Yvette, Niki and one Rocky(D)

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Here is another story for the ladies who are into K9s.
It is about Yvette and her girl friend, Niki who had been
together a couple of years. They find out that there is
more to being pleasured than another woman’s tongue
when they bring home Enzo , a big black Lab. Niki catches
Yvette as she is letting the big Rocky(D)gie lick her. Instead
of being mad with her, she pitches right in and helps
her out. What turns from a good licking goes to hot
fucking as both of them learn all about being fucked by
a Rocky(D).

Niki and I had been lovers for the past two years, ever
since I had gotten a divorce and she had moved in with
me. I am an older woman at 42 and Niki is only 28. I am
a plump lady with thick thighs and a rather large ass.
I have big breasts and I keep my pussy well trimmed, so
I can se my thick, puffy lips as my mound is puffy and
so rounded. I think I have a lovely pussy. I stay horny
a lot of the time and love to masturbate. Nothing
excites me more than to lay there and play with my

Being one that does not go out a lots, I stay at home
and have no regular boy friend to please me. I enjoy
myself and do not like men around me very much.

It began as I needed to rent out a room in my house to
help pay the bills. Niki was the one I had chosen as she
answered the small ad I had in the local paper. After
she moved in, I became attracted to her and she to me.
We were sitting in my living room one night as we
watched TV.

I am a little on the heavy side and was laying on the
sofa as Niki sat next to me in a recliner. I was feeling
horny that night as the picture we were watching was
about two women. My pussy began to itch so I dropped my
hand down inside my house coat to touch it, hoping see
wouldn’t see me. My pussy had grown wet and it needed
to be played with as I slowly rubbed on it, trying to
be still so she couldn’t see what I was doing.

It started to feel so good to me that I closed my eyes
as I gently rubbed my enlarged clit. I was not
expecting it when I felt Niki place her hand over mine.

“Here, let me help you. You seem to need some a little
help.” Am whispered to me as she sat on the floor next
to the sofa I was on. “Just close your eyes and let me
make it feel good for you.”

Without saying a word, I parted my thick thighs as Niki
brought her fingers to my horny pussy. I held my
panties to the side as I felt her fingers probing,
searching for my wet slit. She began to lightly rub my
thick pussy lips as she paid attention to my protruding
clit as her fingers found my love button. She began to
work it between her fingers as she made little circles
as her talented fingers worked on me. I was so far gone
that I closed my eyes as she got to her knees.

Then I felt her as she parted my thighs even wider, as
she pushed my inner thighs apart. Then her head went
between my thighs as I felt her long hair on my thighs
as she flicked her hot tongue to my wet pussy. The feel
of her hot tongue on my clit drove me wild as I bucked
upwards to meet her hot tongue. She took her arms and
ran them under my thighs, holding onto my hips as she
pulled me tighter to her.

“Oh, Niki! Do it! Lick me, baby! You are making me feel
so damn good!” I cried out as I reached for her head.
“Oh, Baby! This is so good. I have never done this with
another woman before. And I love it! Lick me! Lick my

Niki took her time and was running her talented tongue
up inside my swollen slit as she would take the tip of
her tongue and lick little circles around my clit
before she sucked on it a little. The she would go back
and do the same thing to my throbbing pussy as she ate
me. Niki was really into eating me as I began to cum. I
was having an earth shattering experience as I came,
Niki sucking on my swollen clit as wave after wave of
pleasure swept over my body.

Exhausted for the moment, I lay back as she reached up
and massaged my big breasts, her hands so hot on my

“I hope you didn’t mind me helping you out.” she said
as she smiled up at me. “I could see you needed that.
Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, I have never been with another woman. You were the
first.” I told her as I sat up a little. “It was so
good to me and I want to try doing it to you. But I
don’t know how. You will have to show me what to do if
you want me to lick you. I really want to do the same
for you.”

Niki was not a real attractive person in the face as she
had a boyish feature, but the minute she took her
clothes off, Wow! What a hot body she had. As I laid
her down onto the sofa and began to help her remove her
pants and panties, I saw the prettiest pussy laid out
before me. If there was such a thing as a perfect
pussy, she had one.

