those hands down. Those big tits belong to me. Bring them babies here so I can get to work.”

I saw Charlie sitting on the couch and I walked to him. I looked about the room and it was filled with old worn furniture, old and worn, just like Charlie. As I got closer I saw that he had taken his pride and joy out of his shorts. His cock was a surprise. It had to be a good six inches and at least three in girth. What he lacked in length his width made up for. The head was a big bulb, red and swollen. I was secretly excited. The fact that Charlie was 81 meant that in all likelihood he wouldn’t have the physical power to have an erection. This was more than I ever imagined. He was stroking it slowly up and down the shaft. I wanted that snake slithering in my pussy.

“I see that look on your face; you’re surprised that an old guy like me can still get it up. Well, don’t worry, I can not only get it up, I can keep it up. I’ve lived a good life, took care of myself. Good living keeps you firm and hard. It doesn’t hurt that a fine woman like yourself is willing and wants it, and we both knew the minute you walked thru my door that you wanted it. You love having a dirty old codger like me slurping my tongue over them big tits. I saw your nipples, big and hard sticking up and pointing at me. You wanted me to reach right out and feel you up when you sat down. I may be old but I’m not blind or stupid. You showed me that pussy before I even opened the door. Well now you’re gonna get what you want.”

Something told me he was a man of his word.

“I can suck them tits real good, so good it makes your cunt cream. When I slid my old fingers in your wet pussy you fucked my hand real nice. You have a clit the size of a cherry and I’m gonna have to suck on that for a good while. Maybe I’ll finger you and suck that clit at the same time, maybe I won’t. Dirty Old Charlie is gonna teach you how to pop your clit for me. I bet you don’t even know what that is? I’m gonna show ya.”

Now, this was something I had never heard of, and I was not a woman who didn’t enjoy her life.

“I’m gonna have to start all over now sucking them big jugs and creamin up that pussy. The prize today is that cunt juice when you cum over and over in Old Man Charlie’s mouth. Now see that chair there you go stand in front of it.”

Charlie had pointed to a chair with big arms on it. I walked over to it and stood waiting for Charlie to tell me where he wanted me. I’m sure it was somewhat of a surprise that I followed his instructions and didn’t refuse. Why would I, I wanted to be here. Charlie got up off the couch and let his cock hang freely, proudly, out of his shorts.

He walked towards me smirking, licking his lips and rubbing his hands together. When he was standing in front of me he grabbed my tits, bent his head, and just bit each nipple. It made me cry out and he did it again causing me to yelp. Feeling positive, a dirty smile came over his face, he slipped his tongue out of his mouth and he licked each throbbing tip. My old man took a step back, pursed his lips, and began blowing on the swelling flesh. The cool air caused the already puffy nipples, to stiffen and harden. He brought his hands up and started pulling them straight out. I couldn’t believe how huge my sore nipples were, they had become double in size. They looked like two red gumdrops. Even when they weren’t teased and sucked they were still big and hard more like pencil erasers.

I learned very early on that my breasts were something men wanted to touch and bite.

My first occurrence with a dirty old man was at nineteen. That experience is still what drives my sexual fantasy to this day. I’m sure you’re curious as to what happened? I know you’re all interested and I will tell you but that will have to wait. Now, this is all about Charlie.

Charlie was ready to proceed and he wasn’t willing to waste any time.

“Old Charlie is about to teach you to pop your clit. Now, I have to swell that button up nice and big, tease it real good so its gonna stand up high when you pop it. Here’s the thing, I’m gonna have to suck on your clit real good. My old tongue has to lick all around and get it real hot and stiff. You’ll want Old Charlie to suck it till you cum but that’s gonna get you punished. No matter what, you can’t cum until I say you can. If you do ohhhh boy will you get it real good. Now get over here and sit down in this chair, put your cunt on the edge and your legs over the arms nice and wide.”

I sat down into the chair and moved forward until my cheeks were right on the edge of the cushion. I lifted my legs and put them over the arms and leaned back against the chair. My pussy was wide open.

Henry started rubbing my pussy through my panties. He slipped a finger underneath the part that covered my lips. He moved that digit up and down, getting it wet. When he felt it was sopping with my secretions he pulled it out.

He held the finger under his nose and told me I had a sweet smelling cunt; he licked his finger and said it tasted like honey.

He got closer and with his cock in his hand he started rubbing it up and down my lace covered honey pot. I was feeling the fire grow inside my body. Charlie pushed my panties aside and with one finger he found my clitoris. He teased it and pulled his finger out. He got down on his knees right in front of me and I moaned when he put his mouth on me and let his tongue tease my hard cherry through my panties. The fabric was rough and it felt like sandpaper but so so good.

Charlie said he needed to get a good taste and he pulled my panties down and off. He brought them to his face and took a deep breath; he felt the wetness in his fingers and rubbed his cock with the fabric before he put them down.

“Oh baby, your cunt is running pussy juices like a faucet, I’m gonna lap it up and get you good and hard. Don’t you cum.”

I looked down and saw an old man, almost bald, with fat sticky smelly fingers, just about toothless, preparing to suck my pussy and I couldn’t wait for him to start. How this 81 year old man was able to get his chubby old body down on the floor was something I didn’t care about.

This dirty old man, put his hands under my ass, picked me up and buried his tongue in my cunt. He was tongue fucking me. I heard him sucking up my pussy honey and he couldn’t get enough. I knew the minute he lapped my clit I was cumming and no one could stop it. I felt him pull his tongue out of me and I felt him slide a finger in me instead.

His tongue licked upwards and found my button. The tongue, his weapon, swirled around my hot hard clit. He sucked it into his mouth and I began shaking and begging.

“Oh Oh, yes yes, Oh yes, suck me suck me, Ohhhh baby I love that.”

Charlie sucked hard and I had to cum, I didn’t care what he did to punish me. Any punishment was worth the pleasure. He started finger fucking me deep and fast, sucking, fucking, I had to cum, I had to, and then, it all stopped.

“Look at that fucking cherry, oh man it’s ready to pop up and get some. Put your hands down and pull your pussy lips back real tight, there it is,


I reached down and pulled back on my lips, I watched my clit pop up like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. My love button was enormous, just like a crimson sweet treat, hard and wet.

Charlie reached out and grasped it between two fingers. He began jerking it up and down, it was wicked good. I felt Charlie let go and I saw him lower his mouth over my pussy. I took a deep breath and waited for his lips to make contact. His lips covered that swollen nub and sucked it like a dripping popsicle. The tip of his old tongue was flicking it while his old lips sucked it. He stopped long enough to announce his intentions.

Proudly he looked into my eyes and said,

“Now this old cocker is gonna suck you off, you cum hard in my mouth; I want you to fill this old mouth with hot sweet pussy juice.”

He opened his mouth; his tongue slithered out and swallowed my clit into his sucking jaws. He put two fingers in my cunt and he fucked me hard, the sucking lips, fucking fingers, didn’t stop. This old man was doing everything I needed and wanted from him. Without the pressure changing, in minutes, I was cumming and I wanted him to know.

“OH OHHHHHH, Ohhh, God Oh God, yes I’m cumming hard old man, now suck those juices you wanted from my pussy and swallow them down.”

My pussy was pulsing and throbbing. I pushed up hard onto face face and he didn’t skip a beat. His lips and tongue were in perfect rhythm and I was singing his song.

“Yesss, Ohhhh yessss, you’re driving me mad, don’t stop, please, please don’t you dare stop.”

That was me, screaming, pleading and Charlie delivered. My body was on fire, shaking, trembling. Charlie pulled his mouth off my pumping cherry and when I opened my eyes up he was kneeling in front of me. He got to his feet and his cock was like a hot poker.

“Get up and bend over this here chair, I’m about to bury this old cock in your cunt and fuck you hard, long and deep.”

