Young man tickled by mom and grandmother

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Young man tickled by mom and grandmother, Joey was dropped off, by his mom, at his grandmother’s house for a visit. He’d just made it through the police academy and hadn’t visited for a while. After talking for a while, Joey asked if he could have a oatmeal raisin cookie, his grandmother’s homemade cookies were the best.

“No!” His grandmother replied.

“Why not?” Asked Joey.

“That’s your punishment for not visiting more often,” she replied.

Suddenly, Joey reached out and started poking and ticking her. She laughed and batted his hands away. “Now stop, Joey’” his grandmother said.

“Fine I’ll find them myself.”

Joey looked everywhere, but couldn’t find the cookies. Frustrated, he grabbed a couple of his grandfather’s ties. Even though his grandfather had died years before, his grandmother kept all his things including his clothes.

When he came back in the living room he saw his grandmother had nodded off. He quickly tied her hands over her head to the couch and started poking her again.

His grandmother, whose name was Sylvia, instantly woke up and quickly realized her hands were tied and she was being tickled by her very own grandson.

“Where are the cookies!” Joey shouted, while tickling her intensely.

“I’ll never tell!” Sylvia answered in between laughter. She was wearing panties and a long shirt that buttoned down the front. It was thin material and she’d had it for a while. You could clearly see the outline of her large breasts, areolas and fat nipples, which were starting to get hard.

Tickling isn’t working, Joey thought. Maybe if I embarrass her I’ll get a cookie. His mom, whose name was Joan, whould be back soon. He didn’t worry about Sylvia telling his mom or anyone else, because she was getting aroused by her own grandson.

Joey unbuttoned his grandmother’s shirt and revealed those amazing boobs. They were huge. Pale with veins running through them. She had big areolas and big nipples. Even though she kept her hair short and never wore makeup, Joey could see how attractive she was. His cock seemed to agree as it sprang to life.

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“Don’t go anywhere, Sylvia, I’ll be right back.”

“I’m still Grandma to you.”

He quickly returned with a feather duster, a basting brush and an electric toothbrush.

Joey ran the duster under her arms, a cross her stomach and finally over her nipples, causing them to get even harder. Next came the toothbrush. Sylvia’s bellybutton seemed to be the most ticklish. Finally he took the basting brush and ran that over her body. It had little effect, until Joey went to the kitchen and brought back a bowl of melted butter. The same butter that had made the cookies he wanted.

“Now tell me if it’s too hot,” Joey said, then dipped the brush and applied it to Sylvia’s breasts.

Sylvia gasped. Joey apologized and blew on her breasts to cool them. Instant relief came. Then he started licking the butter off. Flicking her nipples with his tongue and or sucking them into his mouth. Then he repeated the process. At least he stopped tickling her, but now a new problem arose in that she was getting aroused. Joey noticed it too as he reached down and started rubbing her pussy through her panties asking, “Sylvia, are you getting turned on by you own grandson?” Then, he grabbed the toothbrush, turned it on, but before he could touch her pussy, her daughter, Joan came in.

Joan headed back to her mother’s house, thinking of Joey. It was tough being a single mother and Joey was a handful when he was younger, but joined the marines, got the disciple he needed and was now going to be a police officer. Joan couldn’t be more proud.

As she opened the door and saw what her son was doing to her mother, Joan couldn’t be more ashamed.

“What the hell are you doing, Joey?” Joan shouted.

“Mom it’s not as bad as it looks.”

“This pervert son of yours, tied me up, tickled me, spread hot butter on my boobs and then licked it off. Who knows what he would have done next. Come on , Joan, untie me.”

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“Start explaining,” Joan said, while she untied Sylvia.

“It’s an interrogation method. We can’t beat confessions out of people, so we were taught other methods of getting the information. One of them is the tickle method.”

“And licking melted butter off of your captives breasts is another method?” Joan asked.

“Well, the tickling wasn’t working,” Joey admitted.

“And what information were you trying to get?”

“I just wanted one of her world famous oatmeal raisin cookies.”

“And I told him no, because he hasn’t visited me for so long,” Sylvia said.

“Nice touch with the world famous line, but Joey, what you did was wrong. Now it’s time for your punishment. Drop your pants and underwear. You’re going to get spanked by your grandmother and me.”

“But, mom!”

“Yes, butt is right. You’ll be lucky to sit down after we’re done.”

Joey could see he had no choice. He took down his pants and underwear.

“Go ahead and take them all the way off. Oh and your socks too,” Joan said.

“How come?”

“Joey!” Joan shouted.

Joey complied, then laid across his mother and grandmother’s laps. His erection totally gone. He was truly embarrassed and red faced.

The spanking wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. In fact it was kind of nice. His mom or grandmother would rub his ass after a few spanks. Sometimes they’d run their nails across his butt, causing him to shiver. They seemed to like that. He could also feel his grandmother’s still exposed boobs on his legs and his mom’s boobs on his back, as they leaned forward to spank him. He was getting aroused again.