Her mound was quite profound as her swollen puffy lips
outlined her smooth pussy. She was completely shaven
and not a stubble of hair anywhere on her beautiful
cunt. At the top of her slit was her rounded clit,
protruding outwards as her puffy lips made it look like
so inviting.

I had never been with a woman but now I was about to
taste the water. As Niki held onto my head, I lowered my
lips to her beautiful thighs. I began to slowly kiss
her inner thighs, working my way to her smooth slit.
She was damp with her love dew as I saw the drops of
moisture between those swollen lips. Her pussy had a
sweet smell to it as it smelled like perfume. I took my
mouth and kissed on those puffy lips, then my tongue
parted those beautiful, swollen lips as I tasted my
first pussy.

The feeling of her hot pussy was so nice as I slowly
began to do as she had done to me. I took the tip of my
tongue and worked it around her entire slit, flicking
her clit with the tip as I took it and began to suck on
it. I must have been doing good because she started to
thrust her ass off the sofa as she pushed her pussy up
to me, working her hips as I lapped at her sweet pussy.

“Oh, Yvette! You are doing it just fine. Keep doing what
you are doing.” She whispered to me as I slipped my
tongue to tickle her enlarged clit. “That’s it! Oh,
yes! Now suck on it fro me. Suck my pussy, Yvette.”

I had her ass in my hands as I brought that lovely
pussy to me, sucking on her clit as she thrashed about.
She had her legs around me with her heels in my back as
I felt her shoving her pussy faster to my probing
tongue. I was making her so hot as she began to yell,
telling me she was cumming as I continued to suck on
her sweet pussy as her body went wild. She held my head
to her tight as she fucked her pussy to my hot tongue,
cumming twice before I eased back as she flopped back
onto the sofa. I had given her the best sex I knew how
to give and she was well pleased with the results of
what I had just finished doing to her.

Niki had such beautiful breasts and I grew to love
sucking on them. We would lay in my bed at night as I
would cuddle up to her and lay there, kissing and
sucking on her marvelous breasts. She loved sucking on
mine also and some nights we would only make love to
each others breasts. Then other nights we would take
and rub our pussies against each others as out clits
touched, grinding our pussies together as we fucked.

I loved to try and put my clit into her beautiful pussy
to fuck her with it was so good to me. Another good
thing we liked was for me to take one of my big tits
and rub it over her smooth pussy as I tried to fuck her
with my large nipple. She would cum so hard as I
pressed my nipple to her hungry pussy. Then We would
both lay there and lick her sweet juices from my tits.

After Niki moved into my bed for good, we got to where
we would lick and kiss each other, making love to one
another’s breast until midnight. I loved her sweet body
and she worshipped mine. Niki knew how to please me and
did so almost every night as I also pleased her.

Then there started to be a rash of break-ins in the
neighborhood so I decided to buy a watch Rocky(D) to keep
inside. I wanted a large Rocky(D) and one that was already
trained to stay inside. Someone had told me to get a
big male Rocky(D) if I wanted his protection, saying he
would be very protective of me. I started to read the
ads in the paper and watch for anyone wanting to sell a

Then I found what I was looking for, a big black Lab.
His name was Enzo and I fell in love with him the minute
I saw him. I had told Niki that I was going to get one
to keep in the house for our protection, but little did
I realize that he was going to be more than our
protector, he was going to be our new lover!

One night as we lay in my bed, watching a video I had
rented at the Adult Book shop, I was surprised at one
of the DVDs. It was about a woman fucking her Rocky(D). I
had never seen such a thing and it made me want to see
what it was about. Both Niki and myself lay there in
each other’s arms as we watched it.

It showed a lady as she let the Rocky(D) lick her pussy,
then she got on her hands and knees as the Rocky(D) mount ed
her from behind. The picture showed his big, red Rocky(D)gie
cock up close as he slid that big cock into her pussy!

As we watched the scenes before us, it turned me on so
much as I put my pussy to Niki’s and fucked her with my
enlarged clit. We both had such a good climax as we
came, both of us fucking one another several times
before the DVD was finished.