I couldn’t move, my body felt as though it was convulsing, and I didn’t want it to end. My pussy was hungry and I wanted Old Charlie to drive that poker deep in my cunt and fuck me forever. The waves of immediate satisfaction washed over me. I wanted it to last and last.

I forced my body to move, to stand. I turned my back to Charlie, he couldn’t wait, and he was rubbing that hard dick on my ass and pushing me down. I grabbed the arms of the chair and planted my feet I knew what was coming and I wanted to feel the full brunt of Charlie’s assault. I felt a hand on the small of my back and Charlie started searching for the opening to the pleasure zone. His cock was close and suddenly it slipped in and the ride began.

This filthy old man was burying his meat so deep in my meat locker I felt it in my stomach. Charlie drove harder and deeper with each thrust. He had a power hammer ramming my pussy over and over. When I thought he couldn’t keep going he grabbed my hips and he drove it home.

“What a cunt you got Lady, your fucking Old Charlie good. Oh yeah, tighten up on this big dick, pull it down deep, oh baby we’re fuckin now ain’t we? Your cunt is just gobblin up this piece of meat and I’m here to give it all it can swallow. Oh you hungry slut we’re fuckin ain’t we? Oh yeah, we’re just fucking. Okay, okay, Old Charlie’s gonna shoot his load, its coming up, coming up outta my balls, into my cock, ohhhh, ohhhh, get ready bitch, pulling out, now turn around and suck my cock.”

Charlie pulled his poker out of my fiery cunt and when I turned around he pushed me to my knees and buried it in my mouth. Within seconds he was shooting hot gobs of cum into my throat. My lips tightened around his shaft, I sucked it hard. The more I sucked, the more it shot, spraying the back of my mouth over and over. Hot salty cum filling my throat and leaking out down the side of my sucking lips.

“There’s more coming baby, its coming out now, right in your hot mouth. Ok cunt, let’s slow it down, loosen up and let old Charlie fuck that pretty mouth a little, yeah that’s it, sliding in and out real nice. Oh man, your mouth is like a nice warm pussy. Ohhhh yeah, old Charlie is dying down, because I fucked that cunt real good.”

He reached down and pulled his softening cock out of my wet cum filled mouth.

“Yup, gimme my cock girl, you’ve had enough.”

Charlie pulled his softening roll of meat out of my lips and watched his cum dripping down onto my chin after it.

“Woman, you are one good piece of prime pussy. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had anything but my old fingers around my boy here and baby you were sure worth the wait. We’re gonna have us a whole lot good times. I think it’s time for you to get yourself together, slow it down, cool it off and let me rest, before you kill this old man with that lethal fine cunt. Time for you to put your clothes on, I’ll be waiting for you in the kitchen.”

He turned and walked out of the room. I had to pull myself up and I was very shaky on my feet. My legs felt as if they couldn’t carry me one step. I wiped Charlie’s cum from my lips and chin and took a step. My pussy was raw. Each time I took a step my pussy lips rubbed together and I felt like I had a piece of sand paper brushing me. I looked down and my nipples were almost blood red. They were swollen like never before and the throbbing was intense.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water, I let a cloth get saturated and placed it between my legs. The warmth was soothing, I couldn’t wait to get home and sit in a hot soapy bath and clean myself well. I looked in the mirror and what I saw shocked me. My hair was all over the place, my mouth was sore with lips that were swollen and chaffed. My nipples looked as though they would stay this size for ever. I saw something else. The face looking back at me smiled, slyly, and I knew why.

I had been ravaged by my sweetest obsession. Dirty Old Man Charlie was everything that excited me. I was determined to see him again. I would do anything to be with him.

I put my panties and skirt on, my bra, and did the best I could with my blouse. Charlie had ripped all the buttons off when he wanted to get to my breasts. I opened the door and walked into the kitchen.Walking towards this man, he looked old, and used up. For a moment I was truly concerned until he spoke to me


“Now, today you were late, tomorrow you’re on time. You be here by 10AM and plan to stay day and night. Old Charlie will have a few surprises for you I think your gonna like. I’m gonna miss your big titties not being here when I want them. Maybe I can have a little suck before you leave. Come here to me so I can reach them big babies. Put your arms down, there we go, your blouse is open, guess I tore off all those buttons getting to these “Big Jugs” like my magazine.”

Would this have happened without me seeing that magazine, I honestly didn’t know. Worse, I didn’t care.

“I’m just gonna bite them big tittie toppers with your bra on. I can see those big nipples begging for Old Charlie to bite em.”

Charlie pulled me closer and true to his word he grabbed my breasts and bit down on first one, than the other, sore stiff nipple. I felt the pain; I also felt my pussy stirring.

“Man I hate to let them go, but I got to get some rest for tomorrow. Now I know with you here I wouldn’t sleep a wink, I’d fuck and suck all night. Go on now, get home, and remember, don’t be late.”

I walked to the door and opened it to the fresh air. I walked to my car, opened the door. got in, and started it up. When I arrived here this morning I was doing my civic duty and visiting an old man who didn’t appear to be enjoying life. Whatever I thought this visit would be I had no idea it would be like this. I was already wondering what tomorrow would bring. The anticipation was making my pussy quiver. As I drove away I just wanted a bath and a bed. I needed a good night’s sleep, for sure.

It isn’t often that we actually get the chance to live out a fantasy. And, I’m not saying whether I have or not. But, if I did this would be the best possible way to do it.

As I was leaving Mr. Graves house I found myself replaying the scenes of what had taken place. The one thing I knew for sure, I would return. My dirty old man was equally as confident that I was leaving a satisfied lady.

My body was still responding to the fulfillment from the last few hours and I needed some rest. When I got home all I wanted was a hot bath. Lying in the tub I just let the warm water relax me. Feeling refreshed and tranquil, I went to bed. I fell asleep almost immediately. Opening my eyes after a restful night the morning was upon me. It was time to get up and ready myself for what the day was about to bring.

As I was dressing, I found myself going over my afternoon with Charlie Graves. I was somewhat surprised at what had transpired. I couldn’t believe how forceful Mr. Graves had been and how much I liked it. He had me saying things I’d never uttered before. The idea that I was going back for more was exciting and a bit scary. I knew I was powerless to resist, why should I? The question was I wondered what he had in store for me and like magic I was there.

As I walked up to the door it opened and Mr. Graves was standing there in front of me with a devilish smile on his worn old face. This man certainly had a lot to be happy about. I never expected the hardness he was able to sustain. I’m sure he was quite proud of himself and his performance, he should be.

“Good Morning, good, you’re on time, come in. I slept real good and I’m ready to go at it all over again.”

He stepped aside and as I entered the house he was grinning from ear to ear. I had a smile on my own face. Once inside I heard the lock click and understood immediately that my choice was made. I was here, more than willing to submit myself to this man, knowing full well, he would hold the power.

Charlie quickly walked up behind me and I felt his hands grab my breasts. It startled me, and I loved it. He was taking charge and he was feeling strong.

“Oh yeah, Old Charlie does love him some big tits. I’ve been missing these beauties since you left yesterday. Now you know I’m about to suck these hard hot swollen tits all day and all night, and I’m gonna do some tittie fucking while I’m at it.”

His hot breath was on my face as he grabbed my sore nipples hard, rolled them around and with a final pinch he released me and motioned me to the kitchen.

I could feel my pussy already getting wet. He followed behind me and sat in his chair. Wasting no time with pleasantries he made it clear he wanted me to stand in front of him. On the table there were some items of clothing. I couldn’t tell exactly what they were; they appeared to be lacy and rather sexy. Mr. Graves’s eyes lit up as he told me to take my clothes off.

“Now you do it real slow and sexy, tease me, real nice.”

When did I become a stripper? I liked the idea of teasing him. His eyes opened wide in expectation and he sat back in his chair to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He was actually already breathing deeper anticipating my performance.

