Young pregnant couple gets an indecent proposal

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I overheard the pharmacist talking to the young Indian couple in front of me as I was admiring the young woman’s ass. I had already had the pleasure of admiring her front while waiting in the doctors lobby next door. Although petite, she had a nice set of thighs. They were visiting the other doctor and not mine so we finished up at almost the same time. The Pharmacist was asking detailed questions — so I knew she was twenty five (could easily pass for 19), and was just over three months pregnant. It was her first pregnancy, her English was not so good, and her husband did most of the talking. I also knew they had no medical insurance and currently there was going to be about $175-$200 per month in a supplement payments to cover medical expenses. The woman had no job and her hubby seemed concerned on cash flow, since he asked a lot of questions; knowing it was only to cost more and more up to and after the birth of their child.
She had a great smile and was full of life, nice soft long hair and about 5’2″ petite, she was right in my zone being the type of woman that turns me on. When they turned I congratulated them and then went on to place my order with the pharmacist. I watched them pass by the front window to go to the bus stop and the wheels began turning. I grabbed my order and ran out to say hello again as I speculated my next move.
After I said hello and asked if they would take a few minutes to talk to me. They agreed and we went back into a small lobby of the office complex. I told them, “I know this may sound strange, but I feel we can help each other. I know preparing for a birth of a child and then care for the child beyond birth can be expensive.” I witnessed the young man calculating the costs of many orders to come and in which he would dole out cash. I asked “Please listen closely and please don’t be offended by my offer”. I stated that I’m an amateur photographer and I would like to be their friend. I explained that I wanted to be able to take pictures of the wife as she goes through her stages of pregnancy and in return I would pay them $200 cash per session. I told them I have a thing for pregnant women that I found very beautiful and that I would love to be able to capture the curves of her body as she progressed. I was very tempted to state what I ultimately wanted but felt it safer to not expand on my fantasy.
They spoke in their native language, discussing the proposal back and forth; not looking too open to the agreement and quite concerned to be having this conversation. The husband asked me a few questions such as would this be at their house, then he asked, “Are you wanting sex with my wife?” Now it was my turn to pause…, I had already assessed that I felt confident if this guy got aggressive I could take him being that he was about twenty five years old as well, and just a bit bigger than his wife, while I was 50, 6’2″, 200 lbs. I looked around and knew no one else was within the vicinity so I answered with a question. I told him that I was a mature 50 yr old man, with a wife and kids, I wrote erotica, and I shoot photography. I told them I was a creative person and I had needs outside of my relationship with my wife. I was rapidly thinking on my feet of how to put this together. I said if I was looking for that…would you be open to the possibility to make an extra …say $400 or more per month for the long term?
With this new offer on the table they began going back and forth again. I was intrigued because the husband didn’t appear to be pissed in the least. As they deliberated, I took out my wallet and fished out a $100 dollar bill and two fifty dollar bills and said “it’s this simple and easy. I come to your house for one afternoon every 2 weeks, and you get this I said waving the cash” and I get to have a relaxing few hours with your wife.” They both zeroed in on the cash in my hand. I said we could start as early as tomorrow or the next day if they were comfortable with my terms.
They went back and forth again and again I became intrigued because the wife didn’t seem pissed about the arrangement at all and they were actually considering it. The husband asked if he could be present during our sessions, I replied “you could be nearby, but not in the same room”. He then asked if I would wear condoms, I said “yes for intercourse but not for oral”. At this point my cock was rock fucking hard. It had already had a semi since I was looking at her in line, but now — WHOA boy. He said they live nearby and that they could really use the money and that I seemed to be an alright guy. He then asked could we start this afternoon as a trial run. I didn’t respond and instead asked about their living arrangements and he stated that they had one roommate that would arrive home at 7PM and out of the house by 7AM. I finally answered his question about starting today. I said that I couldn’t tonight and had to get home, but agreed to meet tomorrow. They seemed a little disappointed so I inquired as to why. It took a little while for me to get a straight answer, but the bottom line was they could really use the money and feared that I wouldn’t show up the following day. I said I would drive them home and we could exchange phone numbers. I explained that I was really serious about our arrangement. I asked if they had any sexual disease or risks of any kind. The husband assured me the wife was a virgin when they met “blood on first thrust he said” and he had no interest in others. As we drove — literally 5 minutes he informed me about the buzzer and apartment numbers, etc. I handed him my cell for him to input his number# and he put my number into his phone. He said he typically worked Thursday through to Monday from 8-6PM, but he gotten today off for the appointment and tomorrow would work for them but in the future Tuesdays or Wednesdays would work best for our agreement. He didn’t have much of a personality, and I found it odd that they were kind of matter of fact about this situation. I could tell they were still hesitant and a bit disappointed. I promised I would be here at 2PM tomorrow afternoon. It took some practice but I was able to clearly pronounce the wife’s name Shriya easy enough. The husband’s name, not so much and we agreed to make it Prath for my sake. Gary seemed to be easy enough for them. They lived in a typical apartment building and although not the best part of town, I was not uncomfortable in the least. Prath seemed to be all business; making sure I seemed to be an okay guy. Looking into the rear view mirror I watched the beautiful Shriya, she seemed to be out of shock and more nervous, with just a hint of intrigue.
As we were sitting in the parking lot making final arrangements, I asked. “Why are you trusting me and have you ever done anything like this before?” Prath answered that no, they had not and that he had considered having Shriya work in a massage parlour. I asked, “do you know exactly what goes on in those places?” He said he did. I said, “if we continue to do this with the proposed arrangement, will it be enough extra income that she would not have to go to work in a massage parlour?” He said they had already talked about that earlier and it was not a favourable option for them. Actually it was the worst case scenario for them. I shook his hand and told them I was happy to hear that, I would have been concerned if they continued with the massage parlour. Shriya had gotten out the back seat and was shyly standing on the opposite side of my vehicle waiting for her husband to go inside. She had a sparkle of nervousness, relief, intrigue and a knowledge that she was going to experience new sexual things soon. It was a major turn on. I took out a fifty dollar bill from my pocket since I had not put the bills back into my wallet and was tempted to rip it in half, yet I gave them the whole bill — restating “I WILL BE here tomorrow at 2PM.”
WOW, talk about a restless night. Luckily I had some work to do to help me partially divert my focus for a little while. I had to help with birthday party invites for my daughter’s upcoming party, so I got to jump into some mainstream family stuff as well. I didn’t sleep much, but stayed in bed as usual to be rested at some level. I work for myself from home and have total flexibility in my schedule — so that part of my day was easy, because there was no way I was getting any more than 50% of my brain into any particular idea or project.
Finally, it got close enough for me to get ready, take another shower, and make the 30 minute trip. Of course as always I was quite early and just drove around the area to get accustomed to it. I rolled into the guest lot at 1:50PM, Prath buzzed me up over the intercom. I kept taking deep breaths all the way to the 5th floor and then down the hall to apartment #515.
Prath let me in and looked exactly the same, same basic expression, same clothes. Their apartment was fairly nice, basic as I had thought and I felt comfortable in the surroundings. I took my shoes off and commented on the nice place, I then handed him the remaining $150. He then said Shri was waiting in their bedroom for me.
I said, “Do we need to talk about anything before hand” and he simply said they agreed to my terms and she knew what to do.
“She will do whatever you need to make you happy and so you can keep coming back,” he stated. WOW, talk about instant hard on!
We parted and I started to make my way down the hall, I said “two hours is an estimate I may need a little more time especially with the first few visits so we can get to know each other” — he nodded to acknowledge.
Basically I was in charge here, and…bonus points I caught that he had shortened Shriya to Shri for me.
I felt really good about this since it was a win/win for all of us, my excitement grew as I approached and opened the door (wrong one as I heard her say I’m in here), the next room — oh well it was a 50/50 chance!
She was gorgeous and nervous and had the same look as last night only she had a little more confidence, but that sexy intriguing “I know he’s going to do things to me, that I have never experienced” – look was the best. If this was it and I never had another moment with Shri, – that would be good enough. It was an intoxicating look. She had obviously taken time to clean and sort the room, and even had some incense going which was a nice touch. Shri was dressed in basic black jeans and a shirt very similar but not the same as yesterday.
I asked “Do you have some traditional saris or colourful flowing clothes?” She went to her closet and displayed a few pieces asking “Like this?”
I replied “yes, that is very nice” and she gestured to put it on now and I said, “no — next time and every other time.”
I asked her how well she understood me and she said as long as I spoke slowly she would get most of it. I asked if she knew what sexy meant and she nodded affirmative. I said “Good, that’s what I want from you, I want you to be sexy and to treat me sexually.
Again she nodded and we both understood our roles, she was looking at me with her eyes slightly down…a true submissive. I scanned the room taking it all in in more detail. Shri stood there watching and waiting for her next instructions with a smile, and some concern on her face with a lot of uncertainty and this look that I couldn’t quite use one word to describe yet…the excitement of the knowingly unknown. The bed was a double (not great for me, but adequate). In the room there was a simple dresser, a chair, a storage bin, and closet, a cheap picture, simple white blinds that came with the place, and a small 15″ or 19” TV. I had already decided that next time we’d be taking over the living room and hubby could wait it out in here. But this would do for an initial session. I turned off the lights and adjusted the blinds slightly to let more natural light in. The incense was nice and I told her that I want that every time — she nodded.
I also said, “Next time I want some fruit cut up, such as oranges, kiwis, strawberries…not a lot, just a little and some room temp water, not refrigerated.”
That and the kiwis took a while, but I was certain she understood. Then I said I would bring tea, but to be prepared to make a pot of hot water for next time as our session ended. I was listening to myself and was impressed with my approach since I was slightly nervous, but used to taking charge, and I didn’t like the word “session”, but it would do for now.
I touched her for the first time caressing her arms, and then her face. I liked the energy and the current of power that was running between us. Especially in close contact with a full one foot difference between us and her looking up to me. There was a jolt of energy as I touched her for the first time, which quickly calmed as she eased into me. She was very naive, young, and inexperienced, yet worldly enough to have travelled here and adjusted to the culture of Toronto not long ago; married at home, preparing for motherhood and now preparing for whore-hood.