“That was a hot movie, wasn’t it Yvette? How did you like
it?” Niki asked as she lay back. “It really made me

“Oh, I don’t know. I guess it was OK.” I told her,
lying a little as it had made me cum so hard. “I could
take it or leave it, I guess.”

“I hope you are taking about taking the movie and not
the Rocky(D).” Niki laughed as we rolled over and turned off
the TV as we went to sleep that night.

I began to think about Enzo in a different way after
watching the movie. As a matter of fact, my pussy would
get wet just looking at his cock. I was wondering if he
knew how to lick me too. I told myself there was only
one way to find out.

The next day, Niki was in town on business as I took a
jar of jelly from the pantry and went to the sofa. I
stripped off my panties and lay there as I touched
myself, getting my pussy wet. Then I called rex over to
me to see what he would do. I took a little of the
jelly and put in on my pussy. I was quite surprised to
find that Enzo did not need the jelly as he stuck that
long tongue to my pussy lips, slowly lapping at me as I
held my lips apart.

He was licking my slit so good and his tongue was so
fucking hot! I slid my fingers to my clit to rub on it
as he licked my wet pussy and with my other hand, I
took my tits and began to massage them as I drew closer
to a climax.

Then it hit me, one of the best climaxes I had ever
had. As Enzo licked my wet pussy, I was almost going
into convulsions as wave after wave of sheer pleasure
rocked my body as I came over and over again. Enzo knew
how to lick pussy and I was loving it as I came.

After that day, I would seek out the opportunity to be
alone with him, to have him lick my hot pussy as he
seemed to really enjoy doing it to me. One day I was
letting him lick me as I lay on my bed, my ass near the
end as it was just right for Enzo to get to it as he
licked me. I was too far gone to hear Niki as she came
up the stairs and caught Enzo between my thighs, licking
my wet pussy. I was right in the middle of a good, hot
climax when she entered.

“Yvette! What are you doing?” she asked as my body shook.
“Are you letting him eat you? It seems like you are
enjoying yourself with him.?”

“Oh, Niki! I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to
happen. It just did is all I know.” I said to her.
“Please don’t be mad at me. Please?”

“Mad with you? It is your Rocky(D) and your pussy. How could
I be mad with you?” she smiled as she sat down beside
me on the bed. “Besides, I bet he was doing it better
than me. I saw how he was making you climax. Maybe I
ought to try letting him do it to me.”

As Niki stripped off her clothes, getting naked as Enzo
was watching. I patted the bed, telling him to jump up
on it. He knew what I wanted and jumped onto my bed,
getting between Niki and me. As Niki lay there, I had Enzo
get between her thighs as I let him watch me as I
played with her smooth cunt. As I saw the moisture form
on her beautiful lips, I eased Enzo to her as his tongue
sought out her sweet pussy.

I laid with my pussy in front of Niki as I turned to
hold her lips apart for Enzo ,as Enzo began to lick her
pussy, Niki began to take my hips and pull me to her as
she started to slide her tongue over my thick lips. I
could see his hot tongue on her pussy as he lapped at
her, Niki fucking my cunt with her hot tongue as we

Then I saw something I wasn’t expecting, It was Enzo ‘s
big Rocky(D)gie cock sliding from it’s hidden sheath. His
cock was so big and so red as I watched it poke out,
the head not too thick as it just seem to grow as I
looked on. Seeing his big, red Rocky(D)gie cock just made my
pussy that much wetter as I started to thrust it harder
to Niki as she sucked on my clit. I knew at that moment
that I had to try his beautiful cock. Watching him lick
Niki and the sight of his big cock was too much as I
yelled out loud as I came so hard, fucking my pussy
hard to Niki as I came.

“Niki! Look at his big cock! Enzo has a hard on.” I said
to her as she came from Enzo licking her hot pussy.
“Doesn’t it look good? What if we were to let him put
it in us? Would you like that? Would my sweet girl like
to be fucked by Enzo ?”

“Oh, Yvette! That sounds so fucking hot to me!” she said
as she lay back after cumming so hard. “Do you think we
can get him to fuck us? How will he react to us?”