What’s wrong with me? He thought. I’m 23 and getting turned on by my mom and grandmother spanking me.

“I think it’s time to see how ticklish he is,” Sylvia said to Joan.

Then Joey felt twenty fingers tickling him on his legs, feet and butt. His cock grew and was now pushing against his mom’s leg.

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“See if his asshole is ticklish,” Joan said.

Joey felt his ass cheeks being spread open and felt Sylvia’s fingernail ticking his anus. He bounced up and down on their legs, laughing like crazy. Who knew his ass was so ticklish?

“I think we better stop before he has an accident,” Joan said.

“Oh is little Joey gonna pee?” Sylvia asked, tickling his anus again.

“No the other kind,” Joan replied, turning him over to reveal his hard cock.

“Oh my God,” Sylvia said when she saw Joey’s cock. “He’s way bigger than your father was.”

“He’s bigger than his father too. He also left some precum on my leg,” Joan said, then wiped it up with her finger and stuck the finger in her mouth.

“How is it?” Sylvia asked.

“Good,” Joan said.

“I’d rather taste for myself,” Sylvia said.

“Well, we know his butt’s ticklish, how about his cock?” Joan asked.

Both women started tickling his cock. Using their nails up and down the shaft and around the head.

“Wait I have an idea,” Joan said. She grabbed the duster and pulled two long feathers from it. Then they used the feathers on his cock and balls. As soon as some precum leaked out, Sylvia grabbed his cock and licked and sucked on the head. They did this until each had about four tastes of Joey’s come. Then they made Joey remove his shirt, then Joan and Sylvia used the feathers to bring him to a massive orgasm, which landed on his stomach and chest. They each licked the come off his body and cock, at which point, Joey promptly passed out.

Joey later woke up to find himself tied spread eagle to his grandmother’s bed. Only now he was the one being tickled and both his mom and grandmother were naked. His mom’s boobs were almost as big as Sylvia’s, but instead of veins they had freckles on them. After ticking him, they decided that his feet, inner thighs and his butt were the most ticklish.

“Morning sunshine. What happened?” Joan asked.
“I guess you could say I was overcome,” Joey sarcastically replied.

“The second part of your punishment is that you’re going to give your grandmother and me at least two orgasms each, with your tongue and then with your cock. When you’re fucking us you will also shoot your load in us, but you’d better be sure we’re coming before you do.” Joan explained.

For the next hour Joey was tickled everywhere but his cock, which was so hard it was painful.Then his grandmother climbed on his face and all he could see was her gray pubic hair and pussy lips. He went to town. Licking, and sucking on his grandmother’s pussy and clit. Meanwhile, his mom was sucking his cock and balls, bringing him to the edge, but never letting him come. He gave Sylvia three good orgasms. Then she turned around and ordered him to lick her asshole. Being as he was tied up, Joey did as he was told.

“I’ll show you what it feels like,” Joan said and lifted his legs as much as she could and started licking and fingering and tickling his asshole. When Sylvia started sucking his cock, Joey almost lost it and came, but she stopped before he could.Then the two women tickled him some more. They kept his cock hard and on edge. When they used the basting brush to put the newly melted butter on his cock then lick it off, Joey could hardly stand it.

Joan then coated his cock with butter, and also put some on her mother’s pussy and soon Joey was fucking his grandmother.

As she was fucking her grandson, Sylvia leaned forward and let him suck on her breasts and nipples. It didn’t take long for both of them to come. As soon as he was done, Sylvia placed her pussy over her daughter’s face so she could taste the combined juices of her and her son.

Joey only gave his mom two orgasms, even though she was hairless and her clit was easier to find. She too made him lick her asshole, while Sylvia tickled and licked his asshole.

When he finally fucked her, she also leaned forward so he could suck on her tits. His mom’s nipples weren’t as big as Sylvia’s, but she seemed to like it when he licked around the areola and flicked her nipples with his tongue instead of just sucking on them. Joan was tighter then Sylvia, and it didn’t take long for both to reach orgasm. Sylvia then cleaned out her daughter’s pussy.

Then they said they wanted to watch him come again. Sylvia licked his cock up and down, and sucked his shaved balls. She liked to stroke his cock while licking his balls. His mom likes to suck on the head and use her tongue to stimulate him, while tickling his anus and balls. They both used their tongues on him, batting his cock back and forth in a sort of sexual hot potato.

When he said he was ready, Sylvia stroked his cock and aimed it at Joan’s breasts. He finally came, but his grandmother kept stroking, making sure to get every drop. Then, she reached into a jar on the nightstand and brought out an oatmeal raisin cookie. “I like a midnight snack every now and then,” she said. Then she wiped up the come with the cookie, broke it in half, and then her and Joan each ate the cookie right in front of Joey.

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