I reached under her chin and very softly caressed her face and directed her to look at me and then I approached for our first kiss. It was very tentative and I kept it simple, soft kisses on the outside of the front of her lips. It was a beautiful experience and although I knew there were many things I wanted to do with time, I was going to do just that …take my time. I pulled back and looked at her to make sure she was okay, she smiled, acknowledging that the answer was yes. I approached again in the same manner and then inserted my tongue slightly at first and then more deeply. Shri was VERY receptive as if she had been waiting and wanting this. She was all sub, with a tendency to come into me receptively and I knew in time I wouldn’t be surprised if she was little aggressive.
We stood there touching and caressing for at least fifteen minutes. I broke off stepping back slightly and tugged her sweater and pants at the hem, she understood and started to disrobe right where she stood; which I liked a lot. She stood there again waiting for approval and awaiting her next instructions. I stepped back a little to take her in, this very petite, shy, soon to be sexy woman. She knew I liked what I was looking at and she breathed a sigh of contentment. I took her hand and brought it to the hem my shirt and the top of my pants she understood right away and went to work undressing me.
As she did I removed her soft, hair scrunchy or whatever it’s called to let her hair flow down her back which was an awesome sight. She barely adjusted as I did this and demonstrated she would stay focused on the task at hand and wasn’t hesitant or nervous to be doing anything I asked or commanded.
She folded our clothes and put them beside the closet on a little shelf and came right back to her position in close proximity to me. EXCELLENT!! I massaged her arms and face and we kissed again which was becoming more and more natural. I then applied a little pressure to her shoulders with both hands and again, quick as a whistle Shri knew what to do and lowered herself to her knees in front of me.
I ran my hands through her hair and waited it out to see if she would take the initiative. She just looked up at me and without words we both understood. She was kissing all over my cock and I knew she had little if any experience in this department. I waited it out to see what she would do next. In time she took my hard meat and guided it slowly into her ever opening and beautiful mouth. I grabbed the back of her head to show her how I wanted her to take me, she caught on real fast. Then I guided her hands to my balls to show her how I liked to be massaged. She wasn’t able to take all of me yet and there was some gag reflex going on. I knew in time she would become a grade A cocksucker, I also liked her soft moaning and UMMPH sounds when I fucked her face.
I started to admire, how quickly this sexy woman was learning and wanting to please me very, very much. My wish was her command, she was my genie. She looked up to ensure I was enjoying myself and seeking approval as to if she was doing it right. Again no words needed. As she was about to look forward again I pushed the top of her head to get her attention as she looked up at me while still doing a great job I licked my tongue around the outside of my mouth to give her an idea of what to do…which she did a little and then I had the idea to take her left hand and put one of her fingers in my mouth to demonstrate what I wanted, she bobbed her head immediately and started doing just that…AWESOME.
After about 10 minutes, I pulled her up by her hair as I wanted to establish a few things. I was not just a nice guy, I WAS going to be treating her well but, aggressively at times. She responded indifferently and came right up to me. I whipped the comforter off the bed and pulled her onto it with me as I laid down. We laid on our sides as I caressed her and she began caressing me as well with some coaxing. I started to explore more of her body. I worked my way down to her breasts. They were perfect small c’s that I was sure would be evolving into D’s soon enough. Her ass was wonderful. I’d say for her frame her whole body was perfectly proportioned. Finally, the thighs, juts a nice slight curve that I knew would be blossoming just like the rest of her during her pregnancy. I was going to be enjoying them more and more.
I raised her hands above her head and she held them in place just like a good sub should, she really took directions well. I kissed her deeply as I started my descent back slowly down her body and literally made a pit stop being that I like to lick and kiss in the armpits, there was a little hair and a slight odor, but I’m okay with that; I like the natural smell of women. At that same time I realized I was impressed there was no perfume, which I would have made her shower and scrub off. I made a mental note to mention that to her as a reminder. She gave a little jolt of discomfort as I started exploring her pits, but she quickly got into it and I knew it was the very first time it had been done to her…ahhh the first of many firsts she was going to be experiencing.
I began my descent again onto her breasts. I had been tweaking her nipples while I was spending time on her arm pits, she was ready and basically sticking her chest up to greet me. I again reminded myself that Shri had likely not been pleasured too much if any at all, but she knew what was coming. I was massaging them gently at first and then more aggressively while licking, sucking, and gently biting her nipples. Then I began again more aggressively sucking and biting her buds which made her jolt at first and then she relaxed into the sensation and started to moan for the first time.
I looked up and said, “I like when you make that sound.”
She responded with leaving one hand up and taking the other to massage and push my head even deeper into her bosom (I liked the initiative and feeling of), we were becoming lovers, she was a natural. After about 10 minutes on her breasts, it was time to move down. I was licking, sucking, kissing all over her gauging to see if she was sensitive or ticklish in any areas.
I decided to spend some time on Shri’s outer thighs and caressed and licked all over them. At the same time I started to claw at her inner and outer legs which made her squirm. I always started soft and got more aggressive. Shri’s response to my style was one of welcoming, again I knew this was a first for her. Then I moved down to her toes for a little while all the while massaging and getting closer and closer, but never touching the juicy, honey spot waiting for me.
As I moved up I grazed her outer lips, while getting closer and closer. Shri was squirming and writhing more and more. She now had both hands on my head as if to stuff my face into her pussy. I stopped and calmed down for a minute to bask in this…literally in a very short time…maybe 40 minutes, we had become lovers and I knew A LOT about her. I knew what she liked, what she needed, as she did me… I started soothing her with little licks and then gave her a full-on hot kiss to her honey spot. I left my mouth there for a while, she was undulated up into me. THIS was exotic, this seemingly shy, reserved, timid, little girl was unleashing and getting involved in what could have been a not so nice arrangement with our sessions and seemed to be getting as much or more enjoyment than I was out of it. WOW!She was a little hairier than I would have liked and I made another mental note to review that for our next session. I spread her legs wide and rested them on my shoulders and started lapping up her honey for all I was worth. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she gave me a little shower and I hadn’t even planted a finger in her yet. She was starting to get very wet and very interactive with me. She was grabbing my hair (again, luckily I like that — a lot actually. Even though I had not given permission to her to do so). Sure enough in a few minutes she had built up to the point of no return as we got into a rhythm. She was on the edge, I was getting her close to release only to slow down. She seemed to know what was going on and went along with no complaints and just allowed me to take her where I wanted her to go.
And I did, after a few more rounds she gushed all over my face and let out a series of long ancient sounding sighs followed by an almost purring as she started to come down. I stayed between her legs, I slowed the lapping taking in as much as possible of her savouring this moment. Her body collapsed and she released my hair.
I stroked her legs and helped her come down. I pulled myself up beside her and just caressed her in very close contact. She was in a dreamy state, I loved the look on her face. She had a look of interest on her face, wondering what I wanted her to do next, while knowing it was okay to take our time. I allow her to relax and enjoy the moment, for us to enjoy the moment. I passionately kissed her and she responded like a natural lover. It felt natural and real.
After a while with a slight nudge on one of her shoulders she knew what to do and with renewed vigour took me into her mouth. She looked up very satisfied that I got as big as I did in her mouth. On average 6.5 inches, with a nice circumference, yet the head when inspired gets fairly large. I was certain that I was bigger than her hubby. She spent a lot of time looking up at me as she focused on learning how to lick and suck me off. No she wasn’t an expert or gave the best head ever, but it was an A+ out of the gate for a beginner and I knew that with a little practice and patience it would be expert A+ level head. But that was not to be rushed. For now I just wanted her to build up her esteem and learn on the fly…
I pushed her head and I knew she was unsure of what I wanted so I guided her hand to my balls and again she started sucking them, I pulled her hair taut to say not so hard and she got it. She began sucking lighter and softer and licking as well she went to work, lathering up my balls, then she licked all the way up my shaft and then back down. I think Shri has been watching some movies…I made a mental note to inquire about that later.
As much as I wanted to plunge into that beautiful pussy, I did not want to rush this and even slightly considered not doing that this time. I pulled her up by her hair and she was laying full on top of me. We kissed passionately and I started to move her small frame up and down my body, which she got into easily.
After a while I slid her onto her side and went over to take out a few condoms I had brought. She stayed on her side as I had left her (again, a good sign). I got back on the bed with my knees at her head, she understood right away and started sucking and licking while I removed the condom. I started to put on the condom then I took her hand to show her how to do it. She nodded and completed the task with great care and anticipation.
I shimmied down and started passionately kissing her again, and then rolled on top of her. This was a first for her to take my full weight and it seemed fine, even though I was close to 100 pounds on her. I estimated she was about 100 pounds, and I was 200 pounds. All the while I was massaging her sides, ass, and breasts. I pried her legs open and entered her fairly easy after getting the head in. I took it nice and slow and looked deeply into her eyes as I did, I could tell she was loving this and the last few inches made her twist her head from side to side. She was definitely filled up more than she ever had been before and made an “O” with her mouth, which I loved especially as she griped my back and ass checks to pull me in. After some good slow strokes in missionary I allowed her to get accustomed to my size and weight. Then I started to give her a few harder thrusts which created a bigger open mouth gasping “O”. I think she would have been more vocal had hubby not been in the apartment. Her pussy was super slick and her nails were digging into my back, which was such a turn on.
I then set up on my knees at her entrance with her legs hinged into the air and started to slap her lovely glistening pussy lips with my cock, sliding just the head in and out slap, slap, slap over and over. Shri was actually licking her lips in a sensual way looking at me and tilting her head with her back fully arched then she looked directly at me. She was so erotic and I knew she was building to another orgasm. Her lips were open and receptive. I loved everything about this girl. She was the perfect petite package of sexual energy that had been waiting to be released, and I had the key and knowledge to release the genie.