“There is only one way to find out” I whispered to her
as I held her in my arms. “Do you want me to go first?
My pussy is so fucking hot right now. I need something
in it. Will you help me take him?”

I was on my hands and knees very quick as Niki got
behind me and spread my wet pussy open. She began to
slowly lick me as Enzo started to smell of my wet cunt.
I could not stand the anticipation as Niki took him and
helped him mount me. I felt his big paws as he took my
hips into them, Niki taking his Rocky(D)gie cock and placing
it to the lips of my cock hungry pussy.

The I felt his cock as she spread me open, putting his
cock in me as I felt that hot Rocky(D)gie cock penetrate my
cunt. It was so hot and he slid it deep in me with one
fast thrust as I gasped. There I was, on my bed, my
girl friend helping a Rocky(D) fuck me!

His cock was larger than I thought as he filled every
inch of my throbbing pussy. I felt that cockhead as it
went so deep into me, his hot red cock feeling so good
to me as I began to rock back and forth as he pounded
my hot pussy. I could not speak as all I could do was
grunt as he fucked that Rocky(D)gie cock to me. He was going
so fast as I loved the feel of his hot Rocky(D)gie cock in

Niki had her hand around the base of his Rocky(D)gie cock,
the huge knot was pushing against her hand as she
prevented it from going into me. I was ready to cum as
he rammed it deeper and deeper, my pussy so full now as
he fucked me harder.

“His knot is so big! He could hurt my little pussy. I
don’t want him to put it in any more so , Cum, Yvette!
Cum for me!” Niki said as I rocked rotated my ass,
taking all of his big red Rocky(D)gie cock. “Fuck him, Yvette!
Cum on his big Rocky(D)gie cock! Cum, baby!”

I didn’t have to be asked again as my body went wild,
his Rocky(D)gie cock so hot as I came so much. As Enzo
hammered his cock to me I just kept cumming over and
over as Niki played with her pussy with her free hand as
she watched me being fucked by our Rocky(D)gie.

Then I felt his Rocky(D)gie cock as it started to swell up
inside me, wanting to pump his cum to me as I fucked
back to take all of his Rocky(D)gie cock and cum. He began
to shoot it in me, the heat of his Rocky(D)gie cum so hot as
he filled my well fucked pussy with his hit cum. As he
flooded my cunt with that Rocky(D)gie cum, I almost passed
out as it was so good to me!

It was a really loving the feel of hot Rocky(D)gie cum as he
just kept pumping it to me. I had never cum so hard and
so long in my life! And that was with Niki keeping his
big knot out of my cunt! Enzo had given me the best
fucking a woman could have as his cum leaked from my
pussy as his cock went softer.

I was totally exhausted from Enzo fucking me! I lay
there as Niki took my tits and began to suck on them,
reaching down to play with my cum filled pussy. I knew
she was wanting to try him too but she was going to
have to wait a minute or two until I could catch my

“Oh, Yvette! I want him to do me! Help him fuck me,
please!” she was saying as she played with my pussy and
sucked on my tits. “Just don’t let him slip that big
knot in me. It is so huge! He would split me wide open
with it. But I want his cock in me so bad. Help him
mount me, please.”

As I turned over, Niki got onto her hands and knees, her
smooth pussy so wet as I called Enzo up to her. I took
his slimy cock into my hands as I held her pussy lips
apart, taking his big Rocky(D)gie cock and placing it to her
beautiful pussy. I held onto it as I guided his big red
cock to her waiting pussy. Niki shuttered as he sank
that hot Rocky(D)gie cock to her up turned pussy. I watched
as my hand stayed around his cock, not letting him put
his knot to her as I saw what she had meant. The huge
knot was bigger than my fist! Enzo began to fuck Niki’s
hot pussy as I looked on, my pussy starting to grow wet
once again as he slid that hot cock to her.