I stepped back and slowly opened the buttons on my blouse. The idea of sexually taunting him was extremely erotic. My fingers found the small pearls on my blouse as I fixed my eyes on Charlie. I trembled as I watched his reaction to my tongue, wet with saliva, licking my lips as each button exposed more of me. I let the blouse fall open. When each button was unfastened I slipped the silky covering off my shoulders and let it fall onto the floor.

My bra was nude and sheer. Charlie reached down and began rubbing his crotch when he saw my nipples hard and pointing straight at him. My hand reached behind me, suggesting what was about to take place. While one hand was holding my sheer bra in place, I unhooked it and slowly slid the straps over my arms. The purpose was not letting it fall and expose my breasts.

“You like teasing Old Charlie with those sweet titties don’t you? Well it’s time to show me your big jugs because I’m getting tired of waiting.”

I lowered my arms and let the bra fall slowly away from me. As it fell, I brushed my hands over my swollen nipples, I pinched them playfully. When I winced, deliberately pouted and pursed my lips, it was more than the old man could bear. All old Charlie could do was growl.

“Oh lord, are you trying to drive me crazy? Now the rest I want you naked.”

I opened the button on my skirt and intentionally took plenty of time to lower the zipper.

Tugging at the fabric I had to wiggle a bit to get it to move away from my skin. I shimmied as I let the thing fall around my ankles, stepping out of it. I hooked my fingers into the band of my panties and pulling them away from my hips, and down, I bent over letting my breasts hang down and bounce to take them off.

“Bring that sexy body to Charlie.”

I looked at him and walked towards the table slowly. I saw the drool running down the corner of his mouth. He wasted not a second reaching out and grabbing my breasts.

His hands pushed them together and he covered the tips with his wet drooling lips and sucked both nipples into his mouth. He bit down and then let them go. They were wet with his spit. He looked me right in the eyes; he reached up and twisted wet knobs until I moaned.

Letting go of the prize and obviously impatient, he handed me the things off the table and told me to go put them on. It was with urgency he advised I be quick and not waste time. I picked up my clothes and as I walked away I made it a point to shake me lovely ass, I heard a deep sigh.

In the privacy and safety of the bathroom I was able to look at what he had given me. The panties had no crotch. The fabric was lace and very thin. One strong pull and they could easily be ripped from my body. The bra was half a bra. It was wired to lift my breasts up. When I put it on it was easy to see why Charlie would choose it. My breasts were perched high and my nipples were protruding thru the holes strategically placed. The black lace was erotic and the black crotch less panties left nothing to the imagination.

It was easy to see that this was a planned costume that wouldn’t restrict availability of any part of me for the admirer.

Looking at my image in the mirror I could easily see the thought that went into his selection. If I was here to appeal to his dirty thoughts and needs I certainly fit the picture. I carefully folded my own panties and skirt and opened the door feeling the heat rise up into my cheeks.

I was both embarrassed and excited at the same time. I walked into the kitchen and Charlie was still sitting at the table in his chair.

“Come here let me have a look see.”

I walked closer to him and he grinned and licked his lips making a sucking sound. “Oh man, you look real sexy. You like what Charlie got for you?” The answer was honest, “Yes, I like them.” As I spoke I could feel my face flush and get warm. Charlie was quite pleased.

“I have another surprise for you.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come out of the sitting room and walk towards us. My first instinct was to cover myself. Oh god, someone else was here, they were watching me act like a whore. The man spoke “Put you’re hands down.” I was startled by the voice. I didn’t hesitate and I did as I was told. I knew for certain I was blushing and for a second I couldn’t catch my breath. I also had to admit I was very aroused. The thought of two men, dirty old men, playing with me at the same time was pretty hot.

I now fully understood the surprises, the gifts of sexy, hot underwear and now another man. Obviously Charlie was no sad little old man who didn’t know how to make himself happy.

Suddenly, there was another man standing next to me. He was a little taller than Charlie and thinner. This man had grey hair in need of a cut. His boney hands were wrinkled and worn. It was apparent to see that he was a man of Charlie’s age or maybe a little younger. It was quite obvious, immediately, that he was in charge. He walked slowly around me looking up and down and smiled.

“This is my friend Henry. I know you’ll be happy to know he’s a man who loves sweet pussy about as much as I love them big tits. I think you should give Henry a nice kiss hello.”

I turned to look at Henry; he stuck his tongue out and wiggled it at me, smiling.

“Yes Sir Charlie, you were right, we’re gonna have some real fun with this one. She was made for this, what a body. There’s nothing like a full figured woman to make a man horny.”

Henry pulled me closer to him and licked my lips. His hands grabbed my ass and I could feel his cock as hard as a stick leaning against my stomach. His hips began grinding against me as he wasted no time sliding his wet tongue into my mouth. His tongue wiggled around, searched and found my own. With careful manipulation he grabbed hold of it and sucked it into his lips. I felt as though I was choking. I backed away from him and told him to stop.

“You hear that Charlie? Did she tell me to stop?”

I realized I had possibly made a mistake. Henry walked up to me and peered into my eyes.

“Charlie I think we need to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand, what do you think?”

“You better show her the right way Henry; let her know who the boss is.”

Henry was the boss? I didn’t answer to him or anyone else. The stern old man walked over to the kitchen table and sat down next to Charlie. His eyes never left mine.

“I do believe its spanking time Charlie, what do you think?

Spanking time, was he serious? There was absolutely no way I would allow this lecherous old fool to spank me.

“Little lady I think you better come over here to me right now before I really get angry.”

I walked over to Henry reluctantly and I stood in front of staring him in the eyes. I had to let him know I was not to be treated like this. As I opened my mouth to speak he spoke first.

“We can do this real easy, or real hard. You need a lesson in how to do what you’re told. “Now I suggest you pull them panties down and lay here across my knees”

I stood there and couldn’t believe what I heard.

“You’re about to get a good old fashioned spanking. You will never say stop to Old Charlie or me again.”

I stood there and refused to do as I was told and he wasted no time in asserting his dominance. He reached up and pulled me down over his knees. I was starting to get turned on. What the hell was I thinking?

“Charlie, pull them panties down and bare her ass so she understands I mean business and she feels each and every smack real good and hard.”

Charlie jumped up like a little trained puppy and did exactly what Henry told him to do. He was shaking with expectation as his wrinkled old fingers pulled the crotch less excuse for panties down to my knees. Henry wasted no time squeezing the exposed vulnerable buttocks on his lap. The sound of his hand as it made contact with my skin was startling. Again, he slapped me hard and open handed. I flinched and cried out in pain and surprise, and he slapped me again, and again, and again till the pain was almost unbearable. I heard myself react in time with each smack. Finally the punishment came to an end. I was ashamed at the fact that I became aroused by this assault, I think Henry felt that.

“Charlie, come here and help her up.”

Charlie lifted me off his lap and stood me next to Henry. The look on his face was pure excitement. He couldn’t help running his hand over me stinging cheeks and smile.

“I doubt you’ll tell me no again.”

Feeling the wetness start to build between my legs I wasn’t so sure. I had never been spanked before; it was very strange to be standing here enjoying the heat my red cheeks felt.

This man was the stronger of these men. He was strangely pleased that I was not arguing with him and this told him he was totally in control.

“Charlie have you told her what the rules are?”

“No, I thought you’d like to tell her all that yourself.”

Who was this man.? How did he come to be here?

There are rules? Suddenly, I was questioning my decision to return to Charlie’s home. This was not what I bargained for.

“Well, there’s only one rule you have to remember and it’s a real easy one. No matter what happens you don’t cum unless I say you can. If I’m sucking on your cunt and you feel like you’re gonna cum you better not or I’ll have to punish you. When me and Charlie are working on your pussy, sucking your big tits, fucking you, fingering you, if you cum without permission I will just have to punish you. Do you understand?”

Suddenly I wasn’t so sure I should be here. If I wanted to leave now they wouldn’t stop me, would they? I was so overcome with excitement I knew I wouldn’t leave. I’ll play along instead.