Shri arched her neck, pulled back her legs and started releasing, while grinding her pussy up and down to meet my strokes. She literally flooded the bed and the two of us. Although it may have only been a few minutes, it seemed to last ten minutes, it seemed endless. I knew I could have kept her in that state for a longer time, but I also knew that she would need some recovery time. I slid fully in filling her to capacity and deeply buried myself to the hilt and laid on top of her caressing her face and sides. She was just getting her breathing back and started to be able to focus and look into my eyes when I flipped her over to be on top of me. She just folded into my chest and grabbed me hard, just as a natural lover. I patted and stroked her head pulling her close and tight into me, and slowly massaged her as she started to come down and her electric jolts subsided. I began to touch certain spots randomly.
I had literally lost time, but estimated we were well over two hours now. My cock slowly slipped out of her love hole as it started to shrink, and although I wanted to bask in the glow for a while longer, I knew it was time for Shri to drain me. I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her and then tilted it so we were on our sides. I grabbed her hand and guided it to my cock and removed the condom. She began massaging my balls and softly stroked me. I then guided her mouth to my left nipple and she started to kiss, lick and suck it. My cock was ready once again and I put one hand on her shoulder with no weight at all and Shri started her descent. Somehow I felt she knew this would be our final act of the day. Her skills as a lover all around had rapidly increased. And she was definitely moving to a B+ cocksucker from a B- starting point, but she was all A+ in attitude. I drifted off, stretched out and while I enjoyed nice slow oral love from my new lover. I periodically massaged her head and face, but mostly had my hands behind my head and wore a huge grin as I built up a major eruption.
Shri knew I was getting close and adjusted her positioning kneeling between my legs. She moved her mouth up and down on my shaft, not too wet, just right, with one hand massaging my balls. I have a lot of control and could come anytime, but I like to let it build up over and over before releasing. And I knew that Shri would do this for hours if and when I wanted. She had a nice flow of sliding my meat in and out of her throat with ease, just as I had slid in and out of her pussy earlier. I decided to just let her play it out as it happens as I started to reach a state of no return.
Shri knew and moaned with urgency and got a little jittery in preparation then, with three steady blasts followed by a soft flow, my cum was received with the loving attention of a long term lover. Shri cleaned me thoroughly and never spilled a drop, even though she had that hmmm sound of being at capacity a couple of times, she figured it out. I pulled her on top of me as we caressed and cuddled for a while. Then we both knew it was time for me to leave. I told her I wanted to take a shower, she got me a towel. It took only 6 or 7 minutes to shower. When I got out she had a glass of water and some cut fruit ready and waiting in the bedroom; heaven with whipped cream and sprinkles on top, I had already eaten the cherry.
Shri took my towel off and started to make sure I was dry, she patted me all over, then bent at her waist and kissed my cock with a shy smile with a satisfied lovers look in her eyes. I pulled her close and bent to kiss her deeply. It was an awkward moment, both of us knowing I had to go and yet both of us not wanting to be separated.
I said, “Shri, you are a beautiful woman and lover, and I will be back in two weeks.”
She said no words, yet folded her head into my chest and patted my chest with her hand. Then she stepped back and started to dress me I really liked this. I ate some of the fruit and drank half a liter of water. When I was ready, I remembered to tell her to trim her pussy hair and she seemed to understand.
We left the bedroom and she escorted me to the door with no acknowledgement of Prath. I simply said I would be here at 2PM in two weeks on Tuesday. Shri nodded and off I went. I was in la-la-land like I was stoned as I made my way out of the building and to my car. I realized it had been just over 3 hours, outside of my original estimate, but still good for both parties. Most importantly, it set the tone for the relationship– don’t rush me and I get what I want.
WOW, what a woman, what a surprise. I knew this would be enjoyable but rarely if ever had I ever been this far off at estimating a lover’s ability.
And I think that was it, it started out more of a job or indecent proposal, but had quickly become much more…Shri needed and wanted this.
It had been a while since I wanted time to fly by, as much as I did over the past two weeks. On Sunday afternoon I texted to tell Shri and Prath I’d be at their apartment at 1PM on Tuesday. I had an affirmative response within five minutes and I got a hard on. Okay, just two more semi-sleepless nights and I’d be in heaven again.
I arrived and buzzed their apartment at 12:50, there was no voice confirmation but the door clicked to allow me in. When it arrived at their door I found it open and slightly ajar. I gave a little knock to announce myself saying hello as I opened it and stepped in. There was some traditional Indian music playing and the same incense from before burning — good start. And then Shri stepped into the scene dressed as beautifully as I had requested with a slight smile and that certain look that I just can’t put a name to but love.
She reached her hand out to receive me and welcomed me in. I said hello and commented on how beautiful she looked. She thanked me and said, “Please…”gesturing for me to come in. I set my toy bag down, a simple and small black nylon bag and took my shoes off. I noticed how things seemed a little different, definitely a different energy.
I asked if Prath was home and she said, “No, he will not be here.”
I said, “Oh, okay — that’s nice.”
She went on to say that he would not ever be here when I arrive again.
I asked “Oh, is everything okay?”
Shri explained that they had some arguments after my last visit, but it is alright now. And that they agreed, it would be best this way from now on. GOOO Shriya — I was thinking.
I asked if there were any other problem or anything else we should discuss? She said, “No”, as she came right up to me and rested her head into my chest and softly stroked my torso. I gave her a hug and bent down to kiss her as I tilted her face up to meet me. It was a deep, cool, moist, soft and passionate kiss. She just dangled in my arms, being as available as I wanted, and ready to serve me.
She started to speak saying, “Mr. Gary, I…”
I stopped her with a finger to her lips and said, “Its Sir, address me as Sir.” She gave a little head bow and acknowledged saying. “Yes, Sir.”
She paused a little while and came back with, “Sir, I am yours.”
I instantly grabbed her hair and snapped her head back and in a firm tone, I said,” I am your master and you are my slave Shri. And yes, YOU ARE MINE! I will do with you what I want. You have pleased me thus far and I like that Prath will no longer be here when I visit. Shri, I will call you many names and treat you soft, gentle, and at time aggressive.”
I gave her head a tug for emphasis while entwining my fingers into her beautiful hair. I went on to say, “Above all, I respect you and look forward to us sharing each other in a very lovingly way.”
Shri nodded in agreement and understanding. I could tell she was excited and nervous, and that she wanted to be my lover. I pulled her back into my chest and rubber her all over; enjoying her body and the silkiness of the sari. It was beautiful in color and fabric. It suited her, even though she was a modern young woman and probably disliked the tradition in some ways, I knew she would do this for me. I also knew there was deeper meaning to what had happened with her and Prath, yet, if it was important it would come out in time as long as it didn’t interrupt us. I doubted he would ever hurt her physically.
Okay, I just took a breath and took it all in. I moved her away from me slightly so that I could walk over to the big oversized chair, I swivelled it around and sat down. Shri just stood at an angle and watched me with eyes half down gaze, perfect!
“Shri,” (brief pause…)
“Yes Sir?” Good.
I said, “Put some water on for tea and bring my bag over here.”
She immediately went to the kitchen and filled a kettle, then brought my bag over holding it in front of her. I looked her in the eyes and glinted down, she immediately dropped to her knees in front of me.
I said, “Shri — THAT is the proper way to greet me, on your knees. As I reached out to her to pull her arms onto my legs.
Then I said, “And to embrace me like this whether I’m sitting or standing.”
She nodded and cuddled into me. I pulled her hair back and said, “When I speak to you, I want to hear words back” there was a long pause……….
She said, “Yes Sir.”
I patted her head and said, “Good girl.”
I told her to open the bag and to take a look at what I had brought her.
Note: I’ve been through this a few times with “friends/sexual partners”, so I had purchased a few new toys to start with and cleanser.
I said, “Take one item out at a time.”
Her first item was nipple clamps.
I asked, “Do you know what they are for?”
She said, “No Sir, but I think they are for me.”
I said, “yes Shri, they are all for you.”
The kettle clicked off and I reached into the bag and gave her the tea to make. I asked if she had a tea pot. And she did, I told her how to make it and to let it steep for a while, she did and came right back to her position— good girl. I lifted her sari and pulled her upright by her breasts. I slightly bent forward so that my mouth could savor and suckled them both back and forth for a little while, followed by a little biting in between. Shri leaned into me enjoying the sensations as her new master taught her some new sensations in life. I then clipped on her new accessory with medium tension and she seemed pleased. I tugged a little on the connecting chain and that made her eyes widen.
I then said, “Shri, you will have these on when I come to meet you every time.”
She said, “Yes, Sir.”
I then lowered her Sari and told her to get us two cups of tea.
Shri returned and knelt asking if I would like anything in the tea? She was happy and really got into her new role, I could tell this was as much or more than she imagined our relationship being. I told her that, “I like just tea in my tea and just coffee in my coffee and my water at room temperature with no ice. AND…I like my Shri just as you are right now, happy and serving me.”
She smiled. I reached out and gave her a little tug on her clamp chain, which sent her a jolt of excitement and a reminder — she was mine.
Shri returned with our teas and assumed her position. I told her to look at the rest of her gifts. She pulled out a blind fold and smiled…”thank you Sir.” I gave a look indicating you are welcome and to keep going which she did. Next up were fur-lined handcuffs, Shri blushed and gave a little cough/laugh which was cute as she stuttered another, “Thank you Sir”. Next was some rope, with widened eyes, a tentative smile she just set it aside with the pile as if accepting her fate. Then she withdrew a small butt plug. That caused a stir as she examined it.
I simply said, “You’re welcome Shri,” to which she immediately thanked me. Then there were a few bottles of lube (anal and regular glide) and toy cleanser. I explained the importance of cleaning everything thoroughly each time we use our toys, and its importance to both of our health.
“Yes Sir, I understand and it will be done very thoroughly each time as you say.”
We took a few sips of tea. I asked if she liked the tea.