I watched as Enzo gave her a good hard fucking, slamming
his cock so deep in her smooth pussy as she fucked him
back, her body going wild with excitement as she took
his big, red Rocky(D)gie cock all the way inside her
beautiful pussy. She was slamming back for more of his
lovely cock as I felt her begin to cum. I knew the
feeling all too well as she moaned loudly, cumming so
hard as that Rocky(D)gie cock pounded her smooth pussy. I
watched her ass as she rotated it, wanting his hot
Rocky(D)gie cum as he pumped that cock to her.

Then I felt his big, red cock as it began to throb in
my hand, knowing he was about to fill her cunt with his
Rocky(D)gie cum. I saw Niki as she got the first feeling as
his hot Rocky(D)gie cum started to fill her throbbing pussy.
She was like a wild woman as she felt his cum flooding
her pussy.

“OH! OH! OH, MY GOD! He is so fucking hot in me! His
hot cum is so fucking good!” she screamed as another
wave swept over her body. “Fuck! He is so big in me!
I’m cumming again! I’m cumming.”

I saw her body go limp again. her climax finished for
now as Enzo still had that Rocky(D)gie cock deep within her
smooth pussy. I watched as he began to softened, his
Rocky(D)gie cum leaking from Niki’s dripping pussy as he
slipped form her aching cunt. I knew she was well
satisfied as I took her into my arms and kissed her as
the Rocky(D)gie cum leaked out of her and onto both of us.

Afterwards, Niki and I talked about Enzo and the way he
had fucked us both. Then she said that maybe I could
take his knot the next time but that she would see that
I was well lubricated before we tried. We had found a
new lover, Enzo .

Sure enough, two nights later, I decided I wanted
another good Rocky(D)gie fucking as I held Niki to my breasts
as she sucked on my large nipples. I had my fingers
dancing over her clit as she sucked on my tits.

“I want to try taking Enzo all the way tonight. Will you
help me take him?” I asked as her smooth little pussy
shot upwards as I toyed with it. “I want him to give me
that big knot. With your help, I now I can take it.”

We went straight to my bedroom as Enzo followed us,
sniffing our cunts as he loved the smell of our wet
pussies. I had bought a tube of KY jelly just for this
and I was ready for that big knot. I hopped onto the
bed with Enzo right behind me as Niki crawled in next to
me, her smooth pussy staring me in the face as she
helped Enzo mount me. As she held my pussy lips apart
for him, she took the KY and spread it generously over
my wet pussy lips, making sure I was well coated as she
reached for his big cock. I was so hot and so full of
excitement as I waited for her to put him in.

As she began to put his cock to me, I felt his hot
Rocky(D)gie cock as the head slipped past my thick lips.
Entering me fully as he slid it all the way home.

“Oh, Niki! He is so hot, isn’t he? He has my pussy on
fire.” I said to her, “Now bring your hot pussy up here
so I can eat you while he fucks that big cock to me. I
will take care of his knot and your hot pussy.”

Niki did as I asked and opened her thighs as her
beautifully, smooth pussy was displayed before my
mouth. As Enzo slammed that Rocky(D)gie cock to me, he pushed
me further to Niki as he fucked me. I could feel that
big Rocky(D)gie cock as he fucked it to me, filling my wet
pussy as it went. He was feeling so good as I felt
myself began to cum, me sucking on Niki’s pretty pussy
as I did. Niki was cumming too as I came, shooting her
juices to my starving mouth as I sucked on her pussy.

The I felt that big knot as Enzo began to swell up
inside me, that huge knot trying to get into my tight
pussy as he shoved it so hard to me. On the second
time, his big knot rammed into me, spreading my pussy
so wide so it filled my slutty cunt.

His knot was so fucking big and I was so full of him as
he held that knot past my pussy entrance as he rammed
that Rocky(D)gie cock so deep in me and just held it there
as he began to cum. His hot cum was filling every inch
of my cunt, shooting into my womb as I felt the hot cum
inside me. I was cumming so hard as he held it there
for me to take as I took all of his hot Rocky(D)gie cum and
his huge knot.

There I was, on my hands and knees, so full of Rocky(D)gie
cock and his hot cum, with Niki’s hot cunt pumping my
mouth full of her sweet cum. What more could I ask for?
I had everything that could possibly satisfy my pussy.

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