“Yes Henry,I understand the rules.”

“All rights then, pull up you’re panties.”

As I bent down and pulled the panties up over my stinging flesh I gave away my will and Henry knew he had won. He might have won the battle but the war, something else entirely.

Henry had a big smile on his face as did Charlie.”What do you think Charlie, time to dip my dick?” The two men shook hands and turned to me. Henry spoke first.

“Come here and stand right between us, nice and close.”

I was standing between them, two old men, who were hungry for what I could give them and anticipating just what they would do. There was no turning back. I wanted them; I was ready for whatever happened.

“I think she wants you to suck on her titties Charlie, you want him to suck your big titties don’t you?”

I didn’t answer and Henry quickly smacked my ass hard with force. I was stunned and reached back to touch my burning skin.

“Listen here, when we ask you a question you answer us you understand?” I quickly said yes. “Well all right then,let’s start over and mind your manners.”

“Tell Charlie here how you want him to suck your titties.” “Charlie, I want you suck my titties hard.”

Charlie got closer and asked “You want old Charlie to suck your titties hard?”

“Yes, Charlie, please do it now.”

Charlie leaned forward and I watched my nipple disappear into his mouth. He was sucking and biting. I couldn’t help whimpering when his teeth bit down or moan as his lips sucked. I watched him let my nipple fall out of his mouth and he began to blow on it. The coolness felt good as it got harder and swelled aching and throbbing.

“Oh yeah, look at it Henry, that’s some real sweet tit and that big hard swollen nipple is just begging to be sucked on.”

“Well Charlie I think it’s time for Henry to latch on to this tit here and suck this nipple nice just the way you told me she loves it.”

Obviously Charlie had gone to Henry and told him what had happened the previous day. It was clear now why Henry felt he could dominate me. In seconds I was standing between both men and watching while they devoured my breasts. They sucked and bit until I was barely able to stand. When they finally let go my nipples were throbbing and so swollen I couldn’t feel anything but sweet pain.

“Henry, you smell that, smells like wet pussy doesn’t it?”

“I do smell that sweet smell and I’m sure Charlie, it is wet pussy. The smell of wet pussy is like perfume to me.”

Charlie pulled me next to him and couldn’t help himself so he latched on to my nipple and started sucking, it was so sore it hurt like crazy. I tried to back away but he held me tight. I felt Charlie put his hand between my legs and push them apart. I could feel his fingers groping me. There was no crotch in the panties I was wearing and I could feel his middle finger as he used it to circle around my puffy lips. Abruptly, I felt a finger slide into me. It was deep, and then he pulled it out. He brought his hand up near his mouth and let my nipple go; he put his finger into his mouth and sucked it.

“Henry, dip into this pussy, get some of her sweet honey.”

Henry pulled me to him, lifted my leg and put it on Charlie’s knee. This forced my legs apart and my pussy wide open. He looked at me and plunged his long boney finger deep inside me. He was finger fucking me slowly and when he took his finger out I could easily see it glisten with my fluids. Henry put his finger under his nose and took a deep breath, opened his mouth and licked it dry.

“I bet you want me to lick and suck on your pussy don’t you? Your crack is soaking wet, I know that’s what you’re waiting for. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that’s what you want isn’t it?”

I didn’t answer and I knew I was making a big mistake. Immediately he smacked my cheek, the quick slap stung and I was surprised at how fast he reacted.

“I’ll ask again, you want Henry to suck on your pussy?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want you to suck on my pussy.”

“Well, you know I’m ready to do whatever you want.”

The two men stood up and motioned for me to walk ahead of them. I walked into the living room and waited. Charlie told me to get in the chair and get ready. As I walked towards the chair the stinging on my buttocks stopped. The only thing I felt was the stirring between my legs. I sat down and I knew from yesterday that they wanted my cheeks on the edge of the seat.

“Put those legs over the arms like I showed you yesterday, we want that pussy wide open and ready for action.”

I did as I was told and couldn’t wait for them to start.

“Henry, look at that pussy, it’s just begging for attention.”

Henry came to the chair and reached down, wiggled his finger deep inside me.

“Charlie, I’m gonna suck this sweet pussy till I can’t feel my lips or my old tongue gives out on me. Now we both know that’s not happening. I can eat this little clam forever and a day.”

All the time they were talking Henry was finger fucking my pussy. I was so wet I could hear the sound that’s like nothing else. As he slowly pulled his boney wrinkled digit out of me he told me to lick my pussy juice off it, I did what I was told.

“Charlie does she know how to pop her clit?”

Charlie smiled and said “She knows I taught her that little trick yesterday. Just tell her, she knows just what to do.”

Henry was kneeling on the floor in front of me; my legs were wide open hanging over the arms of the chair.

“Charlie, why don’t you suck her tits while I get some pussy sucking done?”

Charlie came to the side of the chair and knelt down beside me. He reached out and pinched my right nipple hard, I winced and he pinched it again, then he pinched the left one.

“I’ll sit right here and watch you eat that pussy up. Maybe I’ll twist these big juicy nipples every now and then just to keep em hard.”

Henry reached out and pulled my hips to the very edge of the cushion. From where I was I couldn’t help but clearly see everything he doing, the angle of my body put my pussy in plain sight. I watched as Henry bent his head down and opened his mouth. His tongue just flicked across my clit and I could see it swell. He took the swollen bump into his mouth and sucked, gently. It felt so good I involuntarily began grinding my mound into his face. I was rocking up and down with his sucking motion. He abruptly stopped and released his treasure.

“Okay baby, your cherry is nice and big. Put your fingers down here and pull those lips back, it’s time to pop that clit up nice and high so I can suck it right into my mouth and get your motor running.”

My clitoris was so sensitive from Charlie’s sucking lips yesterday I was sure it would only be worse after Henry started. I was shaking because I knew that the minute I felt his mouth on me I would cum.

“Remember, don’t you cum unless I say you can or I’ll just have to punish you. Time is wasting, show Henry that sweet clit.”

I reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart. I could actually see my clit pop out and stand hard and swollen. I learned very early that I was blessed with a very large and extremely sensitive clitoris. Men were mesmerized.

“Look at her clit; it’s just like a cherry. Charlie, you were right, this is one special pussy. I have never seen a clit pop up and beg to be sucked like this one here.”

Henry leaned forward and I could feel the hot breath from his mouth, Charlie was rolling my nipple between his fingers, pulling and pinching.

“Look Old Henry in the eyes.”

My eyes found his and I watched as he stretched out his tongue and licked my pulsing clit. Henry opened his mouth and covered my clit with his lips, I could feel him sucking and I was out of my mind. As he slid his lips around my clit he sucked harder almost letting it pop out of his mouth. His lips were pursed together like he was trying to whistle and his tongue was teasing the tip in his mouth. One more suck and I knew I was going to cum. He sucked once more, I was ready, on the edge, and he let it pop out of his mouth. I couldn’t stop moaning and shaking. Charlie pinched my nipple so hard I cried out, and suddenly they weren’t touching me.

“How about that Charlie, she didn’t do it; she did what she was told. Now this lady has control, that’s a real good thing. I can make her beg for more and hold back to give her an orgasm she’ll never forget. Now we do that and she keeps coming back to us because she wants to.”

I was whimpering and my body was racked with excitement. I wanted to reach down and rub my clit until I could find relief and explode in a mind blowing orgasm. My hands were racing down to my pussy, about to end this torture when I heard Henry’s voice.

“Don’t you touch your pussy, that’s my pussy, my clit, if I catch you touching it I’ll have to punish you, now stand up?”

His harsh words shook me back to my reality. I gathered what strength I had and I stood up. Charlie was still kneeling on the floor next to the chair and Henry was still in front of me. With one swift motion Henry pulled me closer; I felt his hands grab my ass and pull my pussy to his face. Once I felt his tongue rolling roughly over my clit, I realized what was happening. He had buried his mouth between my legs. I heard him sucking and I started rubbing against his mouth. His lips were wrapped around my clit and he was sucking like mad. I was grinding now, harder, pulling back and that made him suck harder.