“Oh yes Sir very much, thank you for providing this for us. I will store it properly and prepare it just as you like each time.” Good girl Shri..I said to myself.
I indicated for her to add more hot tea to our cups and asked if she had ice cubes.
“Yes, I believe we do, I will check.”
I said, “That’s great bring three ice cubes in a small bowl.”
Shri returned very quickly with everything on a small tray along with a small bowl of cut oranges and kiwi. She must have prepared this just before I arrived and I gave her a look of loving approval. She set everything out on a coffee table and handed me my tea.
I indicated for her to hold her tea which she did and I said, “I proposed a toast. To the new Shri and to us!” We clinked cups and sipped. Shri was really getting comfy in her position as she settled into it each time with ease and comfort embracing me each time in a way lovers would after years of being connected.
I told Shri to remove her top and bring her breasts to me which seemed to happen effortlessly and in no time it was as if she had been expecting this next request. As she knelt upright directly between my legs, holding her beautiful chained breasts up to me I gave the chain a little tug. Her look indicated that this was pleasurable, her eyes were semi open but she was ready and able to read my next demand of her. I tugged a little firmer on her chain, she moaned and squirmed which seemed to be pleasurable to her — probably because it was for me.
I then twisted her left nipple re-clamping the clamp harder, knowing there would be a little blood as these clamps had nice teeth. The jolt was fabulous and I had reached a slight first level limit. With no apparent verbal attempt to say this was too much I immediately did the same on the right side receiving the same effect. I paused looking into her beautiful eyes and reached out to stroke her cheek.
I said, “Shri. Everything I say to you is important. This is one of the most important things….if I ever give you pain that you cannot bear, if I cross the line treating you this way you have permission to say RED. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir, I will say the word red, if I am in too much pain.” She said.
Good girl, I went on to say that I enjoyed treating her this way “As you know and I believe you will in turn receive a lot of pleasure by submitting to me in this manner. I will only go as far as I believe you can handle.”
“Yes Sir, I understand.” She acknowledged.
I took the clamps off and told her to give me one ice cube. I immediately started rubbing on the tip of each nipple and then all over her breasts alternating back and forth. There was an initial shock with her eyes widening and an O expression on her mouth and then she eased into it. I leaned forward and slipped the fast melting cube into her mouth and said — “Do not swallow or bite…just let it melt.”
I then took my tea cup which unfortunately had cooled a little too much, yet was still a little warm and applied it alternating between each nipple over and over. I really pressed the cup into her breast mashing it in for effect after a few lighter passes. I then reached forward and grabbed another ice cube as I moved forward just a little more and hit her with the cold. Her nipples were WIDE AWAKE and I believe every single cell in her body was on high alert thinking– DANGER, PLEASURE, WTF is this guy doing, ALERT, ALERT, whatever it is — please keep doing it, that was the final message I believe was coming from her body and her eyes.
I leaned in and kissed, then nibbled for a short while before biting those beautiful nipples. I then raised my mouth to hers and enjoyed her cool and receptive mouth. Shri had kept her hands by her side and I lifted one up to cradle the back of my head. She grabbed my hair and pulled me in harder. I finished by slowly brining her down with softer licks and sucks while massaging those beautiful globes. It was a joy being brought into her bosoms and feeling loved and needed by her.
I slowly separated and gave her another passionate kiss and then a series of deep kisses shoving my tongue as deep down her throat as I could. Shri was very receptive and really into it. Her skills and passion had grown since our last session, as I knew they would continue to do so.
I took her left hand and placed it on my pants and she immediately started undoing my belt. I gripped her hands hard and looked her in the eye — saying, “Slowly.”
Shri acknowledged with a slight, “Yes Sir” and adjusted her tempo while still maintaining her enthusiasm and sensuality. She finished unbuckling me and zipping down my fly as I lifted up in the chair. She slid my pants and underwear off together. She then folded them while still kneeling and swivelled over to place them on the couch, then she moved right back to me ready for my command. I just waited to see what she would do and she was expectantly half looking up to me and half on the prize. I reached down and took her hands placing them on my legs and started rubbing up and down.
I said, “Shri, I don’t need to ever show you what to do again. This is your duty and whenever I give you the go-ahead to remove my clothes, you will immediately go ahead and start pleasing and massaging me in a soft sensual way.”
I was patting her head as I was explaining this and Shri acknowledged with a “yes Sir” all the while she had started massaging her beautiful, petite, soft hand up to my cock and balls with sensual strokes and then back down my legs.
I said, “That’s good and this is to be our standard, unless I indicate otherwise and I may be in the mood to give your mouth and throat a good hard fucking. Right now I want a very long, sensual, massage and blow job. It will take me some time to show you exactly what I like and how I want you to take care of me. I want soft rubbing massages with just a little mouth on the head of my cock. Then, I want you to slowly slide my cock deep into the base of your throat. You will learn to take it deeply without gaging. Then take your mouth off and start rubbing again, repeating this over and over — you will know when I need and want to come. When I do come, I want you to swallow all of it. Sometimes, I will want it all over your face for me to see my gift to you.”
I paused and Shri said, “Yes Sir, I understand. It is my pleasure to please you as you wish. I will learn quickly how to make you happy.” I just patted her head saying good girl.
Shri went to work with renewed focus and 100% attention. I just settled into the chair and stretched out relaxing while enjoying my new pet. I put my hands behind my head and leaned back enjoying the erotic sensation of this new eager body, mouth, hands and sexy soul with a deep loving desire to make me happy…heaven. I was pretty sure that Shri had been watching some movies again because her skills had improved certainly not porn star quality thankfully— as I don’t like that, but lots of licking up and down my shaft and then slowly circling my head. I reached down and put a little pressure on her head and she immediately went to my balls and licked, while working my shaft softly and slowly with her hands. Then I drifted away with random thoughts of other erotic sessions I had had and ones that I wish I had had, alternating between my thoughts and the present and enjoying this beautiful, young creature between my legs. Shri was becoming an expert, it was obvious she enjoyed pleasing me this way and loved my cock. I knew that she would do this for hours non-stop if I wished.
Personally, I like to have several build up sessions, edging off to let my blast build up. Shri was into a good momentum now and knew she was on track for her prize. I knew in her mind seeing me cum was the only goal in mind right now and I also knew she was a very horny girl and was getting off on this herself. I reached down and gripped her hand on the base of my cock to pause a moment. She kept massaging my balls slowly with her other hand as she looked closely up to me for her next instructions. I gave her a little nudge under her arm pits indicating to stand up, which she did, looking a little disappointed and curious as to what was next.
I said, “Shri you are doing very, very well. I like to build up over time, only on a rare occasion do I want to come quickly.”
“Yes, Sir, I understand.”
I told her to remove the rest of her clothing and to turn around in front of me so that I could admire her beautiful body. With my cock still semi hard, the both of us my cock and I just took in and admired this innocently, seductive creatures beautiful flawless backside. I pulled her hips so that she gently landed on my cock with her ass. Shri adjusted her feet and balanced them knowing what I wanted. I started to move her hips up and down to slowly massage my cock along the crack of her ass. I leaned her forward more so she was bent more at the waist and knees as she quickly figured things out. I reached forward and took her hands placing them on my shins for better balance. Then I began to make finger tip movements on her hips and she began to sensually rock at the tempo I wanted. What a beautiful pear shaped light brown ass, probably a virgin ass. I started to spread her cheeks more and really got a closer look at my new present to myself. I arched up over the chairs arm and leaned over and took one of the lube bottles and poured a little down the crack of her ass and we both immediately enjoyed the new gliding sensation. I reached out and massaged her tits alternating from grabbing hard and softly massaging them, to literally pulling her nipples to see if they could come off. Shri was REALLY into it now with some nice moaning Mmmm’s and Aaaahhh’s and it was almost as if I had wound her up and she was on auto pilot. She started slightly twisting her body at a nice slow rhythmic alternative motion — WOW!!! SEXY!
I was now holding my cock so that it was rubbing along her pussy lips and then without warning to her I slipped inside her and held her there as she slowly sank deeper right to the base of my cock. Fuck the condoms — we were both clean and she wasn’t getting any more pregnant!
“AAhhhh,” she said in a sexy whisper and I though the same thing. WOW, what a feeling. I leaned Shri forward a bit more and grabbed her hands pulling them backwards — she was now totally locked into this hold. I slowly let her ease forward and then back and we got into sync. I let her ease almost off and then I pulled her back hard to the base. After a while doing this alternating with different variations of playing around the head only, I started to thrust pulling her rapidly to the base of my cock over and over. I loved her mewing sounds, a new one, and I knew there would be so many more things she would learn. Her hair was swaying and flowing, beads of sweat rose off her body. Her newly trimmed wet, but not slushy pussy gliding up and down, eager and hungry to swallow my cock more and more.
And then … I just held her still onto the base and pulled her body straight up aligned with mine and held her tightly …Heaven. I lifted her off and swiveled her around to ride me while facing me. Shri quickly wedged her petite feet into the sides of the large cushioned seat. Re-entering her was easy and natural we were truly a fit, she was a little cowgirl. Shri really got into it — probably the first time she has been in control sexually. I could easily lift her up by sliding my hands under her ass cheeks and letting her drop to the base over and over, forget about her I could do this all day. I let her lean into me and we just hugged tightly. We started to kiss passionately and softly allowing each of us to catch our breath and cool off a little. I had slipped out and was just enjoying the feel of her new hair cut and very moist pussy lips slowly licking my cock over and over. I paused and held us still to enjoy the moment as we breathe into each other.
I swivelled her so that she was sitting on my lap with her beautiful, lithe body cuddled into me and her legs swung over the side of the big, lazy boy chair. I was gently petting her; her hair, her face, massaging her body and enjoying the connection. After a while, I leaned forward and grabbed the little bowl with what was left of the ice cubes there was a small remnant of one and a little pool of very cold water. I slowly poured it on her head and then on her front chest watching the ice water glide across her body and enjoying the sensations she must have been feeling. She only gave a little shocked jolt at first and then succumbed to what would be typical of our visits and how I would treat and mistreat her for my pleasure. I really enjoyed how her nipples were standing out. I twisted them and watched her adjust with her swinging her head back and forth and moaning her sweet awes and mm’s while she squirmed.
I gave her a little push indicating to get up, she quickly got off me. I got up and stood in front of her. It had been about twenty minutes since we had sat and relaxed and it was time for me to finish and head out so I ever so slightly touched her shoulder and down she went to assume her position and started to nuzzle my cock with her face and hair. Then she began to lick it up and down and sure enough within thirty seconds I was rock hard. Shri’s body was built for pleasure and I knew how to get the best mileage from her. I grabbed her hair and threw her onto the side of the oversized arm of the chair with lots of padding. I lined up and plunged into that tight juicy pussy right to the hilt. Shri let out a gasp and reached forward grabbing the other arm of the chair and was preparing herself for what she instinctively knew was coming. I plowed into her over and over, grabbing onto her beautiful hips, really getting a good grip it took about another fifteen to twenty strokes then I paused to twist her legs at the ankles so that she was creating a scissor grip on me.
I then turned around and picked up the lube and let a small dribble glide down her ass for just a little more comfort. I re-inserted my cock in her and pulled out to spank her ass and pussy lips with my very happy cock. My cock got like this when it was still hard, yet pliable. It seems to know that it would reach a point of no return soon enough and just kept going until I decide when to let him unload. With one hand I gripped her hips and with the other hand I tangled it into a fist of her beautiful hair. I loved the look of her in this position and she was ready and fully giving. I slowed into a steady rhythm and had to decide how I wanted to finish. I released her hair and softly slapped her ass here and there for emphasis. I pulled out to the head and let my first load release in her and then positioned my cock in the beautiful crevice of her ass to release the rest of my load and then I let the remaining flow release on her back. It was a fucking erotic and beautiful sight.
Shri collapsed into the chair with a beautiful sound of completion. I steadied myself and awkwardly took a few steps and flopped on the couch. Shri turned her head looking at me on a hard angle and then carefully leaned forward to run to the kitchen to get a towel and clean herself. Then she was at my feet cleaning me with her mouth before I took more than 5 breaths….heaven. I just gazed in amazement at Shri’s attention to me and then decided to pull her up to lay on the couch with her head on my lap while she softly and thoroughly lapped me clean.
As I petted her and lazily massaged her body she came down too. She instinctively twisted around so that she was facing me and could get at my balls while looking up at me with yet another look of pure satisfaction. It was a look that I felt graced her face for the first time ever in her life. Shri knew her purpose and knew she was very good at what she was doing with me. I held her head to indicate for her to stop for a while which she did and we just admired each other, natural lovers looking into each other’s eyes and souls.
I told her it was time for me to get ready to leave and to go start a shower for me and prepare some more tea. Again it seemed to happen effortlessly and in no time at all she was at my feet with a fresh towel informing me my shower was ready. When I came out wrapped in a towel everything else was prepared and ready, with fresh tea and fruit. Shri quickly took my towel off and began patting me dry and dressed me, while giving my cock a little kiss as a signature move.
While having our little snack I said, “Shri, I am very happy with you.”
Shri responded with a “Thank you Sir.”
I went on to say that I felt this would be a very long relationship and I felt we already had a deep bond. I had been thinking about this in the shower. So I was prepared for our next discussion.
“I want you to make sure to treat Prath with respect and not endanger your home life. I want you to make sure that you can play both roles that of good wife, keeping a happy husband and of course more importantly that of a good whore and slave to me. Do you understand Shri?”
“Yes, Sir, I have been thinking of that and I understand. I believe you are right and I will do as you say.”
I said, “Okay, time for me to go and remember to store our toy bag safely. I am going to visit you in two days on Thursday. I want you to be ready in regular clothing at 12:00 PM, because I am going to take you out.
She had no questions, she simply had a look of happy, unexpected anticipation.
“Yes Sir, I will be ready.” She said.
“Good girl Shri, be ready in the lobby at 12, see you then.” I responded.
With a big natural lovers hug at the door, I tilted her head for a deep passionate kiss and off I went.
Well, two days flew by (thankfully). I was pretty busy and had excited anticipation of what to do with Shri. I arrived at about 11:52 AM in front of the entrance and Shri was ready and waiting. She had come out immediately, before I had even put my car in park. Shri slid into the passenger seat looking tentative, happy, and promiscuous; kind of like she had a great secret that no one knew, except for me of course. I really liked that look and told her so. I liked the skirt she had on and felt she must have just purchased it, so I asked if that was the case.
With a little hesitation, she responded, “No Sir, I have borrowed it from a friend of mine on the same floor as me.
I said, “Oh, okay, that’s good and she has good taste in clothes as well as friends.”
Off we went. Shri lived about 10-15 minutes away from an adult store I used to go to for toys, and that was going to be our first stop. As we drove I asked Shri if there were any problems and if everything was okay with her and Prath?
Shri immediately said, “Yes Sir, everything is fine between us.”
She then expanded and said, “I took your advice and paid special attention to him so that he still felt like the man of the house and mine; which is not the case Sir, you are my man and master.”
WOW, instant hard on. I just grinned and glanced slightly to acknowledge her accuracy with a note of approval. Shri was talkative and said that the extra money was very helpful and had eased tension in the house. She even expanded upon that statement to note that Prath kept mentioning to her to keep me happy, which she said in a happy and proud tone. Shri was blossoming and it was beautiful. I took her left hand and placed it on my crotch. Shri slightly blushed as I glanced slightly; she took the initiative quite well and started gently massaging and working my cock.
I loved everything I had just heard. I loved her attitude about the whole thing, along with her just being with me, wherever I took her, for however long, and of course for whatever I wanted to do with or to her. As I took her fingers and put them on my fly, Shri wasted no time in lowering it to take out my cock. As she did this, she started to massage and stroke me. I began to reflect that at the age of fifty having many great experiences in my life…this was near or close to the top. And the good news was I knew this would be lasting for a long time and was going to be getting more and more interesting as her pregnancy progressed — WHEWWWWW!!
It took me a while to find the right plaza since it had been a few years, but I finally found the right location. It was your typical run down old plaza with an appliance parts store, restaurant, rugs, etc. I backed into a spot at the rear of the plaza as a lot of spots were taken near the front for lunch hour at the restaurant and of course I wanted to feel Shri’s mouth on my cock right now. As I clicked into park, simultaneously I grabbed her head and with one swift motion Shri was on it passionately. She was really into it with just the right pace and ball massage, the right amount of saliva that I like, to make my cock slick but not sloppy. I forced her head so that she took me in deeper, to the base with just a little gag reflex which I always like, yet no resistance or push back. I then pulled her head up and kissed her deeply as she leaned up and into me eagerly wanting to be kissed in an obvious way. I curved slightly and reached into her sweet honey pot with my left hand and stroked her very moist panty covered pussy. Shri moaned into my mouth with an urgency, wanting my fingers to take her deeply. I complied by parting her panties to the side and started to gently rub her nub and then stroked her clit up and down. All the while we were locked into a deep passionate kiss.
Shri had started instinctively using more tongue and going deeper into my throat — which I loved. The song “this girl is on fire” popped into my mind and appropriately so. I sank one, then two and eventually three fingers into her tight yet compliant pussy and started to pump her. Shri had let go of my cock by then which was okay because I didn’t want her almost ripping it off as she built up her climax and it was as if she knew this was her time now. I stuck my right hand up under her blouse so that I could flip up her bra and twist her left nipple at just the right sensation and build. Shri wasted no time in releasing with an Ahh, ahh, ahh Ohhh whewwww yahhhhh, yes, yes, yes and then she surprised me as she started to come down. I petted her pussy softly and released her nipple bringing my hand up to her check and to stroke her face softly. Then I grabbed her hair on the side pulling her back in for a deep kiss, Shri said, drum roll… “Oh Sir, I love you!” With her hair in my hand I slightly pulled her face away to look closely into her eyes. In her eyes I saw it, it was pure, not shy not regretful in any way, she said what she meant. I lifted my hand from her pussy to the other side of her face and clasping each side tightly I looked as deeper than I ever had with anyone…I hung for a long pause because it was such an important, deep, and truthful moment. Shri kept her eyes on me unwaveringly with the same level of integrity and meaning as when she said those words. She had zero doubt or sense of risk that she’d gone too far, she had simply said the truth. I started to softly pat/massage her cheeks and had maintained the same proximity of about 3 inches apart. With both of us leaning into the console, caught up in this beautiful moment I let a few more beats pass.
“Shriya, you are a beautiful woman and I am glad you have come into my life…I Love you!” WOW, I thought that was unexpected on both sides. I leaned in for a soft kiss to seal the moment and let my other hand trail off her cheek.
I straightened and sat back properly into my seat as Shri stayed turned and available to me. As I looked again with her steady gaze on me, this young seemingly naive woman was very sure of herself and what she felt. Again a new look that I couldn’t quite articulate, it was unique to her and I decided to stop trying to name her looks and sounds or reference them to that of other lovers I’d had. From this moment on…it would be all new. No more repeats, same patterns, no game plan, just go with it and love her. And then right in synch with those thoughts I explained what I had just decided myself to her and I felt she really got it and appreciated what I was saying. Before we got out of the car I remembered a note I had made which was I didn’t like her wearing bras and told her as much for all future outings.
“Yes Sir.”
Shri immediately removed her little jacket and unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra and put it in her purse. As she started to re-button her blouse, I reached out to appreciate her beautiful ripe breasts with a slight squeeze and nipple pinch to each. I took my hand away and Shri smiled finishing her duty.
Of course with that came to the reason we were there in the first place…a place I had brought a few lovers from the past and shopped for others…but I was going to continue with this trip.