“Oh my God, I have to cum, let me cum, please let me cum, please?”

Henry pulled his mouth off me. I couldn’t stand and fell back into the chair. Charlie grabbed at my tit and started sucking it hard, biting and I was moaning and crying my pussy was throbbing so hard it hurt. Charlie sucked my nipple like a starving animal and then he just stopped. I was beside myself with the pleasure I felt. The more I got the more I wanted. Henry was right, I’d come back because I wanted too.

Henry stood up and began smiling down at me.

“Charlie I need to fuck me some pussy, how about you?” Charlie stood up and walked around to the front of the chair and stood next to Henry. “You know what Henry I feel like a little something else, I need some cock sucking.” They knew exactly what they wanted and I was sure they would get it all.

“Well Charlie I think we can both get what we want, isn’t that right miss make me cum please? After all we both know that you’re just as hungry to fuck as we are, isn’t that right?”

I was shocked at how Henry addressed me. It didn’t take long to realize I was nothing more than their plaything. I not only had to accept it, I had to like it, and if I didn’t want to be punished I had to accept it and act accordingly. I asked for this, begged for it. I looked up at these two old men and shook my head in agreement even though I wasn’t at all sure what I was agreeing to. “Yes, Henry.”

Henry was rubbing the front of his pants and although I couldn’t be sure it appeared as though he had quite a lot to rub. I didn’t have to speculate very long because he unzipped his pants, reached inside and unleashed a monster. He watched my face as he unveiled his tool and I know when my eyes grew in amazement he was more than pleased. Henry’s cock had to be a full 10 inches in its length and a firm 3 inches around. The swollen head was shaped like a huge mushroom, and I knew it was more than I could handle.

“I have something here for you, I’m gonna fuck me some of that cunt and when I’m done you’ll be fucked right.”

I could feel the anticipation swell in my body. I was scared and crazy with what I knew was about to happen, I couldn’t wait, I wanted him to plunge that monster into me and fuck me till I couldn’t take anymore. I knew what Charlie had and I thought he was a big man; his cock was a good 6 inches, 3 inches in girth. Yesterday he had me suck it and then he fucked me, he pulled out and came in my mouth. I had no idea what he would do today.

Charlie pulled his meat out and rubbed it across my lips. “Open your mouth and lick my cock” I opened my mouth and my tongue licked the head of Charlie’s cock. He was moaning a little and smiling. He pushed the head into my mouth and told me to suck on it real slow and nice. I did as I was told and began sucking, moving my tongue about his cock and swallowing as much of his hardness as I could. Charlie grabbed both sides of my head and began thrusting in and out of my mouth. I pursed my lips a little tighter and he moaned out loud.

“Ohhh yeah, that’s nice, suck me nice and tight.”

After a few more plunges he pulled his cock out and it glistened with wetness from my mouth. Charlie slid his hand up and down using my mouth fluid as a lube and rubbed the head over my mouth before letting it go.

“Well Charlie how we gonna get what we both want at the same time?”

At the same time. Henry wanted to fuck me and Charlie wanted me to suck his cock. How could I do both at the same time? I didn’t have to wait long for the answer.


“Charlie how about you sit down right here in this chair, get her up.” Charlie gladly followed Henry’s orders and pulled me up out of the chair, moved around me and sat down.

“Now I want you to stand in front of Charlie here and grab the arms of the chair. Get ready Charlie. Now bend over and get busy sucking on Charlie’s cock.”

I could see what this was leading too. I did as I was instructed and positioned myself as Henry had choreographed.

“I know how much you love sucking on those big tits Charlie and you can have at it while she sucks on your cock.”

Charlie didn’t waste any time. In seconds my mouth was on his dick and his lips were sucking and biting my nipples. I couldn’t help but wonder what Henry was planning. I had an idea of how he was going to fulfill his plan and I didn’t have to wait any longer. Henry spread my legs apart and told me to plant my feet on the floor. He got down on his knees and I could feel his tongue licking up the back of my leg. Charlie was chewing my nipples and I was delirious with pain and pleasure. I was sucking on the engorged cock in my mouth and I was losing all sense of what was happening.

“Old Henry is gonna latch on to that big swollen clit and suck it. I’m gonna fuck your pussy with my tongue and make you wet with pussy juice. Henry is gonna let you cum and then I’m gonna drive this big cock deep in your wet pussy and your going to scream for more hard fucking than you ever had before. Suck them titties Charlie, this one is gonna cum hard.”

I could barely stay on my feet. My lips were numb from sucking on Charlie’s big cock hard and deep in my throat. Charlie pushed my tits together; he wanted to suck on both nipples at the same time. I learned yesterday how much he liked doing that and my nipples were so swollen they were easy to get side by side and into his voracious mouth.

I almost collapsed when Henry pulled my pussy lips apart and found my big swollen nubbin and started sucking on it. I couldn’t help pushing my wet pussy into his face. Henry was moaning and his sucking was loud and wet. He sucked my hard button into his mouth and pulled on it with his lips letting it pop out of his grasp. I could feel the pleasure all over me. I knew it would be seconds before I would cum. I couldn’t stop it when I felt Henry’s tongue go deep inside my hungry pussy. “Oh my god here it comes.” My body started jerking and I couldn’t breathe. Between the aching and the delight I lost all sense of where I was and what was happening.

The pulsing and throbbing were excruciating. Almost at the same time that I was reaching the point of no return Charlie was shooting hot cum into my mouth. I was swallowing as fast as I could but it kept raining into my throat. I jerked almost straight up and could hear my nipples come out of Charlie’s mouth. The cold air was like a hard bite. I lost all sense of reality and felt as if I was about to hit the floor. That was not about to happen.

“Ok Charlie, hold on to this girl real tight cause Henry is gonna bury this hot poker into the fire and stoke the flames.”

Charlie grabbed my hands and held them to the arms of the chair. Henry bent me forward, I felt his cock ride the lips of my pussy. At any second he was going to be inside me and I started to shake with pleasure, I wanted him to fuck me hard and deep. He drove fast and firm. I could hear his groin smack my cheeks with each feverish thrust. In and out, deeper and rigid, I loved it; I wanted more and more, faster and harder.

“Yes yes, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

It was me screaming at Henry and he was only too happy to oblige me. He was like a jack hammer, driving into me and I wanted all he had.

“Oh yeah baby, Old Henry is fucking your cunt real nice, you love that big old cock in your hot pussy, yeah I’m given it to you good and hard.”

Henry was a master at fucking hungry hot pussy. He pulled out to the big head and then rammed back. He kept up a fast pace, driving me crazy.

“Oh Charlie, you were so right, this is prime pussy here. I’m thinking I just might let this cunt cum again, what do you think, should we let her cum again?”

“Yes, Yes, please let me cum, let me cum, please please.”

“Oh yeah, your damn right your gonna cum again, when I tell you can, and not one minute before.”

The next few seconds all hell broke loose. Henry was fucking me like it was the last time he’d ever fuck anybody. He was grinding and pounding in and out of me. When he was so deep I thought he’d ripped me open, I felt it. His cock was like a shotgun, spraying cum everywhere inside me. Faster and faster and he felt my muscles tighten up and start the powerful release.

“Ok, now cum on my hard cock and give me a ride I’ll never forget.”

Together we felt the power and the world shook. I don’t know how long we were locked like two Rocky(D)s but it was one of the most unbelievable orgasms I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t think this old man could go any faster and he did. Finally he slowed down, and fell exhausted on my back. Henry stopped pumping and pulled his cock out of me, my pussy was raw, burning and I loved it. I fell to the floor and just let the pleasure and pain combine into ecstasy. I don’t know how long I was on the floor. Eventually I felt Charlie lift me up to my feet. He was behind me holding me up.