I zipped myself up and we got out and walked to the shop hand in hand as lovers, with a deeper connection than I’d ever had, with no words. Just an energetic moist and heated pulse running through our hands and even though, just like my wife, there was a full foot difference between us, Shri stayed right in step with me. As I turned into the doors, Shri took in all the sights and I could see the motors running in her head, trying to understand it all and yet she understood instantly.
I glanced to her side and said, “Toy store”, we needed to get a few more things.
Shri said, “Yes Sir,” with a very happy chipper voice. And although there wasn’t a little jump in her step it was inferred by her energy, which I loved.
Instantly I was transitioning from wanting a slave and play toy to amuse and please me, to having something much more mature and equal…and I wanted that for both of us. In other words I realized I could have everything I wanted originally with this relationship AND a lot more.
We stepped into the main showroom and were greeted by a young, good looking Caucasian woman about Shri’s age with pink and purple streaked blondish hair. And although she had some tats and piercings (very much not my thing), I found it tasteful and appropriate for her. And maybe I was just in such a state of bliss that I would have bonded with a Marilyn Manson type as well just as easily. Anyway, all this from a simple yet semi-cheerful and authentic hello.
I greeted her and assessed that we were the only customers at the moment. I started opposite of the sales desk and went to the kinky boots area. I grabbed a pair for fun and asked Shri if she felt these would be good for her. She laughed and I realized it was the first time I heard her laugh; it was beautiful. Although I’ve never bought a pair for a previous lover, I remained open and said, “We’ll come back for these someday…”I could see Shri in a slutty school girl outfit and a pair of these.
She said, “Ok, Yes Sir.”
Next up on our round of the main room tour were panties…a large selection. I told Shri to pick out a few she liked. Then I turned, walked just 6 steps over the cash desk to ask the early Drew Barrymore look-a-like, with a bit more meat on her which I liked, a la tasteful punk about a particular product I really wanted. I couldn’t remember the name but as I described it “a cock ring with a removable bullet and wireless remote,” she knew exactly what I was referring to and had three options of colors and sizes laid out instantly. She said, “These are great and one of the best sellers.” Thank you Drew. I asked her name, it was Cidnee. I always ask for spelling to help me remember and loved that name and told her so. I asked Cidnee if she could help us find panties with a pocket to hold the rocket I was about to buy and again she knew exactly what I was going on.
She started with the cheap stuff and I told Cidnee, “I want the good stuff please, we are not price sensitive here.”
I told Shri to come over to meet Cidnee, she came right into me tightly as I said Cidnee, “How could I want anything less for this beautiful woman and besides, I know you work on commission, so don’t be shy.”
That whole piece really appealed to Cidnee and although happy go lucky and semi-cheerful before I could see more hop in her step and voice immediately. As Cidnee looked for some items that would appeal and fit. I mentally processed and decided to take an unexpected approach here. As Cidnee laid out a few options and I looked at Shri for her take — she was all in — whatever I wanted mode. This was going to be fun.
I said, “Cidnee, do you mind if we call you Cid or has that worn out for you.”
She said, “No, that’s fine — most friends call me that.”
“Okay Cid, this is Miss Shriya and you can call me Sir.”
“Yes Sir, hello Miss Shriya, what a beautiful name.”
I gripped Shri’s hand with a slight jolt telling her to reply which she did — thanking her. Cid, these are nice selections.
“Seeing it’s pretty slow and I sense you are about to make one of your biggest commissions from one customer in a while, would you mind helping Miss Shriya try these on and setting up the bullet with batteries and explaining how it will work for her.”
There was a pause and I said, “I know there are cameras, but not in the changing area…are you okay with this.”
Tentatively she answered, “Yes Sir, it will be my pleasure.”
“Good,” I said, “I think it will be all our pleasure” — whew go Gary
Cid set up the bullet showing Shri how to put the batteries in and how it slipped into the panty pocket. Then she led Shri into the changing room area, which had three changing rooms, one was a little bigger with just cloth as a door like a curtain. As they both went in and Cid was about to close the curtain I stopped her mid way to leave it open.
I said, “Cid, I think you know what I’m looking for here and I have a $100 bill in my pocket for you if I see exactly what I’m looking for, plus your commission of course. I think that will be pleasing to all of us.” Shri didn’t quite have a take on the whole thing, yet Cid was fairly worldly, I could tell and was with the program.
I said, “Miss Shriya, Cid here is going to take care of you, just relax, enjoy and let her take charge.”
She smiled with a tentative “yes Sir” accompanied by a look of hmmm, WTF, even though she had probably never nor would ever say that. And with that Cid simply touched Shri on the sides of her arms and then lowered herself to her knees sliding her hands down Shri’s side to below her skirt line just above the knees and then right back up and under to remove her panties. Shri stayed with eyes locked on me knowing it was okay and even as she stepped out of her panties, she didn’t even look down. There was just this love flow current between us.
I said, “Cid, I already have her warmed up and I want to see you with a very wet face, when you’re done.” Cid never turned, she just said “yes Sir” as she gently pressed Shri’s mid-section to lower her onto the simple and only chair in the room. Shri stretched out moving her ass to the edge of the chair as she started to realize what was about to happen. There was no fear at all in her eyes as she kept them on me the whole time with the exception to acknowledge Cid as she started to lick up her legs and inner thighs. Cid looked up to Shri to acknowledge it was all well and even though there was no eye contact, she knew oh yeah…all was well.
Then Cid said to Shri, “Miss Shriya, just relax, I am going to make you very happy.”
I smiled to Shri as she did to me. I then motioned with my hand for her to grab her head, which she immediately did, pulling Cid’s face into her pussy. Although not too aggressive, Shri knew her place and was in charge fucking Cid’s face and tongue. This was totally fucking erotic…I stood still taking it all in and enjoyed the sight. Shri still kept her focus mainly on me, yet did take more time glancing at Cid as she lovingly worked her over and started to build Shri to her climax.
It took a lot of will power on my part to not pull out my cock and either stuff it into Shri’s mouth or pull Cid’s mouth out of Shri’s pussy for a while. But I didn’t…I just wanted to observe more and was really enjoying Cid’s enthusiasm and Shri’s convulsions’ as she gripped poor Cid’s head and started fucking her entire face. I could tell Cid got her tongue deep in Shri’s opening, along with some finger action. I was also tempted to spend some time on Shri’s breasts, yet again, held off wanting it to remain just the two girls. But her beautiful nipples were poking out in full blossom as she arched her back up and pussy forward — hmmm. It was quite erotic, a small changing room, some mirrors, a million plus dollars worth of toy inventory around, two young women enjoying pleasing each other, and me…heaven.
I could tell Shri was reaching a level of exhaustion and I was sure she had at least six or more climaxes. Cid was enjoying herself and yet I also knew she wanted to keep going to please me and earn her $100. I took two steps so that I was right behind her and rested my hands on her shoulders and started to massage her head. Grabbing her multi-coloured hair Cid got the queue and started to let up on Shri and then half swiveled to face my crotch. With one hand massaging on Shri’s pussy and bringing her down, one hand started to rub my crotch and my fly. She looked up as if asking to proceed. I simply smiled. Cid lowered my fly and removed my hard cock. I pulled her head back to look into her eyes and it was clear she was really into this. I bent for a moment and gave Cid a deep kiss enjoying Shri’s flavour mixed with this sensuous new mouth and tongue Cid presented. I straightened back up and allowed Cid to proceed. I liked that she didn’t just swallow it and spent time licking all over especially on my balls. A sign of a seasoned cocksucker.
I looked at Shri who was alternating coming down and really getting into watching Cid and myself at work. The erotic thing was …there was no jealousy at all. Shri was loving this and was just taking in this whole new experience. Cid was really taking me deeper now and had a nice technique going and Shri had a ring side seat. Shri had recovered enough, that I just looked deeply into her eyes and flicked my eyes to Cid, she had a question mark initially and when I did it again…she took the queue and slid off the chair onto her knees taking her position right beside Cid. AHHH, does it get any better than this.
I let them work out a shared routine and then just grabbed the back of each of their loving heads and started to direct who was on shaft and ball duty and who was on head duty. And then just for fun directed them to taste each other for some girl on girl mouth to mouth duty. With their mouths and tongues intertwined just in front of my cock for a while…I really enjoyed this unexpected surprise. Shri really rose to the task in an all-natural way of if this pleases you Sir it pleases me. And Cid was a trooper, she really got the program and I had no idea if she preferred men or women or both, but I knew she knew how to lick pussy and suck cock. I brought their faces in so that both were on each side of my cock head each alternating a little suck and lots and lots of licking. I decided to not cum at this point and wanted to enjoy the build up for a later release. But I had one thing more to do here and that was to see how deep Cid could take me and sure enough with a fist full of her hair she took me right to the balls with a little gag and push back but she quickly relaxed and stayed where I wanted her.
I said, “That’s a good girl Cid.”
The first words in had spoken since this all had begun. I pulled her off me and raised both women up by their hair, up and into my chest for a group hug. Cid was about 2 inches taller than Shri at about 5’4″, and they were both enmeshed into me and each other in this tiny changing room. I lightly tilted each head up and bent slightly so that I could passionately kiss Shri and then Cid. Satisfied, I enjoyed this moment. I rose and brought them together for another erotic kiss and gently encouraged them into each other and frankly I didn`t need to give much encouragement…they were both really into this as I folded them tightly into my chest, and we all re-gripped into a passionate 3-some hug.
I stepped back so that we could all just take each other in. I said for Cid`s peace of mind that I like to have several build up sessions before cumming and that she was awesome. I then asked Miss Shriya if she enjoyed Cid’s attention.
Without pause, she gave a breathy “Oh yes Sir,” she said looking at me and then into Cid saying that she had pleased her immensely, “…Thank you for this gift Sir.”
And so it was …a gift for her. Shri the pet had a new pet herself that she could share with me. I then said, “Okay, Cid please tell me if you have ever licked pussy before.”
“No Sir, this was my first time” — pause — “and I really enjoyed pleasing both you Sir and Miss Shriya,” she said.
“Okay both of my Goddesses, let’s complete our shopping.”
Cid immediately said that she still had to show Miss Shriya how to put on the panties which she did as she quickly recovered from this whole situation and got back to little miss professional. As she took the panties from the hanger where she had put them in the first place she kneeled at Shri’s feet. She showed Shri how the rocket went into the pocket of the panties and then started to slide them up her legs taking great care to lift each leg into them and slowly slid them up and into place.
As Cid was doing this I remembered to take out the $100 bill and gave it to Cid as she rose and simply said, “You are a good girl Cid and have made us both very happy. I don`t want to have the risk of cameras from the front picking this up so best to give it to you now.”
With a big smile and hug Cid thanked me and again said it was a pleasure. I backed out of the changing room and the three of us walked out to resume our duties. Cid had Shri’s former panties in her hand and I told Shri to put them in her purse which she did with a “yes Sir.” I then asked Cid to give me my remote to test the rocket and BINGO — Shri was convulsing as I went through the settings, I settled on a low buzz frequency remembering it was 3 out of the 11…
“Okay what do we have here four sets of new panties, we`ll need lots of backup batteries, give us two dozen Cid. Now I want the two of you to take a look at some of the movies and get a few girl, girl, guy movies — try and find one as close to us as characters, a couple of cocksucking and an anal video.”
I asked them to hurry up as I needed to have something to eat. They both acknowledged with yes Sir’s almost in unison and I went to look at other items. I found another pair of nipple clamps I liked more that the others and picked them up, looked at some of the cheesy fantasy scenario getups of prison guard, cop, nurse, etc, the restraint items. Basically I didn`t need set packages and knew what to do for each of these if and when I wanted them. I adjusted the setting to wake up Shri and yelled over the wall into the video section to hurry up girls.
“Yes, Sir.”
As they quickly came back around with their selections I asked Cid to recommend the best anal cleanse system. She knew the right one and took it off the top hook, it was the last one and she said, “You will also want this lotion in addition to go with it Sir.”
“Perfect,” I said, “Let’s tally up and go.”
I glanced at the movies and said, “Good picks, Shri, enjoy your new education library.”
“Thank you Sir, I am very much looking forward to watching these,” she said.
As Cid was ringing everything up I asked her to write down the days and times she works she said, “gladly Sir” with a smile. She took a store card, wrote her name and said out loud as she wrote “Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s 10-5 and all day and night Saturday 10AM-11Pm,”
I then said to add her cell number on the card, and reached for my phone telling her to enter it here as well under Cid…again “Yes Sir.” I became conscious of the cameras and asked if all this was okay and she said, “yes Sir, they are only ever viewed if there is a problem and with so many stores.”
I asked if she ever had a problem and she said, yes Sir, a few times. “And you’ve been threatened or felt in danger,” I asked.
“Yes a few times Sir`.”
“I’m sorry to hear that Cid. I will talk with you more about that sometime”
“…yes Sir.” So all in all it was not bad, we were out of there with about $250, plus the extra well deserved $100 to Cid. Shri grabbed her purse and our bag of toys and I looked at her with eyes diverting to Cid, I had not expected this, but as we were walked to the doors Shri gave Cid a big hug and kiss right on the lips and thanked her…yet it was appropriate. I was simply thinking the words – thank you, but her version was much better and very appropriate.
Shri walked with me adjusting her purse and bag on her right side so she could be hand in hand with me as we walked to the car. I loved that we had interlocked fingers naturally and were saying so much without words. I looked at her as she looked to me and Shri was a very happy girl.
“You look like a happy girl Shri…”
“Yes Sir, verrrry happy girl thank you for the wonderful gifts and experiences. I am very much enjoying everything with you Sir,” she cuddled into my arm while walking to the car. Again, this was so natural like lovers of years together and not the actual hours it was.
I said, “It is my pleasure Shri, I want you to be happy.”
We got in and I had to decide where to go, remembering a few possible places I knew it would be quieter now with the lunch rush dying down seeing as it was now 1:27PM, realising we had been in there for a little over an hour. I decided to go for a Thai restaurant that was okay, not great but would do and they had some nice booths plus it was only about ten minutes away. As I got into gear I told Shri to open her new nipple clamps and to put them on…”yes Sir.”
I was glancing in my peripheral as Shri was figuring out how to adjust the degree of tightness and loved seeing her apply them. Luckily I was at a light as she was finishing her second breast, she looked with a high degree of alertness as she applied it and tightened it just right and then started to button up…good girl, I thought. It wasn`t until we got there I realized I had forgotten about Shri`s rocket being on all that time. I reached into my pocket and switched up the tempo just as we were reaching the restaurant doors. Shri gave a smile but she had become accustomed to it now as I opened the door for her. In we went and yes, there were only two tables occupied by the window, one with two older women, and another by a professional man and two women in mid 30-early 40`s. I set my eyes on a section that appeared to be closed and as the server or manager came up to greet us he pulled two menus and welcomed us to a table for two.
“We have some important business to discuss and need a secluded spot back there” I pointed to the area. Just as she was saying sorry that’s closed for dinner, I over-talked saying, “I understand and that will be perfect — thank you” I started to walk towards the booth I wanted. There was no resistance on her part and she simply followed us to the table I selected. I put Shri in first and followed in beside her with both of us forward facing and quite a distance to the front and other tables being out of close eye shot.
As she laid out the menus, I stated “We will have two teas and two mango juices please.”
“Yes Sir, I`ll bring those right away…”and I thanked her.
I acknowledged her as a nice mid 40’s woman, likely the store owner, but immediately knew this was not a potential play partner to my liking. I just breathed and relaxed and Shri did the same. As always I took out the remote for Shri and placed it on the table. I decided to give her a break and played with the settings until I knew it was off and looked to Shri for acknowledgement of such, which she did knowing what I was looking for.
I asked, “How is your pussy Shri?”
She responded, “Very wet, happy, and ready Sir” with a little giggle — which I loved.
I just glanced to the side taking her in and enjoying her. Shri had instinctively had her hand on my crotch and was slowly massaging me just as I liked. I took her hand gently and showed her I like to change it up by massaging my leg and inner thigh as well as my cock.
Shri pulled off as the server came back being that it would be obvious to the server even though it was darker back here. I took her hand and placed it back, to which she started to take care of me again. The server set our drinks down and asked if we were ready to order. I had not looked at the menu at all and as always just ask, if they had this and that and what they recommend. I asked if they had fresh spring rolls
“Yes with Shrimp or just vegetables”
I said, “vegetable please and a mango salad and what noodle dish would you recommend…”
“They are all good,” (of course typical response).
I said, “Okay what do you feel would bring the best tip, pad Thai or pad see ew?”
“I like pad see ew…”
“Great pad see ew it is,” and I noticed the server noticing Shri’s hand softly massaging my shaft as she wrote down our order. She looked up thanking us both in a very brief yet neutral look and tone trying to understand us in some way and yet…simply saying that she’d be back with our order shortly. Thank you
I placed my hand on Shri’s saying take a break without words and she got it, but kept her hand on my lap. We drank some tea and then I told Shri to finish her mango juice as she needed to hydrate, to which she immediately acknowledged with a “yes Sir” and finished the drink in a few long pulls. I asked how she felt.
She said, “I am feeling verrrry well Sir, thank you,” complete with a faint smile on her lips.
I said, “Good, I like the way you said verrrry.”
“Yes Sir, and how are you feeling if I may ask?” With a faint smile looking at each other sideways.
I said, “You may and I am feeling verrrry well” copying her. She had a little chuckle as I went on to say that I am very impressed with our date and interactions with Cid, complementing that she did very well and that I was pleased.
Shri said, “I like that I am now Miss Shriya to her.”
I said, “I think we will have more sessions with Cid, she is a nice young lady and I like her attitude and desire to please us both.”
“That would be nice Sir and I like her very much as well.”
We took a pause and relaxed to drink our drinks. I could tell that Shri was really enjoying how I operated and what she had learned and was will to learn in the future. More importantly I could tell that Shri had 100% confidence that I would treat her right, she was really at ease. I hit the remote to #3 and Shri immediately gave an upright, slight, squirm as her pussy reawakened. Our appetizers came, the salad, and spring rolls and they were as good as I remembered, about a 6…my minimum standard of acceptance. The place was clean and now we were the only remaining guests, there was a slight hint of music playing. I relaxed and enjoyed myself in the company of the girl next door, Goddess-turned lover, whore and toy.
My brain was also re-wiring what this was all about now. More, much, much more than what I originally had in mind. And I was just going with it, no set agenda, just enjoyment. We ate, and as we were finishing our apps, out came the noodle dish and two side plates. I thanked our server and asked her name, Lilly,
“Thanks again Lilly.”
Without prompt Lilly returned shortly after to check if everything was okay and if we needed anything else while topping off our teas. I said, “No, it’s all good and thank you…I appreciate your level of service and detail.”
We finished our meals without much talk. I had clicked Shri’s pussy pulser to off for a while and said that she needed to keep backup batteries in her purse at all times just in case. She said yes, Sir.
We left the restaurant and it was now 2:41 according to my car’s dash, as I don’t wear a watch and rarely bring my phone anywhere, plus I really don’t need to know what time it is with a great accuracy most of the time. I had a couple of thoughts of possible things to do and the higher priority was to take Shri shopping so she could have a few nice things to wear of her own that I liked. There was an old mall right across the road from the restaurant; off we went, again, with no inquiry from Shri …I really did love this girl.
As we parked I said “We are going shopping for you and I’d like to find a few nice dresses or skirts, a pair of pants, a few tops and shoes.”
Holding hands and walking in…”Thank you Sir, it is not necessary, yet I appreciate it and want to look nice for you.” I thought best to start with a couple of the smaller independent stores and then go to the Bay if we had to. First location was a nice mix store of all women’s clothing and I asked Shri if at first glance this was a possibility?
She said, “Yes, Sir, I do believe there are some nice pieces in here.”