“How about we get her on the table Henry?” The table? What was that all about?

“You’re reading my mind Charlie; yeah she’d be real good on the table, go on get it and bring it here.”

Henry collapsed on the sofa. I vaguely heard him call me.

“Come on over here.”I could barely stand. My legs were like rubber and I was sure I would fall to the ground before I walked to Henry. Charlie took a last suck on my nipple and let go of my hands. I pushed off the arms of the chair and turned to face Henry.

“Come on here, I don’t want that sweet hot pussy to cool down.”

Henry up straight against back of the couch and pulled me closer; he put his hand down between my legs and felt around until he found what he wanted.

“There it is, Oh yeah, you got one hot cherry for a clit, and it almost feels like it should be an all day sucker.”

His fingers rolled around my crimson bud and I could feel the fire start all over again. I could feel him search for my sticky fluids to coat his finger tips. He put a finger inside me and slowly fingered me while his thumb rolled my clit over and over.

Charlie came back into the room with a folding table. He set it down in the middle of the floor and began to open it.

“Charlie, you ready for this, It’s gonna be good.”

He motioned me to stand up; he got up and walked over to help Charlie.

“Now let me tell you about this table, its special made for me and Charlie. We have always dreamed we’d find just the right woman to enjoy it with us and I think we have. You’re gonna lay down up here and your pussy is gonna be just right for me to fuck and play with. I can also watch this big old cock fucking you. Charlie here, he loves tits, this man can suck on these here tits and never stop. So, what does the table have to with tit sucking? Well we shall find out real quick. Charlie likes to fuck them big titties too. He loves to ride titties and this here table lets him do it while I’m riding this cunt. See me and Charlie we wanted to figure a way to do it all. We want to fuck and suck pussy, maybe we want a good tit fucking or Charlie here wants a good cock sucking while I’m cunt fucking now we can do it and you get to watch us do it all.”

My mind was crazy, all this, everything, all happening at the same time? Oh my God how will I take it? Still I was more than ready. My nipples and clit get attention while my pussy is filled with hard driving cock. The men fucking me watching everything they were doing, watching me fucked and sucked. I could see them doing it all and I couldn’t wait. How, was this possible?

“Now remember, don’t you cum unless I say you can. If you cum before it’s time you’ll get punished, understand?”

I shook my head and Henry quickly smacked my ass.

“What did I tell you about answering questions?”

“Yes, Henry I understand.”

“Well good, I say it’s time to get this party under way.”

This was a party I didn’t want to miss.

Henry and Charlie were very happy to have their own personal Sex Slut.

They had no idea that I wasn’t a slut at all, I just loved sex with dirty old men. I was their counterpart, a dirty younger woman. In the end I think it was a definition of the word not the woman. How could they know I was a more than willing participant in all they wanted to do.

I was a happy woman, fulfilling my secret obsession. This need and want started when I was walking in a park; I was nineteen, now I was living it again. I will tell you how it all started, I promise, that’s quite a tale to tell, but I’m sure you want to know what happened with the table.

Charlie brought the table that Henry talked about into the room and he opened it up. At first glance, it looked like an everyday folding table, it had hidden secrets.

“Get up on the table and put your pussy down here, right on the edge, as close as you can.” I got on the table as Henry had instructed and laid back.

The table was lower than a kitchen table and wider. It was covered in a fabric that was very easy to move on. Henry reached down under the front of the table and he pulled up two stirrups, I’d seen them before.

“Put your feet in these, move down here, to the very edge.”

As my feet rested into the stirrups, Henry pulled up the straps. I tried to keep my knees together but they fell to the side and opened wide. In this position I wouldn’t be able to close my legs and my pussy was fully exposed. Henry wrapped the straps around my ankles and it was clear I would not be able to move or lift my legs in any way.

My captor walked to the other head of table and took two more boards from underneath on his end that came up where my arms were. “Put your arms on these boards.”

He strapped my arms down so I could only move my hands from my wrists. My head lay in a cutout that kept it from moving side to side.

I was beginning to see the purpose of the table. I was tied down and they could do whatever they wanted. This could prove to be a very interesting situation.

While Henry secured me to the table, Charlie was removing something from the ceiling above me. When he took down the panel I looked up and saw my body tied down, the whole table in the mirror.

The entire length and width of the table was centered directly under that mirror. From the position I was placed in I would be forced to observe everything that happened to me, I would witness everything they did. This silent spectator, viewing, the things they would do held even more surprises, some I wouldn’t know about until some time later.

“Look at her Charlie, she’s ready. We can suck this cunt, we can fuck her in the mouth, this hot pussy, and you can fuck them big tits you love so much when you’re ready. Now, not only can we see what’s going on, so can she. You’re going to love watching my big piece of meat here do a job on your pussy. Charlie can suck them nipples all day and all night. We made this ourselves for just a day like this one. Thanks to you and your hot need to be had by old men we’re finally getting the chance to try it out. Now, Charlie and me, we did some talking about you little lady. We’ve figured out that having a greedy mouth on your nipples is something that really gets your motor running. Add a real fine gent like me, who loves sucking on hot hard swollen clits, you have it all. It looks like we have everything in place; I’d say it’s time to get to it.”

Charlie reached out and began squeezing my breasts; I couldn’t help but look up. Seeing his hands doing what I loved most was pretty stimulating for me.

My bra covered only half of my very large orbs. It was clear both visually and personally my nipples were already in a state of excitment. I could feel them swell and it hurt so nice.

Charlie cupped a globe in each hand and he raised his thumbs and fore finger to imprison my nipples. I watched his fingers as they expertly rolled my nubbins around. He would pull them, twist and let them go. The pain was exquisite pleasure. The mirror was like a camera and I was watching a live exhibition.

I could feel something between my legs and I looked up to see Henry rubbing the head of his big hard stick against the lips of my pouting pussy. His eyes caught mine in the mirror and he stopped, let go of his pleasure pounder and replaced it with his tongue. He had placed a chair in front of the table and when seated his face was staring at my wet pussy. He barely had to move to reach out with his whip like tongue and begin the assault he planned for my love button.

Henry placed his fingers on either side my swollen lips, when he pulled them back, my hard swollen clitoris was exposed and at his mercy.

“Hey Charlie, I just popped me a hot clit, look up and take a gander at this before I give it some attention, it’s gonna grow into a big red hot cherry. I don’t remember ever seeing a sweet morsel as big as this one.”

That was a true statement I’m sure. I was graced with a larger than most clitoris. I’m equally sure that was why I felt every lick tenfold., which only served to heighten my pleasure.

“Woman, get ready for a righteous clit sucking to commence. You keep your eyes on this pussy and you’ll see how a pussy sucking was meant to happen. Now, me and Charlie have lived a lot of years; you’re getting the experience of two expert pussy and nipple connoisseurs. Charlie is about ready to put a sucking on your big titties, just the way you like it. It hasn’t been real hard to know just how much you love us dirty old men, we make you cum just thinking about us playing with your tits or rubbing your pussy lips. We talked it over and we figured you were done right by some real old gent when you were just blooming. When you got your first pussy licking and nipple sucking, it came from an old man just like us. That old man sure picked a ripe young woman to teach all about good loving. You’re a nice built woman, you must have been a healthy girl and some smart old man knew how to touch you right. We old guys like our women to have some meat on they’re bones. You can fuck and suck a healthy lady for a long time before she gets worn out. Charlie here gets a hard on just looking at these big jugs, you saw the magazine, hell, Charlie likes tit fuckin better than pussy fuckin. And, as luck would have it, I like it all. I love to grab me a nice handful of ass now and then too. Yes sir, nothing like a nice firm pair of cheeks fresh from a spanking to turn a man like me on. Nothing like a hot spanking to get the pussy wet. There’s nothing like as much as resting my spent dick up on a nice soft tummy either. You’re the real deal and we’re always gonna do you right. That’s enough talk, the time for action has arrived. We’re gonna get started here and you’re gonna watch it all, enjoy the show.”

Henry wasted no time. I watched him pull his chair closer. My legs were beginning to tremble. He knew what he was after. Very slowly he slid his finger into me and started to fuck me with it. When he pulled it out he put another one in. When his fingers were wet enough, he pulled back my abused lips and he watched my nugget come out from under its hood and wait for his expert attention. Wet slippery fingers rolled over the hard ball of pleasure. I moaned when his fingers became a cage and enclosed the ball inside, pulling up and down like a pair of nimble lips. Henry looked up at the mirror and he watched my face as he plucked the cherry he was searching for. With a sly smile, a quick lick over his lips, he prepared to taste his piece of fruit.

Henry wrapped his lips around my pulsing clit and sucked like he was sucking the juice from a dripping Popsicle. His mouth was like a fine tuned machine. Henry sucked and released, popping my cherry sized clit in an out of his lips. I tried in vain to raise my hips so I could fuck his mouth with the swelling engorged center of pleasure. Once he closed his mouth around the entire ball of desire he lifted my pussy to his face and sucked me to tears. He knew if he kept it up I would cum and cum hard. I was moaning and begging.

“Ohhh please make me cum, please, please Henry let me cum, this is agony, please, now, please.”

His answer was loud and clear. He pulled his lips off my throbbing clit and laughed out loud.

“Oh no, you’re not about to cum anytime soon, this is too much fun. Now, I guess you already know, dirty old Henry is just getting started. There is nothing better than feeling this sweet meat between my lips, teasing it and knowing you love every minute. Charlie you ready to turn up the action and get this prime motor running?”

“Henry, let’s wear this this little lady out. These titties are about to get sucked and fucked long and hard. By the time I’m done, these nipples will be just the way I like em, red, hot and hard. And when I’ve got them just the way I love them it’s sure gonna be hot. I’m gonna grease em up and fuck these big jugs like a set of tits should be fucked.”

Would it be bad and nasty of me to say I was listening to just what I wanted to hear. I was more than ready. and willing.

“Did you hear Old Charlie? It sure sounds like he’s getting ready to do him a whole lot of suckin and fuckin with your tits. I’ll be down here sucking, licking and fingering your pussy. Now, don’t you forget there will be no cumming for you unless I say so? I think I’m gonna dip this stick into your cunt and check your temperature. Let’s just see how hot you are. Now look up and watch Old Henry grab his big cock and rub your pussy up and down, maybe a little extra right here on this swelled up cherry. Feel that, oh yeah, I know you do, your leaking pussy juice all over my table. Honey, that’s okay; I’ll clean it up with a smile on my face and a spring in my step knowing how it got here. Now, let’s do a little old fashioned fucking, here comes Old Henry.”

I watched as Henry rubbed the head of his huge member over my lips. Listening to them tell me what was about to happen only heightened my pleasure.

“Oh yeah, pushing the big head right in, ohhh now some more of the stick, there it goes, feel that, oh yeah you do, now maybe a little in and out, you want it harder? I remember that, “fuck me harder Henry, fuck me hard and fast, oh Henry fuck me deep and hard,” just like I’m doing now, hard and deep just the way you love it. My god woman, you feel real nice. Charlie, look at this honey pot suck down my dip stick. The harder I fuck her the harder she wants it. This little woman might wear me out,like hell I say, you know I can fuck and suck as long as you can.”

My eyes followed Henry’s monster as he plunged it deep into me and pulled it out. When he pulled out and rubbed the head on my engorged clit, all I could do was moan and whimper. As he plowed it deep over and over, I could see him licking his lips every time I moaned.

He had one hand on his cock and the other on my knee. I saw him smile at me when he took his hand off my knee and started rubbing my so swollen hard clit with his finger. Henry certainly knew how to drive me mad. He cock was like a plunger in me and I was racked with pleasure. Charlie was watching in the mirror and he reached out and grabbed my breasts. He was standing at the end of the table behind my head. His eyes were locked on Henry’s cock as it fucked me hard and deep. His boney old fingers found my nipples and he just pulled them straight up causing me to yell out in sher bliss. He looked at me and laughed, licked the spit that was leaking out of his mouth and pinched my nipples while he twisted.

With a smile from ear to ear, Old Charlie bent his head down, pushed my tits together and sucked both nipples into his wet hot mouth. It was no longer a secret how much this reved up my motor, double the pleasure. He sucked them in time to Henry’s fucking. I was crying out and begging them to make me cum and they just laughed and kept up the beautiful assault.

Charlie let my nipples pop out of his mouth and walked away from the table. They were burning and on fire. I looked in the mirror and saw they were twice their normal size, and it got me even hotter. I couldn’t see where Charlie was or what he was doing. I only wanted him back to suck these red, hot and hard nipples. I was now beginning to understand more and more the table’s special purpose. I could only see above me. My head was in a groove that I didn’t realize wouldn’t allow me to turn my head. I could only look up and witness what my dirty filthy old cocks were doing to me. The visual along with the physical was powerful.

Charlie came back into view. He walked to the end of the table and reached out and pinched my nipples. I could see how deep red they were and the gumdrops had grown into grapes. My once pink nubbins were now red, hard, sweet grapes. Charlie bent over and gave each one a hard suck. That man couldn’t pass up any opportunity he had without sucking my tits. He reached out and released the straps of the bra from the little clasps that held them in place. His hands went under my shoulders and when he found the clasp on my back he unhooked the bra and removed it. My breasts were now free of any confinement and fell slightly to the side creating a deep inviting river of cleavage.

I looked and saw Henry watching in the mirror. He broke out into a big smile and pulled his cock all the way out. His fingers took the place of his stiff stick and pinched my clit as he sat down, still watching Old Charlie.

Charlie had a bottle in his hand. He unscrewed the top and squirted something cold and sticky between my breasts. It was thick and didn’t run down my skin.

“Greasing this tit track real good. This is gonna make fucking these tits a real pleasure.” He began rubbing it over my breasts and I understood what it was. He was using a lubricant. He was getting ready to do what I had only heard about. He stepped back and walked around to the side of the table and I could see his cock in his hand. He had lubed it too and I could see how easily he was able to stroke it.

Henry continued his assault, his manipulation of my clit, the feeling was so good it was getting harder to concentrate on what Charlie was doing. Old Charlie climbed up on the table and with one foot on either side of me he knelt down in front of me. A state of panic came over me. If he sat on me I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I screamed out in real distress. “No please don’t sit on me please, please don’t I won’t be able to breathe.”

Charlie just smiled and licked his lips. He stayed on his knees just over me. My fears were calmed and excitment took over. His hand began stroking his old cock and he leaned forward and put it between my breasts. Slowly he moved his hips back and forth just getting the motion where he wanted to be. Watching above me it actually looked like he was fucking my tits. Moving slowly forward, he stopped when the head hit my mouth.

“Stick that tongue out and lick this dick.”

I opened my mouth and Charlie pushed his hardness in. This was the first time I had ever actually seen a man’s swollen hard cock in my mouth. It really was an erotic picture. He pulled back out so I could do what he told me to do.

I slipped my tongure out of my mouth and licked all over the head. Charlie and Henry were dead quiet just watching. Hnery in the mirror as a voyuer and Charlie up close and personal.

Sensing, that he wanted more than just a good licking, I closed my lips around his meat roll and began to suck. Old Charlie moved his hips back and forth and as I looked up into the mirror I witnessed a dirty old man fucking my mouth. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the picture.

I could taste the precum as it landed on my tongue. It was hot, salty and thick. I watched my sweet obsession sliding his cock in and out of my mouth in a slow rhythmic motion. Charlie was in no hurry to cum, he was having the time of his life doing what he loved, craved and wanted more of.