A nice, mixed heritage cocoa lady in her late 20’s, about 5’5″ and skinny, skinny, but well-dressed came to greet us as I directed us straight towards her. Meeting in the middle of the store I said, “Yes, we can use your help thank you. We need to find a few nice pieces for this young lady.” I thought of how I typically really didn’t have much patience for this type of thing, so I didn’t want it to take too long nor stay too involved in the process.
I said off the top, “Show me your top two recommendations.”
They were on opposite sides of the store, a dress and a skirt. They appealed to me and Shri acknowledged they did to her as well. So I said, “Okay…what’s your name…” Carol, didn’t match her but I went with it saying, “Okay Carol, good start, can you please take these and a few other options and complementary blouses to Miss Shriya here and set us up in a changing room.”
“Right away Sir…”
Ding music to my ears, Shri even caught it and gave me a smile as we walked to the back. The rooms were nice and a good size. There was another clerk there, doing some sorting nearby and then she went to the back room. Unfortunately there wasn’t a chair for me so I just leaned on a rack and watched Shri start with the first few items and I told her to model for me. She came out quickly with the dress and it was a definite keeper with a nice ice blue mixed pattern, it fit her just right accentuating her curves and prevented it from being too obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. I looked and admired her saying “SOLD!”
“Yes, Sir, I believe this is a good one, thank you Sir.” I watched as Carol came back with a few more items having heard our conversation knowing she had one sale already. But I also knew she probably had a question mark about the Sir bit. Did Shri work for me, was I her boss, or…?
I said, “Okay Carol, set her up with the next best items in order.”
Carol immediately walked with Shri to the changing room and closed the door, I could hear them talk a little bit and then voila Shri was back out with another winner, a nice blouse and although you could see her nipples, it fell on her just right and I felt it was a good look. I looked at Shri to pick up her thoughts and knew she agreed. I indicated with my finger to come here, I wanted to check the material…which was a mix yet smooth and comfortable. I gave her breast a little squeeze and Carol happened to look at just the right time.
I smiled at them both and said, “You are on a roll, do you have a skirt to go with this?”
Carol said, “The one she has suits it.”
I said, “I agree, yet we need another.”
“Okay, I have one here but I don’t think it matches up well, just give me a minute.” Carol jotted off to find a few options and unfortunately none were to my liking either the pattern was wrong or too busy or I didn’t like the material. Shri tried on a few more items and as Carol was in the room with her I had an idea being a little bored I felt like having some fun. I turned up the remote to a higher number. Again I could hear them talking but not the actual conversation. At least it was a conversation starter. This little $60.00 tool sure made shopping much more interesting. By the time they came out I was talking with the other shop keeper a lady in her late 30’s or early 40’s that kept in good shape, probably European, her name was Anna. It was a very brief, “Hello” and “Are you finding everything alright”, and my typical “Is this store busy,” “Is the mall busy,” “When is new stock coming in,” etc.?
Carol came out first and looked at me with an inquisitive smirk and a look of pride that she was sure I’d like this next outfit to present the Miss Shriya in who followed immediately behind. Carol had this expression that said “oh, Sir, that was a very naughty and interesting moment I just had” followed by a look of I hope you like this outfit as well. I just said “SOLD!”
It was a little older look for Shri yet she wore it well and it appealed to me. I said let’s go, and just clip the tags off that one and we’ll get some nice shoes to match. We settled up and Carol was happy with the outcome, yet feeling she probably could have sold more. Anyways, at $365, not a bad forty-five minutes worth of work and she got to see a Master and slave at play. Off we went and I decided to try another store that I knew had higher end pieces. It was fairly quick and not as eventful, because I had seriously gotten bored and was anxious to get out of the mall and we still had shoes to get. We stopped for a juice and I got a large for us to share and then off to the shoe shop which I felt fairly confident we would get suited up just fine, which we did. Again I had some fun with the remote while the salesperson was slipping on a shoe. I loved how the attendant gave an instant look up to see Shri’s face, who held it together marvellously as if to say “this is my calling” and I knew the vibing pulse with an odd beat would have been easily detectable. I leaned against a middle display far enough away to enjoy from afar. Shri looked amazing in her new digs, complete with new shoes. As I finished paying and Shri tightly leaned into me showing appreciation and love, I loved the look of the sales person not knowing how to take us. We walked out the door hand in hand, each with a few bags and headed for the car.
I said “Shri, you look amazing and you are really glowing in your new outfit.”
She said, “Thank you Sir, I really appreciate these clothes. And I actually believe you make me feel amazing and I show that in my glow as you say.”
Whoa, Shri…you are such a hidden and deep treasure, I was thinking to myself.
As we got to the car I realized two things; 1. we didn’t have much time left being it was already 4:15 and 2. I had left poor Shri with a buzzing pussy much too long, basically I was distracted by too much activity and I usually only use this tool in controlled settings. I shut her down and Shri turned and said, “Thank you Sir” with a smile.
I asked Shri how much time she needed to prepare dinner and wanted to confirm when Prath would be home.
She said that dinner was no problem “Sir, it would only take me about fifteen minutes to prepare and that Prathana…” Um, correcting herself, “Prath will be home by 6:15.”
“Okay good enough,” I said to myself as I zipped out of the parking lot. Although traffic was building, I managed to get us to her apartment in roughly fifteen minutes. We hustled her new clothes and toys up stairs and she put the kettle on without prompt. I told her to quickly put things away and get into bed ASAP. I took a piss and just as I was getting into bed Shri was right behind me. She quickly removed her new outfit and folded it onto a side stand and then sprung nakedly into the bed right beside me. With me on my back laying corner to corner in the small bed, I just held her onto my chest and let my hands roam and softly massaged her parts. I was taking in all the activity of the day and enjoying her natural scent, and closely reflected on how she was today. It really was an amazing transformation to think that that with only literally a few hours together…wow. I pulled her up to kiss and took it slow, starting with soft on the lip kissing and then progressing into deeper and deeper tonsil dives. Shri as always was very responsive and into it immediately.
As I was grabbing her ass, I slid a few fingers into her juicy pussy region and I loved that she was naturally wet and ready. Shri already had her left hand on my cock and was giving me a very nice slow ball and shaft massage. I nudged her shoulder and she immediately dove down to suck me nicely, much in the same way that Cid had done earlier, starting with the shaft and then my balls, alternating to eventually engulf me. Shri had gone to an A in this department. After a short while I grabbed her hair and indicated to get on me which she did as she started to straddle me I indicated with my finger to turn around. Shri understood and got into position. I grabbed her beautiful flawless hips and started to rock her up and down and soon enough she really got into it bucking and rocking her hips. In fact I knew she had built up to an orgasm. Of course having your pussy on full alert for the day helps. Shri was ready and rode me continuously through her orgasm, and I loved her sounds, kind of a mewing. They were very unique and I was really into hearing what new sounds she might make. I steadied her and inserted my shaft, and this made her swivel and grind me with more enthusiasm; as if to say AHHH, that’s what I needed — perfect.
Shri was a natural lover who adapted and changed things up and was intuitive; knowing how far she could go without hurting me or having me slip out of her. I pushed her forward enough to slip out with her fully collapsed forward and her ass stuck in the air. I grabbed my cock and started to slap her pussy lips. I loved the sound of a juicy pussy getting smacked and loved the sound of the receiver even more. Shri flopped her head around and squirmed. Then I sunk back in and she immediately pushed back to take me in fully. This was better than any porn I’d seen online. I pushed her forward and swung around getting on my knees. I was now behind her and after a few thrusts I pushed my full weight so that she collapsed and I sunk deep into her from behind, as I ground again and again in her.
I started with some push ups sinking in and pulling out and Shri was perfectly wet and had a perfect receptive opening to receive me with no friction other than her natural tightness…we were in fact a perfect match. Shri knew I was close and her moans were so turning me on. I decided to release and built up for a few final thrusts. Then I sank in deep and released my first load I pulled out to watch the rest of my juice cover that beautiful ass and crack. Shri let out a blissful chanted series of “oh yes, oh yes’s” and then I realized Indian words I’d not heard before as she came also, yet I knew she was pleased from just feeling me release. There was a lot of cum, especially after building up so much through the day.
God it felt good and looked great too. Shri had gripped the sheets so tightly, I fell back onto her and interlocked our hands to let her know she could release her grip now and relax. I just massaged her head and sides, and flipped her hair off the side of her face, so that I could nibble and bite her ear lobe and kiss her face. Shri was spent and yet had a nice soft glowing smile greeting me with semi opened eyes. A beautiful site.
“I Love you Shri.”
I paused a few minutes, then rolled off and she slowly twisted to curve into me and we cuddled and hugged. It had been a few minutes since my statement to her and then with teary eyes she said, “I know Sir, I feel that you do and I love you very much.” Whewwww baby
I kissed her and told her I’d love to lay like this for hours and we soon would, however she needed to get my shower ready. Shri looked me solidly and deeply in the eyes taking me in as never before. She kissed me and ran for the bathroom saying “yes Sir” while en route. She got it set up and started running the shower. I met her as she was just finishing and I gave her a solid spank and told her to start cleaning up.
“I don’t need tea, just some water”
“Yes Sir.”
Shri was dressed and had changed the bed, had a glass of water waiting for me and I could smell some food cooking…good girl. She dried me off and gave my cock a nice wet loving kiss as usual, then dressed me with no other words. I went to the door and wanted to allow her as much time possible to make normal, we hugged, kissed and I said, “I will see you at 12:00PM Monday.”
“Yes Sir, I will see you then, thank you very much for everything Sir, you are very good to me.”
I replied, “You are very good for me Shri.”
Off I went allowing her fifteen minutes to prepare. Definitively cutting it too close — I didn’t like that, however I did like finding out she was good under pressure and could make anything happen. It was a slow drive home and I contemplated the day’s events and my feelings and those of everyone else involved. I felt there was a spiritual aspect to everything even if not apparent from the outset and I was very grateful of how everything was going. Whew three days to go before I could be back in heaven, yes it would be tough, and yes I needed to normalize somewhat as well.
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