Henry was also watching. He had again reached forward and replaced his fingers with his tongue. He was sliding that slippery tongue all over my pussy. He would tease my clit, flick his tongue over it, plunge his tongue deep in me and suck up all the pussy juice that he could. When he had a mouth full he swollowed and spoke.

“You watching, Old Charlie is mouth fucking you. Yeah Charlie, your liking that hot wet mouth around your old cock ain’t you? I’ll bet she’s swallowing all your cock juice. When you going to fuck them big knockers you been sucking on, I saw you got em nice and greased up?”

I watched it all. It was like the fantasy I had yearned for over and over. There was no way I could have known, this scene, would have ever happened when I made that first visit to old Mister Graves as a public service. How could I have ever imagined there would be two old men ravaging and using me? After the intial day with Charlie, I came back for more and more. I knew they realized they could have me and do whatever they wanted.

My body was racked with the pain only this kind of sexual excess could produce. It was the sweetest pain I’d felt in some time. I could only dream of what they would do next. “I’m easing into these big titties Henry, just like you ease your cock into that cunt you’ve been sucking and fucking. I’m about ready to commence some serious tit fucking right now. Maybe you’ll see me doing it real good and learn something from a master.”

I looked up and watched as Charlie pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved back until his tittie fucker was lying between my breasts. He reached out his hands and cupped each globe and pushed them together. Old Charlie’s cock disappeared in the flesh of my full 44DDDs. His hands started shaking slightly and he was licking his lips. The level of his anticipation was a sight to see.

Slowly he moved forward and the head hit my lips. His body began a slow rhythmic motion. My filthy dirty old codger was fucking my tits. The feeling of this man’s hard cock sliding in and out of my breasts was like nothing I had ever known before. Charlie would ease forward and when the head of his hard dick reached my lips he would slid it back. I couldn’t move, all I could do was look up into the mirror. Secretly I was enjoying this as much as Charlie.

Henry was also watching. He stood up at the foot of the table. He reached down and he grabbed hold of his huge cock. I watched him stroke it up and down. He started at the head and went down to his groin. It didn’t take long to realize that his stroke was in perfect time with Charlie. It was abundtantly clear this picture turned him on. “Ohh man, this here is a set of titties that were made to be fucked Henry. I could do this for the rest of my days. If I hold these big jugs together real tight, it’s like a new pussy, first time fucking. Ohhh yeah Henry, I’m fucking to cum. When my balls are pumping up nice hot cum into my dick our lady is gonna open up her mouth and swallow everything I shoot. It’s time to ride these tits to the finish line.”

They had worked themselves, and me, into a sexual frenzy. All the talk was done and the time to get it done was at hand.

“Charlie I see your point. We’ve been playing with our new toy and it’s time to wind her up and bring it home. I think I can get her on the edge of glory and fuck and suck this pussy till we’re ready to blow. Little lady, you’re about to get the suckin and fuckin you’ve been begging for. Old Charlie wants to fuck your big knockers till he shoots his load. I’m ready to fill this pussy up with pure high octane. Put some of our secret additive in her gas tank and when it starts that hot burn we’ll let er rip. Charlie I’ll meet you at the finish line.”

My God,it was happening. What special additive? A slow burn? All I could do was wait for the flag to fall. We were about to go the whole way around the track for a win.
Charlie pulled his cock way back and let go of my breasts. I didn’t have any idea what he was about to do. He reached out and pulled on nipples.

“I’m about to set these tittie knobs on fire.”

He had another bottle next to him. As he opened it he was drooling. The liquid was red and it looked like clear jelly. I had an idea just what their additive was. The bottle was filled with a sensation enhancer. You know what they are. Charlie put a few drops on each of my swollen hard nipples and reached around and handed the bottle to Henry. I watched Henry squeeze some of the fluid on his fingers and roll his fingers together until they were coated.

“Ok Henry, let’s light the fire in this prime engine.”

Charlie wet his fingers with spit and reached out and began rubbing my nipples between thumb and forefingers. He wasn’t pinching or twisting and it felt good. Henry had slipped his two fingers around my clit and slowly massaged it. This gentleness was something I didn’t expect. The steady pressure was amazing. I felt my pussy start to tingle and I began to move with Henry’s manipulation. “Ummmm, that’s feels so good, please don’t stop.”

I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror and both Henry and Charlie were smiling. “You like this baby? It feels real good doesn’t it.? Old Charlie loves those big nipples and I’m just rubbing your clit real nice. Yeah, you’re gonna cum if we keep this up won’t you baby?”

“Oh yes, it feels so good. Please don’t stop. I need to cum so bad.”

Henry began rubbing the head of his cock around the mouth of my pussy. He put the head in just a little and he was fucking me slow and sweet. Charlie pushed my big jugs together and slowly started fucking my titties. Henry was still rubbing my swollen cherry and Charlie was twirling my nipples round and round, pulling gently.

“Oh my God, Please, Please, let me cum, I’ll cum real hard for you.”

Suddenly there was a new sensation. The feeling of Henry’s fingers around my clit felt like lips sucking it, rolling it around, and it was hot, like a fire burning. My nipples were also on fire. The rubbing and pulling was intensely sensual. The heat was really making my desires heightened. Now I knew exactly what the liquid was, bottled flames.

“Oh yes, fuck me, yes give it to me, ohhh please, deeper, I want it deeper and harder, fuck me hard, please, your hard cock feels so good, fuck your cunt harder, make your pussy cum, make my honey pot pour my cum on your cock, fuck these tits, ride my tits hard, pinch my nipples now, squeeze that clit, oh yeah, please make me cum, make me cum.”

“Okay Charlie let’s get it on. Feel that baby, Henry’s fucking your cunt real hard, look up and watch Old Charlie fuckin those big tits. Oh man, your pussy is gobbling up this big monster piece of cock, ohhh yeah, see me rubbing your clit, look its ready to pop, fucking this pussy hard Charlie, fuckin it real hard, jamming this cunt deep.”

The feelings were overwhelming. I was like a bitch in season. I needed to cum and I needed it now.

“Ok baby, get ready, open that mouth cause me and Charlie are gonna fill you up, it’s in my balls Charlie, pumping up to my cock.”

I knew he was very close, and I was waiting for the explosion to start. I didn’t have to wait long. Seconds had him just where he planned to be.

“Open that mouth cause Old Charlie is about to shoot a hot stream of cum down your throat.”

I looked up and watched Henry fucking my cunt, his fingers were rubbing my hard swollen clit in circles and it was hot and on fire. Charlie was pumping my tits and pinching hard, my nipples were burning but I loved it, I loved it all and I could feel my orgasm building and it was coming hard and I was so ready.

Charlie screamed “Here it is” and his cock jerked a hot load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed and it kept coming. Henry jammed his cock deep and it exploded into me. My world rocked when I felt my pussy contract around Henry’s cock in a mind blowing orgasm. As the pleasure released over my body I was sucking on Charlie’s cock. It was like a hot poker in my mouth, and I couldn’t get enough.

“Ohhh Charlie, this pussy is pumping all over my cock. She’s cumin all over me and cumin hard real hard.”

I looked up, heard us screaming, moaning, watched us fucking and sucking. It must have lasted for several minutes; I only know we had all had as much as we could take. I felt like I stopped breathing it was so intense. It finally calmed down. Henry was just lying on top of my stomach trying to breathe. When couldn’t stand on his feet one more second he fell into his chair. Charlie let his spent cock fall out of my mouth. I just wanted to enjoy the final seconds. I knew I had found my sweet obsession and would never let them go. We all collasped at the same time.

It was the most electric orgasm I have ever felt. These two dirty old men had given me more than I ever expected. Henry nearly fell off the chair from exhaustion. Charlie climbed down off the table and sat down in his favorite prop. I was still on the table and closed my eyes in sheer pleasure. I could only imagine that this was going to be something I wanted over and over.

By : lovelyladyfaire

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